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9/23 Shown in Movies for Decades?

The curious case of a previous date setter who found something interesting and botched it!
Screen Shot from a Black Eyed Peas Video Showing 23

Back in 2015, a YouTuber named Renee M published a now debunked book, called the Rapture Puzzle.  Like all foolish date setters, Renee built her platform around a theory that the Rapture would take place on Yom Kippur 2015.  For months leading up to the September 23 date, she unearthed film clips and TV segments where 9/23 was featured on screen.

At the time, I was trying to ensure I wasn't living in a prophetic "echo chamber", so I approached the Yom Kippur Rapture theory with an open mind.  In the end, there were WAY too many red flags, I didn't think that she'd made a good argument, but I remember watching a few of the videos and thinking it was creepy how often 9/22 and 9/23 appeared. 

Clip From Fringe (link)

She uncovered clips that went back to the early 1980's; clocks turned to 9:23, newspapers laying on a desk with a Sept 23 date, license plates on cars 923, addresses 923 Church Street, flights that characters were taking 923.  Random at first glance but then when dozens and dozens of examples are cobbled together, one begins to wonder.  Then another pattern started to emerge, all sorts of "disaster" movies had 9/22 or 9/23 associated with them.  As we drew closer to the date, her followers, specifically C. Ervana, started unearthing more and more instances in film and TV.  In all, I think Renee M and C. Ervana produced about 30 videos for Renee M's channel and garnered over 70,000 subscribers.

As the September 2015 Blood Moon and Shemitah High Watch Season came to a close, I forgot about Renee M and went back to business.  Renee M, completely discredited, deleted all her videos and her website and apparently went back to her business, C. Ervana is still an active YouTuber.

A few months ago, it occurred to me that Yom Kippur 2015 and the Revelation 12 sign in 2017 were the same dates and then I recalled those videos.  What if the mysterious YouTuber had discovered something but made the fatal error of assigning a date to something where no date was meant to be assigned?

We KNOW that 9/23 has significance because of the astronomical Revelation 12 sign in the sky!  It seems that several others have picked up the banner and compiled similar footage.   Granted, some of the footage is really stretching it but it is at least interesting to consider.  Here's a sample of what's out there:

Rob Skiba, an interesting lecturer, states that he believes there is a universal law that since God has revealed what He is going to do in His Word, that Satan also must reveal what he is doing.  That is where hidden symbols and secret codes begin to take on a deeper weight and seem less like a conspiracy theory and more like something sober-minded watchers should look for.  This might be symbolism of the sort, or it might simply be a coincidence.  Perhaps these numbers sound good on camera?

 Incidentally, looking through YouTube it is depressing how many videos are still posted claiming that the rapture was going to happen on 09/23/2015... It makes you wonder who is actually producing and putting those videos up.  What better way to confuse the Body of Christ, discourage people from studying prophecy, and cause the unbeliever to mock you?  If any ministry sets a date - either in the past or in the future, please take a serious look at them.  There are tons of sites on the internet that regularly set dates and then have to backtrack.  Get your prophecy elsewhere!  We are told to be hopeful and watchful but never presumptuous.

(Author's Note - as I was researching this post, I found a couple mirrored copies of Renee M's videos or at least some clips from them, watching it with the full knowledge of history that she was SO wrong gives you a feel for what a false prophecy video looks like and what you should be on the lookout for, check it out here and here)
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. We may not forget that Satan was (and still is!!) created as the most high angel in hierarchy. Even if cursed by God and fallen he never lost his state of creation and supreme condition! We as sinful humans are in much more inferior condition to any angel as we might think (even if this will not always be the case). But here on earth Satan is way stronger and of more knowledge than we are. He still has access to the throne room of God (Job 1), he's still the prince of the air and will only be cast down to earth during tribulation (when the saints get raptured and the "accuser" kicked out of Heaven). He knows scriptures perfectly, better than most of us do but he always tries to twist it of course to tempt God (Matthew 4:6) and the saints. He used scripture to blind the world but he knows EXACTLY when his time is up (Revelation 12:12!!). I have no doubt he knew the day 9/23 of the constellation long before we were given to reveal the year.

    1. Only Michael is called an arch angel. So, Satan was not and is the highest in angel hierarchy

  3. I believe the Rev 12 sign is a divine sign in the heavens, portraying Jesus being born with Satan using King Herod to try and kill him. He is taken to the throne of God.

    Satan is a master of deception and he is hijacking this sign for the birth of the antichrist. Unfortunately there are MANY thinking its the church being birthed and out of here by this weekend. No! That's the deception. The projected paths of hurricane Maria and Jose show them merging after this weekend. They are becoming "one". This is the conception of the antichrist.

    We WILL be here to see him come on the scene in the near future.

    I hope this us wrong as I would rather be talking to you all on the throne next week instesd of on the phone.

    God bless us all with the highest levels of enlightenment, wisdom, discernment, and above those...the pure LOVE of Jesus Christ as we gather together in as large a number as possible for the rapture down the road.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Many thanks for this piece, Dolley.

    Yeah, Rob Skiba is "interesting", alright. His tendency to lend too much credibility to extra-biblical "ancient writings" is dangerous.(I deleted my previous comment about Skiba because it didn't apply. I got Skiba mixed up with Joe Schimmel for some reason. Schimmel is the anti-pretrib guy I referred to.)

    As for the "tons of sites on the internet that regularly set dates and then have to backtrack", I hear you. To their credit the authors of this site have avoided date-setting themselves, but unfortunately some of them have also confused the issue by linking to several sources of "Gotta Be 9/23/17-itis", even calling one series of such videos "must watch" video. The producer of those videos confidently proclaimed his belief that 9/23/2017 is THE day of the Rapture at about 3:10 in his first episode. Scott Clarke--referenced routinely in various articles here--holds that view as well.

    Besides all that, I've lost count of numerous *comments* in several threads on UNSEALED insisting that 9/23/2017 is the day. I'm just too "traditional" to get it, I guess.

    Thanks again, Dolley. You've been a voice of cool reason on this site.

    1. Thank you, Sir. I have dubbed myself the "Cautious Watcher". I have been at this WAY too long to presume upon the Lord and His timing. I have a Christmas Party planned a trip bought and paid for next week. :)

  5. Remember Vanessa Carlton's 2002 hit song "Ordinary Day"? The music video featured an unexpected eclipse (none of the extras in the video had eclipse glasses) and then after the eclipse was over, all the extras stood up and looked to the sky and then vanished. The final words of the song are "he was looking to the sky."

  6. As a subscriber to Renee M, I always thought of her as a dedicated watcher trying to make sense of the various pieces of prophecy as the rest of us. I don't think she was intentionally trying to deceive anyone, but was just showing things the way she saw them. I feel the Lord was leading her to the proper time period or season and trying to get others to look up as well. You may have ignored her after 2015, but she kept going until earlier this year when she gave up only because of the intense persecution she was receiving all the time for proposing possible dates. If she isn't in the Lamb's book, I'll accept the Lord's judgement on it, but I still expect she will be there at the Rapture (or whatever happens) until then.

    Maybe I'm just forgiving her because I've also thought certain dates seemed guaranteed before, and I would be a hypocrite if I didn't.

    1. Hi Kris, I thought she was sincere also but it is a grave mistake to presume upon the Lord and his timing.

  7. I also have quite a large sampling of 'predictive programming' for 9/23 in movies and tv shows. Furthermore an episode of "X-Files" had an end-times reference to a scenario when Mercury, Mars and Venus line up in a certain way...etc... Anyway, multiply that by several hundred (thousand?) and you will get an idea of how many times 9/23 is mentioned in mainstream "entertainment".

  8. Still here....

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