Netanyahu Backs Bill To Annex Greater Jerusalem Settlements

This news item is of interest, as Netanyahu is backing a bill which would lead to the annexation of Jewish neighborhoods in the Greater Jerusalem region, and would also create independent Arab municipalities within the boundaries of Jerusalem.  The timing of introduction of the bill is intriguing, slated to be introduced in early October after the Knesset returns from recess.  Also intriguing is the language of the opposition party which accuses Netanyahu of "dividing the city".


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  1. Joel 3 comes to mind. Since Netanyahu caved on the metal detectors, it's likely he will cave on breaking Israel apart.

    1. Exactly James! I expect that Israel's leaders will be complicit with the agreement to divide the Land......the timing of the introduction of a bill to potentially divide Jerusalem into Jewish and Arab areas in October is interesting given that Jupiter, or Zedek, leaves the stick figure of Virgo on October 15th.

    2. How does this break up Jerusalem? How would we know this would be IT? What about the Palestinian state that they want? You get too excited too fast.


    3. Nobody here can see into the future Jim. It's the direction we see Israel is going. Trump has even backed off his support of Israel. Once compromise leads to another is all. Joel 3 is likely the final compromise for Israel.

    4. Pointing out an interesting article is hardly getting too excited Jim, maybe you are the one overreacting here. The opposition party itself is accusing Netanyahu of "dividing Jerusalem", it is proper to point out an interesting relevant article. No one knows whether or not it will come to fruition, but it bears watching especially in these times.

    5. Sam,

      It's not the 'pointing out an interesting article' part; it's what they posted last week with the words 'seriousness' and 'awesomeness'. Remember? If you want to defend this kind of implicative writing, be my guest. I am just as hopeful as you are.


    6. I have no idea what you are talking about Jim.....I posted an article of interest, relevant to the times, made no sensationalistic claim about it, it is intriguing given the timing, topic and relevance, and bears watching. I have nothing to defend here.....

      If your comment is relative to a past post, I have no knowledge of that, maybe you could clarify the comment and who and what you are talking about before being critical of others

  2. "it's likely he will cave on breaking Israel apart."

    Does this have something to do with that very recent Haaretz article on dividing Jerusalem?

    The next question is will any individual enforce or confirm a treaty or agreement to divide it up, if this is what occurs this autumn?

    If we don't see such a thing this autumn, then is Scottie Clarke and others wrong?

    1. I don't think it makes Scottie wrong if no agreement happens, but if it does, it would seem to validate the celestial events that connect Micah 5:3 to Rev 12, and would suggest the 70th week of Daniel has begun.

  3. Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas are both Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons

    1. Benjamin Netanyahu claims Benjamite descent. Get 49:27 "Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf. In the morning devouring the prey, in the evening dividing the spoils" Dan 11:39 "God of forces...shall divide the land for gain".

    2. Did not realize Netanyahu was a freemason. Now I understand the decisions he is making.

  4. In 2017 Lugnasadh (Lammas) aligns with Tisha b' Av; the Witchcraft "Harvest Festival" in honor of the Druid god Lugh aka Vulcan. The Masonic pass phrase "Who is Tubal-cain?" Ans: Vulcan of the Canaanites. "When men forget God, tyrants forge their chains" Patrick Henry. Tubal-cain aka Lugh is the instructor of all artificers of metal.
    9 Av is the date both Temples were destroyed; 2 World Wars began; Inquisitions and Holocaust began; Gulf Wars began. Lughnasadh honors Lugh aka Canaanite god of child sacrifice Molech whose ensign is the Flag of Israel.

    1. We're all impressed by your Masonic knowledge.

  5. Are they going to give some of Jerusalem back? Is that what I am gathering from that map?

    If so that reminds me of Rev 11:2

    1. Hi Matthew, yes, that is what it is looking like....this related article suggests it may be providing a framework for a more comprehensive solution.....it definitely bears watching!


  6. Tomorrow's a big day of rage for the Philistines, get a good night sleep, so you don't trip while throwing Molotov cocktails now...

  7. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV Jesus returns to destroy the 3rd Temple; there is no Millennial Temple. The 3rd Temple will house Satan's Seat (Throne of Pergamon aka Throne of Zeus) and Abomination of Desolation. Amos 5:2 says the virgin of Israel fell and shall never rise again.

  8. More commentary today....it makes me wonder if this story is the first peak at an agreement to divide the Land......again, the forecast for October is intriguing given that is the time Zedek leaves Virgo on October 15th by crossing the line between Spica and Kappa Virginis in Virgo, on the way to Libra


  9. "peek", not "peak" dagnabit



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