The Revelation 12 Sign Movie: Click Here To Watch

A little project from the Unsealed Team (make sure to watch in full 720p):

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  1. I get pumped up every time I hear that song play on the radio. What a sight it's going to be: all of the dead in Christ rising from the earth and our transformation/catching up as well!

    1. Yeah, I love that song! I can't wait. Come Lord Jesus!

  2. Amazing. Excellent job. Thank you.

  3. Good video, but will it happen on that exact day?

    1. Hey Tim, it could, but I don't know for sure. It definitely seems like a possibility, but I would caution even myself against setting a date.

    2. I agree. I am totally on board with the REV12 sign, but I just don't see anything here that *COMPELS* me to expect the Rapture to occur on that exact day. Yes, of course it COULD. Yes, of course it MAKES SENSE. And man I sure hope it does, but I'm just saying.

      For example, the Blood Moons of 2014-2015. Now, maybe it's apples and oranges, but I am satisfied that the Blood Moons were a sign to Israel that they are just about to enter into the sequence of events that will lead to their final purging in the Great Tribulation, events which include the acceptance of a false Messiah. BUT...

      What happened on the first Blood Moon on April 15, 2014? Nothing.
      What happened on the last Blood Moon on September 28, 2015? Nothing.

      Does that mean the sign is null and void? Not a chance.

      The point is that there *are* signs that precede the event in question, and I just don't see any compelling reason why REV12 has to be different.

      I know it's tough to not come across that way, but I think we need to take great pains when we share this information to stress that we are not setting dates--and I'm glad to see that Scottie Clark has addressed this as well.

      Just my two cents.

    3. Scotty tries to say hes not setting dates as a disclaimer, but he is expecting the rapture on this date. Watch any of his videos. He says hes not date setting, then he goes to great lengths explaining why this is a rapture event and the verses in Rev 12 are rapture verses. For him to say he is not setting dates in rather disingenuous if you ask me.

    4. Hey Colin, I hear you, but I'm right there with Scott doing the same thing. I understand that it seems a little crazy to point so much to this date and then say that we're not date setting, but here is the heart of it:

      Over the years there have been many "thus saith the LORD" date setters. In other words, "the LORD told me" it would happen at such and such a date. The dates came and went. To me these were full on false prophets - claiming to speak for the Lord, but their word was false. There are still many of these around and you can find them by the dozens on YouTube.

      Then there are the Harold Campings, who do not presume to speak for the LORD, but who argue that their Scriptural understanding is impeccable and there is no way they could be wrong. They push that confidence onto their followers who end up buying billboards and selling all of their possessions. Not smart.

      On the other hand, Scott, Jeff, and I are saying that the Bible gives us a myriad of signs and calls us to watch. It appears that the sign of Rev. 12 occurs on 9/23, but we COULD be wrong. Not because God's Word is wrong, but because our understanding of His Word could be wrong. Secondly, there are a number of very solid scholars going back to the 19th century who make a strong exegetical case that Revelation 12:5 is portraying the rapture. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill guys like me who like to share an opinion. These are the Darbys, Ironsides, and Svigels of the world.

      When you put two-and-two together, it seems that, at least in our finite and imperfect understanding, that 9/23 might be a sign that the rapture is near. Will it happen on that exact day? I would only be guessing if I told you one way or the other. Signs don't necessarily happen on the same day as the event they signify, but they could:

      The magi followed a perfectly timed sign to find the Messiah.

      The sun turned dark and the moon to blood on the very day Christ died.

      It could happen. It would be foolish to bet on it one way or the other, except insofar as to prepare oneself spiritually and to try to make people aware.

    5. Points all taken. I for one dont believe in a 7 year trib, or pre-trib rapture. My views on Daniel 9 and the present day nation of Israel are very different than yours and this sites, but I can respect that so I dont want to get into an argument over such things. I do however believe this sign is more than plausible to be of biblical importance, meaning it seems to be the "great sign." Im in wait and see mode. I just know there are going to be a whole lot of disappointment people here come Sep 24th if this is not a beam up Scotty; no pun intended event.

    6. "For him to say he is not setting dates in rather disingenuous if you ask me."

      In fact, I have to admit I agree with you. I was being polite when I said he has addressed that issue, but in my exceedingly humble opinion I wish he would do so to a greater extent. Just my two shekels.

  4. I believe it will not happen until the sign or after but not before.

  5. Guys, check out this nonsense from this "vatican" site.


    They are claiming this happened at 4 other times in history. I checked the dates and its not even close! Not surprised its from the vatican observatory. Sorry, no offense if anyone is Catholic.

    1. Thanks for sharing - I just looked at his purported dates, too. Looks like gobbly-gook to me, inmho. Some of them have part of her crown below her head. Most of them have Jupiter still deep in her womb. One of the devil's most effective tactics is to obscure the truth, so that the truth doesn't stand out as much - I can see that at work from his article.

    2. Yea, not sure how he came to those conclusions and he claimed to be a community college professor...:facepalm:

    3. Just curious, I've noticed on a lot of sites like this that have comments sections, there is no edit button. Im not a web designer, but I can't imagine it being that difficult to add that feature.

    4. We use the Blogger platform, but overlay it with a custom UI. I'll take a look at the Edit to see if that is easy to fix.

      I dug a little deeper and actually looked up each of his examples in Stellarium. The gestation of Jupiter within the womb in all four of those is only between 1 and 1.5 months. Not even close.

      This year's sign is 38-42 weeks within the womb depending on if you count from November or mid-December 2016. I'm just saving a note here if I blog on this later:

      1827 - 1.5 month gestation, 10 stars in crown, moon in Libra (too far away), Jupiter still in the womb

      1483 - 1.5 month gestation, 10-12 stars in obscure crown, moon far away and separate by Saturn, Jupiter still in the womb

      1293 - 1.25 month gestation, 12 star crown + Uranus, shows conception, not birth of Jupiter

      1056 - 1.25 gestation, 12 star crown, but Venus obscures Regulus, moon is very far away

  6. Gary, isn't that crazy how way off those are?? And I appreciate you looking into the edit, I know it probably seems petty.

  7. I want to believe the Rev12 sign. but if the Rapture happens on that day, we will be the "I-told-you-so" guys. We will be filled with pride having guessed the day of the Rapture correctly.

    So I don't think it's gonna happen on the Rev12 sign. We will just be too proud if it did.

    1. You could be right. "At an hour you do not expect Him". I think it is important to keep in mind what you're saying, which is why I put a disclaimer on this video. I also mention that signs and the events themselves don't always happen at the same time.

      Daniel Matson makes a pretty good case that the rapture might actually occur on September 21st or 22nd based on a reading of Isaiah 66. Time will tell.

    2. We will be in Heaven so no boasting :). We won't even have that opportunity.

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