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The Dragon of Revelation 12

Good evening!  I have posted a new video tonight which complements a recent video entitled "The Woman and Dragon of Revelation 12".  The first video looks at a potential Sign of the Dragon which occurs concurrently with the Woman of Revelation 12 giving birth to Zedek, the Messiah planet.  The link to this video is posted here:


The new video that is posted tonight looks at the potential Sign of the Dragon in more detail.  We know the Woman of Revelation 12 is described as being in labor on 23 Sept 2017, and gives "birth" 3 weeks later on 15 October 2017 when Zedek crosses a line drawn between the stars Spica and Kappa Viriginis (Ladies, I cannot imagine being in labor for one minute, much less 3 weeks! :)).  The Dragon of Revelation 12 has 7 heads, 7 diadems, and 10 horns, and is lying in wait just prior to the birth in hopes of devouring the child.  We see in the video that the time window for the Sign of the Dragon is from 13-16 October, and so the Sign is present prior to birth, and ends shortly after.

We also see that after the birth of Zedek, it is taken straight away to Libra, the Scales of Justice, and also referred to as the throne of God, which matches the description in Revelation 12.  The Woman is provided refuge for 1260 days after birth, which I believe corresponds to the first 3 1/2 years of the 70th week of Daniel, and which ends with the cessation of sacrifice on Passover 28 March 2021.  According to this hypothesis, the Abomination of Desolation would occur 3 days after the 2 witnesses are slain on 1 April 2021, and the Great Tribulation would begin as described in the Olivet Discourse.

I hope this is of interest, we will find out pretty soon if the hypothesis is correct or not!  The newest video is here:


Shalom!  He is in complete control!
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  1. The picture shown is a granite panel on the faรงade of the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount. If you search on "devils face" and Dome of the Rock you can find it!

  2. Great series of presentations, Sam! God gave us prophetic signs for a reason - so we would recognize the time is getting close and so prepare!

  3. Some folks were unable to hear the audio on the original video, and so I re-recorded it with a new external microphone and enhanced settings, and so if the original did not work for you, here is a link to the newer version:



  4. Jean - When You look on Stellarium, the birth is for September 9, 2017.

    After, maybbe the Babby Jupiter meet the Dragon in October 2017...

  5. Jean - When You read the book of Revelation 11, the 2 Witness don't come
    to the beginning of Tribulation, but to the beginning of Great Tribulation...
    It is a big difference !!! Normaly, it is very clear ?
    It is why, I don't understand...

    One of 2 witness is Jew, but the other witness, it is probably not Jew !!!
    The 2 olive tree...



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