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500 Years Later: What's Next for the Church—Another Reformation, or the Resurrection?

October is over, and we are now staring at two months left in the year 2017—the year of convergence, the year of significant anniversaries (see here and here), the year of the sign. Many in Christendom are looking back in remembrance to the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation (1517). At the same time, there is also a remnant who are looking forward, watching and waiting with great anticipation of Jesus' return.

The year 2017 is a year of stark contrasts as well: There are those who identify with Christ, who are willing to celebrate the glory days of the past and yet have little to no desire for the glory to come. On the bright side, you've got a contingent of believers who are grateful to stand on the shoulders of the saints of old but long for something greater. Not satisfied with the empty pleasures of this current world order, they long for their Savior and His future kingdom rule on earth (2 Tim. 4:1, 8; Rev. 5:9-10; 11:15).

Furthermore, in a season where many celebrate the darkness (Dia de los Muertos and Halloween), it is the light of the gospel and the courageous efforts of the Reformers that still shine brightly today. And yet, there is a tragic, bitter irony in Jesus' words to the church at Sardis which also speaks to the grave spiritual climate of today's Protestant churches:

...I know your works. You have the reputation of being alive, but you are dead. Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God. Remember, then, what you received and heard. Keep it, and repent. If you will not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come against you" (Rev. 3:1-3, ESV).

Ouch. The One who searches every heart also looks down the corridors of the Church age and sees a fire that has gone out among a community of churches that has made men like Luther and Calvin household names. Like their forerunner Sardis, these Protestant seminaries and churches have a reputation for being alive, but the words of the Savior cut through the fluff and expose the charade.

Instead of being alive, the children of the Reformation today are among the dead and dying. Instead of watching for Jesus to return, many would rather be watching The Walking Dead.

How did it come to this given the positive reputation of the church (Rev. 3:1)? And what does Jesus mean by "watching" (KJV) or "waking up" (ESV) anyway (Rev. 3:3)?

The Missing Pieces of the Protestant Reformation: Ecclesiology and Eschatology 

In Acts 20:27 the apostle Paul declares to the elders of Ephesian church, "...I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God," and to his successor Timothy, he writes, "For the time will come when they will not tolerate sound doctrine..." (2 Tim. 4:3).

The whole counsel of God. Sound doctrine. Genesis to Revelation and everything in between. In order to reach maturity and "the stature of the fullness of Christ" (Eph. 4:13), we've got to be diligent students of the Word, Spirit-led and Spirit-fed, not majoring in the minors, isolating texts out of context, or shying away from difficult passages. Oh, and a teachable spirit and a lot of humility go a long way in this endeavor.

One of the most efficient ways to become a more well-rounded believer is to read a thorough systematic theology. See here for a quick definition and explanation (What is Systematic Theology?).

Lacking as I am in the organizational department, I have appreciated the orderly compilation of others who have categorized and expounded the core doctrines of the faith. For example, during my tenure at Dallas Theological Seminary, I was required to read Lewis Sperry Chafer's systematic theology, especially in my soteriology and ecclesiology classes.

Do I keep one of these large tomes on my nightstand for bedtime reading? No (lol). But when I had the allotted time, reading Chafer and others laid a solid foundation for my further studies.

All this to say: We are blessed in this generation to have so much knowledge at our disposal. However, with instant access to an abundance of knowledge, there comes a need for wisdom and discernment to have any hope of making sense of it all. In hindsight, there are two glaring deficiencies in the systematic theologies of the Reformers: Ecclesiology and Eschatology.

This is not a knock against the work of those faithful men and women during that era. It is merely an observation that the more pressing matters at that time were issues of soteriology (e.g. justification by faith), bibliology (e.g. sola scriptura), and christology (e.g. the sufficiency of Christ's once-and-for-all atoning sacrifice). In God's sovereign plan, the emphasis and reclamation of a proper eschatology and ecclesiology didn't come to fruition until the mid-1800s with the prophecy movement led by John Nelson Darby and company.

The Reformation is so-called because the prominent leaders of the movement only sought to reform "the Church" rather than completely separate from her (which, at that time the visible "Church" was the heavy yoke of Rome). Thus, Luther, Calvin, and company assumed the ecclesiology and eschatology of Augustine (i.e. the Church is the new, or true Israel + amillennialism). Consequently, I believe those today who have inherited the legacy of the Reformers, our Lutheran and Reformed brethren, have self-imposed blinders to the prophetic reality that is unfolding in 2017.

In the grand scheme of things, it makes perfect sense for the LORD to exponentially unseal the prophetic word at such a time as this. After all, we are in the waning minutes of the last days. Don't believe me, just watch!

And on the subject of watching...

Watch What? 

Revelation 3:3 has made its rounds in our online watcher-community, and rightly so. Jesus' words taken at face value imply that it is possible to know the timing of His thief-like return. Some may interpret "watching" or "waking" as living an upright life, staying "spiritually alert" at all times. The crucial aspect of having Christ's imputed righteousness aside, aren't there Christians out there who live good lives as upstanding citizens and benefactors? Aren't there believers out there who don't think Christ is coming back any time soon (or at all in the physical, corporeal sense), and yet you would still let them babysit your kids?

So, can "watching" or "waking" really mean just living a pure life before God and others? If so, how would that help you determine the time of Jesus' arrival? Personally, I'm struggling to see a connection. I'm willing to broaden the definition of an "hour" (see Rev. 3:10), but I'm not willing to accept that "watching" in Rev. 3:3 merely means to have your doctrinal ducks in a row while striving to keep God's commandments. Sure, I acknowledge there is a connection between abiding in Christ and not being ashamed at His coming (1 John 2:28; 3:3); however, we are seeking to understand the correct interpretation of Rev. 3:3 in context.

What does the Lord Jesus want Sardis (and those of her ilk today) to watch for? Are there concrete signposts or world events that can help us to narrow down the timeframe? Yes, there's a host of them in the self-same book (and from our vantage point, the mother of all signs in Rev. 12:1-2)!

Back in January of this year, I posted an article entitled "Revelation 2–3 and the Timing of our Departure." Given what has already transpired throughout the Fall Feast season, I realize how zealous and eager I was for the Feast of Trumpets to be our go-time. Like many others who thought this way, I was wrong in my assumptions and jumped the gun. Nevertheless, I invite you to read Thomas' paper and consider the profound thought of Jesus' return for the Church and the onset of Daniel's 70th week occurring simultaneously with little time in between.

Here's a short section of what I wrote back then:

Thomas draws out further evidence from the book of Revelation that our rescue and departure from the earth occurs in tandem with the onset of the Tribulation period...I had never even considered how Jesus' statements in the seven letters were illogical if we did not understand His imminent return to include a simultaneous rescue of believers (Rev. 3:10) and judgment against unbelievers (Rev. 2:16, 22-25). It's a simple yet profound insight which confirms what some of us already know and firmly believe about the sudden removal of the body of Christ immediately prior to, or concurrent with, the start of Daniel's 70th week (Rev. 12:1-5)."

As I said before in my last post, last time I checked the Tribulation hasn't started yet. The covenant with Death and Hell hasn't been signed, and there is no construction underway for the Tribulation temple. The LORD's plan is still unfolding, and we are still right on schedule. From the prophetic landscape today, as we survey our times and interpret God's word correctly, we are able to see that our rescue is imminent.

I believe the confirmations and signs from the LORD will continue unabated until we have escaped and stand before the Son of Man (Lk. 21:36). Therefore, keep watching! Do not be dismayed, but be encouraged!

Let's take on the Philadelphian mindset and keep enduring and persevering in our watching. Look for that open door (Rev. 3:8; 4:1)! The hour that sleeping Sardis fails to wake for will be the same hour of our escape...and also the hour of trial that comes upon all who dwell on the face of the earth (Rev. 3:3, 10).


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  1. "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery" (Gal 5:1, NIV). While Luther poised the nail it was our Lord Who lifted the hammer to nail these to the door. Freedom, itself, is an uncontainable Goal of the Divine (Luke 4:18) and the same Lord Who orchestrated this incredible moment 500 years ago has not changed nor has His Commitment to Freedom and Truth and that in the context of THESE times and the edicts He is preparing to be nailed to some different doors, shortly. Maranatha!

    1. Amen, Jimboni! Christ set us free so that we could live in freedom. Let's keeping standing firm!

    2. I love the article! My belief is as we are taken out, those that remain have been judged just by our rescue. In Jesus' own words "I know thy works..."

    3. Yes, exactly! That's the judgment that Christ refers to in the seven letters. The true believers (regenerated, born again, baptized into the body of Christ) are taken, and those who were just playing church are left behind to go into...well, just read the rest of the story (chapters 6 through 19)!

  2. Thank you Jeff. I am encouraged. I have struggled with the stark reality that most people that I know in church (I am closely associated with and attend several, the total attendance of these is in the thousands.) simply are not paying attention to the season that we are in. To be this close, and to be part of what seems to be a tiny handful of watchers is gut-wrenching. I am constantly looking for the right words to warn the worldly ones around me, but find it even harder to find the opportunity to warn the churches that they are in such a position as Sardis. Interesting that the warning in Revelation is to the churches, rather than to the lost, unchurched. I can tell you the lost folks that are around me at work and in my neighborhood are much more lost than I have ever experienced in my life, if I may use the term "more lost". What I mean is they say things to me like, "the Devil seems like the cool choice", and then continue their line of thinking with disgusting false arguments about God and satan. I hear the same terrible arguments over and over and do not see them getting any closer to the truth. One of the strongest arguments they have is their criticism of the church and of "christians". It is painful to hear. Maybe this is the key, we cannot win the lost, until "christians" start being Christians. Is it too late? Can we take this call to herald the warning to our local churches?

    1. Hi Miguel, hang in there, brother. In response to your closing questions: Is it too late? Can we take this call to herald the warning to our local churches? We can take heart 'cause it ain't over 'til you hear that voice like a trumpet say, "Come up here!" (Rev. 4:1).

      Even though hearts may be hard, or the cares of this life have dampened the light of the gospel, there is still hope for those in Sardis-like churches...even those in a Laodicean mold! How do we know it's not too late for them? Because Jesus still offers fellowship to all by His command for individuals in these churches to repent (Rev. 3:3, 19).

      Keep trying to reach others to wake them up as the Lord leads. I know many in this community could share a testimony or two about the positive difference in their lives since knowing how close we are to the Lord's return.

    2. Miguel, remember some last important commandments for these days in Revelation 22,11. There's little to nothing to do about what you experience yet. Sad but true. The race is almost over. Hold onto what is good, walk on the narrow path and let the mockers mock. God willing He will deal with them. If not they all had their chance in life (Job 33:29) and it doesn't depend on you now. Keep going, we're there soon. MARANATHA! :-)

    3. Miguel, It is only our job to plant the seeds, water them (if they have questions), and sometimes harvest one or two along the way, but with tenderness and gentleness. It is He who saves, but we who tend the garden. Just allow The Holy Spirit to provide the words, to the right person, at just the right time. God will make them grow. Then just let your life show the result of the Grace we have all been given. Hang in there buddy, God's got it!

    4. Thank you all for your encouragement and wisdom. What a kind, patient, holy, loving God we serve! I am so excited to see Jesus face to face and to be in the presence of God, but more and more as I visit this community on Unsealed.org I am also just overjoyed to think about being among you as well. To have so many friends, brothers and sisters from every tribe and tongue, is amazing! We could be caught up any moment, but even if it takes another year may we be filled with His Spirit and snatch as many as possible from the eternal fire. All glory to God in the highest!

  3. When we are persecuted for our faith by most of the world, then we know we are on the right track. If we ain't steppin on toes, we wont receive any blows.

  4. Very encouraging, as we continue this special walk as those who are watching for The Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Just a quick thank you to all at "Unsealed" for being His vessels as He uses you to encourage many during this time of waiting.

    1. Thank you, Tracey! And thank you for following along with us.

  5. Very encouraging and faith-strengthening in these last of the last days.


    1. Greg over at "A Little Strength" has a very well written article around this topic. Wish he would do at least two a month (slacker!)

  6. Thank you Jeff and along with Tracey, thank you Unsealed. Your site provides daily reassurance. Anyone else expereincing physical symptoms along with all this?? Maranatha!

    1. Experiencing physical symptoms?..I AM! ..I'm getting cramps in my toes from hanging on to the edge of my seat! LOL! Maranatha!

  7. I Love how Unsealed Blog Posts always leave me Driving Away with a Full Tank! lol! Thanks! And..Believe Me! I'm..READY! To..Trade IN! ..This Old Clunker! ..Exciting days and weeks ahead! Praise Jesus!

    1. You've got it, Uncle Jimmy! Thanks, Jeff, and everyone at Unsealed, for all of your insights. It is a wonderful thing you are doing. Looking forward to meeting you all in the air!

  8. Best recent article I've read:


    Highly recommended.

    1. yes, took a while for Greg to 'come around', but come around he did...except he has managed to put it across in a way that is less offensive than what I was able to communicate prior to the event. Brilliant!

    2. forgot to add...Greg/Jeff/Gary - Greg L's articles are awesome, and DJ is right in that the one linked above is a doozy. His articles do challenge some of the 'status quo' we see on a lot of these sites, and Greg's alternative opinions are worthy (IMHO) of a 'guest' article...largely in order to give us plenty of room to discuss (debate??) his articles further.

    3. I also have to agree... Great article! I was indeed quite distracted with a "date", and was somewhat disappointed when it just flew by like any other day. However, the exercise has given me a new heart, because it has taken me back to His Word. The result is that any disappointment has transformed into a deeper relationship with Him because of it. To coin a phrase "take it to the mattresses". In other words go back to the source, God's word, and live it in the every day, but its also okay to continue watching. So, like the article says, use this time to prepare our eternal resumes, and, as I'm fond of saying when questioned... "Hey, I'm not burning through my retirement, but I'm definitely doing some of the things on my bucket list!" One of which is getting back to His Precious Word. Sela...

    4. It seems to me that much of the "more sure word of prophecy" (2 peter 1:19) was intentionally obscure because it was not intended so much to PREDICT but to CONFIRM (after the fact). This was necessary so the "princes of this world," who desire to look into such things (1 Peter 1:12) wouldn't mess up God's plan (1 Corinthians 2:8). So some prophecies were temporarily sealed (Daniel 12:4; Revelation 10:4), while others were not (Revelation 22:10). The trick, of course, is knowing which is which, so we don't waste time trying to solve puzzles that can't (yet) be solved.

      Case in point: Genesis 1 with 2 Peter 3:8 apparently tell us that time between Creation to the New Creation is 7000 years (and since Revelation 20:4 says the Kingdom is a 1000-year period), Creation to the Kingdom is 6000 years. In my mind, this is the simplest and least obscure of all end-time prophecies. If only we knew what year it really is!

  9. Excellent article... thank you so much.

    I'm noticing the same things mentioned. It seems like the dividing line between the dark & the light is no longer fuzzy... there is a stark difference between good & evil. Either I'm just more sensitive to it now, or something is drastically changing here in the final hours.

    One thing that has puzzled me lately... Recently I've been hearing a lot of "different" interpretations of scripture than what I've come to understand in the past. I'm not sure what to think about that. Is the Holy Spirit moving more & revealing deeper knowledge as we get closer, or is it something else? Should I be open to the former, or be on guard against the latter?

    For example: I'm seeing many people espousing the belief that we are currently in the middle of the 7 seals of Revelation. They claim we are in the 5th seal, awaiting the 6th seal. Their rationale is that the rider on the white horse represents the Church over the last 2000 years, that the next 3 horses represent what's been going on in the world during the same period, and that the souls under the alter in Rev. 6:9 are crying out wondering when the Rapture is going to happen.

    I've done my own study, and for a variety of reasons that I won't go into here, I disagree with this "new" view.

    You mention above: "The whole counsel of God. Sound doctrine. Genesis to Revelation and everything in between. In order to reach maturity and "the stature of the fullness of Christ" (Eph. 4:13), we've got to be diligent students of the Word, Spirit-led and Spirit-fed, not majoring in the minors, isolating texts out of context, or shying away from difficult passages. Oh, and a teachable spirit and a lot of humility go a long way in this endeavor."

    When sharing with the person the reasons why I don't agree with this "new" teaching, it inevitably turns ugly.... I simply don't understand why we Christians can't discuss these things lovingly with eachother... you see it all the time, regardless of the passage we bicker about.

    So, how does one in this position deal with this predicament? Do we stay silent to avoid the ugliness of the bickering? Do we just abandon our brethren to the folly of their misunderstanding of Scripture? Do we assume that maybe we're the one who's misunderstanding Scripture, maybe we're narrow-minded, or clinging too strongly to the traditions of men from the past? Do we adopt an attitude that we must BOTH be right, and this verse must have a double fulfillment? Do we tell ourselves that this Scripture doesn't pertain to salvation, so leave it alone & don't address it at all?

    Honestly, I've never seen so much infighting in the body of Christ before. And what's worse, I see so much confusion take root in people as a result. Truly, I don't know how to handle it anymore.

    I even hesitated posting this, because I'm worried that by doing so, I may be contributing to the problem I just got done babbling about.

    Has anyone else noticed this, or has it always been like this & I just never noticed it before?

    Oh, please come quickly Yeshua.

    Blessings & peace to you all.

    1. I'm glad you posted this, and you are not contributing to the problem. I've asked many of the same questions that you posted: Do I stay silent, or take the time to engage? Am I missing something, or does this person have more of an "in" with God? I also hesitate to discuss things online or via text, because it is so cumbersome and falls short of the ideal scenario of talking face-to-face.

      I think the most famous (infamous?) question that a Christian might ask is: Does this issue pertain to salvation? Oh, it's about end-times, or Revelation. Well then, it must not be important to the here and now, so I'm not going to engage in the discussion. It's that type of thinking that lands one in the "pan-tribulational, pan-millennial" camp (i.e. "it will all pan out in the end"). Truly, a sad sight when someone checks out like that.

      You know, I've observed an interesting phenomenon. Whenever it looks like God's word is not going to be fulfilled in the plainest sense of the text, there are always those who want to push the envelope toward a more allegorical, or mystical interpretation. Hence, when 70 AD happened, and the Church prospered, it looked like maybe the nation of Israel was finished forever. Along with a prospering Church there came the need to re-interpret some of those odd and very Israel-centric passages in the prophetic sections of the OT to suit the times.

      I think the same thing is going on right now, mainly online. I've seen some creative interpretations that might sound really convincing to someone who hasn't wrestled a long time with the text of Scripture.

      Just know that you're not alone, and we've all got to keep studying to show ourselves approved. We've got to keep the Berean mindset and see if what a pastor, teacher, YouTuber, sister or brother says is true. If the Bereans didn't give Paul the luxury of taking his word without question or inquiry, then neither should we receive a new teaching so easily without putting it to the test.

      "Don't despise prophecies, but test all things. Hold on to what is good" (1 Thess. 5:20-21).

      Hold on to what you have, and peace to you in Christ!

    2. Agree with all that wise counsel but could you fit it on a business card for quick reference? How about, does it lift up CHRIST, alone? What are the fruit of the message and its messenger? How does this new 'nuanced' insight comport with the REST of the Lord's Word, both in spirit and specific verse? Those 3 tests will settle the vast majority and the Spirit will Guide All, Maranatha!

    3. Agreeing to the above said and experiencing most of the same as mksmith I'd like to add James 3:1 to the list of verses that most people forget about today. Like Jimboni says, not only is Christ not lifted up in someone being (or wanting to be) a teacher but without rightly dividing but this "teacher" forgets about his responsability that he's dealing with the most holy things of God adressing the most precious creation of God, the church. God will hold him accountable for every error, upset, strive and misleading his teaching has caused. This may also be a warning here to the 'unsealed' team even if they're still sound in doctrine generally but not always (e.g. Matthew 24-25 'Judaization' as a common modern view spreading around which I don't support either). 1 Corinthians 10:12 MARANATHA!

    4. MKSMITH let me tell you, personally, the Holy Spirit has spent an extensive amount of time over the past 4-5 years upsetting my apple cart. Through this, it has been the most encouraging, uplifting and challenging time I have ever known with the Lord. I grew up Southern Baptist and every wonderful and not so wonderful thing that goes along with it. Deep roots - thank you Father for deep roots. Over a lifetime, as God has brought people and circumstances to challenge those things which were taught as unassailable, I have learned I do not know it all and neither did those who lovingly and faithfully taught me. My real growth began after He had taken me through a few "changes" that were clearly scripturally correct. Once I began to trust Him and Scripture enough, then He was able to make the necessary adjustments. I prayed, "Lord, I hold 3 things sacred and upon which I will not be moved - Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified, buried and rose again the third day to pay the debt for my sin. Anything other than this I submit for correction or affirmation. I want Truth and I trust You." My fear was my well-ordered world would be toppled over. I was afraid my theology would not hold up to new information. Almost 5 years later I can tell you my faith is stronger, my understanding clearer and my willingness to learn more free than it has ever been. He will not let me eat a Serpent and I do not have to be afraid of my Bible. The most interesting thing is, I did have a terrific foundation and the shifts have not been cataclysmic. They have been exceedingly important to open my eyes. Now, I understand more of the why rather than "Because I said so". We are all naturally concerned about heresy creeping in and, by deception, we might take on something which is untrue and will separate us from Jesus Christ. I stand as witness today He will not allow that to happen as long as you stay in prayer and in the Word. I understood some things rightly, but the why was flawed. I needed to make some adjustments, not huge, but necessary. Secondly, by delving into those topics I am now able to see the good and retain it and throw away the error - Eat the Meat and Spit out the Bones. This enables me to minister to those who are in the midst of these issues and warn of the error because I know where it lies. I do not speak of Hinduism or Buddhism, I refer to denominational error within the community of Believers. I am free to investigate, study and learn because I know who my catch net is - the Holy Spirit. I have learned it is necessary to examine our beliefs and hold them to a higher standard. "They said so" is not good enough. Hold all things loosely save Christ. If I cannot see clearly, in my own Spirit, the meaning of a passage I am open to look at other interpretations. Now I look FOR MYSELF by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to see if there is error (theirs or mine) or if there is simply new revelation. Some information was sealed until the end times and we mustn't assume the end times began 5 years ago. So far the issues brought up were before the Body previously and the prevailing belief today is merely the argument that won out. I'm not talking New Age here, I'm talking about matters of interpretation with solid believers on both sides and the prevailing interpretation may or may not have been the correct one. We just lived through this with REV 12. The church as the child in Rev 12 was not a new teaching, merely another viewpoint won out in the previous argument wrongly. Hold loosely to "it has to be that way because its always been that way". Look at the evidence, and remember what Scottie Clark was told by the Spirit, "Question it". He found there had been others who saw it differently. Make your truth your own, one of heart one which Holy Spirit confirms to you.

      Blessings - Sherry

  10. Thanks Jeff! All of use need to support each other to get across the finish line. Thanks for the work that you, Gary and others have done at Unsealed.org to keep encouraging the faithful!


  11. Jeff - I'm not as studied or articulate, but you my friend have a massive gift of sharing the abundance God has given, through your love of the word and disciplined study.

    1. Thank you, Greg. Your words are very encouraging to me.

  12. Thank you all very much. I stumbled upon this 1 John 2:28 today, in light of Vayera:

    Now, little children, remain in him, that when HE APPEARS, we may have boldness, and not be ashamed before him AT HIS COMING.

    Also listened to this, which is both awesome and encouraging, what a message:

    54min- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_HwhGbsuak

    1) BE READY for the Lord's decent
    2) The Shofar is about to BLOW
    3) Stay FOCUSED on the Lord
    4) Stay ROOTED in Lord
    5) Remain in the Lord's PRESENCE
    6) TRUST the Lord
    7) KEEP the Spiritual ARMOR ON and Fastened, especially in these days
    8) We must STAND in the Lord's PRESENCE and Under His PROTECTION

  13. Here we are again. Another week...followed by another week. If I may speculate...to be followed by another week, and month, and year, and decade, and century, and millenium....

    1. BryanB, Oh, we share your perspective and it sure FEELS that way. However, decade, century, millennium go too far and, perhaps (likely) even "year" does. As Pastor JD reminds us, these dynamics have a shelf-life and, like conception comet & other astronomical markers we've seen NOW, these dynamics will NOT be repeated.

      In light of these truths, please meditate on 2 Truths of the Word for your encouragement:

      1: God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? (Num 23:19, KJV) and
      2. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not (Gal 6:9, KJV).

      Lay your fatigue at the foot of His Cross, brother. Ask Him to bear that for you and simply place one foot before the other and walk as an Overcomer by the Blood. As surely as the Sun's arrival each morning, our Lord will not be delayed, even for a second, and we are called to Watch and hold until then, hang in there. Maranatha!

    2. A gracious and God-honoring response, Jimboni. Thank you!

    3. Dear BryanB I could just hear my husband talk... ;) I'd like to comfort you somehow - may I invite you onto rev12daily website (recent topic of red dragon video, comment section)? I went for a walk today, unbelievably bright floodlight in late fall season: this is not "our" sun. Strange weather everywhere. Today 100 years anniversary of Balfour Declaration. EMP national drill and Antifa protests in USA from 11/4 onwards. I could go on... The LORD cannot be far, dear brother. Much love, stay blessed!

  14. "From the land of Reformation to the land of the Free" (Part 1)

    As someone being native from the "land of the Reformation" and having studied not only the bio but also some of Luthers important writings (Bondage of Will, Galatians et al.) I really want to say THANK YOU JEFF FROM USA for this brilliant article which I didn't (and don't yet) expect to be written alike by any of my own native German brethren on this issue as they are in spiritual coma right now regarding endtimes. I will probably never read any kind of sharp analysis like this again if being hopefully raptured before (LOL!). And meanwhile, after having myself pondered quite a while about it, I do know the reason why. It's just a historical one.

    The age of Reformation dealt with the important issue of SOTERIOLOGY and the struggle to get out of the claws of the Roman Catholic Church. The question of SOLA GRATIA (grace alone) and SOLA FIDE (faith alone) along with the other SOLAE of Reformation had first priority then. Combined with the invention of book printing in Germany (Mainz / Gutenberg) this "back to the roots movement" had for the first time in history the opportunity to reach the mass of people by multiplication of bible copies. We ought not to forget that. This invention was very, very important to come out of Babylon spiritual tyranny with more bibles being translated into the spoken languages of diverse European nations and printed and thus spread more easily copied in complex handwriting. The bondage to the Latin language and to the Roman priests who only could read and understand it was over at that point. The word of God was finally FREE to everyone on the streets to be read and heard in his own language for about 1,000 years of history. Worldwide great commission couldn't have started without this. Of course, the life of missionaries still was dangerous and prosecuted even more than a heresy from the Roman Catholic but Satans millenial tyranny on the pure word of God had come to an end. This was the very milestone in ECCLESIOLOGY then.

    What was the real problem of Sardis? Because Luther first thought to somehow arrange a "Reformation from inside" and at first didn't want to break with the Pope completely, Sardis has kept many works-based elements (sacraments) which only changed the "color of works" in salvation but not really eradicated them all. Thus, the Protestant church only substituted religious works of liturgy by more and more social works of do-gooders and claimed this to be "Christianity".

    At the era of Philadelphia (the awakening of the British church and the founding of the US nation by Puritan pilgrim fathers around 1700 AD) Sardis didn't keep up pace. That's what I found out in the meantime after pondering this phenomenon. You can find elaborate teaching on the role of grace in salvation and development of sanctification ("Brethren's movement") in Germany but that's it. ESCHATOLOGY no chance! As far as endtimes prophecy is concerned, the German church failed in interpreting the bible in a "spiritual" and moreover mystical and allegorical way - let alone from being the first in being bible critical after WW2 spreading replacement theology and embracing evolutionism and psychology. After all we may not forget that there would not have been some "land of the Free" without the "land of the Reformation" and the invention of bookprinting.

    .../Part 2

    1. .../Part 2 "From the land of Reformation to the land of the Free"

      What I have learned after having tried in vain to wake up some of my German brethren to actually fulfillment of bible prophecy is that they really got stuck in Reformation era first (which they now used to honour themselves to this 500 years anniversary as most important) and then had evolved into a "mockers club" as far as ESCHATOLOGY was concerned. They are dead asleep as predicted. I only pray that those who have saved their white robes from salvation (Revelation 2:4) will not be found spiritually so much naked (i.e. immature babes) that they might enter the kingdom only as little babes (Hebrews 5:13). I'm afraid there will be many...

      Philadelphia found its way to the American continent and evolved Eschatology from there very well. What they failed to do was to hold fast their crown as to be seen in the Christ-less church developed in Laodicea. The false teachers of decisional regeneration and prosperity gospel without Christ again crossed the Atlantic from the western direction together with worship pop and mega churches - but yet I have found no better source of information to biblical ESCHATOLOGY yet as from Anglo-American resources and have learned such a lot just during the past year. Again, as Matthew 24:45-51 exactly (!) describes the current situation in church of the faithful servant (Philadelphia remnant) who teaches ESCHATOLOGY in endtimes (= in due season) and does not mock the findings of Rev12-sign as the evil servant (Sardis scoffers) I am still firm in my statement that this chapter is adressed to the CHURCH AGE because we're just living through the relevant scripture. Perhaps my US brethren cannot see this clearly as they lack of this experience of a completely dead Sardis German Reformation church being around them (which has even declared complete surrender to the Pope officially in March 2017 by "Healing Memories" so this era has historically ended in 2017 too). I am glad to provide with this experience then from abroad! ;-)

      THANK YOU PHILADELPHIA the LITTLE STRENGTH but still alive and well. THANK YOU JEFF my dear brother in Christ! Maranatha,seeya soon, transatlantic greetings! :-)

    2. Annabel, dear sister, thank you so much for your contribution. I thought of you as I was writing this, because I knew you were in Germany. I'm so glad you are standing firm in the faith.

      We've also had some other folks comment on this site who are located in Germany. Maybe a handful. I remember Corinna. Are you still out there Corinna?

      Transatlantic greetings to you: All the faithful in Germany :)

    3. Jeff, I seriously apologize. I have to clarify and lift my pseudonym to you. In fact Corinna and Annabel are the same person. Here and on rev12daily my Google account name is Annabel (one of my real surnames). But I'm not a schizo LOL :)) TY for responding so kindly and bless you Jesus!

    4. Lol! Sorry if I blew your cover! Mystery solved. That's one less German believer then...


  15. Guys the prophecy have come true. The two prophets in revelation 11 has risen in Africa Ghana. they wore black and are explaining the meaning of the book of revelations, Daniel and alot of the parables which JESUS CHRIST spoke.
    After hearing their message I started finding alot about Ghana.
    Ghana is the County in the middle of the world
    Their last four past presidents have John in their name
    The two prophets of revelations 11 says that Ghana is the new GOD'S Kingdom based on mattew 21:43
    Guys please start checking about them
    I believe they are the ones

  16. Oh Annabel, what a great history lesson. You are so correct - the Reformation did not go deep enough nor far enough. Unfortunately, what I believe you describe in much of the American church today is Laodecia. They, like Germany, are living on the past glory and Jesus Christ Himself stands at the door and knocks for entry. I understand more each day why Philadelphia is weak and with little strength. It seems for many of my "Christian Lite" friends they simply cannot understand why America would be cast into judgement. They truly are "in their own minds" rich while in reality they are blind, poor and naked. I have noticed another phenomenon which is telling, when you try and speak to them about end times, judgement, the Rapture, Signs and Eschatology specifically they literally become almost narcoleptic. Their eyelids droop, their eyes glaze over and their heads nod as if they will literally fall asleep in the chair. If you immediately switch the subject and talk about the "evil liberals" or the difficult political situation with immigration, they snap to as though they've had a shot of caffeine. I always assume the Spirit of Sleep was for Israel only, how dumb on my part, but I believe Holy Spirit is literally allowing them to fall by the Spirit of Sleep because they have so resisted the truth and do not want to hear about what is happening to the Church and to the World.

    Such a wonderful help to be able to fellowship and lay it all out!

    Blessings - Sherry

    1. Ohhh Sherry... ROTFLTGO (rolling on the floor laughing guts out)!!! I love your sense of humour sister! Have to read this aloud to my husband immediately to cheer him up. Holy kisses YSIC & goodnite :D

  17. mystery babylon have been solved by the two prophets of revelations 11
    This is how they explained the mystery
    revelation 17:4,clothed=flag, purple=dark blue, scarlet = red meaning mystery babylon=a city flagged dark blue and red=paris
    paris is the great city ruling the earth.
    Revelation 18 : 16, linen = white, scarlet, purple, clothed, meaning the country which the city is found in is flagged Red, Blue and White=France
    yes it makes sense after hearing them
    paris is the most beautiful city on earth, paris brought enlightenment to the world.France rules the earth
    you can't say these people are not the prophesied ones
    please can someone reason with me

  18. Clement, "France rules the earth"? How so?

  19. That's why it is a mystery, USA,UK and Rome have been set on the face of evil and mystery babylon contenders but the real country ruling the earth is France.
    1.paris the most beautiful city on earth
    2.The European Court is in France
    3.France brought enlightenment which freed the world. This enlightenment is the main idea backing the ruling of her highness paris
    4.On 13/11/15 the world mourn France and the colours of France was flagged by many
    5.Emmanuel macron is the king of babylon in Isaiah 14, macron is going to rule the world in a new world order
    6.revelations 18 made mention of the trade going on in paris,the fashion, music,the ships,cars,rich men
    7.France is known for its 4 architectural structures. The number 4 in the number system of GOD means might. The pyramids in the louvre museum sum up to 4.the statue of liberty is found in many places in France
    8.paris is the mother of occultism,
    Everything is from France. We must open our eyes and we will see.I marveled when I understood that paris is ruling the earth,The time is up,The Two prophets of revelations 11 have appeared, They are going to preach the worldwide this same message.
    Find more clues for yourself and you will understand.

  20. No thanks. I have enough clues already.
    1. Being a beautiful city is in the eyes of the beholder and has nothing to do with ruling the world.
    2. The location of the European Court has nothing to do with France ruling the world. It's like saying the U.S. rules the world because the U.N. has it's headquarters in NYC.
    3. The Enlightenment was a few centuries ago. It doesn't matter now.
    4. The world mourned France in 13/11/15, just as it mourned the US on Sept 11, 2001. That is irrelevant when it comes to one country ruling the rest of the world.
    5. Emmanuel Macron may become the antichrist, but at this time it's just speculation.
    6. The Book of Revelation does not mention Paris or France.
    7. Architectural structures do not constitute world power.
    8. Paris may be the mother of occultism, I don't know. But that also does not make it a world power.

    "Everything" does not come from France. I'm not sure what your claim even means. The 2 prophets have not appeared...we'd already know about it if they had.

    By the way, the last book of the Bible is Revelation. Not Revelations! There is no "s" at the end of the name. Look it up for yourself and you will understand.



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