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Ten Recent Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind

1. A breakthrough study from the Institute of Crystallography in Italy has just confirmed that the image of the man on the Shroud of Turin is composed of real blood and in fact a microscopic analysis of blood particles reveals that the blood had to come from someone undergoing torture.  This just further confirms the possible authenticity of the Shroud (see here).

2. Using a recently developed X-ray imaging technology, archaeologists were able to read the inside of a biblical scroll that was in such fragile condition that it could not be unrolled.  The results?  The current manuscripts we have of the book of Leviticus haven't changed in 2,000 years.  The Bible has been unaltered.

3. Archaeologists have just discovered the location of the fishing village on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee where the Apostles Peter, Andrew, and Philip lived.  A bathhouse was unearthed, as well as the remains of an ancient church that sat over the apostles' birthplace.

4. As if we needed any more evidence that the Bible is the genuine article, the existence of 53 different individuals mentioned in the Bible have now been proven by the historical record.

5. The Israeli Antiquities Authority has just unveiled further evidence of the First Temple's demise at the hands of the Babylonians, including shattered pottery, ivory statuettes, charred wood, and other artifacts.

6. The seal of King Hezekiah was recently discovered, proving that the righteous king really did exist and even more - a separate discovery at Tel Lachish National Park shows beyond a reasonable doubt that King Hezekiah destroyed Israel's idols as recorded in 2 Kings 18:4.

7. The existence and subsequent destruction of both the First and Second Temples has been proven by a myriad of recent discoveries.

8. A routine survey in the Israeli countryside has uncovered a one-mile long Roman road that was in use during the time of Christ.  Nestled in between the stones of the road were a number of Roman coins, including one dated to 29 AD, which depicts Pontius Pilate.

9. After Iraqi forces recently recaptured ISIS-held Mosul, they discovered a palace belonging to the Assyrian King Sennacherib and his son Esarhaddon who succeeded him - both of whom are mentioned in the Bible (2 Kings 18:13-19:37, 2 Chronicles 33:11). Sennacherib is the king who came up against Jerusalem under the reign of righteous King Hezekiah, and Sennacherib's entire army of 185,000 was killed in the  night by a single angel sent by God.

10. Another recent discovery of a number of inscriptions found in the Negev Desert shows that literacy was widespread in preexilic Judah, which pokes a major hole in the secular theory of the Bible's development and is strong evidence that the Bible is much older than secular theorists had thought.

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  1. Too bad there is no actual picture of the coin :(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I find Ron Wyatt's finding extreamly intriguing. He was either an extream liar, which doesn't seem to reflect his character, or God specifically used him to uncover some of the biggest biblical finds ever.

  3. Don't forget the recent examination of the shroud that revealed coins on the man's eyes which appear to be from the time period of Jesus' death.

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  5. I had to make fix an mistake above: the scroll under #2 was not found near Mt. Vesuvius, but was actually found in Israel.

  6. John 20:6-7 states that the handkerchief that was around Jesus' head was folded and lying separately from the other cloths. Barbara

    1. There is an interesting story to this, Jack Hibbs a pastor from Chino Hills has a site on YTube, Reallifejackhibbs. In one of his sermons he mentions this, Jesus had a trade he was a Carpenter. Carpenters at that time, would have a handkerchief which was used to wipe away sweat etc. Should the carpenter finish for the day but the project was not complete, he would hang the handkerchief over his unfinished work to say keep away. Once the project was complete the handkerchief would be put to the side because the carpenters work was completed. In a Jewish household it is custom to use a handkerchief. Should the diner leave the table but has not finished his food, the diner would leave the handkerchief ruffled up near the food. Once the meal is completed the handkerchief is folded to show that the diner has finished their meal. There is a clear message that the Lord Jesus Christ had completed his work on earth and resurrected to the Father. Jo

  7. There was also a recent discovery of a small oval disk just over the beard area of the shroud. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tmka1l8GAQ
    I won't spoil the surprise. Enjoy!

  8. This list is a definitive reminder that believing on the Lord Jesus is not a "head" issue, but a heart issue. There are just too many historical reasons for anyone with an open mind to understand that Christianity is based on FACTS.

    I am amazed as i read about other "world religions" and how there is not a shred of historical evidence that backs up their claims. and yet people by the billions will pledge allegiance to false gods.

    Yet, in His mercy, our Father has given us a multitude of verifiable examples which confirm the inner workings of the Holy Spirit. as believers, we do not have to take a "blind leap of faith" in order to believe in the Messiah. Jesus has given us signs in the heavens as well as historical evidences which make belief in Him rational and justifiable.

    and yet despite ALL of this, in spite of all the historical evidence, when the Holy Spirit convicts many people, they STILL refuse to give in. the irony is that after the rapture, people will ignore all the evidence around them, and willingly believe THE LIE.

    oh, that we should daily praise and thank our Heavenly Father for saving us from this wretched world. we have been given such a gift.......a gift that is worth more than anything in this world.

    hopefully, we will be raptured out of this evil world before great persecution befalls us. but even if we are called to die for Him, we do not blindly believe. God, in His great mercy, has given us so much to ground us in our faith.

    as the clock ticks down to the day when we go home, i pray that we all hold tighter and tighter to the Lord Jesus' hand. He is coming! He is going to take us out of this mess. and woe to the earth dwellers who will face such a bleak and terrifying future.

    Give me Jesus!

    1. Amen, brother!

    2. Well said, we are finally at the end. And as the song says; this world is not my home, Im just passing by. I have felt that way for some time now and soooo ready to be in paradise with my Savio, Jesus Christ and live forever worshiping the one who took my sins away by sacrificing himself on a cross. See you on the otherside☝☝☝☝

  9. One more pin-point for scientific research on the Shroud of Turin. A holographic study has found a wood carved artefact inscribed with the words "the Lamb" upon it.


    See video of a presentation on the topic via various addresses on Youtube. Search the keywords, "Turin Shroud Hologram Reveals The Words 'The Lamb'".

    Here is a quotation from page 8 of the linked document above:

    "Now, here we have the Shroud of Turin with the image of a crucified man,
    who according to tradition was Jesus Christ, and under the beard an object upon
    whose surface is written in Aramaic the word: 'THE LAMB'."

    Any questions?

    Love like there is no tomorrow!

    Pastor Rich

    "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near." (Hebrews 10:23-25 ESV)

  10. I recently watched a documentary on this it was truly unbelievable God is just so amazing how he does things



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