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The Equifax Breach - Sinister Implications

Could the Equifax breach be the precursor for something far more sinister?

The recent Equifax revelation that the personal information of 143 million Americans has been stolen by hackers is a catastrophic event.

In perspective, that is 44% of the United States citizens.  (Ponder that for a moment)

Right now, Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and full credit history of almost half of the country is in the hands of criminals.

In my household, my husband and my teenage son are among the number.  My child will face the threat of identity theft for the rest of his life... unless some fundamental change is made to identify and control credit, that is.

What better rationale and logical reason to put forth than to "protect" people from identity theft?  Simply have this invisible tattoo or chip on your hand... then you can buy and sell in complete safety.  

The implant technology is there, it simply faces resistance from the public in what a recent Fortune article called, the "Ick Factor".  What is more likely is some sort of biometric security mechanism that faces none of the public angst that implants do (source).  Afterall, how many iPhone users scan their thumb print dozens of times a day?

Biometric Security Implant
Imagine with me for a moment, a world which is thrown into financial chaos with the disappearance of millions of people.  Identities have already been compromised and with millions gone, there is no conceivable way to know if the person standing before the bank teller is the real Mary Smith or if Mary Smith is one of the millions who has disappeared. 

It just doesn't even seem far fetched any longer.
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  1. The timing of this breach is unbelievable. It's all lining up. I would suggest everyone head to Equifax and follow their procedures for freezing your credit.

    1. More bad judgment from Gary...


    2. Do NOT sign up!

    3. It's not bad judgement. You can freeze your credit without signing up for their free credit monitoring service.

    4. I don't think so David. Read their Terms of Service at http://www.equifax.com/terms/

      Just search for the word "waive"

    5. Regardless if anything nefarious is going on with Equifax, your comment slandering Gary was insulting and uncalled for. If you are a brother in Christ, I would suggest a sincere apology.

    6. You lose your right to sue just by using their service.

    7. Jeff, I'll apologize when Gary apologizes for banning me from the forum. How petty and arrogant of you.

    8. Jeff, questioning whether I'm a brother in Christ because you disagree with me is the lowest of the low. Who are you to decide that?

    9. Look, you're obviously bitter. I don't know the circumstances for why you were banned, but I can tell that your motives are not pure just by reading your comments. Slander is slander. I trust Gary, and he probably had good reason to ban you.

    10. You call characterizing something as bad judgment as "slander" - Seriously? You're easily triggered Jeff and you are no less petty and bitter. You even acknowledge you don't know the circumstances of why I was banned from the forum but based on my few comments above (which I could have characterized differently) and because you trust Gary, you agree I should have been banned without knowing any of the details. How prejudicial is that? Look, I'm not trying get back in. I just want to call you out as the hypocrite you are.

      I was the biggest supporter of this site directing many here, have posted a least 100 comments in the past, many with substantive infiormation, and was the one who left because you and Gary allowed Howard to keep posting his drivel and supported those who tolerated it. When a catholic did the same thing on the forum and I called them out for advocating catholicism but denying it, triggered snowflake members Gary777 and whatif asked Gary to ban me.

      As this site has grown, unfortunately so has your ego

    11. Gary is not asking people to sign up for Equifax security 2017, he's asking people to place a freeze on their credit, completely different. A freeze is offered by all the credit bureaus, you're only allowed to have your credit pulled when you pull the freeze. The link you placed is for a credit monitoring service.

    12. Thank you for explaining, Jeff and GospelAxe.

      Ecclesiastes, I'm not sure why you're so upset. I'm ok with criticism and ridicule and I receive it by the boatload daily. It's ok to question my judgment, too. I think what seems a bit un-Christlike is the "more" bad judgment from Gary and your general anger and combativeness. No one will hear you through that. Brothers should keep short accounts and be kind to one another.

      Regarding your being banned from the forum, I have no idea who you were on the forum, but we have three rules and we only ban someone after the moderators have a collaborative discussion and decide someone has repeatedly broken rules and is unwilling to change course.


    13. The "more" was a reference to banning me on the forum. I'm fine with it now. I now know there is less tolerance here for calling out things that in my opinion should be called out, but I get it. This isn't the only Christian site that places harmony among the brethren (and all others) above everything and that's fine. It's your site. I previously posted as Blood Red Moon.

      Anyway on a more constructive note, here's a few more signs if the guy in this video is correct...

      God Bless

    14. Blood Red Moon!! Welcome back, have missed your insight!!! Thanks for the link (and agree with Gary, keep short accounts etc). Considering we have unbelievers coming to these sites, it may be good for you and Jeff to delete some of the more controversial comments between you both etc.

    15. Hi Through and Through and thank you!!!

      I totally agree about deleting the comments. They are not edifying. I let my anger get the best of me. Unfortunately when I got banned I also deleted every post I made on this site thinking why contribute to a site that bans me. This was actually all started by members Gary777 and whatif who pushed a moderator on this site to ban me from the forum/shout out box after a heated excahnge with someone pushing catholic doctrine on the forum and denying they were.

    16. Ahh understand. That's a shame actually, as we should be exposing Catholicism and its evils at every possible opportunity.

    17. With less than two weeks to go I don't think it really makes a difference whether you freeze your credit or not
      It's Earthly it's temporary has nothing to do with heaven.
      God bless

    18. @Isaiah Maendel: you're SOOO right!! This Rev14:9 topic is ONLY given for tribulation period but NOT YET now! It is part of the "Tribulation Gospel" (watch Robert Breakers YouTube teaching of Aug2017 on this!) which is mixed with works again. Blessings, see you soon!! :))

    19. If your are banned, why don't you just leave? Trolls gunna troll, I suppose.

    20. @ Unknown - Because I feel I have much to contribute "occasionally". Show me how I trolled this site?

    21. @ Unknown - I was banned from the forum, not the main site here. They can always ban me from here too but so far haven't

  2. Turning and turning in a widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer
    Things fall apart the centre cannot hold
    Mere anarchy is unleashed upon the world. - John Keats (?)

    He who now letteth will let no more. He has been taken out of the way - effective yesterday 09/08. 2Thes.2
    God's Saints will have to be strong in the Lord and hunker into Psalm 91 as never before as full fierce fiery divinejudgements are unleashed one right behind the other upon the world.

  3. Wow, Dolley. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea that this had taken place. Like thieves in the night, these hackers were!

    Good thing there's another thief coming. I'll be glad to see Him :)

  4. There are lots of times where I like to State my opinion about something but then I have a backup and think about it. Do I really have to say this is it edifying will it cause unnecessary controversy and Division in the body of Christ? Many times I just choose not to comment. Think about it it doesn't really matter if you get your point across anyway and if your motives are wrong it's called Pride

  5. Thanks for posting this article, and I agree with freezing your credit. I froze my credit at each of the bureaus a few months ago, and it worked so well that I was unable to unfreeze two of them by using their automated systems, even with the secret pins I created!

  6. I don't believe I have ever used them. Never had much credit to begin with. Thanks for the info, Dolly
    P.S. Please Dolly give us a RIS update. Some things need to be update. May GOD's peace & love shine down on you!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Praise God! My debt has been paid in full! I'm leaving my wallet here!

    Maranatha brothers and sisters.

    1. Oh William!! :)) just this morning I suggested to my hsb to take a walk outside on 9/21 trumpet time LOL and leave our wallets, passport and keys to the house to be found along with our underwear... ROFL! I'm so much detached to what is going to happen to my belongings, data and bank account after we're out of here I cannot tell you! Come quickly LORD Jesus! :)

    2. You are so dear, Annabel. I too am completely detached and READY.

    3. Amen William, Annabel, Hillary.

  9. If anyone is interested, Steven Ben Nun put out an excellent video on the mark of the beast and how it relates to the coming return of the nephilim:

  10. It's true, Jesus has slowly painfully removed my grip from this world. He has left only the desire to intercede for the lost and suffering. I am humbled and laid low and my only hope is the blessed hope.there is freedom in looking up and keeping my eyes on the only thing that matters: God's will to save the lost and be used in whatever way I can for His work.I want to go home and have a part in bringing others home as well. So shall we dwell with the Lord forever!



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