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Large Earthquakes in China

Two powerful earthquakes have struck China, a 7.0 in Sichuan Province, which was followed by a 6.6 in Jinghe.  At least 20 were reportedly killed in the former earthquake.

This happening 6.6 weeks or 46 days before 9/23.

There was a 6.7 earthquake in Turkey, which triggered a tsunami, on 7/21, just 18 days ago.

And of course the massive 7.7 in the western Pacific, on 7/17/17 - 66 days before The Fall Harvest at The Feast of Trumpets.

The frequency and severity of the contractions on this earth are astounding.

This is not normal, but it is expected.

I would expect more of these in the coming days.

Why is it the last few years have seen earthquakes in Nepal, Haiti, Chile, Christchurch, Japan, China, Pakistan, but not in North America?  All around the ring of fire, but not here?

1,400 earthquakes in Yellowstone of late.  Many other rumbles, but nothing big in the U.S.  At least not yet.  We are certainly overdue and these things don't just happen to someone else.  

Amazed at the lack of acknowledgement, humility and repentance over here in the Shire.

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  1. yes, unfortunately we over here in the pacific 'shire' (NZ...middle earth) also failed to see any real repentance after the ChristChurch EQs. Amazing how stubborn and proud man can be.

  2. This is my personal belief and opinion (and kinda a gut feeling). But I think this upcoming eclipse is going to be followed by some rumblings here in the states. I could be very wrong (and I hope I am) but for America to repent we need to literally be grabbed by the shoulders and have some sense shaken into us.
    Lots and lots of people are swarming to the eclipse path to view it. It is to me of no coincidence to the amount of fault lines and active earthquake areas this eclipse runs over. The new Madrid fault is due for a big one.

    1. I read recently that in many cities within the eclipse path, they are preparing for “disaster level” response. I’ve read this in several places; here is Newsweek’s take on it: http://www.newsweek.com/solar-eclipse-space-national-disaster-solar-eclipse-prep-643766
      Not sure if THAT many people will be flocking into the path.

  3. just how many things are going to have to happen before the Christian world begins to say "something out of the ordinary is happening!"

    sadly, i just don't see it happening. in fact, i noticed a real change in attitude in most of the Christians i know around 10 or 12 years ago. remember the frenzy over the "Left Behind" books? every time i went into Wal-Mart, there was a display hitting you in the face.

    personally, i think that you just can't chalk up the change in people's attitude to "changing times". i believe that there has been a demonic attempt to literally blind both Christian and non-Christian people to the whole idea of Christ's return.

    i don't know if many will agree with me, but i think it has everything to do with the sudden and overwhelming acceptance of homosexuality in both the culture at large and the church. here is a subject in which the Scripture is 100% clear on. there is no "wiggle room"....a person either accepts what Jesus has to say, or they deliberately refuse to believe Him.

    and i believe that when the world at large pretty much has decided to spit in God's eye on this issue and flaunt this sin in His face........that they have grieved the Holy Spirit, Who is the Only means of telling us the truth.

    so when we read about earthquakes, war, all the signs that Jesus told us to watch for.....i think that a blindness has set in. when we start calling darkness light and light darkness, the whole world becomes upside down.

    and so when people like us come along and say "look, look at what Jesus said about the end times, people at large just roll their eyes and look the other way". and why shouldn't they? if they can ignore what God has to say about homosexuality and sexual sin, why not ignore all this talk about "the end of days".

    the only way a person can ignore God's warnings of sin is to hold to a view that the Scriptures are just the words of men, and of course, if the Bible is just the words of man, then we can alter it or change it at will.

    i have talked to many Christians who have said that all this talk about the "end of the world" is what people "back then" thought. but of course, we live in the MODERN WORLD and if we all love each other and are ACCEPTING of every lifestyle and do what we can to save the planet, we can avoid all this end of the world talk.

    that is why i do not believe ANY sign is going to change the mind of people who have grieved the Holy Spirit and who no longer believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. how i tremble when i think of all the people i love and care for......who believe that God would never judge anyone, because He is love.

    those of us who hold to an inerrant view of the Bible are now haters. those of us who speak about the Lord's soon return and His judgment of the world as seen as a throwback to times past. we are a laughing stock.

    even if an earthquake would split the United States in two, i think these people would still refuse to believe that it had anything to do with God judging us. this "new god" people believe in, is a god who just wants the best for US, so that we can live our best life now!

    for all our sakes, i hope and pray that Messiah comes to take His children home sooner rather than later, because i believe we who believe in His words are going to be more and more marginalized, as our words fall on deaf ears.

    oh, thank you blessed Holy Spirit for drawing us to the Savior. keep us, hold us tight, comfort us in these trying times. please protect us from earthquake and flood and all disaster. help us to lead a life holy and pleasing to You. reveal the Lord Jesus to us in all His majesty as we wait for Him to shout "come up hither" as we leave this cursed world and find ourselves safely in the arms of our Lord!

    1. Man, that was good! It's comforting to know there are others out there. Thank you. Most times I feel like I'm surrounded by tares with no belief in anything.

    2. Maybe the signs are for hose of us who are watching and have eyes that see and ears that hear. Also, didn't everyone mock and scoff at Noah? "As in the days of Noah"...

    3. On his most recent post, Zeus Mossbender shared an epiphany he had when looking at the Eclipse 'X' over where the 3 rivers meet forming an 'X' over a 'Y', i.e. X & Y Chromosomes as a point of reference for the current finger which man is sticking in God's eye. While his style takes some getting used to I encourage you to learn to enjoy it. Oh, and another tasty gem Zeus had was his partner posted a "Food for Prophetic Thought" posting, TWO YEARS AGO covering "the Sign of Jonah" and foreshadowed much of the details now emerging from THAT brouhaha lately. Oh, and the exact DATE of that prior posting? August TWENTY FIRST, 2015. What are the odds? Maranatha

    4. How true your words Christopher. I believe that when the Supreme Court of the United States legalized gay marriage, it was "the abomination of desolation" the Bible talks about, as well as the Rainbow Flag over the US Capitol. God is our refuge and our strength, our high tower.

    5. The world has created and established a fall-back excuse for all things like the eclipse, extreme earthquakes, extreme weather. It's not the end times, they say, and it has nothing to do with God. It's climate change. And unfortunately, many buy it - hook, line, and sinker.

    6. Re: Christopher's note specifically Re: Christians being dumbed down enough to stop looking for and watching for the Master's return..

      Please listen to late Pastor David Wilkerson on this apostate behavior. As he says, "This is not a game!" Listening to this gives me shivers:


      David Wilkerson may have been one of America's last great pastors prior to the take over of the Bible-lite/ Apostate generation of churches/ teaching.

      The Lord is soon to return for the alert, the obedient, the awake, those looking, and those living in the light (not those living in darkness).

      Dear brothers and sisters (via Jesus Christ), surely He is coming SOON for His bride (those who have been washed by His blood; those who believe in His resurrection; those who love purity; those who are sober; those who are walking in the light).

      May we all (who are awake and watching) use what time we have left here on this earth to tell/warn others about the soon coming Day of the Lord and what His salvation means for their eternal destinies.

    7. While I largely agree with that message, I have some serious reservation about David Wilkerson:


      Also see here

    8. Gary et. al.,

      I apologize, I had not read your article/expose/reservation on DW and understand your points on the events that did not come to pass. We also see the great division within the church on varying topics. But let's all keep in mind we know more today than those before us and we really don't know if God prevented, diverted, or delayed DW's visions etc... Yes, there are certainly false prophets (many unfortunately). So many good ones have strayed far from the path.

      Please note, I did not post DW in an effort to go against the grain, but rather the point was we are indeed in a late hour and the church need not be caught with its pants down when the Lord returns (i.e. Ten Virgins).

      Thank you for being a sober watchman.

  4. Greg......We are so taunting God, and it is just like in the days of Noah. I am so sickened of the LGBT crowd, but more sickened by majority of straight people that cower to these absurd mockeries of God's laws. Our only hope is if we as a nation repent, but I am saying that is not going to happen. We are mocking God at an exponentially increasing rate. We as a country are going to hit the bottom and hit it hard very soon. I am preparing for very tough times ahead so as to be a witness for souls needing guidance.

    1. i totally agree Stan,...Shalom to all, strengthen us Lord Jesus....

  5. Dutchsinse has a ytube account which predict world wide earthquakes, he lives in America and updates several times a day. He has a world 3D model that shows the flows and travel of earthquakes across the world. The experts have tried to shut him down, due to the fact he is so accurate with his predictions. I highly recommend him.

  6. barbiosheepgirl8/09/2017 8:30 AM

    Anonymous above re: Dutch...you have come to the right website here! gary777 very often shares reports from Dutch. If you go to the shoutbox under Discussion that is where gary777 posts these updates. Glad you stopped by and shared your knowledge of 3D!

  7. On June 26th 2015 the United States Supreme Court ruled that that state-level bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional and same sex marriage was legalized in all 50 states. 777 days after that date brings us to August 11th 2017. The Lord works in sevens and America is about to have a great shaking. This nation has glorified same sex marriage and all things which are abominable to the eyes of God. God will not be mocked.

  8. 6.3 this morning in the Philippines

  9. great American eclipse: G.A.E.as in gae/gay: eclipsed by the gay agenda?



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