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Welcome To Dystopia

The mantra of progressivism over the past century has been the unstoppable 'progression' of human society, government, and technology towards a supposed utopian future free from war, disease, and poverty - a future where humans are masters of their own universe, unshackled from anything and everything holding us back and united as citizens of the world.

Yet no "progressive" (be they communist, socialist, technocrat, or humanist) stops to ask if this is a possible or even worthwhile goal.  No one of that political persuasion questions whether their philosophical outlook is the right one to have nor why it is justifiable to assign a moral nature to an inherently amoral philosophy that "progresses" by denying absolute truth.

I find it fascinating and incredibly ironic that so many believe in the inherent 'goodness' of a system that can only advance itself by promulgating moral relativism and ridding the world of religious and moral boundaries.

In college one of my political science professors identified herself as a proponent of structuralism and Marxism and gleefully explained to her students how the inevitable economic and governmental endpoint for the world was a Marxist, structuralist system.  Capitalism would pave the way, she would say, which would lead to socialism, which itself would ultimately lead to communism.  There's really no way to stop it in her view.  All roads lead to a Marxist global order.

Yet why is a global Marxist government the pinnacle of human progress?  Why not global democracy?  Why not a worldwide monarchy?  Or what about the preservation of the current nation-state system?  Why are any of these inherently better than the others?  They are just political preferences and in the absence of acknowledgement of absolute truth - opinions without any deductive reasoning to back them up.

The truth is that every religion and ideology posits a utopia and proposes ways of achieving it.  And since every religion and ideology teaches that human history is progressing towards an ideal conclusion, progressives have no monopoly on the concept of progress.  They do believe in a certain kind of progress, but only their version and vision of it.  The progressive dream, whether acknowledged by all progressives or not, is a socialist world government and society where amoral aspects of life are strictly regulated (taxes, healthcare, education, food, transportation, commerce, etc) and intrinsically moral aspects of life are almost completely unregulated (abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, marriage, obscenity, narcotics, homosexuality, pornography, transgenderism, adultery, etc).

Their dream, in one form or another, is coming to pass before our very eyes and aside from the hope that we non-conformists have in God's soon intervention, would appear to be impossible to stop.  Those with eyes to see are witnessing the Orwellian noose tightening all around us (see here, herehere, here, and here) and yet no matter how loud we cry the plague of normalcy bias prevents the majority from listening.  Since the world is now hell-bent on pushing forward with the progressive agenda worldwide, I want to posit a few questions for consideration:

1. Why is the progressive vision of utopia superior to, say, the Christian vision?

2. Why is a world with perfect economic equality superior to a world where people have religious and economic freedom in addition to freedom of speech, expression, and opportunity?

3. Why is a world where war is impossible, but in turn opposition to a world government will become impossible, superior to a world where war remains possible and thus no tyrannical government can remain forever unopposed?

4. Why should inanimate things that have no intrinsic positive or negative moral value such as commerce, weapons, education, healthcare, food, and transportation, be strictly controlled and regulated, but intrinsically moral issues that affect living human beings should not be (e.g. abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, narcotics, sexuality, etc)?

5. Is it fair for progressives to monopolize the concept of progress, when many religions and ideologies that oppose progressivism also believe in progress?

After decades of political onslaught, the progressive utopia is nearly upon us.  It's a world where good things are called evil and evil things are called good.  Hundreds of millions of innocent babies are murdered, but the guilty go free.  Guns are taken from those who can handle them responsibly leaving them defenseless in the face of criminals who will use guns regardless of what the law says.  Suicide is actually encouraged.  Enjoying violent rape is popular.  Mocking moral people is agreeable.  Religious people are arrested not for violence, but simply for talking about their religion and forced not to practice it.  Public anonymity is all but gone and privacy is a thing of the past.  Terrorism, crime, mass shootings, and suicide rates are surging.  Depression and anxiety rates are unprecedented.

I would argue that what we are witnessing are the final stages of the development of the kingdom of antichrist and no matter how much hope you might have placed in this world system, it was flawed from the start.  It promises you everything, but leaves you nothing except a grave.

But I offer to you a greater hope: a true utopia on this earth and beyond that will never end.  Having your part in this paradise costs nothing except your pride.

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