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Distortion and Camouflage

My thoughts are not very collected and this has come out as a disjointed rant...for eloquence see Gary, Jeff and Sam :)

We were talking last night about the state of the prophetic conversation in the U.S.

Much conflict.  Interesting this wasn't true (at least in our estimation) during the conversations on Jonathan Cahn and The Harbinger.  We didn't see this during the Blood Moons.

Many big names and big ministries picked up The Harbinger and ran with it and then in 2015 when nothing happened - crickets.

Now that 9/23 and Revelation 12 are being discussed there is far more conflict.

Perhaps it's just that we are catching some small flak and that we're more attuned to this tension.


As always in the prophetic community many of the comments revolve around trying to identify the antichrist or false prophet, or debate the pre-trib, mid-trib, pre-wrath and post-trib views.  There seems to be an insatiable capacity for the Church to debate the nature of the revived Roman empire, the date, the hour and how it will all unfold.

We do indeed sharpen each other and God reveals many things to many different people.  There is a place for encouraging and sharpening.

But sad really that there is such an abundance of energy for these topics when in just a few weeks it could all be academic.

Things that last like peace, joy, mercy and sharing truth with those who are at the brink of destruction are in short supply.  Rarely does someone ask the body of believers that visit Unsealed or any of the other blogs and channels that we follow for prayer and help in reaching a friend who is far from God.  It seems the energy and focus is out of wack.


We affirm again that our posts are intended to point people to Him.  There's not very much in the world of prophecy that we can say with great certainty.  We are certainly not prophets, nor sons thereof.   We know something of the outline and have some strong opinions and ideas about the ideas, but we don't know.

We would like for the information to be taken as a way to spur each other towards love and good deeds, knowing the time is short.

That's about it.

We have seen clear fulfillments on occasion, such as in the Arab Spring or in the alignment of Russia and Iran, but mostly we are highlighting events that seem to or may be fulfilling or leading towards prophetic fulfillment.

The ENP, fish deaths, bird deaths, economic cliff, ecologic cliff, technical alignment, EU, MOB development, depravity and short-term unsustainability have all clearly indicated that we are out of time.

We speculate on dates occasionally, but that's what they are and we say that clearly.  Sad that in this fear-riddled Church you can't even discuss something if you can't prove it with an 100% indestructible proof text.

We believe Christ's return is close and that someone on the current world stage will become the AC and so we offer some bios on various present day world leaders, perhaps this will help someone in the troubled period that is to come.

However, with Revelation 12 and 9/23/2017 we and many others before us and beside us seem to have hit a nerve...that's exceedingly good news!


To help bring realignment and focus, Gary has been bringing us back to more discussions on how to be saved and what it means to be saved. This is of course primary objective #1!


Stunning how much works-based fear permeates Christendom.  I always thought it was limited to my particular denominational background.  Not true.

A vast array of Christ followers are people who are deeply afraid of God and desperate to better their position.  I have news for you: you can't, you can't, you can't and you don't need to, you don't need to, you don't need to, it is finished, it is finished, it is finished!!!


Amazing how many are threatened if we don't share their view of the Tribulation's timing, their understanding of who the AC will be, their view that we can't even talk about who the AC might be - since he will not be revealed..., their view that we can't even talk about the day or the hour or most especially in regard to the nature of salvation.

Many look to us for validation and assurance of salvation.

Wow. Stunning.

None of us will be saved by our wisdom and no one writing articles can save you either.

Our salvation is all about Him and His finished work on the Cross. PERIOD.

I know that God is.  I know that apart from God's grace in creation, God's great love, God's great patience and God's overwhelming and awesome and stunning and shocking gift of Himself in the form of His Son I am a dead man.


In this time of growing apostasy, sifting and heart exposure, we see some common themes:

  • -Self-preservation "when do we leave" without much care for those who are lost
  • -Debate, debate and more debate
  • -Fear - much fear 

We love when we get a "thanks for the heads up", "you might be right", or "think I'll repent", stemming from a great love for God's gift and the apparent nearness of His return.  Better still, a "I think I'll share the urgency with a friend."


It seems that the closer we get the more infighting is occurring.  Why is that?  We saw far fewer people fighting over The Harbinger, the Blood Moon Tetrad, or before that with 88 Reasons in 1988.

Why would satan want us at each others throats right now?  Why would he want comments on articles to be so full of conflict that a curious unbeliever would curl up their nose and move along?

Why would there be so much misinformation and confusion?  Conspiracies and misinformation flourish and have for some time... Benghazi, 9/11 "Truth", Kennedy - Oswald, Watergate, birtherism, Russia and election hacking, FBI director James Comey, Roswell, Area 51, Nibiru - Planet X, FEMA camps, Bilderbergs, Illuminati, free masons, Marilyn Monroe's death, Elvis is alive, Iran Contra, the Vietnam body count, "I am not a crook", the secret bombings of Laos and Cambodia, Fukushima radiation impacts,  BP oil spill environmental impacts, etc.

It seems we can't believe anything and with the lies and fake news you can't find truth if you wanted to.  Why is fake news a thing right now?

In our flesh we blame everyone, except the author of lies.

He does not want you to know the truth that Christ is coming.

He wants you numb to the noise and/or fighting the wrong battles.

And so far he's being pretty successful wouldn't you say?

It seems to me the noise, confusion and deception have reached a crescendo.

Why?  Because he knows his time is short and the author of lies (Ephesians 6:12) is desperate to stop as many as possible.

Matthew 13:15 (NASB):
For the heart of this people has become dull, With their ears they scarcely hear, And they have closed their eyes,
Otherwise they would see with their eyes,
Hear with their ears,
And understand with their heart and return,
And I would heal them.

Reminded of the U.S. Military's strategy just before the Panamanian invasion of filling the sky with aircraft movements and the radio waves with misinformation.  You know something's up, but not when, where or how.  The enemy is doing the same thing.

Let's be about our Father's business.  Share the Most Wonderful Good News.  Tell people that time for repentance is all but over.  Be ready.

And let's be kind.  let our words be seasoned with salt so that they may bless the hearer.

When He comes for His bride will we be ready?

When He is grieving over sin, grieving over the lost, grieving over judgments He must release on those He loves and desperately wants to redeem, will our only words be "what's on the wedding feast menu" and "will I be able to sit close to Him?"

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  1. Time is up... please pray for my brother Paul and his family, they are not ready.

  2. First off, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your website. And it amazes me there's so much disgruntlement over the Sept. 23rd sign. If September 23rd is the rapture of the Church that's great, if it's something else that's fine too. It doesn't really matter, but surely it seems like it is something significant. And when you consider it along with the tetrad blood moons, the star of Jerusalem, the 70th jubilee, Judah ben Martin's prophecy, the apostasy of the churches, the increased persecution of Christians, the uptick of violence and wars, famines, the natural disasters we've seen recently, overwhelming government debts, the emergence of a one world government, and societies abandoning cash for marks, I can only think and believe the blowing of the Trumpet is near. Believers in Christ shouldn't be bickering over well intentioned works of other believers. Get your own life in order and help as many others get saved as you can, that's what really matters. Maranatha!

    1. Amen! We should be about our Father's business which is the fisher of men so that we will see our loved ones and neighbors rejoicing with us when we stand before the throne. What a glorious day that will be - but we bring others with us? Are we doing our job in the time (whatever that is), getting ready for our graduation?

  3. I agree with the writer. Time is getting short as evidenced in the news. They have made a law in regards to dividing Jerusalem: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.801600. Here is a paragraph in the article that caught my eye: "But the amendment also provides a second stipulation: only 61 MKs would be needed to redraw Jerusalem's municipal borders. In such a development, land left out of Jerusalem could be exchanged in a peace agreement." Let's continue to pray for those who are not yet saved.

    1. But how can we know this law will lead to the creation of the ONE treaty?

      If this is it, then how would an outside power 'confirm' it? Would it be the UN, or Europe and America?

  4. Amen. What will He find us doing when He arrives? God have mercy.
    YSIC, Kay

  5. Thank you for your encouraging articles. I have recently come back to faith and have an overwhelming urge to tell everyone Christ is coming soon. But I am not confident in my words and the gospel. I feel with every fiber in my body our time is short and feel burdened for my family members and friends who are not with the Lord. I fear for my father, my sisters, and friends who have been raised catholic their whole lives. My own husband who is very see it to believe it. I know he believes in God and he listens to me when I talk about scripture and he know the Lord saved my life from very deep depression and mental instability.
    I am excited to meet the Lord but feel an immense sorrow for those who will not meet him. I want to leave left behind letters in my house for anyone who may come searching. I feel I waited to long and am struggling because of my life choices how to show anyone to come to salvation. I have many family members while are saved and know Jesus as their Lord, they are asleep and will not see the things that are happening in this world. I talk to deaf ears and am dismissed and scoffed at when bring up the great sign and the events happening around the world. Please pray for me to have strength in these things and having the right words. Any advice or links to these things would be greatly appreciated. This website is a blessing.

    1. Hi Cassie,
      I know what you are feeling, as I also feel burdened for my family and friends. In the event that they don't want to hear what you have to offer, you still have the best option available! Pray for them... share with your Father in heaven what is in your heart and ask Him to give you guidance and wisdom. He will work from His throne room and give you opportunities to share with those you love. My dad was a pastor and prophecy was his passion! As a teen I didn't want to hear what he had to say, but now I am excited to see prophecy unfolding before my eyes! Unsealed has been a blessing to me, too. I will be praying for you and your family. Maranatha!

    2. Hi Cassie, don't feel you need to tell the unsaved about the rev12 sign...just give them the gospel. The reality is that most Christians are hugely uncomfortable with the rev12 sign, and my unsaved colleague gave me the weirdest look when I discussed it with him. To be honest, I think it detracts from the gospel, except to say that Jesus promised to return, and what the impact of the tribulation will mean for the lost. Instead, use the Rev12 sign as a 'boldness booster' to help you acknowledge that time is short, and as Greg has noted above 'let us be about our Fathers business'. Finally - pray like crazy for God to open up opportunities for you to share your faith, and when you are given the chance, don't miss it. We were praying for an op to share the gospel with one of our new friends. When we saw her, my 3 year old just up and outed "do you know God". Stunned...she never says that to anyone! This lady is now a believer and hungry for the word of God. I have now discussed with her the Rev12 sign (as she is a believer), and she is hugely anticipatory for the coming of Jesus.

    3. Probably the best response to this! The Sign is to let us know that no matter how this plays out (and it may not conform to what many believe about it and eschatology in general), what will happen is part of His plan, with the understanding that He doesn't have to conform to our timelines.

    4. Others have already shared this but I will also say that sharing about the Revelation 12 sign (even along with the dozens of others signs with it) is rather pointless if the person doesn't want to hear the Gospel in the first place. It simply detracts them from hearing the Gospel even more because they "like" the sin they are in and will just want to continue in sin "if" the end is near.

      Pray for your family. I prayed for my father for 10 years and those prayers were tough ones. Many times I simple prayed for God to break my dad's pride and in the end my dad was a defeated and broken man that was on the edge of hoplessness. God sent me and His Spirit shared the Gospel just the way my dad needed to hear it to accept it (basically the entire Bible in an hour). The next day, my dad was with the Lord. His time was short, God intended to use me and I am so glad that I was ready and willing to share and be used by God. Pray, rely on the Holy Spirit and IF they have any kind of heart that will listed to God calling them, they will listen before its to late.

  6. Please pray for my son, Tony, and my daughter, Erin. They are not saved. Thank you so much and thank you for this website and it's message of encouragement. It is much appreciated and greatly valued.

    1. I will pray for both. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Praying for Paul and family, Cassie's family, Tony and Erin.

    Praying for the Spirit's leading as each of us begin writing our left behind letters.

    Praying for the millions of Jews who will flee for Israel.

  8. Kimberley- wow! Thank you. Grateful for you.

  9. Great post and reminder Greg! I wholeheartedly agree with you.....we need to shoot less at each other and look to the Savior....the only thing I would say is that I am not that eloquent...:)

  10. What makes everyone so sure that the raptus rescue will occur ON 23 September 2017?

    Could it also be a sign that it is near, but not that near, perhaps in 2018????

    1. Anonymous,

      We are confident the Rev 12 sign is fulfilled on or about September 23rd 2017. Many posts on this site can take you through why.

      We are not confident it is the rapture, although we have found some strong ties to other rapture language.

      I can rehash all of it here, but encourage you to read the material and be a Berean :)

  11. Thank You Greg for being obedient to God. All brothers and sisters in Christ need to hear your message.
    I am in continual prayer for friends and family.
    My sharing the gospel is falling on deaf years.
    I share the gospel...they appear to listen...then they go about their lives as if nothing was ever shared.
    Please pray for the LOST. Ask the Lord to give them all an opportunity to show a sincere heart to Him before it is too late. In Jesus name...Amen!

  12. "My thoughts are not very collected and this has come out as a disjointed rant.."?? Well, I have to say that was one pretty awesome "disjointed rant"! It said everything it needed to say. I have a couple of friends that I talk to regularly and it seems as if you have repeated almost everything we have talked about. Thank you for sharing this and stay out of my friends and my conversations. he he he ;)

    To everyone above who asked for prayers you have mine as well as the others above <3

  13. Very well said and Amen. The very fact that there is such a difference in the reactions to the blood moons and this sign alone is enough to make me think there is a significance.

  14. nice post Greg, i give much thanks for your gift and its perspective! tony/vt blessings, Shalom*

  15. I believe the reason so much opposition to Rev12 amongst believers, and especially pastors, is quite simple. They've bought into a man-made doctrine; that no man can know the day or the hour. It's been taught in seminaries as doctrine. They've been drinking the Kool-Aid for decades now, if not centuries, with one thought in the forefront of their minds... date setting is tantamount to sin! My pastor has not mentioned it, nor is warning the congregation to wake up. His focus is soul winning (and I can't fault that). My own wife is firmly entrenched in unbelief.

    For years now I wondered about the "not knowing" ... it just didn't make sense that Noah didn't KNOW that judgment was imminent. The Ark was done, the animals loaded, all that remained was near. I also couldn't believe we too wouldn't know when the rapture was near (I know we're not date-setting here, but if the tribulation IS less than a month/2 months away, where then is the rapture?). I wondered about Jesus saying 'no man knows the day or hour,' I figured 'surely He knows now! He's God!' I knew all this instinctively... in my heart, I just couldn't piece it all together, which is why I'm so thankful for this and other sites.

    My wife's afraid I've joined a cult, and won't even read or watch any videos {sigh} on the subject. If she wants to stay asleep, so be it. I gotten out of bed, got dressed, and brushed my teeth. I'm ready to go. I'm like a kid waiting at the bus stop! I hear the bus coming, around the corner on the next street. How long will it take to get here? Minutes? Seconds? What does it matter? ...I know it's coming!

  16. I read these comments and I feel like the old Neil Diamond song:
    Well except for the names
    And a few other changes
    If you talk about me
    The story is the same one
    I tell friends and relatives the good news and they look at me like I grew a second head. My daughter gets angry because "her life is just getting on track and she wants to have that life first before God takes it all away". I try to tell her it will be better but she tunes me out. I pray for her and my son (who is more open to the idea) day and night. If any of you could add Megan and Adam to your prayer list I would greatly appreciate it. I'm fearful they will be lost....


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