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The Key to Understanding the View Point of the Left

Why did Americans react so differently to the President's statements after the riots in Charlottesville?  Some thought the statements were dignified, appropriate, and diplomatic.  Others proclaimed him to be a Nazi sympathizer who refused to condemn bigotry.

How could the same audience hear two different things?

The Key is to understand the fundamental difference in how both sides view the moral and spiritual role of the Presidency.

Basic political science tells us the difference between liberal and conservative views on government, but what if the spiritual vacuum created by the atheism of the left has taken it into the realm of faith?

Liberals (who I define as a basically decent and rational people) and their extreme counterparts Progressive Leftists (violent extremists) fundamentally believe that the government is a force for good.  Thus, the head of the government, the President, is the moral head of the nation.  The President must be above reproach and as long as he/she is a liberal can do no wrong in their eyes because their motives come from a place of purity, so the ends justify the means.  Thus, examples of lawlessness by Obama or the Clintons are excused by them (and their media).  Like Greek gods, their failings are seen as part of their charms but make them no less worthy of reverence.  These voters must love and adore the candidate they support.

Saint Obama depicted with Halo
Conservatives fundamentally believe government is a necessary evil. It should be small and contained. They distrust politicians and power and do not look to political figures to be a moral compass of the Nation. In general, they look to God to serve that role in their lives and in the life of the Nation.  They elect politicians they believe will be effective in making government more effective in the limited role they want it to play.  As long as a candidate seems capable of fixing issues that are important to them, conservatives will overlook personal faults.  Based on these criteria, conservatives will vote for a person they would not personally want to be friends with if they feel they are the best person for the job.

Consider the "thrill up my leg" worship the leftist media had for Obama and why they were completely unconcerned with Hillary Clinton's misdeeds.  Think about the visceral hatred the left had for George W. Bush who governed along the same lines as Bill Clinton.  Obama's hectoring lecturing style always made me want to vomit and the Holy Spirit inside of me recoiled at him, yet millions of people nearly worshiped him.  In their eyes, he could do no wrong.  Those same eyes view everything Trump does as evil.

Trump Election Night
So in a moment of crisis, after the Charlottesville violence, the Left wanted someone like Obama, their moral leader, who would condemn the things they hate.  What they got instead was a law and order and equal protection under the law statement from a President who never campaigned or wanted to be the Nation's moral leader, and they completely fell apart. While those on the Right are scratching their heads and wondering what the heck is going on with lunatics on TV tearing down statues and crying and wailing about Trump being a Nazi, it all makes sense if you consider how they view the moral leadership of the Presidency.

The whole, "Not my President" thing.  The hero worship of Obama.  The violence, the wailing, and the angst all come from a place of disillusionment and fear, so the false narratives have begun!  First, it was fake news sites that created a racist environment that made all the Trump voters come to the polls because we were supposedly anti-women and then the "fake news" told lies about virtuous Hillary Clinton.  Then, it was the Russians who installed their puppet and stole the election.  Now, were are back to Trump being a racist.  It is fascinating.  They are living in a mass delusion which is certain to continue as predicted in 2 Thessalonians.  The irony is, the Left's insistence on assigning "god-like" status to their leaders will ultimately be fulfilled in the person of the Anti-Christ who is most assuredly waiting for his moment in time.

Men are made to worship and adore God, when they reject the true and living God, they will find a false substitute.

There is only one true moral person, only one who lived a perfect life, only one in which to put your faith.  He loves you, He died for you, He waits for you to put your faith in Him.  Jesus Christ is the moral leader of the world.  Don't look to anyone else, ground yourself in this truth and everything else falls into place.

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  1. Political labels are something I found woefully wanting and wholly inadequate in describing my regenerated heart when my eyes were opened to Christ. I can easily describe myself as a fundamentalist conservative and a progressive liberal. Man's definition of points of view are wholly lacking in the light of faith.

    May we as a body of believers first and foremost seek to be known by the following, that we are the body of Christ. We are known by how we love God, love one another and treat others the way we hope to be treated. May we be seen as a family of families in whom the church is planted deep in our hearts. The Holy of Holies that resides in us is that which defines and marks us as not only members of a body that abide in Christ, but as individuals made by the living God, who serve Him day and night and love Him with all our hearts.

    Let us be known as a Church that leads, a Church that loves, a Church that plants, a Church prays and a church that embraces those in pain. Let us be a Church that listens. Let us be a Church that waits. Let us be a body bound in Christ so closely that we barely recognise ourselves.

    The dragon is he which pushes the buttons of both sides of the aisle. We are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God. When the LORD begged the Father to "forgive them, for they know not what they do" He did so for all of us. Everyone! Even the most devout of us.

    All we can do is measure our inward, innate, response to the grace which has been measured to us in Christ Jesus. So much more so we should view the world with a God's eye view and see evil and sin for what it is. All corrupting with nobody above it's stain. Pray each day as your first fruits that the LORD God teach us to love Him the way He wants to be loved. Pray He gives us peace, understanding and wisdom. All of the Law and the Prophets provide the keys to our success. They are the recipe by which we may live and be known as a people who are strangers in this land, royal subjects of the King of Kings who is coming for His Church and in a VERY BIG WAY!!

    Let us pray for our enemies and live securely in the knowledge that God's got this. Let our daily bread be the manna on which we thrive and be contented in that. Listen for what the Spirit has to say and live obediently as physical reflections of the God unseen. Let us do so that the world may marvel at how we love and how we (though many differing parts) love the Lord God with all our hearts, mind, and strength!

    For this there is but one measure; only one grade. PASS/FAIL. Democrat or Republican. Left or Right. Gay or Straight. May we not be found lacking in the Day of days to come. How fearful and dreadful that would be. May others judge us according to our faithful actions. May our actions be measured by faith. May we abide in Christ as one Church; a family of families that are each made for a different function yet all serve the LORD with a heart that is One.

    "And the LORD will be king over all the earth. On that day the LORD will be one and his name one." (Zechariah 14:9 ESV)

    Love like there is no tomorrow!

    Pastor Rich

  2. Very thoughtful analysis of the great divide in our nation right now, Dolley. Thank you!

    And I echo Pastor Rich: Let us keep our love at full strength in these turbulent times (1 Pet. 4:7-8).

  3. I find that if you just say these words out loud "President Trump" knowing that Hillary isn't president gives you a sort of peace and calm feeling. I is also known to lower your blood pressure. God Bless! :-D

    1. It also helps to review
      Romans 13:1
      "... For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. "
      --- aaah, such a nice feeling isn't it?

    2. I like Rick Warren's way of saying it...

      Quoting, "http://pastorrick.com/devotional/english/god-is-an-expert-at-bringing-good-out-of-bad"

      God loves to turn crucifixions into resurrections. The things you wish were most removed from your life are often the very things that God is using to shape you and make you into the believer of character He wants you to be. He wants to use that problem for good in your life. There's something more important than your pain. It's what you're learning from that pain. God is in control.

      So what's the key? What's our response? Our response is to look past the pain. "This is the reason we never lose heart. These troubles which are temporary are winning for us a permanent, a glorious and solid reward out of proportion to our pain. So we don't look at the temporary situation. We look beyond to see the eternal benefits." (2 Corinthians 4:16-17 Phillips)

    3. Rick Warren, LOL!

  4. Great article, Dolley!

    Given what "progressive liberals" are in today's political spectrum, I could never describe myself as one. "Fundamentalist Conservative" describes me much more closely--both politically and doctrinally, and I am that because that's what God's written word leads me to be. Progressive liberalism comes essentially from an anti-Biblical world view. That's why the antagonisms between "left" and "right" are becoming so much more evident as time goes on. The war between the truth and the lie is coming to the surface. There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace comes.

  5. Here is some food for thought (Part 1-of-2):

    The definition of socialism according to Merriam-Webster,

    1. Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

    2. A system of society or group living in which there is no private property

    3. A system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

    Mankind has experienced what most would consider failed versions of this in the past century, yet we may submit that the Bible teaches communal living and redistribution of property and wealth as the earliest form of social order in the first century church. The Fellowship of Believers as given in The Book of Acts demonstrates this as in truth, everything belongs to God. All that we have comes from Him therefore it is good to freely give knowing the heart of the Giver! (Acts 2:42-47 ESV NKJV)

    Perspective is a mute point when standing before Almighty God. There is but one perspective which will endure. Christ. And who needs the Lord most? All of us. But I would challenge each of us to consider this perspective.

    That as saved children of the King, we owe a debt that can only be paid sharing what we have gained with those who are now lost. The door of the Ark is opened wide. We all know it is by God's grace that we are saved, yet we have a part in that. How many more broken and confused lives can you love into? How many more souls can you witness to? How many people can you impact for the LORD? Who do you know that you can show Christ for all the beauty He is?

    1. "That as saved children of the King, we owe a debt that can only be paid sharing what we have gained with those who are now lost."
      No... Salvation is a Gift from God... not a loan that we owe back to God! PERIOD!

      God's Kingdom isn't here yet, we are still living in the fallen state. Thus we don't have unlimited resources... yet! The only way we can distribute the limited supply of resources we have is by using forms of economics and government we as a people institute on ourselves. The example in Acts is a shadow of the MK when Christ comes back at the 2nd coming to rule. There is currently NO form of economics or government that will ever result in a Acts based finished product except Christ's rule. Humans are sinners and that makes all forms of economics and government failures to sin until Christ. Thus, your Marxist claim that we "should" follow...is also flawed. What we get with our current form of government is freedom. I recommend you read Hitler's 25 Points of Socialism that he proclaimed on 24 February 1920. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Socialist_Program
      This is basically what you are asking we follow. That, or Carl Marx.

      I'll take our current freedom we have right now!

    2. As additional Proof that today's "socialism" is aligned more with Hitler's 25-point program, I'll leave this News link here http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/watch-trump-supporter-wearing-israeli-flag-told-to-get-the-f-k-out-of-boston-by-hecklers/article/2632062

      Yep... pretty much aligns with Hitler.

    3. I agree with you brother. Salvation is a Gift from God. PERIOD.

      I am alluding to the Great Commission and from my perspective it is what I owe to those who have yet to hear the name of Jesus. If I am obedient to God out of love, I feel it my duty (debt) to share, thus my meaning. I think (and certainly hope) we're all on the same page that Salvation cannot be bought.

      It is so hard to communicate on these forums. Perspective is everything and we have limited space to chat. Only a few thousand characters at at time...


    4. One more note: I read through the link provided for the 25-Point Program. It is not what I ask we follow. I ask we follow The Greatest Commandment. That happens to include the example give us in (Acts 2:44-45) and is how I strive to live.

      One thing that I think we should all be aware of that is included in the 25-Point Program is Positive Christianity. I believe we are seeing a version of this play-out today. I wholly denounce. As for the 25-Points, they are exactly the mixture of lies I would expect. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Food for thought (Part 2-of-2):

    I was once an atheist. I considered myself a liberal and socialist for years before coming to the LORD. I thought Carl Sagan was spot-on, but for all my head tried to say, my heart just wouldn't buy it. They were half-truths. Empty answers given by a world to questions my heart kept asking...and never getting satisfactory answers.

    This was is my perspective and my experience.

    I had to learn that the only answer that was true (and is true) is that given by Almighty God through His Holy Spirit for His answer is understood by the heart. This is truth, and it is written on all of our hearts. This is the character and divine image that we bear (at least that which is left of it after the fall) being created in the image of God. Perspective is not a sin as long as seeking the truth. It is more seeing evidence from different angles; much like light is shown through a diamond. Different perspectives give different views. Some are more striking than others, but all are of a diamond.

    This is how we should treat each other out of love for one another and fearful reverence of the LORD.

    I submit that the gospel is for everyone. Not all of you will agree with that. Even though God clearly states that it is His wish that none are lost; people still step over the crucified body of Jesus as they travel the wide road to destruction.

    Relationship is everything. God gave everything that we may be with Him. All that we need do is humble ourselves to love outside of the box called "our perspective" and seek God's perspective.

    I submit that it is our duty and our responsibility to love those who are un-lovable. To engage those that we might otherwise not give the time of day. This requires great maturity of faith and is core to being on a path of discipleship. If we faithfully walk that path then we may very well see that we live in a broken world, populated by broken and hurting people that have a habit of breaking the hearts of those around them. It's not a plan we cook-up from the pits of Hell, it's just the way we are.


    Politics is not the problem. SIN is the problem. (Yes, I know I'm shouting) Time is short and as much as we are not promised tomorrow, all we have is now. I humbly submit, ask yourself, "How can I serve the LORD today by loving others the way I want to be loved?" For in doing so you are living out the Twice Written Law. (Deuteronomy 6:1-19 ESV)

    I am reaching out to, and celebrating the saving of, atheists, conservatives, liberals and anyone who will listen in hopes that they will avoid the coming wrath. Some of my friends believe that is a waste of time. I would rather be wrong and testify to the name of Jesus Christ rather than be wrong in the end by not doing so!

    Thus is the perspective of this Pastor and teacher of the Gospel. Shabbat Shuba (Sabbath of Return) and the sign of Revelation 12 occurs in 34-days from my writing this. We're all sinners and I'm right up there as a card carrying member of that all inclusive club. Time is short! That's why I say, "Love like there's no tomorrow!"

    Humbly yours in Christ,


  7. "God gave everything that we may be with Him. All that we need do is humble ourselves to love outside of the box called "our perspective" and seek God's perspective."

    I applaud your rejection of atheism, Richard, as well as your outreach to "atheists, conservatives, liberals and anyone who will listen". But there is a need for caution. Just what shall we "reach out" with? What do we really *need* to do?

    To be specific, what we *need* to do is believe in Christ's sacrifice for us. What we *should* do as a result of receiving His gift of righteousness and eternal life is preach the Gospel. The only "perspective" we need is to be sure that the gospel we preach is the true Gospel; "the faith once for all delivered to the saints", not any false gospel, no matter how "loving" it sounds. There are countless false gospels out there, and the visible Church is lapping them up eagerly. A case in point:

    Rick Warren (RW) was mentioned in a positive light. That's ironic to find on this site, since RW has repeatedly told his followers that end times events are "none of our business" and that we shouldn't be devoting any time to the study of such things. We're to get out and "spread the kingdom"--or at least RW's P.E.A.C.E. Plan version of it. But what's RW's view of the Gospel? Though I'm certain that he could recite perfectly the official Southern Baptist doctrine on any subject, his "gospel" is fatally flawed because his view of God as stated in The Purpose Driven Life (TPDL) is fatally flawed. RW thinks that the Bible teaches:

    "He [God] rules everything and is everywhere and is *IN* everything" (Pg. 88, TPDL, emphasis mine.)

    That idea is taken from a terribly flawed "translation" of the Bible known as "The New Century Version". It is a mistranslation of Eph. 4:6:

    "...one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all." (NASB)

    In context, it's evident that in Eph. 4:6 Paul was writing about the Body of Christ, not the universe in general. But with his NCV quote, RW pushes the New Age (old occult) idea known as panentheism, the belief that God is IN all things. Such a view completely undermines the Gospel, negating the need for the Holy Spirit to indwell the believer. That is only one of RW's New Age beliefs. There are many others, but y'know, brevity, etc.

    Is RW innocently mistaken? One would like to think so, but consider how many "authorities" with New Age beliefs that RW enlists in his various spiritual growth programs, such as his "Daniel Plan" diet. There's Reiki promoter Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen, who promotes a Hindu Kundalini form of meditation called Kirtan Kriya, and Dr. Mark Hyman, who promotes “Shamanic Exercises” in his book "Power up Your Brain".

    From his (disclaimed) mentor Robert Schuller through his ministerial associates and partners, RW has consistently promoted New Age mysticism, and through his P.E.A.C.E Plan he pushes his own brand of dominionism. RW is a veritable poster boy for the Laodicean end-times church. God help anyone taken in by him.

    Some might say that all the above sounds harsh, but reality--cold reality--often is. I offer it as a loving warning, in the hope that the reader will be spared the trap of Rick Warren (and other false teachers).

  8. Thank you for that Chuck F. It is good to be able to talk about such things and share them openly.

    You wrote:

    "To be specific, what we *need* to do is believe in Christ's sacrifice for us. What we *should* do as a result of receiving His gift of righteousness and eternal life is preach the Gospel. The only "perspective" we need is to be sure that the gospel we preach is the true Gospel; "the faith once for all delivered to the saints", not any false gospel, no matter how "loving" it sounds."


    We're on the same page.

    I am not a follower of RW, but used that quote to make a point. Israel had good kings and bad kings. God used enemies of Israel as instruments that eventually brought good and glory to His name.

    Still, I come back to the core point. Sin is the problem, not politics. How do we deal with that? By repenting and turning to God. God is love and all the Law and the Prophets rely upon and require love. All the Law of Moses requires love to keep it and we all know the only One who did keep all of the law.

    James O (above) is spot on in saying, "all forms of economics and government [are] failures to sin" but I hold that is no excuse of our personal conduct in how we treat others. We as Christians are called by faith to live out the Great Commandment, Golden Rule and Great Commission. Our first century brothers and sisters shared their lives in a specific way in a faith community that understood this and I hold that we should too. Some may call this socialism from their point of view. I call it a historical fact of how our forefathers lived and loved each other. It is what marked them as brothers in Christ and followers of the same.



    1. "Still, I come back to the core point. Sin is the problem, not politics."

      I agree completely Richard; that sin--more specifically; unbelief--is the root problem.

      Nevertheless, because our government has become so pervasive and intrusive, politics hits closer and closer to home for each of us. And so these days anyone's politics will often reveal their spiritual beliefs. It's a major tenet of leftism that the government should right all supposed wrongs and especially provide for all. The "government as God" mentality is a hallmark of leftist thinking which believes man is God. Worshipers of the true God tend to want man's government to leave them alone while performing only the basic functions of defending innocent life and protecting private property. Carried out to their logical outcome, either view will surface in a person's politics. We've been seeing that happen with increasing intensity for the last couple years (though it's been festering under the surface for decades).

      And so, a person will really change only by changing their God. Which brings us back to your essential point. (I think.) :)

      I'm glad to read you're not a RW follower, though I didn't mean to imply that you were. I am wary of anything RW says publicly because his statements are always structured to make him appear "Christian" while furthering his agenda, which proposes a remedy which is really the opposite of what you and I have offered. Sooner or later, RW always gets around to telling Christians to *do* stuff (often to enlist in one of his programs). He's a manipulator, and a consummate schmoozer.

  9. Unfortunately Christians in America know and talk more about politics then about Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...

  10. People have called what we are witnessing on campuses and elsewhere, post-modernism. Search postmodernism or "yootoob it" and you will find a Dr. Jordan Peterson, a self described Canadian Christian academic who has alot of interesting things to say about what is going on. Without an attempt at intellectually understanding what we are confronting, what I see are people who actually do appear possessed satanically, who are rabid, and are in fact zombified. My that, I mean that they are beyond all rationality. That local gov, the msm and others are actuallyappeasing this disease means that it is infectious among folks who are not immune. It is very interesting that several years ago, the govt had multiple "zombie" exercises and talked about it in just this way (like an infectious disease) and it never made any sense to me then, but it does now. Another thing is that this SJW, BLM, snowflake, cultural marxist postmodern-ism did not exist as early as 2013, maybe even 2014. In many ways, just like ISIS, it literally popped up over night -- even on campuses. My belief is that this goes far beyond where mortal man (who is a puppet) stands on the hierarchy of TPTB and their one world everything agenda and timeline, and falls smack dab into the area of spiritual powers and principalities.

    Thus, according to the bible, things only get worse, so trying to deal with this stuff on a political (dems vs rinos) or economic level (they are bored and need jobs) is wasteful. What Christians can do is pray: pray for protection, power, and provision. We can pray for the zombies, but even more, we can keep trying to reach as many of the unsaved but still uninfected as we can. The power of the name of Jesus Christ should be invoked in any situation where you come across zombies. None of this is tongue in cheek. I mean it sincerely and unless you have a more descriptive word to characterize the madness and mayhem, zombification seems to work.

  11. A fundamental point which the author has failed to realize is the incorporation of the U. S. GOVERNMENT versus government ...

  12. One more pin-point: Since the Russians were mentioned in the article I thought I would share this from BBC, http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39419560 as it addresses the question at hand and offers potential insight into Dolley's article.

  13. Fantastic article Dolley, thanks much! There is going to be a paradigm shift in how believers in America will view the government and politics...they will shift from looking for answers on Fox News to gazing at their Savior!



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