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Obama Mocks Those Who Think He Could Be The Antichrist

From Fox News:

Obama in the interview, which took place Aug. 25, repeatedly voiced frustration with what he described as a recalcitrant Republican opposition, lamenting Congress’ unwillingness to work with him on key legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and the stimulus bill.

“They’re imagining the potential problems that arise, so it’s pretty hard for them to publicly say, ‘Obama’s a perfectly reasonable guy, but we just can’t work with him because our base thinks he’s the Antichrist,’” Obama said.

Interesting fight he's picking.

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  1. He is not smart enough, convincing enough, thoughtful enough, or persuasive enough to be the Anti-Christ. He's nothing but a teleprompter reading shell of man who has been a puppet and an empty suit. The Holy Spirit inside me has recoiled at his voice and his face since he came on the scene.

  2. Yeah, cant stand hearing his voice either.


  3. just one more way he constantly flatters himself. no, he doesn't get that job........but he is sure paving the way for the one who will.

    and he knows this name and face. much of america doesn't--but should.

    is this him? don't know that for sure but a lot seems to add up -- there is much to see and think about posted here. check and see if scripture is lining up around this character. another good prophecy site in my opinion.



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