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The Everlasting Covenant and the Day of Reckoning

The Everlasting Covenant that God promised Abraham in Genesis 17: 7-8 is repeated verbatim in Psalm 105: 8-11 and 1st Chronicles 16: 15-8......It is an everlasting promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob regarding the land of Canaan, which He is fully determined to bring to fruition!

God declares through Ezekiel the prophet in chapter 36 that He will vindicate His Name by returning Jacob to the Land of promise from all the nations where they have been scattered.  His name had been profaned according to the prophet since His people had been removed from the Land.

The world has other ideas....it is fully intent on awarding the Land of promise to the descendants of Esau, but does not realize it is running headlong into a collision with the Almighty!  Unfortunately for the world, God's judgment on the nations is directly tied to the division of His Land as mentioned in Joel 3: 1-2, and Isaiah 24: 1-6.  We also know there will be a day when Jacob is planted in the Land to never be uprooted again, per the last verse of Amos.

The following link is to a video first published in 2014, entitled The Everlasting Covenant and the Day of Reckoning:


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