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The Guardian: Israel set to pay Restitution to Turkey

According to Reuters journalists, Israel is set to pay 20 million in restitution and restore full diplomatic relations with Turkey:

From The Guardian:

"Israel is planning on Monday to announce a reconciliation deal with Turkey, ending a six-year diplomatic standoff that started when Israeli naval commandos shot dead nine Turkish activists travelling on an aid flotilla making for the Gaza coast."

If you remember, this happened way back in 2010 or so. This was that famous flotilla where we saw-- from their own cameras-- "relief" workers viciously attacking Israeli naval commandos. At first glance, it would seem Israel is cowing to pressure and admitting wrong doing. However, it seems Israel has a good reason for what they're doing:

"A deal negotiated in Rome yesterday is expected to restore full ambassador-level relations, provide for about $20m in compensation for the families of those killed and wounded aboard the Mavi Marmara in 2010, and clear the way for potentially lucrative contracts for Israel to transmit natural gas to Turkey.

"While the prime minister’s office in Jerusalem refused to comment last night, Reuters reported that journalists travelling to Rome with the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, were told the deal had been reached."

Admit wrong to Turkey when the whole world blames you anyway, get them to leave you alone with the International Courts, and open the doorway to "lucrative" natural gas contracts? If you're an Israeli statesmen, it's a no-brainer. However, it's not all a bed of roses:

After agreeing to halt all proceedings in domestic and international courts against Israeli forces, Turkey is expected to be allowed to ship aid for Gaza through the Israeli port of Ashdod and to build a power station, hospital and desalination plan in the blockaded Strip.

A senior Turkish official outlined the details of the deal on Sunday:

Israel agreed to provide compensation to the families of Mavi Marmara victims and to allow Turkey to interfere in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

• Turkey will deliver humanitarian aid and other non-military products to Gaza and make infrastructure investments in the area. Along with new residential buildings, we will complete the construction of a 200-bed hospital in Gaza.

• Concrete steps will be taken to address the energy and water crisis in Gaza. The amount of electricity and drinking water to Gaza residents will increase and new power plants will be constructed.

• The Turkey-Israel agreement will make it possible for Turkey to launch major projects in the West Bank including the Jenin industrial zone.

The official said there were no references to Hamas in the agreement and Turkey would “continue supporting the Palestinian state and the people of Palestine”.

The agreement represented a “diplomatic victory” for Turkey and had the support of the Palestinian government and Hamas, he said..

Interestingly, it sounds as if Turkey will be allowed to prop up the Palestinians and interfere in their favor against the Jews on a political level. Keep in mind that Netenyahu's office is not confirming these reports. I guess we'll find out sometime today if there is any truth to all of this.

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