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BREAKING: Microchip Hand Implants Begin In The United States

We reported in 2015 that RFID hand implants were beginning in Europe.  This was no conspiracy theory, but the unquestionable reality at a company in Sweden.  In the last year and a half the idea has taken the world by storm and now a company in Wisconsin is set to begin the same procedure on willing employees.  An RFID chip is implanted in the hand between the thumb and index finger.  This allows employees to open doors and make purchases at work.  See Revelation 13:16-17 to discover where the world is ignorantly and arrogantly headed.  Revelation 14:9-11 explains why getting the beast's mark is a bad idea.

To be clear, I don't believe this company's chip is in and of itself the mark of the beast, but it goes to show that the technology and willingness are already here.  When he shows up, the "beast" won't have to do a lot of convincing to get such an ignorant and depraved population to jump on board.  They'll do it willingly.

We've demonstrated that the technology and motivation for implementing the mark of the beast are already present and the necessary infrastructure is well on its way to completion.

One of our readers pointed our attention to the ID2020 Summit that took place at the United Nations headquarters just last month.  Microsoft, Accenture, and other key tech companies, in collusion with the World Food Programme and the UN Refugee Agency, agreed that the world was in need of a unique digital ID for every human on the planet.  Some of the source code was just leaked for Windows 10 and it revealed Microsoft's plans to implement this global ID system.  My oh my, this is a lot of Orwellian filth if you ask me.  The sheeple are ever ignorant and willing.  1984 cannot compare to what is about to happen all because the world has rejected the only source of life.

Now would be a good time to get a different sort of mark.  Not one made on the hand or head, but one made in the heart by the Holy Spirit.  This mark costs nothing and will give you everything.  It's a gift, but you have to be willing to take it.

The enemy's lies are spreading and the world is taking them in hook, line, and sinker, but our hammer is the Gospel and with it we will shatter every delusion and deception:

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  1. Unbelievable

  2. Why is the rapture index score still at 9.2?
    Shouldn't we be at 9.3 or higher by now?

    1. If so, where are the 2 Witnesses?

    2. These rapture indices are profoundly unscientific, by which I mean that there are deep structural reasons making the numbers beyond inaccurate. How many and how strong earthquakes in what time period are enough to indicate that the rapture is going to happen right away? How is moral decay measured objectively? How much do volcanoes weigh compared to wars as far as the final number is concerned? What if a category is already at 10 and then it gets dramatically worse? Is something like stock market performance even relevant? In general, the choosing, measuring, calibrating, and weighing of subcategories are all unsolved problems. This means that the entire index is basically one big unsolved problem.

    3. Good points and questions.

      We only update the RIS every few months because it takes a thorough perusal of all the news related to each category to make a determination.

      It is likely that the next time we update the score it will be higher.

      At the end of the day it is a somewhat subjective determination, but we try our best. As the last comment demonstrates, the nature of some of these determinations is hard to make, which is why we use so many categories to hopefully make up for some of questions that hard to determine.

      Also, you have to remember that God has set a certain time and will carry it out regardless of what we or anyone else thinks. The RIS is simply a gauge to estimate when that set time might be. The score has also lowered from time-to-time when we had to acknowledge that conditions were cooling down.

    4. @Anonymous: you asked about the 2 witnesses. Perhaps we will soon see another development on the Temple Mount that will allow the Israeli Jews to celebrate their feasts again, beginning with the 'new moon sighting' at FoT? Could it be those 2 persons in connection to the Rev12-sign that will preach repentance then in Jerusalem for the next 3,5 years when the church has left the building and the Jewish remnant will be born again from above and opened to understanding of scriptures? I guess sth in that direction... Just saying. ;-)

  3. Reminds me of a bunch of folks sitting on the beach admiring the height and majesty of the tsunami becoming visible on the horizon and about to destroy them. Tragic.

  4. At least at this point it is still the persons choice, although the technology may be the same as the mark, at that time the choice will be take it or die..

  5. Why do not people see what this screams!!! It gets better, there are also companies who are trying to get children chipped as a means of identification for schools. Nope nope and h*ll to the nope!!

    1. ^^^what this is and run screaming. Sorry typing on my phone.

    2. "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" - Jeremiah 17:9

      This generation has been raised on the belief that you should follow your heart and so that is exactly what they are doing - tragically.

  6. Well, not really sure how the rapture index score works, but it seems like it should be higher at the moment.

  7. Someing good is coming to all so wait and listen to the light for you been found waiting now come fine me for I have much to talk about

  8. I think its important to note that there are many 'contenders' for the mark of the beast, and its important for people to be aware of the range of possibilities. These include the microchip or the mark of Islam (Chuck Missler has a great teaching on this) as forerunners.

    The key thing is that it will be HIS mark (the beast/AC), and people will knowingly take on HIS mark, regardless of the type of mark it is. This is what people need to be aware of.


    1. "These include the microchip or the mark of Islam"

      The mark of Islam? Islam is a primitive, fanatical religion and simply a means to an end. It's used to break the other two main faiths and will finally fizzle out at Gog and Magog. Don't worry about Islam, because they too will have to bow their heads to this Anti-Messiah. Or else.

    2. Agreed. What makes the real mark THE mark is that it contains the "name of the beast or the number of his name" - what exactly that is, we can only guess at this point, but the Bible suggests "666" will be involved.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. People will have to actively know they are pledging their loyalty to the loser satan right? I have always thought the mark will be something that changes our DNA, which is why people can't be saved after taking the mark.


    Anyone here is in contact with Scott Clarke? I have IM'd him couple of times. Said I need his address, the PO BOX says Menlo Park. Why does this guy not give out his home address?

    I want him to make me one of his famous Rapture Burgers.
    Also, he can take me out for a California Date Shake.



  12. Mark Zuckerberg revealed last month that Facebook's previous mission was to connect the world and now that mission has shifted to bringing the world closer together. To me that screams One World Order, considering Facebook has over 2 billion users and counting. On top of that, Zuckerberg's first name is "Mark" and his dog's name is "Beast." It's hard to say this is merely coincidental. Given the position Zuckerberg holds, it's likely that he'll play a integral role in implementing the Mark of the Beast.

  13. I found this video about the company "Positive ID" and it's potential connection to the mark of the beast extremely interesting!




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