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A Potential Celestial Roadmap for the 70th Week of Daniel

The sign of the Woman in Labor of Revelation 12 is consistent with a certain celestial alignment on 23 Sept 2017 which has been reported by others to not have occurred in the last 6000 years, or going forward 1200 years.  The sign consists of the planet Jupiter, otherwise known as Zedek or Righteousness by the ancient Hebrews, in the womb of the Woman in labor in the constellation Virgo.  The moon is at her feet, and she has a "crown" of 12 stars which is made up of the 9 stars of Leo, plus Mercury, Mars, and Venus, to complete the 12.

Daniel Matson on his blog watchfortheday.org made an astute observation and connected the Woman in Labor of Rev 12 to the Woman who gives birth in Micah 5:3 which states:

Therefore He shall give them up, Until the time that she who is in labor has given birth; Then the remnant of His brethren shall return to the children of Israel.

Daniel Matson's observation to connect the Woman of Revelation 12 with the Micah 5:3 prophecy was interesting because if true, then this combination could potentially mark the onset of the 70th week of Daniel, since by the end of the 70th week remaining Israel will be redeemed as the Micah 5:3 prophecy suggests.  Furthermore, if the "birth" described in Micah 5:3 potentially marks the onset of the 70th week, then it might serve as a signpost and time marker of sorts because once the week starts, we know of events at the midpoint (the Abomination of Desolation) and at the end (Messiah has returned to rule), and we have specific day counts mentioned (1260, 1290,1335).  The beginning of the 70th week is expected as well to be marked by a covenant of some sort which would result in the division of the Land of the everlasting covenant.

This led to a study of the Woman in labor of Rev 12, as well as the time of "conception", and the time of "birth", and whether day counts relative to these dates would correlate to Celestial alignments, if any.  The study was prospective in nature, and the hypothesis testable.  The entrance of Zedek into the womb occurred over a 4 day period 17-20 December, and was marked by Zedek crossing a line drawn between the stars of Spica and Theta Virginis, which are present in the classical stick figure of Virgo.  Some stick figures omit Theta Virginis, which would cause the conception to be sooner, however the classical figure includes Theta Virginis.  It was postulated that if this hypothesis were correct, then a process should begin in the 17-20 December time window that could ultimately lead to a division of the Land, and incredibly this came to pass with the agreement to uproot the Jewish village in Samaria of Amona on 18 December, followed closely by the UNSC resolution 2334 which outlaws Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria, and in east Jerusalem, including settlements which preceded the 1967 six day war!  The hypothesis is still on track, and we will see this year if it develops into a division of the Land marked by the "birth" of Zedek on 15 October when Zedek crosses a line from Spica to Kappa Virginis.

Once Zedek is birthed on 15 October, it spends the next 7 years on a path to the Horns of Taurus, when the Rule and Millennial reign of the Messiah would be expected to begin, if the hypothesis is true.  The following link describes the path of Zedek after birth from the Woman to the Horns of Taurus over a 7 year period, and could potentially provide a Celestial Roadmap for the 70th week of Daniel.


I hope to have a new video sometime this weekend which will give a bit more detail on the sign of the Dragon of Revelation 12, and will post it here..


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  1. I don't know if it has been mentioned anywhere or looked into, but around the middle of May in 2024 all seven planets are in a line. Neptune doesn't always show up on Stellarium for me, but it will if I do a search for it. Revelation 15:1 "Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and amazing, seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, for with them the wrath of God is finished." In chapter 16, God then sends the angels with their bowls.

    1. Are you the same Natalie as at unsealed.proboards ?

  2. Natalie, that is a great observation! I saved a screenshot of the alignment you mention in June, as Zedek is approaching the Horns of the Wild Ox, just prior to its entrance in July, and then the later conjunction with Mars on the 9th of Av in the middle of the Horns....thanks for your comment!

  3. I wish there was a way to force Stellarium to show the location of planets even though they are too faint to show up on the screen. Neptune is like this blank spot, and so it ignores it. I was about to comment that I could only find six until I went back and reread your original post.

    Any astronomy buffs out there have any seat-of-the-pants estimates on how rare this is?

    1. I had done a quick internet search and couldn't find anything like it. I also don't know how to figure out if it is going to visible from anywhere. I'm sure that's probably just a matter of plugging locations into Stellarium and seeing what happens.

    2. It still cracks me up when I think about it, but when I originally read your post about how seven planets would be lined up in 2024, the first thought that went through mind was "Wow, it sure would be cool if *all* the planets were lined up!"

      Later it hit me. "Wait a second...Pluto isn't a planet anymore, which means there's only eight, and we're on earth, so...Hey, that *IS* all the planets!"

      OK, so I didn't major in astronomy.



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