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Venezuela Collapsing, Hillary Racketeering, and an Update on Houston Terror

Venezuela is continuing its slow implosion. Daniel Duquenal, who runs an anti-Chavista blog, has some interesting information following up on the regime's declaration of impending military exercises:

Saturday the military exercises to defend Venezuela took place. We saw pictures of soldiers? militia? wearing Cuban flags, wielding sticks in lieu of rifles for a gran total of "troops" larger than D-day operations, if we are to believe tweeter wits. Meanwhile no one nowhere reported of any troop concentration unless you count an AWACS doing its routine drug traffic control over the Caribbean as the preparation of massive US Marine landing. If Uribe is raising an mercenary army against Maduro he learned well from the FARC on how to hide it.

But the cherry over the cake of ridicule was added by Maduro himself who with anti invasion military maneuvers, threat of coups, internal commotions, left Saturday to promote scientific and commercial exchanges with Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

These islands have not much to offer Venezuela, and Venezuela even less back. However Maduro goes there for one and only one reason, to start a campaign to ensure he will retain at least a third of the OAS vote he needs to stop the application of the Democratic Charter on Venezuela. If Jamaica and Trinidad vote for the sanctions the small islands will follow and Venezuela will be an official pariah state. Brazil and Argentina lost there is only some cash left to buy these island votes, cash coming from killing a few Venezuelans from malnutrition and lack of medicine. But who cares?

That much we can understand. Coups, revolt and invasion  are all smoke screens to distract the Venezuelan hoi poloi What really matters is revolutionary respectability, and places where to hide when the time comes.

Maduro is an idiot who not only claims to have literally spoken to the ghost of Chavez, but won't even accept international aid for his country that is clearly on its way to imminent collapse. We might say it's collapsed economically already. Rodriguez from the Financial Times commented that it "grows harder to tell if he is merely clinging to power at any cost or actively scuttling his country." This is the kind of observation you get when even the leftist media realizes that their favorite Marxist dictator has an IQ somewhere between 50 and 70.

In other news, Breitbart is reporting that the Huffington Post is allegedly trying to cover up breaking news that the FBI will indict Hillary under RICO. An article was posted to their website by a contributor who claims to have valid sources about Clinton's imminent racketeering charge. Basically, he claims the FBI will be treating the Clintons like a crime family! From the man's original Huffington Post article that was re-posted to his blog:

James Comeyand The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.

According to Breitbart, his Huffington Post article was removed without explanation, with none of the editors contacting him to confirm the sources he claims to have. Breitbart contacted the senior editor of HuffPo who pleaded ignorance about the situation. The writer himself-- a self-described Berniebot-- claims his own attempts to contact the appropriate editor were ignored.

This might be a case of Breitbart simply letting their hope get the better of them. The man was not a contributor on the level of a regular writer, but was posting to a part of the website that is explicitly for HuffPo readers to contribute their own blog posts. In other words, any deranged individual can post there if they want, provided they don't violate community standards. The website even has a note on the bottom of articles that states that whatever is published does not reflect on HuffPo itself. There is, therefore, no real reason to believe that this man has the sources he does unless he actually produces them.

 I'll also add that almost a year ago, one of our Republican House Reps claimed on the radio (but I forgot who it was) that he knew for a fact that an indictment for Hillary was imminent-- but it never materialized. That will likely be our future: evidence of crime and corruption and rumors of imminent indictments that never happen. That's how things work with the Clintons. But we'll see. If Hillary really is nailed for racketeering-- like the mafia!-- let's hope it happens after she wins the nomination.

Finally, there is some new information about the possible terror attack in Houston the other day. The media is identifying the shooter as a military veteran named "Dionisio Garza III, 25, of San Bernardino County, Calif." This explains the alleged discovery of military vests and gear at the scene, and also the accuracy of his shots that were evident from the spray pattern on the police vans (but I did not mention that latter observation the other day).

This man was not just some chump that you usually expect, at least according to media reports so far. He was decorated with the "Afghanistan Campaign Medal with two campaign stars and the Army Achievement Medal." There is no suggestion that he was thrown out of the military or conducted himself dishonorably in anyway, but the story is still developing.

His father is claiming that his son suffered from PTSD and had been erratic these past couple of months. The mother concurred. I don't know enough about PTSD to be able to confirm that his behavior can be totally accounted for by that. If he was suffering paranoia, that might explain why he was travelling in a way that can give the impression it was a pre-planned attack.

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  1. Life on this planet cannot continue in the short run, if there's anarchy in major countries like Venezuela. If there is no possibility of survival in places like Greece. If a country would press charges on a very popular major political figure. People are very riled about the death of a gorilla. (Animal lovers have surpassed the people lovers - see also Roe v. Wade). If people will become so angry about a gorilla, can't imagine what they would say if Hillary were arrested (I don't think that's going anywhere at all). Don't think the tragic Houston events qualify for domestic terrorism. Just someone sadly suffering from the ravages of war.



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