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BREAKING: Brexit Succeeds! DOW down 600

Sky News and Fox are reporting that Brexit has succeeded! There is no way an upset can happen at this point. The anti-globalist forces have succeeded! (At least, that is how it currently appears. Technically, the Brexit vote is non-binding. The politicians might still choose to stab their voters in the back.)

Meanwhile, the DOW has fallen 600 points. The Sterling is plummeting. Gold is shooting up. George Soros and his minions are certainly involved in trying to punish the UK for their temerity to vote against the EU. A few days ago, Soros sowed the seeds of panic, warning of a major collapse in stock prices.

We'll see what happens, but it's better to experience short term suffering than to lose your nation on the longer term. Let us hope the UK puts an end to accepting "refugees" and unlimited immigrants, a policy that has turned London into little more than a middle eastern country, complete with Sharia courts passing judgments within their ghettos.

The next thing to look out for is to see how Scotland reacts. The Remain vote won by around 60 percent among the Scottish, and an exit from the EU might spur them on to try another vote for independence.

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