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Some Doubted

…but some doubted.  Three little words that stand out to me like a piece of pepper stuck in someone’s tooth.  The phrase is in Matthew 28:17, When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.

Jesus Ascending
Let’s put this in context.  It is the last chapter of Matthew after the disciples had witnessed Jesus’ life, miracles, ministry, death, and resurrection.  There, a resurrected Jesus stands before them and when the SAW him they worshiped him, but some still doubted.

What does that passage tell us about human nature?  It tells us many things, mainly that in spite of seeing all of the great events in Jesus’ life, the disciples still doubted.  Why do you think that is?  I think it is because they did not at that time have the Holy Spirit within them.

Now it would be easy to stand in judgment of the disciples at this point.  After all, they were THERE.  They saw him, they touched him, they ate with him and saw him die and rise again.  Surely, had we been in their shoes we would not have doubted.  I would not be so certain myself.  

How many people do you know of that have had awesome miracles in their lives that they KNEW were from God, only to claim after the excitement wears off that it was just fate or circumstance or the wisdom of the doctors that saved them?  How many times in your own life has the Lord delivered you and afterward you doubted that it was His divine intervention?

The Holy Spirit is what divides the New Testament Christians from the Old Testament Jews and further the Tribulation and Millennial believers.  Through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, we are able to have the Spirit of God inside us at all times.  During the Old Testament times, the Spirit of the Lord would come upon people for a period, but that was temporary and He did not indwell the believer.  That is the only thing that sets us apart.  That is why those who profess faith in Christ but have never asked Him into their lives struggle.  The ministry of the Holy Spirit is one of the most under-appreciated movements in our modern day churches.

Without the Holy Spirit, we do not even have faith in the things we can see and touch.  That is why people can go to church their whole lives and know in their mind who Jesus is but never make the commitment to let Him into their hearts.  I think that is why so many professing Christians do not bear any fruit. 

Who are they?  Are you one?  Is the person sitting next to you in church one?  They are Christians in name only.  They come as far as they can in the Christian walk without asking the Holy Spirit to come into their lives.  They have accepted the kernel of doubt in their own hearts as part of everyone’s faith.  They do not believe when others profess to not have any doubts about their faith, because they themselves do not know the truth.

You can go to many churches and never hear a word about the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit within us is the perfecter of our faith.  He convicts our conscience.  He is the guiding force that keeps all of us in line and living for God and not ourselves.  

Only through the Holy Spirit are we able to have communion with God and worship Jesus our Savior.  This Age of Grace ends with the Rapture of the Church, those left behind will never have the opportunity to receive this blessing.  There will be many Left Behind, that never truly became Christians but this post is to encourage you today, we are believers.  We are Watchers.  We are Saved.  

(Note - this post was originally written in 2003, but the Helper prompted me to publish this old work again today.  I have never heard preaching on it. It remains one of my favorite pieces and one I shared with my beloved Bible Teacher Father on his deathbed.  I will never forget the look of pride he had in his eyes as I showed him the Scripture and opened his heart to the revelation the Lord had given me.  Peace and Love, my Friends.)

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  1. Thank you. As we internally wrestle with the moment at hand, and our place in it, it is so important to be reminded who we are and of our blind spots and weaknesses. Our Lord will use even these for His Glory yet they are troubling to us and your message is a very comforting reminder that we are not the first one to find ourselves here even in the face of overwhelming and incontrovertible TRUTH. Maranatha!

  2. It is 52mins past 6pm in Jerusalem.Few minutes passed since they declared IT IS NOW Feast of Trumpets, year 5778.

    We didn't changed, we're still here. Not yet, so what now?

    Keep on watching and keep on waiting.

    1. A Festa das Trombetas se encerra no por do sol de amanha em Jerusalem, ao soar da รบltima trombeta (por volta das 18:30) de sexta-feira dia 22/09/17. Nos USA serรก por volta de 13:30, no Brasil por volta de 12:30. Maranata.

    2. Hi Ryan :) I'm not sure what Unknown is saying since I don't know that language but a NEW MOON WAS JUST SPOTTED Jerusalem's time at 7:22pm [9/21/2017]. They have officially entered into FoT and their New Year 5778. The LAST TRUMP, therefore, has not been blown...Keep looking up \o/

    3. @Miss Annie: Un known us saying in Spanish that FoT is extended to 22bd September and last trumpet will be at 18:30 hours (USA 13:30 / Brazil 12:30). But rather check out https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/israel/jerusalem

    4. Hugs Annabel! I do recognize Maranatha. (at lease I THINK I do) ๐Ÿ™ƒ

    5. Unknown is writing in Portuguese, not Spanish, but Annabe, you are correct in the translation.

    6. Isn't Jerusalem 7 hours ahead of EST? So wouldn't it be 10:30am EST on the 22nd when the sun sets in Jerusalem at 18:30?

    7. 18-7= 11, so 11:30 EST. (10:30 would be central where I live, sorry for the typo)

    8. Isso (that`s it!) 7 hours of difference (7 horas de diferenca) nao 6 como havia dito (not 6 like i said before...)

    9. Dear @Barry TY for the correction! @Unknown yes I meant Portugiese (I don't even speak it but Roman based languages are just so similar)... :)

      Look here as well, good resource: http://torahcalendar.com/hour.asp

      Much blessings @all, hope to meet you in person with Jesus soon!

  3. Today's date is pretty cool: 9-21-2017

    3x3 or three 3's = 9
    3x7 or seven 3's = 21

    [The #3 being or meaning completeness. So there are ten 3's and #10 means completeness of order]

    2017 being the year where all generations in the Bible are fulfilled:
    the 120;
    the 100;
    the 70; and
    the 50.

  4. Here's my humble attempt at trying to capture what many are feeling:

    I’m reminded of the account where Jesus, on several occasions, explained to His disciples about how He was going to Jerusalem and how He would be handed over to the religious leaders and put to death and then on the third day, rise again. The disciples, even after witnessing countless miracles of a supernatural nature, could not grasp the surreal concept of their Lord, the one they had spent the last three years following, dying.

    Peter doubted, to the extent of rebuking Jesus to his face. When that day finally came for Christ to be nailed to that tree, I can only image the surreal sense of total disbelief and the numb feeling of hopelessness. Even though Jesus had warned them repeatedly that this was going to happen, it was simply too surreal for them to grasp. In their state of total depravity of their closest friend, they completely forgot about his prediction of Rising from the Dead.

    Huddling together, hiding in fear of reprisal from their enemies, they hear the news that the stone was rolled away and the body of Jesus was gone. Their first thought is, ‘someone has stolen the body of our Lord’. It was a reasonable thought because they could easily visualize the act. It didn’t require blind faith to believe in such a physical thing taking place. The realization of the truth was so ‘surreal’ and ‘impossible’ in their minds, even after witnessing the resurrection of Lazarus that it essentially took ‘seeing’ in order to believe.

    We are no different from those men in many respects. Most people have never witnessed a miracle, especially a physical miracle. We have been so conditioned, over the centuries, to believe that IT will never happen, even though we DO believe that it’ll happen at some point, I suppose. Having never been exposed to the supernatural, the supernatural is too surreal. We want to believe, but….. There seems to always be that doubt creeping in – what if we are wrong in our interpretation, what if that day passes and nothing happens, what if I take a leap of faith, when it seems like no one else is willing to, they just like to sit on the fence, nice and comfortable, just in case, what if, what if….. Well, what to do, what to do? Play it safe and wait for the day? Maybe.

    How about take God at His word and trust what is written? If we claim that God is Sovereign, that He’s in total control, why is it so hard to believe? He’s given what seems to be hundreds of confirmations, but still it’s so difficult to believe in what we can’t see and what has never happened before.

    Lord, please help our unbelief!

    In Christ, Isaiah

    1. Great and timely article Dolley....Isaiah you nailed it. Too difficult for my little human mind to comprehend what is going to happen. This is the last attack of a defeated enemy. He started with questioning "Did God really say...", and he is ending with questioning "Will this really happen....". Desperate measures from a desperate fool. Hang tough brothers and sisters!!

    2. I DO believe and I WANNA believe. But it is hard though. Our last big trial on earth. I KNOW the LORD will not tarry. But I can understand the disciples, be it with or without the Holy Spirit, before or after Pentecost. Thomas doubted first but eventually worshipped Jesus as LORD and God without (!) reaching out his hand. And at Tiberias the disciples in John 21:4 did not recognize Jesus when He just stood ashore but knew Him in v.12 when He had spoken to them. And even after the HS had been poured out there was room enough to marvel and be amazed (Acts 2:7). Acts of faith are never easy. Shalom, see you tomorrow? :)

    3. Beautifully said, Isaiah Maendel. This faith thing eludes many of us most of the time. Lord, please help my unbelief.

  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I have read that The Feast of Trumpets is two days. Today and tomorrow. So, do they blow the trumpets both days? If so, this is day one and tomorrow would be last day and therefore last trumpet? I've googled and searched as much as I can and haven't found the answer to this. If anyone knows for sure please post. Thank you so much and thank you for this amazing group of believers and look forward to seeing you all soon if soon is HIS will and perfect timing. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜‡

    1. Over the two-day feast they blow the trumpet 100 times the first 99 times three distinct shofar blasts repeated 33 times
      The 100th blast is blown toward the end of the second day according to 1st Corinthians 15 it's at Twilight the idiom is in the twinkling of an eye at the last Trump
      What that last Trump is is one long blast rising in volume as long as whoever is blowing it can make it

    2. This video by Scott Clark is a great explanation of what happens over the two-day Feast of trumpets


    3. This evening will mark the end of Feast of Trumpets and the beginning of the Sabbath. This first Sabbath of the Civil New Year is called Shabbat Shuba and is the second of two special Sabbaths that bookend Passover and FoT. Shuba can be understood as "She returns" and is generally referred to as "Sabbath Return". It falls in the Days of Repentance with some seeing a linguistic connection between Shuba and Teshuva (repentance); thus is sometimes linked to repentance even though it is given as a time of inward cleansing.

      Ashkenazic readings for Shabbat Shuba are (Hosea 14:2-10) and (Joel 2:15-27). Sephardic readings are (Hosea 14:2-10) and (Micah 7:18-20).

      The first of the two special Sabbaths is Shabbat HaGadol. It fell on Saturday, April 8, 2017 -- SEVEN YEARS TO THE DAY BEFORE THE NEXT TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE OVER NORTH AMERICA ON 4/8/24.

      It looks like the last Trump will usher in the Sabbath of Her Return around noon Eastern time today.

      The Sign of Revelation 12 will rise over Jerusalem at 9:16am tomorrow morning (9/23/17) with the rising of the waxing crescent gibbous moon. The moon will be at meridian at 3:04pm and set at 8:47pm (Jerusalem time).

      ************** A SPECIAL NOTE AND REQUEST **************

      Please, join me in prayer today for those who have endured great loss and pain in the wake of the latest disasters in the Caribbean, Mexico and US. Their loss is very real and they need our prayers even in these final hours. May we also pray for those who will form the new Church that rises out of the Tribulation to come. Be it next week or in 100-years from now.

      Glory to G-D in the highest!

      Grace and peace to you,

      Pastor Rich

    4. PR-

      Couldn't sleep could ya? :-)

      "It looks like the last Trump will usher in the Sabbath of Her Return around noon Eastern time today."

      This may be a confirmation of what the Lord spoke to me in my sleep (around 2am EST) which certainly awoke me. He said, "Feast of Trumpets."

      And what followed was this flashing: <<< MIDDAY >>>

      Thank you for ALL for ALL your digging, searching, praying, watching, etc... Send out those last e-mails and notes!!

      We Fly Soon

  6. Please note that in a Jubilee year - the Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah is pushed 10 days back, according to Leviticus 25

    1. You will have tribulation 10 days... Maybe this is a hint?

    2. Do they move it 10 days as they enter the Jubilee Year 5777?

      Since today is now 5778, and technically not a jubilee year, it is now a restart year of 1st of 49years + 1 year for Jubilee.

    3. Ryan,

      According to my current knowledge, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is on the same day at the START of the Jubilee Year indeed! I assume that it should have been back at the fall of 2016 not at this current time. But, only the Lord knows for sure what is His appointed time concerning the rapture! I won't shut any possibility out.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I was wrong, sorry! Learning about the Jewish religious year which started on the 24th of March this year and will end on the 16th of March next year... this means that we're at the middle of it and I'm kind of surer now than before that this time-frame is what counts as the Jubilee Year.

    6. I didn't think FOT was pushed back ten days, only that the trumpets are blown on Atonement in a Jubilee year. Still not sure if trumpets are also blown on FOT in a Jubilee year or just blown on Atonement

  7. I'm thinking that FOR BELIEVERS from the 23rd of Day of Atonement(Jubilee year shares this day with Feast of Trumpets) is 7 days. Maybe it's the ark door being left open for 7 days? FOR THE JEWISH NATION - 7 days to do the right thing and make the right decision on the agreement of dividing the land. Two people- two outcomes.

  8. Good question Ryan! The Religious year starts on Nissan 1st(God created a religious year in Exodus 12?) That's why it says 'seventh month' for the FEast of Trumpets. But there is a civil year that begins at Rosh Hashanh. This is very confusing for me, but according to God's word, the year change to begin in Nissan is the last change.

    1. According to *hebcal.com* this Jewish religious year started on the 24th of March and will end at the 16th of March in 2018. Maybe this is the Jubilee Year in the Lord's eyes, that one only He knows for sure.


  9. Joel 2:15-16 A Beautiful Rapture Picture

    Blow the trumpet in Zion,
    declare a holy fast,
    call a sacred assembly.
    16 Gather the people,
    consecrate the assembly;
    bring together the elders,
    gather the children,
    those nursing at the breast.
    Let the bridegroom leave his room
    and the bride her chamber.

    Look Up Lift up your head for your redemption draws near....
    David Meade says September is the month for the sign and October is the month of fulfillment...Only God knows for sure...But I believe the time is near...Elul is a month the Jews quote Song of Songs 6:3 I am my Beloveds and my Beloved is mine "ani ledodi veledodi li"

  10. I was doing some study of Daniel this evening and noticed that we have at least two witnesses to this year being the Jubilee.

    The first is the 2300 years between 334bc and 1967ad, the time that gentiles had dominion over Jerusalem. This is a total of 46 precise jubilees. Jesus told His disciples that the gentiles would continue trodding down Jerusalem until the times of the Gentiles were complete... We also notice the beginning of the destruction of the temple in 67ad, finishing in 70ad with the destruction of the temple... quite a parallel for what people are expecting now actually...

    Then there is Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel who has so far correctly predicted the fate of Jerusalem. He lived in 1217 and reportedly received some prophecies from Elijah. He predicted when and for how long the Ottomon empire would get control over Jerusalem (6 jubilees from his prophecy this started, and it lasted for 8 jubilees precisely) and when it would end, that for one jubilee Jerusalem would be a no man's land (1917 - 1967) and then the last jubilee would be the beginning of the messianic end times... We're at the end of that one now, so we are waiting to see how it ends. Whether we are supposed to pay heed to this man is a question I'll leave with others, but it seems he was well trusted in his time...

    With all the other things going on, I have faith that something is about to happen... The only question is what? Hopefully the Lord Jesus will answer this in the coming days. Maranatha!

  11. I have an app on my phone that shows me a quote from the Gospels daily. I was just outside looking at the stars, wondering when He will come for us, and when I came back in, I saw my phone just popped up the daily quote and this was it:

    “Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning, and be like men who are waiting for their master to come home from the wedding feast, so that they may open the door to him at once when he comes and knocks. Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes." Luke 12 : 35-37 (ESV)



  12. Even born again Christians sealed by the Holy Spirit could give into fear and being attacked with doubts at times. Our enemy is powerful and very-very crafty. We're still having a fallen human nature while in this flesh and we're all fragile. Of course the Holy Spirit is bigger than the enemy but it doesn't mean that every born again believer submits to Him immediately, giving Him every part of their lives. It is a long process and it differs in every case. The Holy Spirit is our counselor and guide if we let Him. As born again believers we can be still stricken with certain kind of fears and doubts by the enemy, that doesn't mean that we're not saved.

  13. Praying we all go home soon..I cant sleep, cant relax, Im nervous, excited, dont know what will happen, spent last night with my family and a great Italian resturaunt, and beach!!.. Perfect weather!! We got to see the moon and watching the sign align...still I feel like something inside wants to burst out...With all these different times and such (as well meaning as they are)..I say that with LOVE..no wonder Jesus said no man knows..so the trepidation continues as I am so looking to going home. Blessing to everyone in CHrist! AMEN..

    Is any one else haveing a burst of different feelings...I cant wrap my head around everything...I am so looking to Jesus

    1. Yvonne, I had those feelings too. It was overwhelming at times but I keep reminding myself that Romans 8:25 says to wait with patience and composure, two things I am not known to have. I just keep thinking about all the signs and evidence God has revealed to us. The total solar eclipse, the blood moons on Labor Day, the huge hurricanes, all the 3s and 7s I read at Daily Crow and here, Israel's numerous anniversaries AND getting control of the Temple Mount in July, the seven towns of Salem the eclipse passed over and, of course, the Revelation 12 sign and tons of others. God is in control. Keep calm and carry on. God is going to do what He's going to do when He does it and be humbled and grateful that He let you know ahead of time. I sure am.

    2. I know most of this year I've been afraid to make any kind of long term plan, lately even for the next day and sometimes even hours, and almost every time someone else does, I feel an urge to say 'Lord willing and the creek don't rise...' (Something my grandmother says frequently) It's intense unlike anything I've witnessed before, and that tells me that something is about to happen.

  14. Kris, I know the feeling. I didn't order groceries this week. LOL. I get them delivered because I hate shopping. I am out of canned cat food and getting dirty looks from my cats but I know they love the dry food I am giving them. Today, I ordered a pizza. And a few times during the week I went to McDonald's and bought two coffees (so I wouldn't have to go out the next day) and two giant subs at Jersey Mike's for the same reason. I know something will happen and would like to be home when it does. God's timing is perfect and Jesus will be right on time.

    1. I cleared my fridge too. :) Now we're still here. FoT is over, sunset passed. Hmmm... Sunday no shopping. Eating left overs now til Monday. What happened? Why DIDN'T it happen? When WILL it? Having to return to the world again, making a living somehow. "I will go fishing"... (John 21:3) And then?? LORD why didn't you catch us up? What are we supposed to do now? What does it all mean?

    2. Even though it seems to be tarrying... I think it's giving everyone a chance to think and do whatever they feel is the best use for their time. The 23rd isn't yet over, and the alignment on the 24th is still there for the most part. I think we are waiting for the Red Dragon sign now, and perhaps for Jupiter to be 'fully delivered.'

      Even if this 'great' sign seems to be a dud, it's purpose is being served. It got our attention, we have more things to look at than it, and now some of the pressure is off. It's not like it was the only thing we were watching, right? Maybe it was just an exit sign, and the exit is still up ahead...

  15. Annabel,

    Isaiah 66:9

    “Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord.
    “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God.

    I am still just as excited to see what God is going to do. He has given us so much evidence and signs and info and continues to do so. I just read that amazing article at Daily Crow about how the top three leaders all have end times names. Trump, Gentilioni (Gentile) of Italy and Emmanuel (God with us) Macron of France. And Gentilioni's wife is named Emmanuela ! Remember, Jesus did say He would come at a time we wouldn't expect. That gave me pause. We know He is close. Proverbs and many other places in the Bible say to keep what you have learned. I consider all God's teaching and instruction and Revelation to be far better than silver, gold, diamonds and rubies. What do we do now ? KEEP studying. Keep learning and praying to be filled with wisdom, knowledge, revelation, understanding and discernment. Study to show thyself approved. Keep doing things for His Kingdom. Heap up those treasures in Heaven.

    God is NOT slack regarding His promises. His timing is perfect. I think we will all be shocked and happily surprised when Jesus snatches us out of this world and I kinda think He likes it that way.

    Do NOT let the enemy steal your joy. When the enemy and his angels get kicked out of Heaven, we will get those seats in the court of authority.

    God's timing is better than ours. He will do all His pleasure and I thank Him for sharing with me, His humble, nobody servant, all that He has. God bless you. Don't worry. Our future is bright !!!

  16. Annabel....This is just what I was fearing. Please understand that there are a few other events the Bible clearly states must happen, BEFORE the rapture.

    There is a gal on here named Carol... ...dont know a thing about her...except she posted the strongest anti rapture statement ever. Look it up..July 6yh in the " no coincidence" thread. She flat out stated that if the rapture didn't happen on the 23rd...there isn't going to be a rapture. Her words , not mine.

    I can't imagine the damage done to unsaved people reading that, and several others here that SINCERELY thought we were out of here. I would not be SINCERE in my own faith to stay mute.

    We have many many months ahead of us, and just getting to the arrival of the antichrist will be tough enough. Please read Matthew 24...Mark 13..Luke 21...for starters.

    Read 2Thessalonians2:3

    The elect are those that follow Christ..including the Jews that also follow him.

    1. With all due respect, I disagree. For me (and I think for many of us here) it's pretty clearly and strongly established (based on Scripture) that the AC couldn't come to the scene until the Church is gone in the rapture. (The verse quoted above is one of the verses supporting that view.)

    2. I think Nora is correct. Also, 2 Thessalonians 2:3 refers to the beginning of the Day of the Lord, not to the Rapture.

      Btw, the word rendered as "the falling away" in the KJV actually means "the departure". It could very well be referring to the Rapture itself.

      Here's a good study on the issue:


      Note: the article is easier to read if it is downloaded as a .pdf and read in adobe acrobat.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Right before the sunset/ blowing of the Last Trump (in Israel, so 1130 EST), there were some amazing, out-of-the-ordinary clouds/ cloud shapes and formations in the sky above on this crystal clear blue sky (here in the DC area). The clouds took the shape of angels and one looked like a crucifixion.

    For sure, my wife and thought the hour had truly come! We were witnessing just some awesome sky happenings. Jesus is light and we thought, perhaps Jesus would be coming in from the sun with the angels surrounding Him?

    Well, it is now 4p EST. However, this video confirms and affirms "this" Day (still the 23rd in the eastern US for another 8hrs) the Lord has made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it.


    Amen and Amen. It is God's timing. Anyway, we are still waiting (expectantly) on His call.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. LASTLY, keep in mind Unsealed's posting on the... 24th being a "more perfect alignment..."

      Brad at Rev12Daily has a similar post: https://rev12daily.blogspot.com/

      Scott Clarke makes a salient point:

      #23 = Death
      #24 = Priesthood

      Stay ready for the KING! Stay tuned to the skies above! Keep looking!

    3. Thanks. My birthday is Feb. 3

    4. From Unsealed's "24" piece (Gary writing here):

      "The image above is how the alignment will appear at 10:30 AM in Israeli time, which would be 3:30 AM on the east coast of the United States (Luke 12:38 hints that Jesus might appear in the second or third watch of the night). The fact that this occurs Sunday morning is also interesting considering that Jesus was raised to life early on a Sunday and Christians flock to church on Sunday. Jupiter, which symbolizes the male child of Revelation 12:5, will actually appear to rise from the earth on the 24th (resurrection and rapture, anyone?). It's also notable that 24 is the number of elders who symbolize the glorified Church in Heaven in Revelation 4.

      This in no way debunks September 23rd, but it's an interesting and overlooked possibility. At this point I think there is enough ambiguity between the 23rd and 24th that we can't really know the exact day or hour of this sign's exact alignment. September 20th through 24th will be the highest watch that I've ever experienced."

  19. Maybe limiting the Rapture to just 2 days once a year is not the thing to do especially in the onslaught of signs God has inundated us with. The black sun, blood moons on Sept 4, people taking chips in their hand, Israel getting control of the Temple Mount , the biggest hurricanes and earthquakes since I don't know when, the fires out west, a leader named Trump, Emmanuel and Gentilioni, all the 3s and 7s and on and on. Can we really afford to ignore ALL the signs of the times when we look at the totality ? Right now, Russia, hezbollah and the revolutionary guard are parked at Israel's border. The IAF just blew up another depot of weapons and chemical weapons. Won't there be a huge war that brings the AC on the scene to sign the 7 yr peace deal ? We won't be here for that. You know what ? I think the Rapture is soon !!!

  20. Iran just tested a missile...NK is testing...Russia is exercising war games... Israel is firing missiles...China is being too quiet..Rome is calling for peace ..LOOK UP

  21. Yes. And the Feasts were given to the Jews under the law. We are not under the law but under Grace. Maybe just maybe President Trump is The Last Trump for us Gentiles. Of all the people God could have chosen for president, He picked a man whose last name is in the two biggest scriptures on the Rapture. Yet another sign.

  22. Prophecy
    Benjamin Netanyahu receives a prophetic word
    January 7, 2016/By:Daniel J. Evers/0 Comments/Prophecy
    Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was the youngest person to ever be elected as Prime Minister of Israel. During his first term as Prime Minister in the late 1990s a Christian African minister named Robert Mawire received a word from God that he must speak to the leader of Israel.

    Robert came to Dallas Texas to meet the man who would introduce him to Netanyahu. Benjamin agreed to give him a minute to give his word while jokingly telling Robert to “remember what we do to prophets who say things that don’t come true”. Of course, he was referring to Deuteronomy 18:20-22Open in Logos Bible Software (if available).

    Robert’s first prophetic word to Netanyahu

    Undeterred, Robert turns to Netanyahu and tells him “I have placed you in this position, says the Lord. Do not give up my land. If you do give up my land, I will remove you from this position”.

    Benjamin kind of laughed and didn’t take it seriously. One of the people who was there to witness the warning was Ariel Sharon, a man who would later become Prime Minister and give up land for peace that never came. Ariel had a stroke, that put him in a comma for eight years and then he died.

    I have placed you in this position, says the Lord. Do not give up my land.

    After the prophecy was given, then President Bill Clinton pressured Netanyahu to give up some of the land to PLO leader, Yasser Arafat. Not long after that, Benjamin’s government collapsed and he was removed from power.

    A number of years later, then ex-Prime Minister Netanyahu is in Florida at a gathering in support of Israel. The same African minister says “I have another word. I have to speak to him again” and he gets access to Netanyahu again. This time, Netanyahu remembers Robert and takes him seriously.

    Robert’s second prophetic word to Netanyahu

    Robert says to Netanyahu “you will once again become Prime Minister of Israel. If you honor His covenant that He made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, regarding Israel, He will honor you and exalt you. But if you disregard His covenant and give away His land, He will dishonor you. Be strong and of good courage, for unto this people you shall divide an inheritance, the land that I swore to their fathers that I would give them.

    Do not ever negotiate land for peace… God is not done with you. You will be Prime Minister again in a critical time of history.”

    Now about this time, Barak Obama became president of the United States and Benjamin Netanyahu became Prime minister of Israel again, according to the prophecy. The Obama administration has pressured Benjamin to give up land, and even tried to get him removed from power. For a time, it looked like Netanyahu would be removed from office but, almost miraculously, Netanyahu was re-elected. Not only that but he’s about to become the longest serving Prime minister in the history of Israel.


    But something else was said to Netanyahu in that prophecy, which was this: “You will be the Prime minister for the restoration of the tabernacle of David.”

    The tabernacle can signify any of the following:

    The kingdom of Israel
    The throne of David
    The church of God
    The temple of Jerusalem
    You will be the Prime minister for the restoration of the tabernacle of David.

    What does this prophesy mean?

    A while later, Robert saw Netanyahu again and Netanyahu pulled out a picture, held it up and said “This is what it’s all about”.

    What was the picture?

    It was a picture of the future temple of Jerusalem.

    Temple 2

    Friends, in this prophetic period of history, we need to be watchful for the signs of the end times. We can’t ignore what’s happening in the world. And for our sake, we need to support Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)). While you’re at it, pray for Benjamin Netanyahu that he will never again give up God’s land.

    God blesses those who bless Israel,


    1. My biggest concern for President Trump is that he resists the constant pressure from various U.S. bureaucracies to push Netanyahu into giving up land. Trump needs to understand clearly that any "two-state solution" he pushes will be the undoing of his presidency, not to mention our own country.

    2. More than anything, Netanyahu has to resist pressure from the US and others to negotiate with people who want to kill them and pay the families of the so-called martyrs. Trump needs to put his foot down on THAT. I pray Bibi will listen and obey God. I know he remembers what happened to Ariel Sharon when he gave Gaza away. Bibi resisted Obama and the most he did was a settlement freeze which made Abbas walk away altogether. Bibi has the Temple Mount now and has to get moving on the new Temple but I feel sure war will come first, then the peace deal and then rebuilding of the Temple. I don't like Tillerson or the State Dept. there are many players who can make trouble for Israel and God will surely deal with them.

    3. In fact, it's time for Israel to get back a lot of their God-given land just like they did in 1967. Take back Gaza and the Sinai for starters.

  23. That article made me feel good, so I wanted to pass it along.

  24. Good morning and happy 24th!

    Another day to go about God's business, being faithful to Him, and another day to spread the good news as well as alerting others about the nearness of the Lord's return. After all, Tesuvah (the season of repentance) is a full 40 days from 8/21 [total eclipse day].

    REMINDER: The parables in in the New Testament remind us of His 'late' arrivals. Remember when He took His time getting to Lazarus? Everyone was panicking about His 'lateness' but He knew He would be right on time.

    See this quick 5min video "He said He would be Late":

  25. That's right and the woman in labor symbol is always the sign of the Tribulation. God is warning the world but especially Israel. God bless and protect Israel forever. I'm still overwhelmed by all the signs God has sent. The black sun, blood moons, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, columns of smoke and Rev 12. All in rapid succession. I make sure to repent at least once a day. God is so good. Can't wait to see what He does next !

  26. Good afternoon!

    It's Sunday, September 24th, 2017 and the sun is clothing the virgin with the moon at her feet.

    Last night I started looking at the alignment that appeared in the skies as the woman who was in labour. That would mean that the male child would be circumcised (and named) on the eighth day after birth. (Hmmm? A name nobody knows yet?) Is this not when John was named? Is this not when Jesus was named?

    Remember, Zacharias' could not speak until the eighth day,

    63 And he asked for a writing tablet, and wrote, saying , "His name is John." So they all marveled. 64 Immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, praising God. 65 Then fear came on all who dwelt around them; and all these saying were discussed throughout all the hill country of Judea. 66 And all those who heard them kept them in their hearts, saying "What kind of child will this be?" And the hand of the Lord was with him. (Luke 1:63-66 NKJV)

    Please forgive me while I dig for nuggets out loud. I am continuing an amplified study of (Revelation 12:1-5) in the context of (Leviticus 12:1-4). We have a picture of timings within childbirth for the woman and the son which point toward Yom Kippur or early October.

    Not date setting here folks, just asking the questions as I explore scripture for myself. Happy hunting in your prayerful searches!

    Pastor Rich

    Before I do that we have evening services and much prayer to offer to the LORD on this study.

    Grace and peace to you,

    Pastor Rich

  27. I wonder, has anyone such as Brad, Scottie Clark, Adam of the Parable of the Vineyard, or someone in Jerusalem reported actual visual sighting of the Rev12 sign (visually seeing it with their eyes) at dusk on the 23rd or at the 24th dawn? One of Scottie's videos implied (if I understood or recall correctly) that such should have been possible (but perhaps from Jerusalem?). Otherwise the original Greek word แฝคฯ†ฮธฮท translated "appeared" in Revelation 12:1 ("And a great sign APPEARED in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars") would have to be understood in the secondary sense of แฝคฯ†ฮธฮท meaning "to see with the mind, to perceive, know or to see, i.e. become acquainted with by experience, to experience" (in this case via astronomy software) instead of its primary meaning of "to see with the eyes." Either meaning of "appeared" would be valid translations, even though some skeptics falsely dismiss the Revelation 12:1 sign by claiming that the "great sign" could not be visually observed during the day. However the original Greek would allow "appeared" to be translated "perceived" as was done through astronomy software.
    --Professor Al, Ph.D., Th.D., Bible professor and evangelist in an undisclosed unreached mission field

  28. Professor....It doesn't matter what geographical location you are on the earth, north pole, south pole, top of Mt.Everest,or at below sea level at the Dead Sea.

    The Rev 12 sign was there as exactly portrayed in the Bible, but the sun blocks out the middle of the sign anywhere on earth. Only with the sun way below sunrise can the planets making up part of the crown be seen...and likewise, only after sunset can Jupiter and the crescent moon be see.

    I always assumed this sign was scripturally "unsealed" in the days of these end times we are in by astronomy software such as Stellarium which I use.

    It was an amazing sign for trouble ahead and we are headed there fast. My faith has increased instead of being discouraged. We have more biblical stuff to watch unfold over MANY months ahead.

  29. Last Call! Get on the Ark! The Days of Awe are upon us and 'end' 9/30. The Rev 12 sign marks the Final Countdown!

    Good ole Heavenly Sign is on it from the number/ math/ day perspective:

    When Jesus came back from the 40 days in the wilderness, He started His ministry on Atonement. Atonement was the only day of the year when the selected high priest was able to go into the Holy of Holies. Jesus came to do away with this ritual, representing the New Covenant. Jesus also is the final Atonement.

    Scott Clarke's new update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E9AX-WdNbg

    Maybe the 40 Days from the 8/21 Total Eclipse to Atonement is way too obvious?

    1. Thank you, Charlie in DC for the great update video from Scottie Clark. I have watched it twice and seem to get more out of it with each viewing. I am watching for signs still and keeping my eye on Israel. God bless you. And God bless the wonderful writers at this blog. I have learned so much here.



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