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Globalists Get Punched In The Face: Brexit Wins

As Ricardo has already reported, in an amazing and unexpected turn of events the Brexit vote actually passed despite a massive and coordinated effort by the powers that be, EU bureaucrats, Obama, and major corporations to prevent it.  Yesterday the betting odds favored Remain with an astonishing 84%, yet they were all wrong.

Leave won 52 to 48.

I can't begin to tell you the significance of this, suffice to say I think things may speed up substantially in the realm of Bible prophecy for the following reasons:

1. The EU is seemingly coming apart with other minority parties in other countries calling for their own out votes.  With the non-Euro, tertiary UK gone, the EU puppet masters will be pushing quickly and hard to save the project.  Expect to see rapid movement towards a true federation in continental Europe complete with an army.  That could mean a revived Roman Empire.

2. Global economic collapse.  Today will go down as Black Friday.  Many think this could be the final trigger as investors begin to realize the global order is coming apart, including the EU and euro.  A Grexit could happen soon.

3. A temporary, nationalist resurgence which appears to be happening worldwide,  could set the stage for further prophetic events to be fulfilled, which would otherwise have been stymied by the globalists.  This could include Israel reasserting itself and rebuilding the temple, along with preemptive actions against Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.  Mind you this will be temporary.  The globalists will ultimately come back swinging, which in this author's opinion leads to the final New World Order, complete with a one world currency, and the man of lawlessness at the helm.

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