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Unusually Large Plague Of Locusts Descends On Russia

An unusually large swarm of locusts has covered 70 thousand hectares of southern Russia in darkness.  In some areas the swarm is so thick that the sun is blocked out.

Check out the incredible footage captured from the area as the swarm descends - it looks like something out of the Book of Exodus:

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  1. Mossad and their Talmudist controllers are out to rip Russians from life and limb. Ban Talmud as the evil satanic influence that has itself plagued Y'isreal since days of Moses. Then give thanks to HaShem who is revealing the Messiah, Yeshua Ben Elohim to thousands of Sabras who live in fulfillment of Tenach and in fulfillment of Gods promise to deliver Israel from death brought on by Talmudist who serve cups of dry sand to a people whose thirst is overwheming; Blind Guides and whited sepulchers all fair and clean without but within are full of dry bones and all corruption
    --Satans synagogue.



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