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Persia Reborn: Iran Expanding Into Iraq With 100,000 Fighters

The Ezekiel 38 alliance continues to expand, and Iran (biblical Persia), which has been encroaching into Iraq for years, now has nearly 100,000 fighters in the country - a force likely much larger than ISIS in Iraq.  In other words, Shia Iraq is now a proxy state of Shia Iran via these 100,000 Iranian militia fighters and the Shia-predominant Iraqi government, which more and more answers to Iran.

And when you throw Lebanon into the mix (already an Iranian proxy state via Hezbollah), the forces of Persia (one of the three key enemies of Israel in Ezekiel 38) are amassing vast numbers of troops and weapons along Israel's northern and northeastern flanks - from the same exact direction the Bible says the attack will come from.

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