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MAJOR PROPHETIC UPDATE: World Attempts To Revive Two-State Solution Beginning Today

A major Israel-Palestine "peace" conference was launched today, led by France.  The Quartet of the U.N., U.S., E.U., and Russia were also present, as well as representatives from the Arab League and 20 other countries.  The fact that Israeli and Palestinian representatives were not present should send political shockwaves around the world because it appears the world's leaders are growing restless over this issue and are nearing a breaking point.  They want to force through the two-state solution without direct negotiations and the U.S. may now be on board.  From the BBC:

Major powers were aiming to work out this month a number of security guarantees and economic incentives to encourage Israel and the Palestinians to resurrect the peace talks by the end of 2016, he added.

Past peace talks have lasted many months, which means that if peace talks resume by the end of this year, we could very well see a final agreement, perhaps the "covenant with many" in Fall 2017 or even months before.

The tone seems to have changed compared to previous conferences with leaders sounding frantic:

Hopes of a "two-state solution" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are in "serious danger", French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has warned.

"We must act, urgently," he said at a French-led conference in Paris aimed at reviving the stalled peace process.

Officials from the Middle East Quartet, the UN, Arab League and more than 20 states attended the discussions.

The Palestinians described the talks as "a very significant step", while Israel criticised the meeting.

Neither side was represented at the Paris gathering.

Mr Ayrault said urgent actions were needed "to preserve the two-state solution, revive it before it is too late".

A number of biblical scholars have pointed out that Daniel 9:27 seems to indicate the confirmation or enforcement of an existing covenant, rather than the creation of an entirely new covenant.  In our context, the covenant itself would be the two-state solution - the Oslo Accords.  The confirmation aspect of the prophecy might be the world's leaders, led by the antichrist, enforcing the end goal of the Oslo Accords, which is to divide Israel in half by creating a Palestinian State.  Thus ushering in Joel 3:2.

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