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Bilderberg 2016, Attendee Names & Speculation

The 64th Bilderberg Conference is set to begin and The Independent has some of the attendee names, including major banking executives, former heads of the CIA and MI6, and a Frenchman who literally lives in a castle on weekends and has the title of Count.

Check it out, here.

Interestingly, the disgraced David Petraeus will be in attendance, no doubt due to his experience with terrorism and military affairs even despite his adultery and mishandling of confidential information. One wonders whether this means Petraeus will one day consider a political future, especially if he's being invited to Bilderberg by these big shots.

Infowar's Paul Watson speculates on what they will be discussing:

The secretive Bilderberg Group, which is set to meet in Dresden, Germany later this week, will discuss how to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president, the possibility of mass riots as a result of wealth inequality, the migrant crisis, as well as the United Kingdom’s vote on leaving the European Union.

The influential meeting of bankers, politicians, media heads and business moguls has released its official participant list and agenda for 2016.

As per usual, the list of topics to be discussed is extremely vague;

• Current events
• China
• Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity
• Middle East
• Russia
• US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform
• Cyber security
• Geo-politics of energy and commodity prices
• Precariat and middle class
• Technological innovation
However, we can easily infer from the agenda and some of the names on the participant list what the group will be discussing in more detail.

The attendance of anti-Trump Senator Lindsey Graham is an obvious sign that Bilderberg will be scheming on how to prevent Trump from defeating Bilderberg’s chosen candidate – Hillary Clinton.

If Lindsey Graham is their chief schemer on how to get rid of Donald Trump, this international cabal must have gotten rich through sheer luck and not by intelligence.

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