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Pope Used Silly, Left-wing Ghostwriter for Major Document

Apparently the Pope has relied on a leftist "joke figure." the Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, to ghost write parts of Amoris Laetitia, the Pope's controversial "200 page official response to last year's Synod of the Family." 

The Spectator quotes Sandro Magister who demonstrates via side by side comparisons and oodles of footnotes that the Pope "copied and pasted" parts of his works, or otherwise borrowed heavily from Fernandez's thoughts. The funniest part of this damaging exposé is when Magister demonstrates to us what kind of a genius Fernandez really is.

From the Spectator:

Archbishop Fernández enjoys no great reputation as a theologian; in conservative circles he is regarded as a joke figure. How come? Magister, clearly relishing the opportunity, offers us a clue:

The first book that revealed the genius of Fernández to the world, was: “Heal me with your mouth. The art of kissing,” published in 1995 in Argentina with this presentation to the reader, written by the author himself:

“Let me explain to you that I write this book not so much on the basis of my personal experience as on that of the life of people who kiss. In these pages I would like to summarize the popular sentiment, that which people feel when they think of a kiss, that which mortals feel when they kiss. This is why I spoke for a long time with many persons who have a great deal of experience in this matter, and also with many young people who are learning to kiss in their way. Moreover, I have consulted many books and I wanted to show how the poets speak of the kiss. In this way, with the intention of summarizing the immense richness of life have come these pages on behalf of the kiss, which I hope may help you to kiss better, urge you to liberate in a kiss the best of your being.”

He certainly knows how to make toes curl, does the Rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina.
• Aren’t Popes supposed to write their own major documents? Or, at least, be intimately familiar with their contents?
Only my ridiculous fellow Spaniards could write a book about kissing, and it is generally typical of the nonsense that comes from the Spanish mind, but most of us have the decency to whisper them into the ears of our love-interest instead of inflicting them on the world through publication.

It is not a surprise that the Pope is relying on such absurd people like this Archbishop Fernandez.

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