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Blood Pressure Check: 49 Days / 7 Weeks - Where Are We?

Like a frog in a pot, sometimes we don't realize how serious the situation is because we've grown accustomed to the temperature. We need a reality check.

Some observations

I know some are skeptical of the Revelation 12 Sign.  I get it, but stop and look around.  How long until something big goes pop?   Life at this pace and trajectory is unsustainable in the short-run.  We can't keep on like this very long before one of these near misses becomes a huge disaster - WW3 or worse.

Wars and Rumors of Wars...

North Korea

Earlier this week it was reported that an Air France jet missed a collision with a North Korean ICBM by 10 minutes - Link 

This week CNN and others reported "highly unusual" North Korean submarine activity.  Some believe North Korea is planning an ICBM launch from a submarine - Link

Russia and the U.S.

Some 55 days before September 23rd, Putin expels 755 U.S. diplomats - Newsweek

Trump signs Russian sanctions legislation - CNN

Russia warns U.S. on Syrian military action - NYT

Russia warns U.S. on North Korea - Washington Post

China and the U.S.

China warns U.S. on North Korea - The Telegraph

China warns U.S. over South China Sea Islands - BBC

Iran and the U.S.

Iran warns U.S. over Syria - New York Times

U.S. Posturing

Trump appoints General "Mad Dog" Mattis to Secretary of Defense - BBC

- If ever this world had a convergence of men at the ready to blow this world sky high and the capability to do so, now is the time.  Gone are reverence, humility and respect.


Luke 21:11 - 

There will be terrible earthquakes, famines, and dreadful diseases in various places. Terrifying sights and miraculous signs will come from the sky.

One version adds: "and winter, and cold, shall be protracted."

Very large and odd cold weather system settles into the middle of the country - The Weather Channel

Unheard of head in the Pacific Northwest - CNN

Heavy storms in the Midwest and northeast - AccuWeather

India - dry in monsoon season - Link

Recently we were hearing about how bone dry California is, then Lake Tahoe was full, now wildfires and record temperatures.  Seems the earth is all over the charts.

Just a few years ago Texas and the Southeast were bone dry and just yesterday it was 70 degrees in Dallas at 5 PM in early August.  As a personal note: I put in a new St. Augustine yard last fall and have hardly had to water it since it has rained every few days for 10 months.  Very, very strange.

In May, 60,000 were evacuated from Moscow due to severe weather - The Weather Channel

In March it was reported that The Sea of Galilee was at it's lowest level in 100 years - YouTube

AOL - Unusual weather pattern

Ecologic disaster

Fukushima fuel melt down confirmed (and there is no technology to address the clean up) - The Japan Times

TEPCO to release radioactive water from Fukushima where 777,000 tons are stored - The Japan Times

Fish, bird, bee and aquatic mass animal deaths are off the charts - link (seriously you should pay attention - this was prophesied in the book of Hosea.  With the world population exploding through exponential growth and animals dying by the millions we are fast approaching a critical impasse. Already a full third of the planet goes to bed hungry or is starving.)

Not to mention the ecological dead zones and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (larger than the state of Texas) that are killing the oceans.

Political stalemate

This needs little introduction, yet still billions hope in Washington, London, Brussels, Moscow, Tehran, Tokyo, Beijing.  Stunning that hope remains for these feckless corrupt institutions.

Economic collision

Another topic that needs no introduction.  Debt across the world is astronomical, with no hope of curbing its growth, balancing the budget or paying down outstanding obligations, much less meeting unfunded liabilities.

Still the DOW crossed 22,000 this week and everyone said hooray!

Infrastructure collision

Ask the MTA and LIRR riders in NYC if the infrastructure can be counted on - CBS NY

A number of other reports suggest national and international infrastructure is on the verge of collapse.

"What could go wrong?  We'll be fine!"  Conversely one might want to repent quickly.

Turn to the prophetic

Don't forget the July post where we listed 70 prophetic signs that highlight the lateness of the hour. Link

The stage is set.  The actors are in place.  Of late the murders, riots and disturbance at the Temple Mount have moved the needle farther forward.

Now there are signs in the sun, moon and stars.


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  1. Gary- All that and the exponentially increasing anti Christian attitudes in our country...ever increasing what used to be wrong is now right and what used to be right is now wrong. I feel like taking a bath after seeing the news each day. The only good thing about all this is that its coming true as the Bible said.

    1. Very true! I can't take credit for this article though.. all Greg!

    2. I am appalled at what is happening here in US especially with so many people hungry for bringing in Muslims and being truly delusional about what they are about, to me this shows that the devil is working overtime to bring about our demise. This, along with so many other things leads me to believe the Rapture must be close.

  2. Nice job. The heat is getting turned up quickly and people refuse to realize things aren't normal.

    Unprecedented population growth
    Unprecedented technological growth
    Unprecedented ecological disaster
    Unprecedented movement towards one world government
    Unprecedented violence
    Unprecedented number of simultaneous armed conflicts
    Unprecedented acceptance of perverse sexual ethics

    And on and on...

  3. The following is a quote from The Stansberry Digest (from investment newsletter firm Stansberry Research) dated 8/3/2017:

    Meanwhile, so-called "duration risk" – how susceptible bonds are to a given move in interest rates – has also returned to a new all-time high.

    Investors are buying record amounts of debt... getting paid less than ever to own it... and stand to lose more than ever before if historically low interest rates move even a little bit higher.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Another weird thing I have noticed in the last 3-4 months is that the sun sets here in Texas at 9 PM instead of 6 PM like it always has and birds are chirping, singing, and feeding between 2-5 AM, yet we don't see a lot out during the day.

    1. I noticed the cicadas have been present and singing MUCH later into the summer than usual here in the Metroplex in Texas.

  5. A third of the population is hungry or starving? Not sure I believe that. Also, General "Mad Dog" Mattis is one of the most educated and combat-tested generals in our military. For those of us who've served in combat, you quickly learn that those who have had to bury young men and women and write letters to their parents or spouses view combat in much more measured terms than this article presupposes. That being said, I believe these people know a large-scale war is coming and they want people at the helm who know how to respond when it happens. Unsealed.org is my go-to site for the Revelation 12 sign and honest appraisal of our end-times situations, but this article was disappointing in some of its hyperbole.

    1. 13% of the world goes to bed hungry. 50% live on less than $2.50 a day. 80% live on less than $10 a day.

      My point with Mattis is that He was billed as tough and ready to combat our enemies. Given the many other countries ready for battle, this may not be the best mix.

    2. Unknown:
      Mate just have a closer look at things:

    3. i agree about matis, nk is to the point that something is is going to have to be done. nk is getting some help from someone with their missiles , you don't go from barely able to get them off of the launching pad to be able to make them intercontinental in that short of a period of time, my guess is china has given them what they need thanks to the treasonous former president bill clinton whom i am sure was cut a nice fat check for his trouble. the transfer of technology to china should show everyone in this country that the military was the one to follow orders to transfer that technology, how stupid was that. lawlessness will be increased and we an see from our 2 tiered justice system that this is taking place in the most corrupt .fed govt of my lifetime

  6. look also at year 2007 regarding daylight savings time. I don't know about everyone else but the time changes are very strange. ie. Before 2007 would wake up with light, now after 2007 wake up in darkness, or go home in light is now going home in darkness. this really 'ticks' me off as it never used to be this way, some in congress thought it was necessary...I feel the enemy is using this to his advantage to literally keep people in the dark (keep everyone asleep). (see below)>>>> DST 2007

    Starting March 11, 2007, DST was extended another four to five weeks, from the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday of November. The change was introduced by Representatives Fred Upton (R-MI) and Edward Markey (D-MA) and added to the Energy Policy Act of 2005; the House had originally approved a motion that would have extended DST even farther from the first Sunday in March to the last Sunday in November, but Senators Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and Pete Domenici (R-NM) agreed to scale back the proposal in conference committee due to complaints from farmers and the airline industry. Proponents claimed that the extension would save "the equivalent of" 10,000 barrels (1,600 m3) of oil per day, but this figure was based on U.S. Department of Energy information from the 1970s, the accuracy and relevance of which the DoE no longer stands by. More recent studies by the Department of Energy and California Energy Commission have predicted much smaller energy benefits.[8] There is very little recent research on what the actual positive effects, if any, might be.

    Since DST moves sunrise one hour later by the clock, late sunrise times become a problem when DST is observed either too far before the vernal equinox or too far after the autumnal equinox. Because of this, the extension was greeted with criticism by those concerned for the safety of children who would have been forced to travel to school before sunrise, especially in the month of March. In addition, the airline industry was especially concerned if DST were to be extended through to the last Sunday in November, as this is very often (6 out of every 7 years) the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This is one of the busiest travel days at American airports, and could have resulted in much havoc among travelers who forgot that the clocks were changing that day.

    If the original proposal to extend DST through the last Sunday in November had been adopted, the entire United States, with the exception of the states that exempted themselves, would have experienced the latest sunrises of the year during the month of November, which would have approached the extremely late sunrise times when DST went into effect on January 6, 1974 due to the 1973 energy crisis creeping after 9 am in places like New Salem, North Dakota at the northwestern edges of time zones.


    1. Dear Alan, in Germany where I live we endure this stupidity since 1980 already. Historically, there has been a form of "Sommerzeit" in fact already since 1916 in Germany, England and Ireland as 'Daylight Saving Time' but not always continually. I am grateful to the LORD that he pulled me off employment since fall last year so that I can live with my own biorhythm now before He returns... And then, we will never be in dark nor be tired again nor need any sleep! MARANATHA! :-)

    2. that will be great will it not? i told my mother as i am going up i will be saying man i have never felt this great.

  7. It's definitely days "without natural affection" also. I'm so tired of the homosexual, trans, and all the other new titles that have emerged in the past few years being shoved in our faces. Definitely unnatural! If God was as upset as he was with Sodom and Gomorrah imagine how upset he must be now that his rainbow has been hijacked, women with beards are having babies, people are giving their children younger than age 9 hormones to suppress sexual development so they can pretend they are another gender, drag queens are hosting children's story groups. I can't imagine he would allow it to conintue much longer.

  8. Had to have a good laugh last night. Was watching the news, and they gave a brief snippet of the mid vs north canterbury rugby re the rarfurly shield. They placed a 5 second clip of one of the tries that was scored, followed by the commentator stating "they didn't see that one coming. Like a thief in the night". I kid you not!

  9. I think it was brother Barry Scarbrough on YouTube who recommended www.zerohedge.com but he said if going there regularly it might depress you. NO NOT AT ALL! :-)) In fact only non-Christians will have to get depressed from these news on that webpage. I go there almost daily and it amuses me already how precisely all bible prophecies come to pass now, in EVERY aspects of life. It just cannot be any longer until our sweet LORD returns, as many of you also say. MATTHEW 11:3 MARANATHA and stay blessed everybody!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Wars and rumours of wars:
    Not to mention the standoff between China and India. It's over a small tract of land, but the 2 largest nations on earth - and India being accused of amassing troops, yet being threatened with war from China if they do not vacate...


    1. Interesting how the Kings of the East, as they travel west to Israel for Armageddo, will probably face resistance from other Asiatic powers. Many will be killed as predicted. I could see India lobbing a few at the Chinese and vice versa as they travel west. They already have railroads to Eastern Europe today! What an awesome sight it will be to see the arrival of such a colossal army crossing ancient Iraq. A sight to freeze the blood!

    2. Fukushima sits on the 38th Parallel with the DMZ in Korea; the largest Exodus in world history will begin with Radiation and Earthquakes at Fukushima and War in Korea, across the Silk Road to the Karakoram Hwy (HQ of Ghengis Khan), south to Islamabad, west across Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan to Armageddon (Valley of Slaughter). There are no words to describe the battle of Armageddon; Jesus returns, everyone dies.

  11. Right anonymous at 9:42 pm. It's heartbreaking to see so many parents just sit back and not say or do anything as the homosexual community just forces their agenda on their children. Mainstream news media so corrupt (and I think fox too!) On and on...All signs of the times. My prayer is Lord Jesus, please help the children and your people! Please stop the madness.

  12. What boggles the mind is when Jesus came the first time He gave us "many infallible proofs"as to who he is. After the resurrection He had to prove again who He is by "many infallible proofs". (Act 1:3 ). Now He's giving us many more proofs of his soon return and only a few get it! I don't get it! I guess this was the way it was meant to be, again. How frustrating for the Lord. I'd like to thank all you bloggers for your responses because they are as much an encouragement as the articles .

  13. Is Gary Ray the same Gary Ray of the Greater Church of God?

    1. Nope, that is a different Gary Ray (:

  14. Yeh, it's just astounding to me too. I have read many articles across probably well over 40 websites dealing with many endtimes signs...rev.12, israel, jerusalem generations, pyramids etc. etc...And, there almost seems to be no signs or anything to look for after 2017! I'm one of you many believers who thinks Our Lord Jesus is ready to make a big move. Father God, we need your help.

  15. With everything happening around the world, then add to that all the daily info pointing at the Revelation 12 sign and the eclipse, it boggles the mind how many still go about their daily lives like its just another day. But even with all the disagreements, there are a few things I think everyone can agree on:
    1. YHWH will have His way
    2. No matter how much proof is shown (daily) about the Rev. 12 sign, some will never accept it or see it.
    3. We should all be praying daily for wisdom.
    Many who are on the frontlines of this (putting out videos, writing blogs, etc.) need our prayers more than ever. We would not have been told in the bible to "guard His Word" if He didn't already know that the world would be coming against us in full force. But He who is in us is stronger than any who come against us. Stay strong everyone and I will see you all soon in the air!

  16. Another great sermon by Pastor Armstrong starting at the 17 minute mark


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  18. I believe these people know a large-scale war is coming and they want people at the helm who know how to respond when it happens. By the way, do you know how to find blood Pressure Log?



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