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BREAKING: Islamic Terror Attack In New York City

News is breaking that an Islamic terrorist has killed at least eight people in lower Manhattan.  Apparently the terrorist ran over pedestrians as he shouted "Allahu Akbar".  At least nine others were injured.

Things seem to be suddenly ramping up quickly.

Please pray for the devastated families and the injured.


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  1. Praying. Would that all of this continued carnage and suffering would bring forth repentance.

    1. It seems the nation as a whole is not turning back as it briefly did after 9/11. Woe to this country.

  2. Agreeing in prayer. Also, Lord give is the words to speak to the lost and hurting around us, that they may come to know Your abundant love and holiness.

  3. There have been 140 small earthquakes in the French Alps in the last 40 days.Aparently the experts are at a loss to explain them. Also 4 VERY large earthquakes in New Caledonia, near Australia. New Caledonia happens to be French.
    All I can see is that France is believed to be Gomer.
    Anyone care to speculate?

    1. Watch Paul Begleys recent video on this. He talks about solar flares but that's not all of it. I guess it's the "red dragon" system approaching and causing electrical effects on earth (subterranean lightnings = earthquake) 140 French alps earthquakes is interesting too. I'm German. :)

    2. I've heard Germany might actually be Gomer, but I'm not sure. There have definitely been some record swarms lately (Yellowstone, Europe, Australia, etc).

    3. Yes, in trying to look it all up I found that it was all over the "map". Literally. A couple of sources said that the Gauls from the Germany area had invaded what is now France. I found another that said France was considered the elder daughter (?) of the Catholic Church. I thought someone might have a nugget of wisdom to explain it. I suspect we won't know until it's all over then we'll look back and go DUH!

  4. While I think the terror attacks are 'important' to keep an eye on, what is brewing wrt the President is possibly going to be the most explosive from a biblical perspective. God has been bringing warnings through 'natural' events...solar eclipse, hurricanes, fires etc, however to shake the 'powers that be' (acknowledging that is largely spiritual in reference) and possibly leaving a significant vacuum in the WH (or allowing nationwide conflict) has to be one of the most significant sign-posts to keep an eye out for.


    1. Ryan, can you expound on that a little more? I'm not sure what you mean by a vacuum in the WH.

    2. I'm guessing you mean that the FBI probe could result in Trump's ouster. I think it might be too early to tell though. A big reveal from the list of charges is that none of them pertain to Trump or the initial investigation of collusion, so I suspect these charges were merely to cover Mueller's own behind.

      Also, Trump's ouster would result in President Pence.

    3. I think you are correct Gary. Rush Limbaugh has been providing genuine 'alternative facts' wrt the investigation, and he noted that Trump has been targeted unfairly. Be interesting to see however how much ground-swell against Trump takes place in the next wee while from the lefties (above and beyond the vitriol that is already present).



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