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The Miracle of November 9th

The people of God, across the world, cried out for mercy this election season.  In prayer after prayer with groans and utterances, we plead with the Lord.  Franklin Graham launched Decision America and went to all 50 states in the union and held prayer meetings on the Capitol steps.

Americans Praying
The incomparable Diamond and Silk asked everyone to pray daily at 11:21am.  Christians for Trump organized grassroots campaigns.  Mike Pence filmed a piece appealing to Christians to pray and to support the ticket.  Pastors across the globe preached about the importance of the Christian vote.  The future of the free world was at stake and we knew it.

Decision America 2016
I felt a major movement in the Spirit at the final prayer rally in North Carolina on October 16, 2016.  Franklin Graham broadcasted on Facebook live and it was as if the church roared with the voice of a lion.  Power was released in the spiritual realm.

At 9:00pm EDT, the eve of the election, Graham again led a facebook live prayer.  He repented for our nation, he prayed for mercy, and he prayed for guidance.  By the evening of the election, it had been viewed 4.8 million times.  I cried out, "Is it enough, Lord?  Is it enough of a remnant?  Please, God have mercy."

Through hours upon hours on election night, we kept up the vigil and by 11:30 we knew our prayers had been answered.  I would not go to bed until they called it.  I wanted to hear the words.  At 2:40 and 31 seconds, Fox News called it for Donald J Trump.

Election Victory
I cried.  When they introduced the Vice President Elect, Mike Pence I wept with thankfulness.  As Trump took the stage, I sobbed in relief and thankfulness.

Surely God, who is rich in mercy and grace answered our prayers.  He has His purposes and I am just thankful.

We Need to Stay on our Knees
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