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The West Has Fallen

Germany was one of the last holdouts in Western Europe, but has finally succumbed to the growing tide of lawlessness around the world by legalizing gay marriage nationwide.

Trump isn't capable of turning the tide back against Islam and the spirit of Sodom all on his own.  Even if things continued on as they are for a few more years all Trump can really do is keep the United States from tipping over the cliff for four or eight more years max.  The entire Democratic Party and most of the GOP establishment is against him.  Hopefully you realize that once his term(s) are completed the good he has done will be quickly reversed.  This is why Trump was only ever a temporary stop-gap in God's plan in order to protect the Church in the fleeting moments before the 2 Thessalonians 2 Restrainer is removed from the earth.  Yet many Christians have become so distracted with the temporary reprieve that they've already declared victory and have become comfortable and complacent, not realizing that the ship is still sinking.

The West has committed cultural suicide and largely abandoned its Christian heritage - there is no turning back (Hebrews 10:26).  This is why you need to place your hope in the real King who is coming soon to establish a Kingdom that will endure forever.

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  1. Right on the mark, Gary! We can no longer put our faith in the institutions of state, democracy, governments, or elections, but are being put in the position of looking to Him and Him alone for our peace......peace He gives, not as the world gives....

    It is unfathomable to me that we have instruments of the federal government in collusion with the press, actively undermining the will of the people as expressed in the election.....we no longer have the form of government we were raised with and thought we had. This treasonous behavior has separated us from the very foundations of our democracy, and is a form of creeping fascism. Believers will be increasingly demonized, muzzled, and ostracized.....we will in turn increasingly look to the Savior, and when persecution comes, the church will blossom

  2. Come Lord Jesus!

    In complete agreement. There is no turning back. I feel more and more like an alien on my own planet. Wait...this is not my home! Hallelujah!

    I am so glad we still have places like these where we can uplift each other. It helps to know we aren't alone after all. Thanks for all you do for the Body of Christ. Blessings, YSIC Kay

    1. You're not alone with these feelings, Kay! 1 Kings 19,18 :-)) Blessings, Dear!

  3. All that is prophesied will come to pass, all we can do is do what the Lord has called each of us to do until He returns, endeavouring to hold fast to God's Word and spread the gospel of salvation through Jesus.
    As scripture says, God has put Jesus 'high above all other government and authority and power and dominion'.
    There is only One winner, and the time is short.

  4. Trump (Ashkenazi Drumpf) has no intention of turning back the tide of Islam nor spirit of Sodom. Even a casual look into Jeff Epstein's Pedophile Island and Trump's frequent visits will convince you of that. Trump states that is he wasn't married he'd be dating Ivanka, Trump International is building 2 resorts in Indonesia and Bali + 3 more in the Middle East alongside his Islamic counterparts; he bought Iranian Arms Dealer Adnan Khashoggi's Yacht for Pete's sake. He bowed to King Salman receive Saudi Arabia's highest honor. He bathed the White House in Rainbow Light in June for Pride Month; hardly the actions of a Legit Christian. He stated "I have never apologized to God; I do however take Communion" Well folks, that makes him guilty of the body and blood of Jesus. He is a classic Crypto and not here to straighten anything out

  5. Love the way everyone has expressed themselves. Much love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. He is coming back as a roaring Lion.

  6. I'm so ready to go home and get out of here. But we still have work to do and in the meantime..... I hope for his coming soon.



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