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Eyes On Macron

This is the man who has risen to greater power in France than any politician since the 1960s - and in faster time, no less.  The man who is of Roman descent and a literal prince in the first or second most powerful country in the European Union.  The man elected with 66.06% of the vote and assuming office on Israel's 69th birthday who has gone on to call himself "Jupiter" in homage to the highest pagan god in the Roman and Greek pantheons.  He turns 40 this year exactly 40 days after the 77,777th day since the brutal dictator Napoleon was coronated Emperor of France.  Who is this man?

He gives hope to the globalists and is the new "golden boy" in the European Union.  He has declared support for a federal Europe, a European army, and the Two-State Solution to divide Israel.

Recent comments by the man himself and his administration comparing him to the Roman god Jupiter are particularly noteworthy and here is why:

He shall honor the god of fortresses instead of these. A god whom his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts.
- Daniel 11:38

A description of the future antichrist foreshadowed by Antiochus IV Epiphanes and long considered a mystery, the man of lawlessness is said to honor the "god of fortresses".  I've heard countless internet theories presented about the meaning and identity of this false god, but a search through a number of actual scholarly commentaries came up with the common thread:

The title "god of fortresses" belongs to none other than the Roman god Jupiter whose Greek equivalent is Zeus.  The Benson, Cambridge, Pulpit, and Jamieson-Fausset-Brown commentaries are all in agreement (source).

Two forerunners of the antichrist, Antiochus IV Epiphanes and the Roman Emperor Hadrian, erected statues of Jupiter that foreshadowed the future Abomination of Desolation.  Epiphanes erected a statue of Jupiter within the Temple and Hadrian had a statue of Jupiter placed on the Temple Mount.  Remember that these were only types and shadows whereas the final fulfillment is yet to come.

Now we see a man who has arisen to highest prominence in Europe in the very year of The Great Sign and Israel's 70th biblical birthday and he satirically calls himself Jupiter.

I have to remind myself and our readers that the antichrist will not be fully revealed until the Restrainer is removed according to 2 Thessalonians 2.  In other words, until the Holy Spirit-indwelt Church is out of here, the man of lawlessness will remain largely unknown.  Could Macron be the man?  It's possible, but we can only speculate.  One thing that does catch my attention though is the word Restrainer.  A restrainer is someone or something that restrains, confines, or holds back something else.

Emmanuel Macron's final political restrainer was one Marine Le Pen who was the last vestige of a nationalist Europe.  Le Pen is French for pen, which is an enclosure for animals.  It keeps the bad animals either in or out depending on what kind of animals you're housing.  As a verb it means to restrain someone or something.


1. Any small enclosure in which someone or something can be confined.
2. A place to confine a person; a prison cell.


Confine someone in a restricted space.

Marine Le Pen is not the Restrainer spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2, but perhaps her election loss is a shadow of things soon to come.

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  1. "But in his estate shall he honor the God of forces..." Dan 11:38KJV God of forces has to do with Gravity and the alleged movement of the Earth around the Sun not "Fortresses".

    1. I've heard that theory before, and even once taught it myself, but I can't support it anymore. The Hebrew doesn't support that translation and though the KJV is usually a pretty good translation, it is way off in Dan. 11:38: http://biblehub.com/hebrew/4581.htm

      In fact, the root word "maoz" is never once used as "forces" in the Bible.

      The word is best translated "stronghold" or "fortress". Elsewhere means a place of safety, protection, or strength. 36 uses of the word in the Hebrew Bible:

      defense (4), fortress (4), fortresses (3), helmet (2), protection (2), refuge (3), safety (2), strength (5), strong (1), stronghold (9), strongholds (1).

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You ever looked up the names of these guys like Donald J Trump and Emmanuel Macron in Sumerian Gematria? Check them on http://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php

    "In Christian numerology, the number 888 represents Jesus"

    1. I caution people from relying on external gematria for the meaning of "600, 60 and 6". The Bible does associate the number 666 with a name in a passage that calculated the number of the descendants of a man named "Adonikam", which means "my lord arose":

      Remember that the beast will recover from a mortal wound.

  4. Another article about this man? Why? He is another lackey politician groomed and installed like Barry Soetero was in America. If you keep crying wolf like this for every up and coming man in a suit, who will believe when he actually appears?

    The real deal will appear ONCE, with lying signs and wonders. Signs and wonders that would cause an observer to be ‘astounded’ or ‘astonished’. There is one phenomenon that comes to mind, and every reader on this site should know by now what that is. But another flaccid politician in a suit?

    The Jews wait for him to arrive 'riding on the clouds', and to appear sometime during or after a tremendous war. He comes from the sky, not from a banking background.


    1. Behold, he returneth with the clouds....

      The Lord rides on a cloud....

      To meet the Lord in the clouds....

      Are they ordinary clouds?

    2. Operation Blue Beam uses Satellites to beam images onto the Ionosphere exactly as a TV Screen works. Jesus will arrive on the clouds, but Antichrist will also arrive on the clouds before Jesus arrives.

    3. Crying wolf? I made clear that I'm just speculating. I want our readers to be aware of what's going on. Macron is just one of a number of men that could be the one. At the same time, I think the "alien savior" antichrist theory is pretty strong, too.

      However, keep in mind that the antichrist is called the *man* of lawlessness. As an *anti* Christ it might make more sense for him to be a regular human being.

  5. http://biblehub.com/text/2_thessalonians/2-3.htm indicates strongly that we will know who he is prior to our departure. (for that day will not come unless...)

    Who will have wisdom to determine who has the number of 666. Only wisdom can come from the holy spirit, so we must be able to conclude at some point who he is prior to the rapture.


    1. The problem is that too many in the past have this number through calculations (even Ronnie Reagan!). There must be other ways of recognizing who he will be. Above I have posted one such way, although many here poo-poo it because it may be too 'radical'.

    2. This never happened before and never will again, but the church, never recognized him: Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6). Now for all his nicknames: Ronnie (6); Cowboy (6); George (6) Gipper (6); the "Teflon" (6) President. He became a "Knight" (6) upon leaving office by Queen Elizabeth? All surrounding countries of the U.S.: Mexico (6); Canada (6); and are: Alaska (6); Hawaii (6). Ronald Reagan did receive a deadly wound that was healed. It is said that he actually stopped breathing, when he was shot by Hinckley. The Bible states that anti-Christ would "come out from among you" by Paul, the apostle. Reagan was called "the great communicator"' and although he used scripture in his speeches, he actually practiced the Mystery Religion of ancient Babylon- Astrology. When he left the Presidency, his new address was 666 St. Cloud. and was changed when public notice became embarrassing. The quote at his memorial states that "I believe...man is inherently good...", which, as a supposed Christian, is exactly the opposite of what the gospel is. God says hat man's heart is evil. As the Great American eclipse of Aug 21 warns America of God's soon coming judgment, we should realize that when Ronald Wilson Reagan arose as the 40th President of the United States because of the support of the Moral Majority, - Mystery Babylon arose. All scripture referring to the end-time 666man were fulfilled when he arose and have been manifesting itself as the anti-Christ Spirit in America to this day. Hence - the Abomination of Desolation - gay marriage - brings the judgment of God on America, because, as America goes, so goes the world. But, America has two natures. One is Iron, the other is clay, according to the Book of Daniel. God will rescue the clay-His believers. He is the Potter, we are the clay.

  6. Rev 13:11-18 covers this; we all will make a decision to worship the Beast, his image, and take his mark or die.

  7. Never heard of the guy til now, interesting article, thanks Gary!

  8. So I felt pretty stupid tonight that I didn't see this before, but it just dawned on me tonight that his name is literally EMMANUEL!

    Anti: "in place of"

    1. Macron = mark his name literally means god of the mark is with us.

  9. The excellent Haydock Commentary in my Douay-Rheims Bible, has this rather cryptic statement on the name of the Antichrist:

    "St. Irenaeus says, that according to the testimony of those who had seen St. John, the number of the beast was to be computed by Greek letters. He takes notice that this number of 666 may be found in several names. He produces some examples, and amongst others the word Lateinos; of which he says, it may seem very likely that this is the name, because the last of the four empires, which were spoken of by the prophet Daniel, was then extant, and had this name of the empire of the Latins...He says the word Teitan carries with it a greater probability. Yet, he concludes, that such expositions are uncertain, and he will not venture to say that this will be the name."

  10. I don't know if you are familiar with Alexander Hislops book "The two Babylons" (free PDF on the web!), a historical overview of the origin of Roman Catholic church from ancient Babylonian cult around Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz. He explains the 'god/ess of fortesses' (it can be female as well!) by comparing it to the 'great Diana of the Ephesians' which is always depicted with a crown of (urban) walls on her head. So Macron is a mere globalist (= open borders!) whereas Trump is not (= protectionism, building walls / fortresses). I tend more to Trump being somehow "resurrected" (or replaced) after some assassination attempt. But anyway this is speculative as well. ;-)

    1. In addition: URBANIZATION and building of protective (or concentration) CAMPS is a perfect "God" to be worshipped by the coming AC to control the masses. :-)

    2. Hislop was a Jesuit pinning the title MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT...on the Catholic Church and the role of Antichrist on the Pope. Neither of these accusations are true. Jesus gave His warning to the future Catholic (Universal) Church to Thyatira (Continual Sacrifice or Mass)

    3. The Pope is not the anti-Christ, if anything he is the False Prophet. The High Priest is Jesus, NOT the false jesuit pope that you have in place now. The ROMAN catcholic church is a heresy, and has more in common with cults like JWs and Mormons than any true Bible believing Christian and is certainly NOT the 'universal church.' If you can't see that, then you are completely blinded to the truth friend that they worship idols, participate in occult rituals and glorify men over God.

    4. "I tend more to Trump being somehow "resurrected" (or replaced) after some assassination attempt. But anyway this is speculative as well. ;-)"

      Speculating or not, you must be joking?!

    5. Hislop was not Jesuit, you must be either joking or you didnt understand his book at all. Sorry Anonymous. ;-)

    6. Jesuits are required by Oath to infiltrate other religions, teaching from Protestant pulpits, and Synagogues as well as luminaries of Science and Universities.
      Hislop was a minister in the Presbyterian Free Church of Scotland; similar foundations as Plymouth Brethren (Aleister Crowley) who developed Rapture Doctrine. The Restoration Movement spawned the KKK (Knights of the Kyklos Klan or Golden Circle) and Mormon Church.
      Hislop's book is a great read, but assigning "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT" to the Roman Catholic Church and the position of "Antichrist" to the Roman Pope is a Lie.

    7. The Jesuit Mother Church of all Churches in the World is considered St John Lateran Arch-basilica just outside the Vatican walls. Lateran means "Hidden Frogs", the 3 unclean spirits of Antichrist, False Prophet and Dragon (Rev 16:13) These are further clarified in Rev 12:9 as the Dragon, Serpent, Devil and Satan. The Cathedra (Teaching Seat) is Sedes Vacante (Vacant Seat) of Satan. At the 5th Lateran Council in 1517 the Catholic Church adopted the Gnostic ideal "Indestructibility of the Soul". The Prince Melchisedek Scroll from Qumran 11Q13 states after 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek will return. That's 2017 but make no mistake, this Prince is not Jesus, the real Melchisedek.

  11. I wish this website would stop with the promoting of up and coming flaccid politicians as candidates for the world's last great dictator. This is not an ordinary end of days website. It is extraordinary and we must not stoop to low levels of speculations.

  12. I'm not sure anyone has thought this is important, but Macron's first name is Emmanuel...Wow!

  13. Um, now he's proposing a peace plan between Israel and PA.

  14. the antichrist will be the one standing in the new false temple being declared the king of the jews



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