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BREAKING: Turkish Parliament Approves Dictatorship Amendments

In a pivotal vote in the Turkish Parliament that led to a literal brawl on the parliament floor and several people in the hospital, the body approved changes to the Turkish constitution that will allow President Erdogan to rule the country by decree.  The changes though still have to undergo a final nationwide referendum likely in the first few weeks of April.

As you well know, Unsealed has frequently reported on Erdogan's rise to power over the past several years and this past summer's coup attempt gave him a major political boost.  It now appears that his seizure of power will finally be complete come April 2017.  He is set to become the supreme dictator of the second largest standing army in NATO, the widely-regarded political head of the Muslim world, and the leader of an area of land directly north of Israel and within the boundaries of all of the ancient empires mentioned in the Bible that came against the land of Israel: Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman.

I can quite emphatically tell you that we will not know for sure who the antichrist is until the restrainer is removed (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 - the spirit-filled Church), but in my humble opinion Erdogan is very much in the running for antichrist or Gog.  Time will tell.

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