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God's Prophetic Clock Just Ticked One Minute Closer To Midnight

It has often been said that Israel is God's prophetic clock - in which case the clock wasn't even hanging on the wall until 1948.

We are well past that now.  Since then the fig tree's leaves have branched out into Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights.  Jerusalem has been recaptured.  

Consider this map that shows the progression of Israeli repossession of the land God promised to them:

All that is left now is for the final attempt of the nations to divide God's land (Joel 3:2) and the rebuilding of the Third Temple (Revelation 11:1-2).

We are now closer than ever to both happening:

1. The United Nations is gearing up to force the Two-State Solution on Israel (i.e. Hitler's "Final Solution" repackaged) and for the first time the United States is signalling it may step back and allow it to happen.

2. Israel's response has been revealed in the past few weeks and the country seems to be changing course.  Instead of appeasing the world as it has done for the last 50 years (giving up the Sinai, Gaza, and the Temple Mount for "peace") the nation's leaders appear to be saying "no more."  The Golan will not be conceded and neither will Israel's Jewish identity.  On top of this, Netanyahu has expanded his conservative coalition and appointed the very conservative nationalist Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister - a huge statement to the U.S., Iran, and the world.

3. Everything is ready for rebuilding the Temple and re-instituting sacrifices except for the order to rebuild itself (see #16 here).  As Greg reported yesterday, the Third Temple advocate, Yehuda Glick has just entered the Knesset.  That would be comparable to Nehemiah becoming a leader of Israel in his day - a profound prophetic moment.  Yehuda Glick is no less a modern day Ezra or Nehemiah.

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