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Researchers Discover 2,000 Year Old Baby

Amid much opposition, biblical researchers from ERF Ministries, WatchForTheDay, Parable of the Vineyard, Revelation 12 Daily, and Unsealed have found what appears to be a perfectly healthy 2,000 year old baby - a male child in fact.  Only this baby is still in his mother's womb - at least at the moment.

"We believe he was conceived in AD 32 or 33, probably around the Jewish festival of Shavuot," said head ERF researcher Scott Clarke.  "There were apparently 120 eyewitnesses present at his conception and 3,000 more were able to corroborate their testimony."

The discovery of the baby began about a decade ago when Daniel from WatchForTheDay determined that the Great Pyramid of Giza was pointing to a certain astronomical alignment in 2017:  "I knew something big was going to happen this year because of the [pyramid's] alignment and it reminded me of the birth of another baby boy that took place in 3 or 2 BC.  I had to follow the evidence."

Then in 2010, Clarke used a number of important clues from a 2,000 year old book called Revelation to identify a matching astronomical alignment set to take place in September 2017.  "It's a perfect match.  This hasn't happened before and it won't happen again.  The alignment portrays a woman who is about to give birth to a baby boy.  No doubt about it."  Clarke encourages others to see this alignment for themselves.  "This isn't based on calculations or subjective reasoning.  You can see it for yourself with any astronomy software, but I prefer Stellarium."

A few years after Clarke's groundbreaking discovery, Dr. Svigel from Dallas Theological Seminary uncovered some 19th century scholarship that identified this yet-to-be-born baby boy with the Church and Gary from Unsealed made the connection to the astronomical alignment that Clarke had discovered.  "I think the alignment in 2017 is pointing to the birth of this baby," said Gary.

Jeff from Unsealed was quick to chime in.  "This baby has been gestating for 2,000 years.  Clearly a world record and what's more - according to the ancient book of Isaiah, the baby is going to be born before his mother goes into labor.  It's astonishing!  Why aren't more people talking about this?"

"We're about to submit the paperwork to the Guinness World Records.  I don't think anything comes close," said Adam from Parable of the Vineyard.  "What's amazing to me is that many have come before us, but they had no peer review.  There was that guy Miller in the 1800s and then Camping in 2011, but this is a team effort.  Each of us have independently confirmed the findings.  It's not just one witness, but dozens."

Brad from Revelation 12 Daily has been tirelessly compiling all of the various information and keeping the team going with prayer and encouragement despite the vocal opposition.  "All of the naysayers have one thing in common: they aren't trusting what the biblical text plainly says.  Are they afraid of the implications or is it just pride?  It's as clear as day, yet they choose to ignore this mountain of evidence."

Another thing the team agrees on is that the astronomical alignment pointing to the baby's birth is just the icing on the cake.  They point to a lot of other compelling evidence that a 2,000 year old baby is about to be born.  "2017 is 120 years since the First Zionist Congress, 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, 70 years since the UN mandate to establish a Jewish state, 50 years since Jerusalem was captured, 40 years since the peace process began, and 30 years since The Temple Institute was founded.  There's never been a year quite like this," said Greg from Unsealed who quickly added, "There is a lot going on and it might be a good idea for people to pay attention."

They also agreed that they can't set an exact due date for the baby, but all indications are that he will be born very soon - probably this year.

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  1. Ha! Love it! This is great.
    That's one heck of a baby!

  2. I'm totally blown away by all the events and overwhelming information that pours in each week. I'm even more blown away by the people who immediately dismiss all these signs and do not look into it themselves. They claim that it's not biblical but if they research the Bible, they would find the hardcore evidence. I'm so excited for the next few months but I'm also extremely sad that this falls on deaf ears. It's odd to me that people will agree that the world will come to an end at some point but they seem very insistent that we are not at that point. Why wouldn't we be? All signs point to yes from what I see and read! I'm not concerned for those that love Jesus and do not believe that the end of age is near but for those who are still lost, listening to those who disagree! My prayers are for the lost sheep because time is running out!

    1. That's a good point you make. The end of the age is going to happen at some point. Why not now? Besides, all the evidence points to right now, imho.

    2. The people who reject Christ just don't what they are missing out on. On earth now and later in Heaven. So sad. I pray they change their minds before it's too late and soon enough to be able to enjoy the love and joy and peace that comes with salvation while they are still here on earth. Even in the midst of evil and darkness.

  3. Comet Borisov (God Like in Aryan/Iranian) the Long Hair Star; Meovingians were "Long Hair Monarchs" and source of the Holy Grail myths, impregnates Virgo "The virgin of Israel has fallen, she shall no more rise" Amos 5:2 clothed with the Sun, the Moon at her feet under the crown of Leo giving birth to Jupiter (Zeus, Son of Saturn) and this event is equated with the Rapture of the Christian Church? Seriously? Rev 12:6 spells out this event portends the Great Tribulation. Comets were generally heralds of bad omen. Jupiter/Zeus is Lucifer folks, not Jesus Christ!

    1. God created the stars and they point to HIM and give HIM glory. Satan can only twist and steal what isn't his. Before there was ever a "Zeus" the planet Jupiter still existed and as so many diligent students of God's Word have shown, Jupiter was involved in the Bethlehem Star alignments in 3-2 BC.

    2. Jesus fulfilled "Every jot and tittle of the law" which required living the law and being circumcised at 8 days. Jesus was a "Young Child" at the time the Magi arrived from Persia and Herod died in the Spring of 4 BC; thus He was born on Feast of Tabernacles and Circumcised on the 8th "Great Day" of Tabernacles as the Tabernacle of God.
      In Zoroastrian religion of the Magi, Jupiter was called Ahura Mazda (God of Light) equivalent with Lucifer not God JEHOVAH. This is the earliest epithet of Jupiter I know of.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. "Jupiter/Zeus is Lucifer folks, not Jesus Christ!"- well, this can not be lucifer as you forgot to mention two details: 1. the dragon to devour the Child. 2. The Child has to be snatched up to God's throne.
      Are you sure it is about lucifer? I, personally, do not see that.

  4. Comets is they were created by the "Fountains of the Deep" (Get 8:2) during the Flood; this is the first recorded return of this particular Comet since 2348 BC; this Comet may be 4365 years old.


      Anyone here is in contact with Scott Clarke? I have IM'd him couple of times. Said I need his address, the PO BOX says Menlo Park. Why does this guy not give out his home address?

      I want him to make me one of his famous Rapture Burgers.
      Also, he can take me out for a California Date Shake.



    2. Macabbees re-dedicated Zeus Capitolina "Womb of Zeus/Jupiter" on Hanukkah 164BC, the year Halley's Comet made an appearance. This is 1/2 of Comet Borisov's 4365 year age. Any speculation the Comet seen in the Macabbean era was Comet C/2017 E1 making its 2nd appearance?

    3. May FATHER GOD bless all those many people who have had a part in this revealing of GOD'S Word. HE IS FAITHFUL to perform His Word. Even those who write in their comments. I love seeing the Body of Christ get encouraged and those who write in adding in their observations adding to the knowledge base. ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!


    4. I agree with the Comet post. They may very well be "4365 years old". Sounds about right!

  5. Boom! Nice work there, Gary!

  6. I am new to this site and am overjoyed at what i am reading. I have a big question: regarding the 45 days' difference between Daniel's 1290 days and the 1335 days - IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THESE 45 DAYS COULD BE THE DAYS BETWEEN THE ECLIPSE AND THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES ON OCTOBER 5?

    1. An interesting observation indeed & perhaps worthy of the learned here investigating further.

      For my part, I counted back 1335 days from Oct 5 & it came to Feb 8, 2014. Curiously, the day before (obviously being Feb 7), I was awoken in the early hours of the morning by a loud trumpet type sound. As I am waking up, it is fading, but then came a second long blast, so I jumped out of bed & quickly went about trying to find the source of the sound, but to no avail (note, I was alone in the house at the time). At the time I wondered if it was the 'last trump':), but nothing else dramatic occurred at the time.

      Obviously my curiosity was piqued so I enquired about the possible significance of the date. As it transpires, it was Adar 7 (7th day 12th month), this being the birth & death date of Moses.

      An interesting anecdote is that I was born deaf. I'm not completely deaf, but it takes quite a loud noise to awaken me.

      Make of this what you will:)

    2. incredible! tony/vt. Thanks for sharing,...blessen's to you...

  7. Food for thought....

    I added the year duration's noted above: 120+100+70+50+40+30=410.

    The first Hebrew word in the Tanakh that equates with the number 410 = H7549 raqiya`/firmament (Gen 1:7).

    The last Hebrew word in the Tanakh that equates with the number 410 = H3468 yesha`/ salvation (Hab 3:13).

    On another level, I have generally found that the appearance of the number 410 tends to emphasize another key word - S#8085/8088 - Shema/Shama (listen & obey).

    Reversed, 410 = 14 (no 0 in Hebrew) = the letter Nun, being representative of life or seed (the ancient pictograph form of Hebrew looks like a seed). Nun is also 50, & we are in the Jubilee year, being the release of the servants/slaves & returning to the land of our inheritance. Nun is also David, & his heir is Messiah Ben David - Yeshua.

  8. what a very clever post Gary, awesome!,...along w/ some pretty cool replies! tony/vt grace n peace*

  9. I felt the need to share my Bible reading for the morning:
    Malachi 4
    1: “For behold, the day is coming,
    Burning like an oven,
    And all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.
    And the day which is coming shall burn them up,”
    Says the Lord of hosts,
    “That will leave them neither root nor branch.
    2 But to you who fear My name
    The Sun of Righteousness shall arise
    With healing in His wings;
    And you shall go out
    And grow fat like stall-fed calves.
    3 You shall trample the wicked,
    For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet
    On the day that I do this,”
    Says the Lord of hosts.
    4 “Remember the Law of Moses, My servant,
    Which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel,
    With the statutes and judgments.
    5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet
    Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.
    6 And he will turn
    The hearts of the fathers to the children,
    And the hearts of the children to their fathers,
    Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”

    1. Beautiful scripture, thank you. He is our awesome and wonderful God. I was thinking just yesterday how much He is longing for this Day too. We are so aware of our long longing for Him but sometimes we don't realize how much He has longed to be with His people fully. He may well be crying too as He wipes away our tears. How He loves us. Precious God and Lord Jesus.

    2. The Almighty has been waiting a long time (by human standards) for Him to be fully will us. I can't wait to See/Praise and be with Him. No matter how bad things get between now and when we see Him, we can always take comfort in the fact that: He loved us before we loved Him. Thank You Lord Jesus.

  10. Did you get Pastor Bob's 60-day heads up yesterday? Ask him to send you a copy of it. He has an E-book called "The Season of the Rapture: God's Three Fold Witness". Request a copy from - Evanteachr@aol.com

  11. Thanks Gary,it makes me so happy.What a future we have and so nearly.


    The Netherlands

  12. http://www.nhunderground.com/jesus/PastorBob/The%20Season%20of%20the%20Rapture%20-%20Part%202.pdf
    Pastor Bob said the Rapture would occur on Rosh Hashanah 2016

  13. I'm new to this site, too. So far, I love hearing (okay,seeing) the positive comments! It is intriguing to speculate on the dates. I will never be disappointed if we are all wrong (but I don't think we are) because He is still on the throne and we WILL be with Him. He is revealing pieces and the puzzle picture is almost finished. Go tell them about Him. "Be bold, be strong, for the Lord, thy God is with thee!" And they need to know.

  14. Rev 12:6 says this event is the start of the 1260 day Great Tribulation, not the Rapture

  15. I like eggs

  16. Hilarious and effective!<3



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