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As It Was In The Days Of Noah

The terrorist organization Hamas is back in the news in a major way because of the Temple Mount fiasco.  They are once again threatening riots and violence against Israel.

Matt over at the Daily Crow found an intriguing article from 2014 that explained that "Hamas" is actually the same word used in Genesis 6:11 and Genesis 6:13 to describe the violence that was on the earth shortly before the Flood came.  Is that just coincidence?  Look at the Hebrew interlinear for yourself here.

Remember what Jesus clearly said to His disciples in Matthew 24:37:

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

The Bible doesn't tell us much about the days of Noah, but we know there was much violence (Genesis 6:11, 6:13) and strange sexuality (Genesis 6:1-4).  Jesus adds that for many or most of the inhabitants of the earth at the time, life seemed to be going on quite normally before the Flood came (Matthew 24:38-39).

Consider for a moment these seven striking parallels, types, and shadows of the days of Noah that uniquely point to our generation - and not just our generation, but perhaps even this specific decade:

1. For the first time in human history, full-scale replicas of Noah's Ark have been built.  And we're not just talking one replica, but three:

The Ark Encounter in Kentucky (opened in 2016):

Johan Huiber's ark in the Netherlands (opened in 2012):

Noah's Ark theme park in Hong Kong (opened in 2009):

There is now a witness to the reality of Noah's Ark and the global Flood in Asia, Europe, and North America.  It has been roughly 4,300 years since the Flood and now for the first time ever, just this past decade, there are full-scale replicas of the ark - and you mean to tell me this doesn't mean anything?  In my humble opinion, I think God is in control and is trying to wake us all up.

2. Unbelievers and Christians-in-name-only are mocking both the Flood and the rapture and arguing that the Flood never happened (see 2 Peter 3:1-7).

3. "Noah" is the most popular baby name in the United States for the fourth or fifth year in a row.  I mean come on people, Noah!

4. The rainbow is back.  Synonymous with the days of Noah is the rainbow.  God described the rainbow in Genesis 9:13-17 as a sign that He would never again destroy all life on the earth with a Flood.  Yet we know from 2 Peter 3 that another global cataclysm will come, but this time by fire - and the world is willfully ignorant.  It is also interesting that it is the LGBT movement that has stolen the rainbow for their own use.  The Apostle Paul uses homosexuality as an example of why God's wrath is coming (Romans 1:18-32).

5. The earth now has more violence than it has ever had and though 99% of statistics are made up on the spot, this one is very likely true.  More murder, more armed conflicts, and more terrorism than ever before.  In just this past year nearly as many children were murdered via abortion as the total number of people who died in all of World War II combined.  Astonishing.  God once put an end to the violence of mankind with a Flood and surely He will keep His promise to stop mankind again, this time with fire.  Remember that it was violence that ultimately triggered the Flood (Genesis 6:11, 6:13).

6. Mankind is once again involved as it was in Noah's day in the creation hybrids and chimeras, a sickening violation of God's created kinds (Genesis 1:20-25, 6:1-4).  With genetic breakthroughs like CRISPR, mankind has begun playing god with wanton and arrogant abandonment - manipulating and hybridizing species in a way God never intended.  Geneticists are even on the verge of creating brand new life forms.

7. In just the past few years more evidence for a young earth and a global Flood has emerged: the R.A.T.E. project (see also here), pliable tyrannosaur muscle tissue, a fully preserved Nodosaur, and the consolidation of ancient Flood myths from all over the world, among many, many others.

This list shouldn't cause you to fear or despair, but simply to wake up to the lateness of the hour.  Jesus said His return would happen at a time like the days of Noah and now, finally, after 2,000 years, it is.  Jesus' first appearing was not to condemn the world, but to save it (John 3:16-18) and we know that if we repent and believe the Good News we will be saved.

Today is the day of salvation.  Today is the appointed time.  Repent and board the Ark now because tomorrow is not guaranteed.














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  1. You really need to check your facts ....
    Statement says "In just this past year as many children were murdered via abortion as the total number of people who died in all of World War II combined."

    Total deaths in WW2 - is over 80 Million -- based on the data from your own links the estimated abortions for last year is 30 Million.....

    Don't get me wrong, I think abortion is wrong! BUT making outrageous claims -- trying to pass as fact -- is NOT the way to do it...........

    1. I agree with you, and I get your point. I've changed the statement above to be "nearly as many".

      But it's not 30 million, it's 40 million and you can calculate it in two different ways:

      Total # of abortions since 1980 / 37 = ~40 million.

      Or # of worldwide abortions so far this year / 207 (# of days in the year) x 365 = ~40 million.

      Most estimates I've seen for total WWII casualties are around 60 million, not 80, but still, I was off.

    2. 30 Million Babies is not trivial..... BUT A WHOLE LOT of babies. These are human beings not apples and oranges.

  2. Ark refers to Noah's Ark where 8 were saved and the Ark of the Covenant which is now in Heaven. The 8th Covenant between God and Man is the New Covenant through Jesus; a purely SPIRITUAL Covenant with 2 requirements "Love God" "Love our Neighbor". Satan copies this; the Temple Mount is set on an 8 Pt Star as is the Statue of Liberty aka Isis/Ishtar representing Freedom from God. The Temple Mount will soon be home to Satan's Seat (Throne of Pergamon currently inn the Berlin Museum aka Throne of Zeus/ Jupiter) and Abomination of Desolation.

    1. You will be interested to know that the Turkish government has made an official request for the Throne of Zeus to be returned to Turkey (Pergamum). Interesting considering the raft of info on a Turkish Islamic AC.


  3. "It has been roughly 4,300 years since the Flood"

    This also should be edited. If the Sumerians and the Han Chinese have been around for a bit longer than 4 millennia, then surely that alone tells us the Great Flood was probably thousands of years earlier. No one should feel ashamed if the Earth is far older than 6000 years. That number is simply not enough time for the pre-Flood empires to have flourished with the ensuing catching up by later civilizations. Even non-establishment researchers have dated the ruins like Baalbek, or Peru/Bolivia to be up to and greater than 10,000 years. Look for example the pre-historic bell found embedded in coal in Kentucky. That is surely FAR older than 6 millennia.

    If you want more readers to are curious of the Rev 12 sign, please make some changes with this dating thing.

    1. No thanks. I'll stick with my dusty old Bible and MT genealogy, but thanks anyway. I have my reasons, and here are 1,444 of them: https://www.trueorigin.org/camplist.php

    2. "But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise..." 2 Pet 3:8 His promise was to return. Creation will be 6000 Years old to the day when He does.

    3. I tell ya, I love Trey Smith's Noah video on YouTube. NOBODY presents it like Trey!

      About a year an a half ago, I was watching one of his videos... Theory of Everything.... Something Trey said really clicked in me and at that moment, I stopped being a back slid Christian. Nothing to do with the alignment or anything. I didn't even know about the alignment until last December I think.

    4. Thank God

    5. That is NOT what the scripture is talking about. It's talking about how fast the people disappeared when the flood hit, and how nobody was paying attention. Read it carefully. There is no more sin now than there was in Noah's day.

  4. Also from the times of Noah was a great population increase and a lot of 'men of renown' (We call them celebrities today...)

    I don't think we need to look very far or wait very long for whatever is going to happen. Maranatha!

  5. Anon: hmm, actually evidence points towards more than 100 million abortions if you count post conception abortifants, and the overwhelming evidence of unaccounted for abortions in China (although I admit that the evidence of something unaccounted for is an oxymoron)


  6. Violence is not only aggravating with regards to murder, rape or any physical form of hatred but also concerning social cool-bloodedness and verbal threats likewise as sheer joy in vandalism and lust of destruction. "Hate crime / speech" has even got its own category in jurisdiction today. This is a brandnew phenomenon especially in the last app. 20 years.

    The 'days of Lot' yet had other marks than ONLY sexual sins; the "sin of Sodom " (Lamentations 4:6) was rather like described in Ezechiel 16:49-50 which is today at its very peak especially in Western nations. Spiritually, these verses describe the same situation as the Laodicean church which claims "to be rich and need nothing" (Revelation 3:17).

    The spiritually weakest type of believer today is acting like Lot, trying to change Sodom to the better from inside, marrying his children to unbelievers (Lot even offered them to be raped to the public and later they abused him in incest!) and showing extreme weakness in faith when its time to flee from the unholy place. Instead of fully trusting in Gods protection from judgement in sanctification (mountains) he flees to the next smaller sinful place nearby (Zoar) but from fear to end up hiding in a cave...

    1. Spot on, Annabelle.

      I'll never forget a comment made by a co-worker when the office talk was centering on a popular violence-ridden TV show. She said: "I love the gore." I thought she was kidding. But she wasn't. She meant it.

  7. On point #6, there is no textual evidence that something with their physical seed (Hebrew word "zera") as the problem. It's popular to claim that "Noah was pure in his "generations" as to do with DNA, yet the Hebrew doesn't use "zera" for generation; instead it uses the word "dowr" which refers to all those living at a particular point in time.

    As for the Nephilim claim, that a lot of problems. An analysis of this claim, with another interpretation: https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Who-Are-The-Nephilim-Nqyss2ArwLfVrsj6N6JiE

    Basically, the text suggests that the issue was that those of faith had mixed with those of the flesh, and as a result society degenerated to the point that people worshiped celebrities, and their hearts were on evil continually and the world was filled with violence. Sound familiar? We've actually been in the Days of Noah for decades.

  8. I hope the rapture comes soon because there is so much heartbreak in my life that I'm ready to not be in pain anymore.

  9. I have a question. Who would be the "son of man" as quoted by Jesus in Matt 24:37? Certainly not Jesus since he's not the son of man. Would this be the anti-Christ?

    1. Matthew almost always calls Jesus the Son of Man. The other gospels (when comparing equivalent events and parables) use the term Son of God. Once in a while - so does Matthew.

    2. Son of man is Jesus.

    3. Because he descended from Jesse or David lol. I forget which.

  10. My turn to add something to the Violence category.

    I am not sure if anyone has had a chance to use an Oculus Rift...
    My buddy let me play at his house for about 20 min. After getting out of it, it feels like when you get off of skates, it is hard to walk, waterhead and such comes into play.
    Virtual Reality Violence is completely different than ANYTHING that you can play on a game console/Monitor/TV. The reality of you being in the middle of the action, is an understatement. I got to play Robo Recall. The first part will CREEP you out when the robots turn on you, I mean scare you to death. Nothing like a movie or game I have ever played or seen. After so many minutes your brain will start to believe that it is real. It also has an extremely addictive component to it. I can only imagine where this technology will advance to. What is interesting is that I can feel the draw in my flesh to want to play it. My buddy said the last thing you want to do is stay up till 2 am and be alone playing it, he said it gets REALLY CREEPY then.

    If you have one, stick to racing or something that isn't violent.

    Here is my Warning Label: "Beware of desensitization to evil when playing VR."

  11. Gary, thank you for this wonderful article! So that I can order my thoughts, I too like to blog about what I am learning in the Scriptures and put it together with prophecy and current events. Your humbleness in accepting constructive criticism is inspiring and I find much encouragement and information at UNSEALED.COM. God bless ALL of you!

  12. I'm a little late. But I want to toss my 2 cents in: I believe there is plenty of evidence that the world is quite old, and peopled for a long time. But then came a new people, the first made in the image of God and placed in a Garden. This, among a chaotic world outside. Even Cain was afraid to be sent out to an already named city called "Nod," where people might kill him. Adam was created outside the Garden and then led in, so he knew what was outside. And he failed as keeper to guard the Garden against intruders, like serpents.

  13. Nice blog and absolutely outstanding. You can do something much better but i still say this perfect.Keep trying for the best. משה נסטלבאום

  14. Another very late comment on this subject: Note that "blood" is constantly mentioned throughout the Bible. Note especially, that only Jesus had pure blood from His Father. My claim here is that Cain was fathered by Lucifer, and his DNA has now spread throughout the world, as well as the DNA of the fallen angels who came into the daughters of Adam & Eve. This is why Jesus had no problem calling people "sons of the devil." We all are, and we are shown we have the power to become sons of God. And note, this is done ONLY by the power of Jesus' pure blood.

  15. Altering our DNA/RNA through the mRNA gene altering patented bio-weapons renders us inhuman and unrecognizable to our Creator. The consequences are intentional, to separate us from God.

    1. Yes, I think this pandemic vax is setting us up for the next pandemic time when the DNA of satan will be in the vax, rendering the same fate as the nephalim. We would permanently lose the image of God. BTW, the above posts about old/young earth need another part shown: In Gen1;2 we see Holy Spirit hovering over the water. A previous flood. The word, "was" in "was without form & void is the same Hebrew word as "became" as in "Lot's wife became a pillar of salt. There was a gap from chaos, then came the 6 days of creation recovery of the world.



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