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70 Nations

It is significant that the sign of the Woman in Labor of Rev 12 is on 23 Sept 2017.  The UNSC resolution was on 23 Dec 2016, exactly 9 months, or the gestational period of a human, prior to the Woman in Labor on 23 Sept 2017.  The Paris Peace Initiative on 15 January 2017 is exactly 9 months from the Woman birthing the planet Zedek, ie Righteousness, on 15 October 2017.  Coincidence?  Maybe, we will see soon!

The  total nations attending the Paris conference was 69 including France from the program brochure.  I have a PDF of the program if any would like a copy!  There were 4 additional entities including representatives from the UN, the EU, the Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation which would bring the total to 73 entities.  The United Kingdom and Australia refused to agree with the final communique, bringing the total in favor to 71.  I believe this is a significant number, even if not exactly 70.

The Grandson's of Noah in Genesis 10 total up to 70, and to the Jewish mind, 70 nations represents the total for the Goyim, the Gentile nations.  Therefore, the UNSC resolution and the Paris conference amount to the World drawing the proverbial line in the sand, and have begun the domino effect of events that will eventually lead to the division of the Land of the Everlasting Covenant to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  This division of the Land represents the breakage of the Everlasting Convenant, and is the proximate cause of judgment on the World according to Joel 3:1,2 and of Isaiah 24: 1-6......we will see very soon!

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  1. If you can, zoom in on the t-shirt of this gentleman, it's pretty funny! He was our host at a Kibbutz on the Lebanese border, and is a veteran of all the Israeli wars from 1956 through 2012. The border fence can be seen just behind him....the white building in the background was a school the Israelis built for their Lebanese neighbors, and now serves as a Hezbollah headquarters....most of the houses you see are empty, and are used to store Katyusha rockets for the next war with Israel

  2. Greg, he was pretty funny, and quite a crusty guy as you might imagine!

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