Amazing Discovery! Blood Moons Were Pointing To 9/23 All Along

Remember all the commotion in 2014 and 2015 over the Blood Moon Tetrad?  Many popular preachers and ministries promoted them as the final signs of the age (Biltz, Hagee, Cahn, Stone, etc), but what we are beginning to see in retrospect is that they were just precursors pointing to 9/23 and the Great Sign of Revelation 12.

The Revelation 12 Sign occurs in two constellations (Virgo and Leo), but those constellations only comprise one-sixth of the ecliptic.  There are ten other constellations along the ecliptic and the sun resides in each constellation for about one month each year.  With that said, look where the first and third of the four Blood Moons occurred:

Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15, 2014 - Passover - Blood Moon #1

Out of twelve different constellations, the very first of the four Blood Moons just happened to be in Virgo.  The moon was in conjunction with Spica, "The Branch" (Jeremiah 23:5, 33:15, Isaiah 4:2, 11:1).

Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015 - Passover - Blood Moon #3

Again the moon was in Virgo - this time in her midsection.  Out of twelve constellations in the Mazzaroth and the third Blood Moon just happened to occur in Virgo.

Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 - 1st Day of Teshuvah (The Season of Repentance)

The Great American Eclipse, which will likely be the most watched eclipse in human history, which takes place exactly 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign, beginning in the 33rd state (Oregon) and ending at the 33rd parallel, just happens to occur in Leo the Lion.  On top of that, the solar eclipse is in conjunction with Regulus, the King Star, which represents the Messiah and was involved in the Star of Bethlehem alignments.

The first and third Blood Moons pointed directly at Virgo and the Great American Eclipse points directly at Leo - that's both constellations involved in the Revelation 12 Sign.  And one of our readers discovered that the sun was in Virgo during the second and fourth Blood Moons.  Uhhh, hellooo, anyone listening?

But it doesn't stop there.  The second and fourth Blood Moons, as well as the total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 that occurred on the first day of the biblical calendar, all occurred in the constellation Pisces, which universally represents a school of fish.  The Bible repeatedly likens the Church Age and the present harvest to catching a school of fish (see Matthew 4:19 and John 21:11) and the original Christian symbol was a fish.

The centerpiece of the Revelation 12 Sign is the birth of a male offspring, which we speculate is symbolized by the planet Jupiter.

From the second Blood Moon to the Feast of Trumpets on September 21st of this year is exactly 1,079 days.  Strong's 1079 is genete, which means "birth" and remember that the sun was in Virgo during this Blood Moon.

From the second Blood Moon to September 23rd of this year is exactly 1,081 days.  Strong's 1081 is gennéma, which means "offspring, child, fruit."  Again, the sun was in Virgo.

And as we previously mentioned, from the fourth and final Blood Moon, which was also a Supermoon, to the Great Sign on September 23rd is exactly 726 days.  Strong's 726 is harpazó, which means "to seize or snatch up".  It is the word used of the rapture of the Church in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and Revelation 12:5.

As I said above, the August 21st eclipse occurs 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign.

Strong's 33 is transliterated "age" and the Greek word is the imperative of "come".  In other words "Come!"

The eclipse occurs 31 days before the Feast of Trumpets.  Strong's 31 is aggelia, which means "a message".

So based on simple observation of the Blood Moons and the interspersed total solar eclipses we see this easily derived, chronological message:

Look at Virgo

Virgo gives birth to offspring

Look at Virgo again

Look at Leo

A message: Rapture has come!

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  1. Keep Calm!!! What!!!!?!?!?!?! How!!! Man, every day is just better and better! Thank you Gary!

  2. I don't know how you guys find these things but it sure is awesome!!!

  3. like they say in vermont, ''i knew it''!this is tony \o/,...can't wait to read this post!!!

    1. Tony... I thought the saying was, "Ya cahn't get theah from heah." Or is that Maine? :)

  4. What irks me is how several 'big name' prophecy men dismiss or ignore the 9-23 sign.
    Why? We all know Heiser can be a pompous a**, but what of Stearman? As I said before, perhaps this is better to ignore than study because if one wanted to continue life as one knows it, one would not want to hear about something like this. Perhaps they want to keep on keeping on, getting up in the morning, enjoying your meals, your songs in the car, the mundane things we do and are familiar with, without facing this reality that is coming. After all, life for us in the West is still quite good. For me, it's the Rev 15 Pleiades in seven years' time, now the conception comet, and of course the Nemesis system's existence, more than anything. Maybe this raptus will come in the middle of the period (2021), but I think the period starts this year.

    Do they think this world is going to go on forever without the Tribulations beginning sooner or later?

    1. It is comfortable to keep doing what we've always done. Discussing the last days, rapture at anytime, even preaching the gospel has been a huge money maker. You hit the nail on the head, as long as we cannot know the day then we can not focus too much on it...whats the use....we can't know anyway. Sleep is pleasent. If faced with a definate time..it is disturbing. Imagine if your name was in the bible along with the day of your death. And it was a certainty. Who'd wanna discuss that? Can't make money on that either. It wouldn't be comfortable to sit around the tv studio and discuss that certainty. "IF" we are faced now with a definate rapture day, we cannot possibly complrehend that moment and everything that comes after. Then too, the name brand teachers, have a reputation to protect. A respectability to maintain. They won't dare go against the status quo, even if the doctrines of the past are proven to be in error. No one wants to go up against the establishment of religion.

    2. Gary Stearman at Prophecy Sleepers always finished his video book selling segments with "keep looking up". Just not sure what he is looking up at .... if anything.

    3. If a person speaks about the Sep 23 Rev 12 sign, inevitable, he is put into a position where he at least has to indicate that this fall is a very likely period for the rapture. No prophecy teacher will do that unfortunately. Even if he is only saying that it is LIKELY, not setting dates or anything, there will be many, and i mean many because people are just like that, who are going to run all over the place announcing so-and-so said rapture will be on Sep 23. I am sure the folks on this site know what I mean. If nothing actually happens on Sep 23, their whole career would be flushed, even if it is of no fault of their own. So it is a lot safer to stick to things like world events, natural disasters, because you can keep saying 'it is near' based on these events until 'eternity' (so to speak) and people will continue to agree with you until the whole generation passes away and nobody remembers what you say anymore.

      I am from a different part of the world and where I am, I am not hearing a lot of people talking about this yet, even though I have come across a small handful. What I realise is that most people basically treat this as hearsay and do not bother to further investigate. They probably hear rumours along the line of "there are people saying that the rapture will happen in Sep" and they immediately dismiss it as date setting without bothering to investigate the evidence. Unfortunately, there are many spreader of the news who are spreading inaccurate information which is not helping.

      Another thing I come to realise is that people who *think* that they subscribe to the doctrine of imminence basically do not believe the rapture can happen anytime. Judging by their reaction when told that there is something happening in Sep, and they basically brush it off as nothing, and continue to live their lives as if the Lord is not going to come back any time in foreseeable future, we can see that the attitude is in fact NOT believing that tomorrow could be the day, or next month could be the month. So this retort about 'no one knows that day or hour' is just rubbish. If one really believes that no one knows the day or hour, and that rapture is imminent, then one would acknowledge that any day is a possibility worth examining and not go on as if life will go on as we know it forever.

      Just a lurker on this site.

    4. Claire, I couldn't agree more with you! Excellent thoughts. Might be the reason for the fact that the blood moon harbingers got more public attention now as the REAL sign of Rev12. But it is sheer logic that talking about endTIMES means also talking about an endPOINT of these "times". MARANATHA dear sister! Stay blessed! :-)

    5. Thinking about those who seem so belligerent, against the Rev12 sign and just read today's Utmost for His Highest. Seems very fitting...

      “The golden rule to follow to obtain spiritual understanding is not one of intellectual pursuit, but one of obedience. If a person wants scientific knowledge, then intellectual curiosity must be his guide. But if he desires knowledge and insight into the teachings of Jesus Christ, he can only obtain it through obedience. If spiritual things seem dark and hidden to me, then I can be sure that there is a point of disobedience somewhere in my life. Intellectual darkness is the result of ignorance, but spiritual darkness is the result of something that I do not intend to obey.”

    6. You ask why? Because Imminence is a lie. The Pre-Trib rapture is a lie and foolish. How do I know? Through an *honest* reading of scripture.

      The truth, if you seek it: http://www.alankurschner.com/2013/02/19/what-is-prewrath/

      Sooner or later you will come to realize it.

  5. Awesome find Gary! That stack of coincedences is getting mighty high! Gonna need shirpas and oxygen bottles soon!

  6. WILD! tony/vt.........''i knew it!'',...seriously when people i know around here have asked me, ''What ever became of them blood moons?'' i always have said, ''They pointed to whats comin', just keep watchin'! Thanks Gary so darn much, now i can elaborate!!!

  7. Mid-trib rapture is absolute unbiblical nonsense. It seems to be propagated by 2 groups of people. Either saved Christians who think that the Church is unworthy to escape the persecution of the trib period, and they fail to grasp that is the time of refining for the nation of Israel and that is God's focus at that time. Then there is a group of what must be largely unsaved professing "Christians" who really want to go through the trib and usually believe in a salvation by works or kept by works doctrine (same thing). The former group will go up in the (pre-trib) rapture and be ashamed at their foolishness, the latter group will most likely get their wish and have a great opportunity to become tribulation saints. I say "most likely" because of course there are members of the Body of Christ who were genuinely saved and then lost their joy because of false teaching. "dockkids" on youtube is one of the fools that teaches people these satanic partial rapture theories and kept by works doctrines, and even teaches that Christians that backslide go to hell. Well I have no faith in my righteousness as they are filthy rages, only in the blood of Christ to justify me. He can trust in his self-righteousness and good works if he likes. It's just a shame that new believers fall into these poisonous teachings.

    1. There is no partial rapture. Paul uses two words for "sleep" in his writings. He uses both in 1 Thess. 4 and 5.

      In 1 Thess 4, the word is koimaō, like in v.15. This is Paul's word for dead Christians, to differentiate them from the dead unbelievers. In 1 Thess. 4 he uses that word to let the readers know that those believers that are physically dead will not miss the rapture.

      1 Thess. 5 is where it gets interesting. In verses 6 and 10 he switches to another word for sleep, katheudō, which according to BLB can metaphorically mean "yield to sloth and sin" or "to be indifferent to one's salvation". Why the switch if he meant the same thing as koimao earlier? Read verse 6, it makes no sense if he's talking about physically dead people. He's talking about not being given to sin and instead being alert for the Lord's return.

      And it's the same word in v.10.,

      9. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,

      10. Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him

      Did you read that? Whether or not we are spiritually awake or yielded to sin, we will be with the Lord!

    2. Your comments re pre vs mid trib beliefs are very unhelpful, and generally incorrect. It is interesting to note that proponents of pre/mid or post trib beliefs generally believe that anyone else's perspective different to their own is biblically incorrect. The reality is that the bible can be used to argue for every one of the points.

      And no, believing in a mid-trib rapture has nothing to do with beliefs of 'unworthiness' of escaping the rapture. It is simply because we believe that there is more biblical evidence pointing to a mid (or intra-seal as many would say) rapture. I remember someone once saying that the mid and post trib rapture beliefs don't make sense as 'why would God beat up his bride just prior to the wedding'. But hang on, if that is the way we see God, why is he standing by why his fiancé is getting beat up even as we speak...the use of emotions to determine Gods purpose and time-frames is dangerous.

      And no, christians holding to a mid-trib perspective know full well that the time of Jacobs trouble is intended for...Jacob!. The differences in opinion is simply what makes up the period known as 'the day of the Lord', or 'the time of Jacobs trouble' vs the 70th week of Daniel. This is why the bible doesnt explicitly note 7 years of tribulation, and is why scholars disagree as to the demarcation between time-periods for the when the 70th week starts, vs the time of Jacobs trouble etc. Many point out a belief in the time of Jacobs trouble starting mid-week - accompanied by the wrath of God on the AC and his followers.

      But we could debate this all day/week/year. The point is that we all have our views, most of us are saved, and a fair number of us are schooled in reading and interpreting the bible. This is also (I believe) why the owners of this website have not included pre/mid/post tribulation perspectives as to forming their core beliefs for being able to contribute to these forums. Because they know beliefs outside of 'pre' are not poisonous, but perspectives of what they believe to be the word of God.

      So on that note, I won't be feeling foolish if we do disappear prior to the tribulation, I will be feeling very grateful, and overwhelmed by his mercy and goodness.


    3. Ryan RD, in fact there IS a compelling article about "pre-trib" arguments on this website, look here:


      MARANATHA! ;-)

    4. Yes I enjoyed reading it at the time...was a shame when 'blood red moon' left.

  8. I think its interesting that the first two are either on the sheath of wheat, or on the arm holding the wheat (if we are paying attention to the mazzaroth pic), representing the harvest. I love the hebrew4christians website where it explains the coming signficance of sukkot, particularly as it relates to 'the feast' (think the wedding feast), also called the 'feast of (harvest) ingathering' etc. http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Holidays/Fall_Holidays/Sukkot/sukkot.html.

    Some scriptures relevant to harvest/sheaves (depending on whether you are looking at the rapture side of harvest, vs gathering of the tares to burn):
    Zechariah 12 “On that day I will make the clans of Judah like a firepot in a woodpile, like a flaming torch among sheaves. They will consume all the surrounding peoples right and left, but Jerusalem will remain intact in her place"

    Micah 4: Writhe and labor to give birth,
    Daughter of Zion,
    Like a woman in childbirth;
    For now you will go out of the city,
    Dwell in the field,
    And go to Babylon.
    There you will be rescued;
    There the LORD will redeem you
    From the hand of your enemies.

    11“And now many nations have been assembled against you
    Who say, ‘Let her be polluted,
    And let our eyes gloat over Zion.’

    12“But they do not know the thoughts of the LORD,
    And they do not understand His purpose;
    For He has gathered them like sheaves to the threshing floor

    Others relevant to either the great harvest, or the feast of ingathering: John 4:35, Matthew 13:30, Exodus 34:22, Exodus 23:16, Joel 3:13


    1. Why would a Christian trust Hebrew4christians? They have articles on the Talmud which states Jesus is boiling in his own excrement in Hell. Jesus warned He came in his Father's name and they received him not; another will come in his own name and be accepted. That's the Antichrist Jesus was warning of; the Son of Perdition.

    2. its a source of useful information, not for people to bank their entire existence on...like most websites we come across now.

      Regarding 'one who will come in his Father's name...'. Fulfilment already took place with Simon (Ben) Bar Kokhba', and therefore while it could have undertones of relevance for the AC, it doesn't have to, as it was fulfilled around 130ad - leading almost the entire remnant of the nation of Israel into destruction. The jewish leaders of that day called him the star of Judah, messiah etc etc. They still celebrate him today ironically enough.


  9. Gary, this just keeps getting better and better...great stuff!! Love the site, can't stay off of it! Maranatha!

  10. I find this post meshes well with the following "heavenly sign" video:


  11. Awesome. Coming up on 8 weeks out.

  12. I don't know if I want to scream with joy or be silent for being let down....

  13. I keep trying to tell people about these signs and all I get is disinterest? What's wrong with these people? I don't have words to explain, and I am at the point of not saying a word about it anymore. I know with every single bone in my body that this is the real deal!

    1. Yes it is the same for me. I literally do not know ONE Christian or ONE church that has the slightest interest in being prepared for His return. I know that there are many who anticipate with great joy and are eagerly following what God is doing before our very eyes - but i only know this through sites like this. Every Christian that I know is seriously caught up in the cares of this life and don't want to think about Jesus coming to interrupt their own goals. I know this sounds awful but it's the awful truth . . . They have left their first love.

    2. Johnathan,
      The best way I have found is to not say a word. Just show them Stellarium, explain what they are seeing (not hinting at anything other than the Jupiter 42 weeks)...stop the movement at the alignment... then show them Revelations 12. The Word speaks for itself. I've seen jaws drop!

    3. Me too! Tried my brother, best friend, wife (all professed Christians), and it was crickets.

    4. i think a lot of us run into the same disinterest even from our own church families. i have a son i worry about and my wife . my son is one of those to smart for all of it. like the bible says most have the attitude of where is the promise of his coming. i used to wonder when the bible said it would be like a thief in the night with all the signs the bible gives most people including christians have their eyes wide shut. people say no one knows the day or the hour but refuse to even look at the signs that are screaming it is near and how can they know the urgency of the situation unless they study what the bible has to say about these times. most are eating drinking giving and taking inmarriage then poof the day of grace has just ended and the tribulation begans. read an article someone wrote on the rapture about the numbers of people that would die in the tribulation and the author said estimate there would be 5 to 6 billion left behind and by the end of the tribulation there would be less than 1 billion left alive from the percentages of deaths given in revelation. i feel like i am saying a long goodbye to a lot of friends and especially my son and it breaks my heart in 2.

    5. Dear watso911 I deeply feel with you and pray for your family. If it is not Gods sovereign will to have them elect, be assured of Revelation 21:4 no more pain and wiping off all tears... Stay blessed!

    6. To Jonathan and others its good to know you're seeing the same thing as I. The biggest impression I see is that they aren't interested. I figure id get a lot questions. But nothing. Even from people who are going through a lot and have lost close family members. So frustrating

    7. The lack of interest is totally baffling to me too. I can't think of anything more exciting than to be with the Lord, and the fact that it more than likely is this fall than any other time in history! The evidence is overwhelming, and it just keeps on coming in! Here's something cool though: I saw the person who sits across from me in the office where I work looking a maps of Israel and end times stuff. It' turns out he's a christian and we are both watching for the Lords return! We are both watching and this is our favorite web site for info!

    8. George, that is wonderful! God knew you both needed that encouragement.

    9. I agree. People now days just don't care! They are like the unwise virgin's who think God is delaying his timings. It's so frustrating!!!! *sigh* but hey, preach it until it sinks in. If it doesn't then it will fall on them like a bomb when they get left behind.

  14. Rev 12:6 says this event is the start of the 1260 day Great Tribulation; not the Rapture

    1. That part is the start of the midway point. They have 3.5 years of fake peace first

    2. Where do you get this bunk? Rev 11, 12 and 13 all describe the Great Tribulation period of 3.5 Years. No Mid-Way point. This site claims Sept 23, 2017 Rev 12:1 is the Rapture and start of the 7 Yr Tribulation; Rev 12:6 says different

    3. The Two Witness prophesize for 1260 days as per Revelation 11. This is how long the woman flees into the wilderness. Of course feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I am no scholar.

    4. Wilderness means Desolate or Desert i.e. Land void of God. The woman flees into the Wilderness protected by God; this is on Earth not in Heaven. Heaven is not ever compared to a Desert/Desolation. Rev 11, 12 and 13 describe the same period; Rev 13:8 describes people absent a Covenant with God as "Earth Dwellers"; no coincidence 13/8=Phi "Ratio of Life" either. Believing in a New Dispensation for Israel, 7 Yr Tribulation and Pre-Trib Rapture is a dangerous twisting of Scripture.

  15. Gary, this is outstanding. It really brings home the urgency of the command to "Watch!" We get to witness the most incredible story / experience / event in human history....things truly that angels and prophets desired to look into. I am so humbled to be here right now. Thank you for glorifying our Heavenly Father through this work you do!

  16. Makes perfect sense. Warning signs are useless if put up at the edge of the cliff. As much warning as possible is needed and that is what the blood red moons provided. However, still the churches are either silent or scoffing.

  17. I also find it interesting that the Southern Cross (Crux) points directly to Virgo.

  18. Can someone explain to me exactly why you believe in a pre-trib rapture? Just based on what I'd read in the bible a ways back, I interpreted it to mean it would occur during or just before the end of the tribulation (at the 7th trumpet, if I recall). Or a link would also be great. I'd just like some clarification, thank you.

    1. You are absolutely correct David. 1 For 15:52 "Last Trump" and 1 Thess 4:17 point to the 7th and final Trumpet Warning The 3rd Woe!

    2. Hey David, that's a good question. There are a number of deeper exegetical reasons that cause the majority of Christian scholars of the historical-grammatical persuasion to favor the pre-trib view and it would be difficult to hash it all out in the comment section, but here's a pretty straightforward starting point.

    3. Wow, excellent link, thank you sir!

    4. The Exegetical reason for believing a Pre-Trib Rapture and 7 Yr Tribulation is Dan 9:23-27 "70 Weeks". Interpreting this as 69 Weeks of Years + the "70th Week" being the 7 Yr Tribulation allows for Dispensational theology to also take hold. Amos 5:2 says "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" because Israel adopted the same Six Pointed Star of Moloch/Saturn (Chaldean STUR=666) they have on the flag today. I suggest reading scripture the way God wrote it rather than relying on "Private Interpretations". Body Resurrection occurs at the 7th Trumpet.

    5. "1 For [Cor] 15:52 'Last Trump' and 1 Thess 4:17 point to the 7th and final Trumpet Warning The 3rd Woe"

      The so-called "trumpet argument" that claims Paul's reference to the "last trump" in 1 Cor. 15:52 is the same trumpet as the seventh trumpet blown by an angel in Rev. 11:15 hits one seriously sour note in my opinion.

      I humbly believe that this argument, which is put forth by many who reject the pre-trib Rapture, is an exegetical train wreck. Here is why I humbly believe that:


    6. "If the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle" Trump "Salpigx" means "Quavering Reverberation" the sort of sound a Trumpet makes. 2 different Trumpets? Don't bet on it.

  19. "The Male Child in Messianic Prophecy" in Jewish Gematria Equals 1205
    Revelation 12:5

    1. Strongs 1205 = "Come hither"!!!

    2. Jesus said "I am come in my Father's name and ye receive me not; another shall come in his own name and him ye will receive" The Woman flees in Rev 12:6 into the Wilderness i.e. the Earth void of God 1260 Days. This is not indicative of a Rapture, but the start of Great Tribulation

  20. I don't make any plans beyond 24th September now. Not even cleaning my courtyard from dandelion anymore. Will not supply with food either 1 week before but clear the fridge, look up and wait what happens. I'm quite sure we won't be here anymore by then. Can't wait. MARANATHA!

    1. What do you care whether you show up for appointments or not, what your garden looks like or not and whether the things rot in your fridge or not? You are going to be sitting on a silver lined cloud playing your harp - or not!

  21. afterdarkness7/26/2017 10:40 PM

    EIGHT WEEKS, oh this is coming up so fast. Before we know it.
    I am in near-panic to get my house cleaned out... things to donate, and the cat to put off on a friend, etc.

    And yes, I'll go about my day; I won't take the day off if I'm scheduled to work that morning. If I'm off, I'll be home with the kiddos. In my time zone, the moon finally crosses out of the constellation at around 10:45 am, when the sun is setting in Jerusalem.

    If we're here another day, another week, another whatever amount of time, I will have cleaned out an awful lot I didn't need and be grateful for not having so much junk!
    If I ever get up the energy to get around to it.

  22. Oh, sure, let's make it more interesting...from all the brouhaha it seems y'all could spend some time over at informedchristians You Tube and watch some Dragon Tail Time videos. So MUCH of what we were thinking will happen on 9/23 will be LONG OVER by then.

    1. Thanks for the YouTube ref Jimboni. The google drive article link he left below one of his videos was fantastic.


  23. We will soon see if the rapture happens thus September as the majority here believe. As a Christian myself, I hope you all are correct and would welcome getting out of here if the rapture does indeed happen this September, as most here are expecting , as my focus will be on Jesus and not worried that I was wrong.

    But consider how you will adapt if the minority here are correct, and we have to deal with the actual trouble ahead.

    Bottom line, we Christians eternity is not dependent on who has the timing of the rapture correct, or not. We Christians will ALL be raptured at God's appointed time, and I seriously doubt there will be fingers pointed at me if I am wrong, nor will my finger being pointed at the others if I am right. What most likely will be is each and everyone one of us will have all of our fingers pointing to Jesus Christ in praise of him delivering our undeserving souls to spend eternity with him.

    Praise God as we indeed enter the most interesting time to be alive on this planet.

    1. Hear hear brother


    2. Yes, yes - Stan thank you for this "birds eye" view - the Big View - that helps us stay on track and acknowledge that God is sovereign in all His timing for welcoming His children home.

    3. The first sound words I've read on here Stan. Thanks

  24. I have one request. Please read my post before this one, and I promise , if I can break away from praising the Lord from this Septembers rapture, I will JOYFULLY admit I was wrong!!!!

    Can we who believe we will still be here after the Rev 12 sign receive acknowledgment we were correct? What's exciting is we shall all soon realize if the majority here is correct, and I hope you REALLY are correct!!

  25. To me, interpreting Bible Prophecy against what's happening in the world is like this :

    Reality = Prophecy + X, X being all the unknown factors that we have not considered or are not aware of yet. When all the pieces of puzzle are out, X = 0, no more unknown, then Reality = Prophecy. We won't know until it happens. An analogy : we may look at the puzzle and think that we are seeing a wolf picture, but one more piece unveiled could change what we see into a dog. So to me, it is really not so much a right vs wrong issue, unless someone is foolish enough to think that he has seen every piece of the puzzle and say with unfounded confidence that the rapture is definitely happening on a specific day and time. It's like the 2014-2015 blood moons. A lot of people though that that has to be it, but lo and behold, God revealed another piece of the puzzle. Now the picture is clearer than before. I hope all of us watching, regardless of our persuasions, have the humility to acknowledge that we cannot be certain we are seeing every piece of the puzzle now. Personally, I am cautiously hopeful that it is indeed this fall. I would be happy regardless of whether it is Sep or Dec this year. But if not? We will keep watching for another piece of the puzzle to be unveiled to us.


  26. Claire....Exactly! All of us have missing pieces, and pieces in the wrong places.

    My point that I was wanting to boil it down to is that "if" we are still around the end of September, October, end of the year, after which when each of us believe. we are out of here, not to get discouraged and lose faith. I personally see several things that must clearly happen before we are out of here, yet I HOPE the majorities view here is correct and we are out of here this fall. I will just have to accept that my views were in error.

    However, if the majority of the views here are not, I am preparing by filling my shelves...gathering oil for my lamp as the 5 wise virgins do in Matthew 25...I would then be praying we all prepare the best we can to be used as a witness during the troubling times ahead.

  27. Empathize with those who have shared this with others and got a lukewarm response at best. Same here.
    Just don't get it but will continue to have conversations where possible between now and then.

  28. David and Karen

    Has anyone besides my hubby and me, ever wondered about what happens to the people we love, that are left behind, after we are gone? I worry about my children, like others do, or my pets being in the house. Are our children or family going to be able to enter our homes after the rapture, to secure it? What kind of provisions can we make for them? Letters to be sent to them to open after we are gone, will help in this. Many will be confused and some will not be surprised that it happened, but they will be left with fear of whats coming next on the earth. Some will know why they didn't go, and others will have no clue as to what happened. We know of the great deception that will take place as its in the Bible. This "deception" will scar the hearts of the lost and confused. Lets not let our family/children go through this, in the event they aren't raptured. Lets prepare them for what is coming, before and after the great rapture of the church. With the Revelation 12 sign at hand and the Birth Sign, its time to prepare those that will be going and those that will be left behind. Thank you.

    1. Tim LaHaye popularized the "Left Behind" Rapture doctrine; his books ghost written by novelist Jerry Jenkins, educated at Moody Bible Inst. LaHaye used the Rosicrucian symbol of a Cross in a Crown and IHS "In Hoc Sign Vinces" (By this sign conquer) Don't fall for his Lies. 16 best selling books and 3 movies about a Jesuit Lie; the last with Knight of Malta Nic Cage.
      Jesus warned about going after teachers having itchy ears; Rapture is worst feel good lie there is

  29. Do you guys preach this in your churches?

  30. When the Moon is in Pisces during lunar eclipses where do you think the sun is? The sun is in Virgo!!! Virgo and Pisces are 180 degrees apart!

    1. Wow! That's pretty cool. I'll have to check that out in Stellarium.

    2. Yep. You weren't kidding. I had to adjust the article and mention that one of our awesome readers made that discovery.

  31. Addressing the comment about leaving info for our loved ones left behind, I have three children - two of which are not ready and don't want to hear it. All I can do at this point is pray and try to leave as much as possible here for them when I'm gone. I plan to let them know where they can find a letter from me in the event I disappear. It will identify that the house is paid off, there's enough survival type food and water to last about one year, there's cash in the house, and provide information as to what they can expect and what their only hope is. I'm also thinking about setting up an auto transfer of our income that deposits into our bank accounts monthly so that it will automatically transfer to their accounts each month - beginning on Oct 1. If we disappear, we won't be classified as dead, therefore, no one will have access to our bank accounts. Wills won't matter. If the rapture doesn't occur, I can undo those auto transfers before Oct 1. Anyone else preparing "left behind" letters?

    1. Yes, I have also! If someone breaks into my house and takes shelter, they should find it.

    2. Just a thought. In the event of the rapture or start of tribulation, don't you think the currencies we have right now may be pretty much useless. I always suspect not all people will accept the Mark of the Beast, whether they are believers or not, and there may be black markets going on where bartering or even gold might be better than cash or bank balance.

    3. Comets were called Dis=Evil + Asters=Stars "Evil Stars" portending bad events; why would Borisov (God Like) impregnating Virgo (Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Isis) with Jupiter (Zeus, Ahura Mazda, Lucifer) portend something good? The Woman flees to the Wilderness 1260 Days. Wilderness means Desolate; this is exactly what worship of the Abomination of Desolation causes on the Earth. Pre-Tribulation Rapture necessitates Heaven to be a Wilderness which is obviously not the case

  32. I have lost my place among all the articles. Can someone point out to me the article on why we are expecting the rapture on the 23rd Sept, when the new moon feast of trumpets falls on the 20th, not the 23rd.


    1. Jewish feasts start at sundown.... Yom Teruah starts at sunset on September 20th, 2017.... Lack of basic understanding of things Biblical and then grasping at things far more esoteric and involved makes me shake my head!!

    2. Feast of trumpets starts at sundown on Sept 20th and continues until sunset on Sept 21st. The a Great Sign spoken of in Rev 12 will be displayed in the heavens on Sept 23rd.

  33. wow, Steve Ciocillanti has an amazing video on the solar eclipse of 21 Aug here. Amazing.


  34. Brothers and sisters, we DO know when the rapture will occur! The apostle paul revealed the mystery to us in 1cor15:51-52. "Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed." Our Lord Jesus Christ knew that we would understand this to mean the last trump at the feast of trumpets on earth. This is the 'earthy' part of the rapture as per verse 48 of same chapter. Now the 'heavenly' part of the rapture occurs in 1thessalonians4:14-17...Verse16 "For the LORD himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of GOD: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:"...then verse 17 comes. Notice how our Lord and the apostle Paul used the word 'Lord' and 'God' in the 1thessalonians4 verse but NOT in the 1cor15 verse. Thats because these are two separate events happening at the same time! The actual blowing of the trumpet at the feast of trumpets on earth, and the Lord descending from heaven with the trump of a God. These should occur simultaneously. Another important verse that paul said is 1thessalonians5:4 "But ye, brethren, ARE NOT in darkness, THAT THAT DAY should overtake you as a thief." What day?...The rapture! I have been inspired by all the tremendous and insightful articles written by Gary and other contributors on unsealed.org., and the amazing work of Daniel Matson, Scottie Clarke and others.It looks like all the signs are here folks, for the soon return of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless you all. John

    1. Dear friend---I think you're right...for many reasons. Excellent job on the interpretation of those verses about the 'trump'. You might be very interested to hear how the Lord spoke to me about the timing of the rapture. Check out Brenda Weltner YouTube and the videos Rapture Timelines #1&2. Food for thought and prayer! Blessings!

  35. YOu all have to understand that people have been fooled over and over and over again by date setters and planetary alignments and blood moons and y2k, etc, etc, etc.... By date setting and crying wolf it's made it very difficult to get people to believe in God, let alone His return. Be kind to people, they have heard all this before and you need to approach the sign this way. Just because you see it doesn't mean others will.

  36. Unknown- Well said!! I watched the blood moons come any go, and though I have no doubt they were a warning sign for trouble ahead...too many book writers made lots of money , and I bought their books also. This caused a bunch to doubt any of this stuff....even my wife thinks there isn't much to this.

    That's WHY I am expressing my honest opinion that though the upcoming Rev 12 sign is indeed divine design, I feel like the blood moons, its a warning sign placed BEFORE the bridge out ahead...and not right at the bridge.

    "If" we are still here after September, October, even see January 2018, I am afraid many more will lose faith.

    Then there really isn't much coming as far as signs in the heavens.

    But we could at any moment be devastated by geophysical, astronomical, or man caused reasons. Birth pains could come right now followed by great tribulation after the AC performs the A of D.

    Time will soon tell us all.

  37. AWESOME! I looked up the date lapses to 9/23 in sequence and got:
    GREEK= give up + child + Bartholomew (martered on 9/11, witnessed assention) + harpazo + come
    HEBREW= fowl + given son + restore + Syrian + my fathers help
    Date lapses in sequence to 9/21:
    HEBREW: given son + mind/heart + myrrh (native to Saudi, Oman, Yemsn, Somalia, Etheropia, Eritrea) + restore + father's Majesty

    1. This sounds even more far fetched than I have ever heard before.....

  38. I have indicated in the article "Sense and Nonsense about the Signs of 2017" what the blood moons were about http://wp.me/p2v96G-TW The failure to see what should be obvious and provable is involved with this ongoing Christian determination to demonize against even rabbinic tradition all and any principles and signs of astrology ancient or modern. The absolute accuracy of what I have to say is further certified by the way that just recently at the Temple Mount crisis in mid July the transiting fated nodes hit exact onto modern Israel's Temple asteroid.

  39. Process Method for pi <

    The Bible by the numbers of pi calculator <

    What is being presented on the pages of this site, Is truly phenomenal. Unequaled Evidence that the Bible is Miraculous by design.
    There are occurrence tables throughout this presentation to consider, the purpose of the tables Is to emphasize His Wonders, show forth the Handiwork of the Almighty. Make known His Deeds among the people!
    It is recommended for anyone who is seeking after the Most High, to be taught by Him, In a way more incredible than you ever thought possible. __ Go to the process page to learn How YAH did It - Read the verses on this page, contemplating the tables within the passages.
    Then do It, make a list of verses, It is simple with The Bible by pi calculator and See for yourself, The Hidden Treasures that are to be found In YAH's Word.
    1 Corinthians 13:10 "That Which Is Perfect Is Come" - Daniel 12:9 "Sealed until the time of the end" - Revelation 2:17 "The Hidden Manna"

    Occurrence table for Abraham 7000 - 7300 +

    (4 times in 4 verses)

    7122) Abraham stood up
    7136) Abraham
    7142) Abraham
    7172) Abraham

    7122 + 50 = 7172

    7122) Genesis 23:3 = 26
    7136) Hebrews 7:4 = 11
    7142) Genesis 21:29 = 50
    7172) Genesis 24:15 = 39

    39+11 = 50
    26+24 = 50

    7140) Hebrews 11:1 Faith - Evidence

    7148) Genesis 15:6 He (Abram) Believed YHWH - Counted - Righteous

    May YHWH bless you and guide you into all Truth as you ponder His Awesome Works, The Glorious Wisdom of the One True Elohim.

    @ 31102Bible.com <

    Make a list of verses that correspond to the Numbers of pi = 3.141592.... Starting with verse 3, then 31, then 314, then 3141

    Then the Number 31415 is more than the 31102 verses in the Bible.

    Viewing Cyclically ~ The Remainder is the verse.

    31415/31102 ~ 313 Remainder

    5) 313 verse

    314159/31102 ~ 3139

    6) 3139 verse

    3141592/31102 ~ 290

    7) 290 verse

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Replies
    1. That's OK Ricardo. Keep waiting but keep looking up as Jesus commanded.Intro.

      To all Watchers who are hoping to “See the Day Approaching”:

      1. Enoch was raptured (technically translated) when He was 365 years old and December 31, 2017 is day 365 of the year 2017, the long awaited year in which the long awaited Great Sign of Revelation 12:1,2 occurred. I waited three years for this. Some knew of it even longer. The sign of Revelation 12 is about a RESURRECTION, a TRANSLATION TO THE THRONE ROOM! And ENOCH WAS THE FIRST TO BE SOMETHING LIKE TRANSLATED/RAPTURED, and thus, we have year 365 AS A FIRST MENTION. And years can be days with God (think of Ezekiel laying on his side for 390 and 40 days) and what about day 365 could tie you in to the LAST DAY of the year? If you are thinking about LAST DAY, if you are thinking about day 365, God is using this to get you to the right day and you will not need a calculator, or pi, or phi. The 120 disciples knew to count in Acts 2 and they were obediently doing it after they saw their GREAT RESURRECTION SIGN which was the resurrection of Jesus. In Acts 2 the 120 were obediently waiting, watching and counting. Why is the church not counting yet?

      If you read my 14 points you will be counting and you will join the original 120 disciples, who in faith, believing, and counting, after a GREAT RESURRECTION SIGN and for them, God came unexpectedly early. The Great Sign of Revelation 12 is a RESURRECTION SIGN. God set this up from the beginning Saints! If and only if you are willing will I tell you something about that sign that you probably do not know yet.

      Dennis L. Watson

  42. This is point #9 in my 14 reasons why Watchers should keep their eye on December 31, 2017


    So from the September 28, 2015 last Super Blood Moon as day 1 and then going to December 31, 2017,

    I repeat...this day is factually….

    THE LAST DAY OF 2017

    This day is potentially….


    THE LAST DAY MARTHA REFERRED TO WHEN SHE PROPHESIED (by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who had designed that day already) THAT HER BROTHER WOULD RISE ON THE LAST DAY…..

    So, again, FROM the September 28, 2015 last Super Blood Moon as day 1 and then going TO December 31, 2017, is

    826 days.

    So, here we are, gentiles seeking wisdom, what is the word for Strongs Greek #826?
    It is "augazó": TO SHINE FORTH.

    From Daniel 12, That's EXACTLY what all the Saints are going to be doing that day if the rapture occurs.

    Daniel 12:3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

    Interestingly enough, for Israel, as yet left behind, the Strong's Hebrew #826 is a word that means "CONJUROR".

    Perhaps, for those left behind, I am sure Lucifer is planning something deceptively special with his conjurors so that those on earth, after or even along with, the rapture, will be deceived… tremendously. He will do it with magic, demons, fallen angels and lies. Glad I won't be here if this happens on day 826.

    If interested in the other 13 points, you will be the first.

    Dennis L. Watson

  43. This is point #12 in my 14 reasons why Watchers should keep their eye on December 31, 2017.

    12. The Torah reading for the Sabbath of Saturday, December 30th, the DAY BEFORE December 31, 2017 includes the last four chapters of Genesis, ending with Genesis 50 (completion), and with Joseph’s bones being RAISED out of the ground of Egypt to be taken to the promised land.

    Hey Saints! Want to leave Egypt? It is with NEW FLESH AND BONE that we "GO UP TO THE PROMISED LAND"

    The Scripture Reading for this Sabbath is named Va-Yechi (And He Lived). AND HE LIVED!!!! Yes saints we will be born again to immortality and we will live.

    Thanks for the hint there Moses.

    If you want to read all 14 points just let me know. I will send a pdf.

    Dennis L. Watson



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