Is There More To The Eclipse Than Meets The Eye?

Suppose God wanted to send a message to the people of earth.  How would He send it?  Language barriers present a real problem and it took hundreds, even thousands of years to finally get the Bible translated into enough languages to be readable in every nation.  But what if God wanted to deliver a dramatic message and there was only a very short time to deliver it?

The Bible says He uses the sun, moon, and stars for signs (Genesis 1:14).  The Bible also promises that signs will appear in the sky before Christ's return (Luke 21:11, 25).  The sky is shared by all people across all nations and the movements of the luminaries are built upon the unchanging physical laws that God made in the beginning.  This August a message will appear in the sky for those paying attention.

We've discussed in depth how the August eclipse occurs exactly 40 days before Yom Kippur on the first day of the Jewish season of repentance and how the eclipse will form an 'X' over the chief Gentile nation because of another total solar eclipse seven years later.  We were also the first to report how the path of the eclipse seems to form a message about Jerusalem, the book of Revelation, the magi, and the rapture.  And of course, we reported the verifiable facts that the eclipse begins in the 33rd state (Oregon) and ends precisely at the 33rd parallel.  A total solar eclipse traversing the entire United States hasn't happened in 3 x 33 years and even more - the eclipse occurs exactly 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign.

Ezekiel 33 describes God establishing watchmen to warn of impending judgment.  That in and of itself is an interesting correlation, but the biblical meaning of the number 33 is far more interesting:

Thirty-Three (lamed-gimel)

A Sign

The number thirty-three in Hebrew was written with the letters lamed (authority) and gimel (camel, or to lift up). Thirty-three is the number of a Sign—that is, the confirming evidence establishing a prophetic word. The prophetic word itself is authoritative (lamed) and the confirming sign upholds it (gimel), presents it, and establishes the prophetic word by the double witness.

The 33rd time Noah is mentioned is in Gen. 9:17, which speaks of the rainbow that was God's promise to Noah and to all flesh,

"17 And God said to Noah, 'This [rainbow] is the sign of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.' "

Ed Vallowe says that thirty-three means Promise. I find that this is close, but not fully accurate, because his perspective is not broad enough to encompass all of the biblical examples. For this reason he misunderstands Gen. 9:17, thinking it refers to the promise of God that He will not destroy the earth with a flood again. But he misses the point of the verse, which is that the rainbow was the SIGN of this covenant, or promise.

The 33rd time Abraham's name is mentioned is in Gen. 20:18,

"18 For the Lord had closed fast all the wombs of the household of Abimelech because of Sarah, Abraham's wife. 1 Then the Lord took note of Sarah as He had said, and the Lord did for Sarah as He had promised. 2 So Sarah conceived and bore a son to Abraham in his old age..."

Closing up the wombs of Abimelech's household was a sign that the prophecy was not to be fulfilled through the Philistine king, but through Abraham and Sarah.

The 33rd time that the name Isaac is mentioned is in Gen.26:1, where he too went to the land of Gerar, ruled by Abimelech (“Father-King,” the title of all the Philistine kings). In that passage (verse 4), God says that his seed would become like the stars of heaven. So in this case, the stars of heaven were the sign of Isaac's many children.

The 33rd time that the name Jacob is mentioned is in Gen. 28:20-22, where Jacob vowed a vow, promising as follows:

"20 Then Jacob made a vow, saying, 'If God will be with me and will keep me on this journey that I take, and will give me food to eat and garments to wear, 21 and I return to my father's house in safety, then the Lord will be my God. 22 And this stone, which I have set up as a pillar, will be God's house, and of all that Thou dost give me I will surely give a tenth to Thee.' "

In this case, the stone was the sign, a type of Christ in that it was anointed.

In the New Testament, the 33rd time that Peter's name is mentioned in the book of Acts is in Acts 10:18. Peter had just received the vision of the unclean animals being lowered from heaven in a sheet, and God had told him to “kill and eat.” Peter did not know the meaning of this vision until a moment later when the men sent by Cornelius knocked on the door. In this case the vision was the confirming sign by which Peter knew that he was to go with them to Caesarea.

The 33rd time Paul's name is mentioned is in Acts 17:2, where he is seen explaining the Old Testament signs that proved Jesus to be the Messiah.

So 33 days before The Great Sign is another sign that is a possible confirming witness to the legitimacy of The Great Sign.  The eclipse occurs in conjunction with Regulus, which is a key part of the astronomical alignment in September - so the eclipse will actually be drawing the eyes of the world to the exact area in the sky where the Revelation 12 Sign will occur.  That's amazing if you ask me.

What's more amazing still are all the connections between the eclipse and Egypt.  The 'X' of the 2017 and 2024 eclipses is formed right over "Little Egypt" in Illinois and the precise point where the two eclipses meet is in Makanda, Illinois, which was called "The Star of Egypt".  I mentioned before that seven of the Ten Plagues that befell ancient Egypt have a direct parallel in the book Revelation - a book that describes the future judgment of God upon the entire world.  On top of that, Daniel Matson made a groundbreaking discovery that the Great Pyramid of Giza aligns with Regulus, Venus, Orion, and Israel on September 20th, three days before the Revelation 12 Sign and 30 days after the eclipse - yet another amazing connection to Egypt.

But why might God want to draw attention to Egypt and why would His message connect Egypt and the United States?

My first speculation is the rapture.  The Exodus was a "type" of the future rapture.  God's people who were in bondage were delivered out of Egypt with signs and wonders.  God took them out and brought them into the Promised Land.  Likewise, Believers are now in bondage, held captive in the present darkness of the world.  Egypt is now the world and God will take His children out and deliver them to the spiritual Promised Land that His Son promised to them (John 14:2-3, Hebrews 13:14).

Consider the prophecy given in Hosea 11:1:

When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.

You might wonder, but isn't prophecy about the future?  Wasn't this passage of Scripture written long after the Exodus?

This verse is certainly about the Exodus, for God likens Israel to a male child, but this is also a prophecy of the future.  Matthew said it was also fulfilled when God's only begotten Son returned from Egypt after his family fled Herod (Matthew 2:15).  As we have abundantly shown, the next male child to be delivered is the Church, so "out of Egypt I called my son" may apply to the Church, as well.

My second speculation is a Jewish exodus from the United States.  After God's children leave, the antichrist will quickly ascend to power and the world will turn against the Jews just as it was during the Holocaust.  The difference this time is that the Jews have a refuge - Israel.  Roughly half of the world's Jews live in Israel and the other half reside in the United States.  Sometime soon those Jews will need to travel back to their homeland for the fulfillment of prophecy.  What better signal to the Jews in the United States that they need to flee for their safety, then for God to liken the United States to Egypt?  Jews are taught the story of the Exodus from infancy.  They know it well.  And once the Tribulation commences, they will stumble upon some of these things Christians have been writing about and recognize the connections.

It should be noted that Micah 5:3 says that the rest of the Jews will return to Israel after a certain "woman" gives birth.  We should all be well aware that a heavenly woman is giving birth this September and the Revelation 12 Sign occurs on the Sabbath of Return.

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  1. "and the rest of His brethren shall return to the children of Israel" (Micah 5:3). A physical return and later a spiritual one. The more details that come about and the more I read and study this, the more amazing it is and the more in awe I am of the God we serve.

    1. Yes - great connection. I forgot to mention Micah 5:3. After the woman gives birth, the rest of the Jews will return.

  2. America is Egypt in Bible prophesy. Isaiah 19 is for America.

    1. That's an interesting thought. What makes you think that?

  3. really great point about a sign to the Jews for returning to Israel. A bitter sweet return however as we know what the events of the tribulation will mean for the Jewish people (both the good and the bad).


    1. And of course 9/23 is the Sabbath of Return.

    2. Can you explain why 9/23 is the Sabbath of"Return"? Do you say this because it is on the Fesast of Trumpets? Thank you

  4. The gathering of Israel is done by Jesus at the 2nd Coming Gen 49:10 "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be". Shiloh means "He whose it is"

  5. Can anyone e-mail me at barelk78@yahoo.com and tell me how I may contact anyone at "Unsealed" directly to submit something pertinent concerning the upcoming eclipse. I don't use social media but prefer to e-mail someone.

    1. Unsealed.org@gmail.com is the e-mail address (as far as I'm informed). Blessings to you!

    2. Hey, if you go on the forum, you can message Gary directly.

  6. It has been said also that if many Jews from diverse countries move to Israel like in an exodus, imagine the wealth and riches they bring with them to that little country.
    That with the oil and gas deposits, a tempting morsel for her salivating enemy neighbors later on.

    1. Yes! And that would be another parallel to Exodus since the Bible says the Israelites plundered the Egyptians on their way out.

  7. Great research Gary, extremely interesting! The eclipse of 2024 is on April 8, which turns out to be 33 days before the last day of the potential heavenly sign of the Seven Angels on May 11, 2024....it seems like both eclipses precede heavenly signs in Revelation by 33 days.....great find!

    1. Man, I really need to do another second coming post with your stuff + my stuff.

  8. Wonderful research.
    Astounding facts...
    Exciting times to know our generation shall see this....thk GD for HIS Watchmen....

  9. Wow, that was an amazing article! I didn't really grasp how important 33 was till now!

  10. Knowledge is absolutely increasing...I pray all of our friends and loved ones that have not accepted Christ as their Savior will make that commitment before it is too late!

  11. I am surprised that you didn't mention the Giza pyramid.

    1. Thanks for the important reminder! I went back and added it in.

  12. Egypt has the Pyramids and the Lion: See "The Oracle in Stone" by Daniel Matson.

    A lion facing east watching for the coming of the True Lion King! Leo just by chance rises due east in the month of September just before sunrise! Looks planned to me!

    The sphinx is originally believed to be a lion.

    1. "Leo just by chance rises due east in the month of September just before sunrise!"

      Just a coincidence. (giggling)

    2. Be careful to identify major facts in these. I ran into another site that, while some of it is true, puts out some claims that have since been disproven, such as the "sacred cubit" claim.

    3. Sorry, by "identify" I meant 'verify'...stupid autocorrect.

  13. Is there any way to understand why Jesus Christ died aged 33

    1. i've often wondered this myself and seeing that 33 appears to be connected to 'promise' from the Bible, maybe the significance is that Jesus Christ was the promised one to save us from our sins? excellent question.

  14. tony in vt,...LOVE IT! truly awesome,...incredible! wow Gary, wow, Wow, WOW* i mean OH MY GOODNESS,...this is like metamorphosis \o/

  15. In light of the rev12 sign, the info here is pretty awesome https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/91655/stunning-research-reveals-incredible-alignment-holy-tabernacle-celestial-movements/#xq6LCuwceiK2vrX1.97

    Ryan D

  16. barbiosheepgirl7/18/2017 7:55 AM

    I checked out the breakingisraelnews and this is an interesting thing added to already everything. Then someone commented on the article and made this statement: "The Lord Jesus, our Creator truly is Palmoni the Wonderful Numberer." Has anyone done a word study on palmoni? The interconnection of all these numbers makes me think has anyone looked at a numbering for our dna? the A, T, C, G nucleotides etc... Ya know, 9/23 is nine months from the gregorian calander new year...9 month gestation... 23....23 pairs of chromosomes...it is tough to get off numbers once you start. Is that an ok thing?

    1. My friend,

      See this for that number and you'll be knocked out of your chair.


    2. barbiosheepgirl7/18/2017 2:45 PM

      Very interesting. there is so much involving the secular world. I actually could not read the stuff of the occult, skipped over it. I can not even want to read it...a good thing maybe. Some of it is a s-t-r-e-t-c-h in the math, but I get it. One thought I had is we are looking at 9/23/17, and so could be the enemy. It is possible that rapture and God's decision to call us is prior or after but not on that date per se...hence still fulfilling "not knoweth the hour" ... then I see the conversation continue in regards to timing... let's talk about that

  17. Now we have "peculiar signals" coming from Virgo....


    1. You weren't kidding! This is all over the news today and sure enough, it really is in Virgo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_128

    2. Also, according to the above Wiki article, the signals began on May 12th, which would be the 70th prophetic anniversary of Israel.

      Here's another article: http://www.newsweek.com/mystery-radio-signals-ross-128-star-637682

    3. barbiosheepgirl7/18/2017 2:37 PM

      I saw this last night and almost posted it, but not in regards to its location, but that I came upon it thru Drudge. It was reported in the Sun. I went to the link and there was more emphasis on aliens, yet did get downplayed in the conclusion. I wanted to post it in the alien topic section of this website. Problem was, there were so much obscene ads to the right of the Sun's article I felt in inappropriate to link.

  18. There is a guy named TheHumbleHorse on YouTube who speculates that the Revelation 12 sign extends beyond Sept. 2017, and goes until the end of July 2018, thus the rapture could happen any time in between. If Jesus returns in autumn 2024, then we will not see the anti-christ until May 2018.

    Do any of you believe that?

    1. barbiosheepgirl7/18/2017 2:52 PM

      without looking at the youtube link, how will those planets stay in the crown location? and, we will not know the a/c because believers will be raptured prior to his revealing. There are several in the running as the upcoming a/c and we can only speculate. 5777 is this year. Odd to me that the Lord tarries beyond this year. Solar eclipse, et al..but will go to your link to hear for myself. perhaps we are missing something. this could be it...but so much this year points to this season of return...

    2. barbiosheepgirl7/18/2017 3:53 PM

      I tried to watch one of the videos but got distracted in looking at the comments to one of his videos. I find it refreshing that there are people out there commenting and doing so in a mere similar fashion as on this website, in shared faith with this year and all its happenings and these are people with names not seen here, in fact, there a thousands with similar agreements to this year's seasons and not participating on this well-informed website and vice versa. I want to shout out to those out there and point them here! maybe they will get here eventually. I like this group here at unsealed. lots is brought to the table so to speak.

  19. Ross 128 8+1=9 1+2=3 9/23


    So I get the significance of Sept. 20-23...the sign, the FOT, the sabbath of return, etc. I can’t remember if it was here at Unsealed or elsewhere, but someone mentioned that what would make Israel more jealous than for the Church to be gathered up and received by Jesus...? With this thought, since signs are for the Jews, (and I love your title for this article, Gary)...is there more to this eclipse than meets the eye? Many people say that the “conception” or when Jupiter entered the womb was on November 20, 2016. The Rev. 12 sign is explained as a long gestation. But you know what is the *exact* length of a gestation? 9 months. 40 weeks. 280 days. And 275 days after November 20, 2017 is the eclipse on August 21, 2017.


    So my question is, *without dogmatically setting a date,* is it feasible that this eclipse could be closer to fulfilling the catching away of the church than the window of Sept. 23? September definitely makes sense, with the harvest, the FOT, the last trump, etc...but I keep thinking of August 21. Is there anything in Scripture that would make this a viable window?

    1. ^^I meant 275 days after November 20, 2016.

  21. barbiosheepgirl7/18/2017 8:51 PM

    Hillary and everyone here. It doesn't matter what I think, but I read an interesting article by TW Tramm (author of Days of Awe, and The Season of Return). Since others have named names to sources otuside this website, I hope its ok to site Tramm. He seems to be a humble watcher. He has not always been set on FOT rapture for many reasons. I think here in this forum no one is date setting Sept 23rd, either. Want to be sure I say that. The fulfillment of Feasts always makes sense to me, but I do agree that the enemy could do damage should he also be focusing on a feast. We HAVE to be within the season now. Thats about as specific I can be. I love the numbers stuff as icing on the cake. I wish I had the words to convince others to take a look at all this stuff. The eclipse is going to be big, but there are Christ followers all over the world. The eclipse is not happening world wide... the toughest part of all of this is discerning the Word in regards to Israel verses Gentiles Saved and Grafted-in..so Hillary, I think you have a cool point!

  22. i suppose this goes w/out saying but lets face it, the last trump takes place ON the FOT therefore in all probability the harpazo should rightfully occur right then and there, not before nor after, is this correct or am i missing something about the appointed times? tony in vt. Shalom

  23. And the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, is the day established by God as the beginning of months and year! (Exodus 12:2) That evening, at sundown on April 8, 2024, begins the month of Abib (Nissan 1). It is the month that God's people were redeemed and freed from Egypt.



    Keep in mind that nine of the ten plagues had already come upon the land of Egypt before God established the month of Abib through Moses and Aaron. Only one other plague took place after the month of Abib (Nissan) began, and it happened 14 days later, on the night of Passover.

  24. Interesting that "Labor Day" always occurs in the month of September in the US. This year it is on 9/4/17. Exactly 17 days later is 9/21/17, or the Feast of Trumpets.
    Interesting that "Labor and Delivery" is the traditional term used for women's birthing wards in the hospital.
    Just some more "coincidences" I guess.

    1. I love reading the extra "33" connections to this most amazing Rev 12 sign in the heavens rapidly approaching us. Truly, without a doubt, this is a great sign in the heavens. I know my prewrath belief is not acceptable here, but my Bible studies have long ago changed me beliefs from pretrib to prewrath. I believe we will be going through the great tribulation. Way too many conflicting scriptures that would have me cutting them out of my Bible . If I am correct, and I did not say anything, shame on me. If I am saying this just to cause a stir, then shame on me. If I am wrong and we are raptured out of here, YES....I hope to be wrong!

      I really believe this Rev 12 sign is announcing danger ahead, and not at September 23rd. I feel there will be a huge falling away of Christians if they find themselves not prepared for handling tribulation , when they find themselves experiencing it. We all shall soon know, and again, I hope pretrib is correct, but I would have to have many scriptures explained to me that just dont fit.

      In the end, bottom line, we Christians will be raptured, and our salvation is not dependent on being correct on the timing!

      God bless us all as we venture into the most amazing times shortly ahead of us.

    2. well said Stan! tony/vt, blessen's to you*, keep lookin' UP

  25. tony/vt. dear Hillary, your blog is so entirely wonderful,...Bless your wonderful heart

  26. Question....when the eclipse happens in the US, will anyone watching it be left staring right at the Rev 12 sign? I haven't used stellaroum, but I guess I could answer my own question....just wondering if anyone knows before I do that.

  27. awesome question Lance.....tony/vt Keep lookin' up!

  28. I love reading all these wonderful insights. The timing of our Creator is unbelievably perfect. However, I just want to mention a fact that few Christians are aware of. These events are historically important and pointing undeniably to the return of Christ. However, the rapture was dreamed up by woman with the name of Margret MacDonald. She fell ill and had three days of visions before healing and writing down her visions, which were then adopted and taught throughout the churches in her local area before being adopted as church doctrine.
    I only pass this along, as to warn other Christian who are awaiting this to prepare themselves, if it doesn't happen, not to doubt their God, I see this as a continuing cause of the great falling away, and a contributing factor in the great deception.
    Rapture or no rapture, come Lord Jesus Come!


    Posting is popping about Nehemiah 8 & Ezra 3 as a picture of the rapture:
    (2) So on the first day of the seventh month Ezra the priest brought the Law before the assembly, which was made up of men and women and all who were able to understand. 3He read it aloud from daybreak till noon as he faced the square before the Water Gate in the presence of the men, women and others who could understand. (Neh 8:2-3)

    1st Day, 7th month, all the people GATHERED, AS ONE MAN (Ez 3), in the Holy City, Jerusalem. OK I get that. One detail which folks, including myself, have been digging into is "The Water Gate".

    Latest finds include that The Water Gate was built so water could ESCAPE from the temple springs and not flood the temple. This is the ONLY main gate built to allow an ESCAPE, get it (?). As we await for the Woman's WATER to break, before delivery, opening her "water gate", check this out:

    The Great American Eclipses that cross at the New Madrid Fault line? What, pray tell, is the meaning of "Madrid"? Glad you asked, wait for it, wait for it ....

    Madrid, as we know, is the capitol of Spain, and, "The name of the city, however, hints at its Arabic roots: "Madrid" comes from "al-majrit," meaning "the water channel." (http://www.islamicity.com/travel/spain/city_madrid.asp)


    You have GOT to be kidding, right?


  30. Now news from the "sign of Jonah" front: Did you know that the Sign of Jonah was a Total Eclipse and one well known to the people Jesus spoke to about it when he first said this? Steve Cioccolanti's recent video has interesting info buried in it regarding the Sign of Jonah and what that means as it relates to the Great American Eclipse just ahead. The video's title, "Is the USA in the Bible? Great American Eclipse Aug 23rd, 2017 a Real End Time Sign? " discloses nothing about the Jonah detail but it's in there and well worth the watch. If you haven't already, check it out and I am certain the Holy Goosebumps will be perkin' up (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZvIibUAY2o)



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