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Greetings to Unsealed!

Greetings in the Savior! My name is Sam, and Gary and his team have kindly invited me to join their blog, and I am honored to do so. As a way of introduction, I am 59 years old, and am blessed with a wife of 37 years, 4 married children and 9 grandchildren age 7 and younger! I was saved in a Southern Baptist Church in college, and now attend a Bible Church where I have served in the past for over 15 years as an elder. About 12 years ago, after attending a Jews For Jesus lesson on the Passover Seder and its connection to the Messiah, I felt led to study the Old Testament to better understand the foundations of my faith, and thought that surely there were further lessons like the Passover which would point to Jesus, the Christ.

This study led to the development of a series of outlines on the topic of Prophetic Israel, which is an 8 part series that we have used in several small groups and other teaching venues. It was later suggested to me to put some of these teachings on video, and this prompted the first three videos on YouTube under my user name, Fisher Man. The central theme of these lessons is the plan of God through the ages to reveal Himself to the World through His people, the Jews, and how that plan is being manifest today in what we see in the World. These also demonstrate that the Old Testament is not a jumbled discontinuous mess, but is actually very well organized, with a continuous theme that connects the Old and the New Testaments, and that ultimately points to our Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

The eight part outline begins with the Abrahamic Covenant, and progresses until the return of the Messiah to rule and reign in the Millennium. The bulk of the study is founded in the Old Testament, with significant connections to the New Testament. Initially the last lesson was sparse, but as conditions in the World have progressed, I have increased focus on the 70th Week of Daniel which will comprise the upcoming 7 year period which will usher in the return of the Savior. Daniel Matson at watchfortheday.org and his work stimulated me to look to the heavens for celestial events which might herald the 70th Week, and as a result I have posted six new videos in the last year on this topic. One of these, “Prophetic Threads and Celestial Signs of Daniel’s 70th Week” is linked here if you have an interest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbjeZiKHNbs

I do not allow ads on these videos, they are published for interest and education only!

I do not emphasize Rapture timing in my teaching or videos, although it is important for me to mention that over time I have migrated to a pre-wrath perspective. I hold all of this loosely, because I could very well be wrong in my understanding! I have no desire to debate the topic on this site, or to be divisive in the Body and figure that if I am wrong in my understanding, I will be the first to high five you on the way up! On the other hand, I hope to be well prepared physically, emotionally, and spiritually if things turn out the other way. The church I attend has believers from all viewpoints, and I strive to learn from all of them and to remain undivided in the Savior!

I look forward to joining with you as we approach very soon what could be the onset of the seven years of Daniel’s 70th week!



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  1. Welcome Sam! Glad to have you with us.

  2. Hi Sam, welcome. Glad to have you as a part of the Unsealed team. Thank you for sharing your videos, and I look forward to watching them.

  3. Thanks Jeff and Gary! I am working on a brief addendum to the video on The Woman and Dragon of Revelation 12, and will post it here hopefully this week!



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