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"Natural" Phenomena Heating Up As 70th Anniversary Of Israel's Rebirth Looms

Footsteps of the Messiah

Have you heard about all the unexplainable "boom" and trumpet sounds that have been happening since 2010?

Apparently the sounds have reached such a crescendo in 2017 that the MSM has been forced to cover the story.  Here are just a few examples from this past week:

Daily Mail - What is causing the mysterious 'booms' heard in 64 locations around the world this year?

World Net Daily - Boom! Mystery blasts rattling the globe

CBS - Mysterious Booms Around World Now Heard In Colorado

Journalists have reached out to scientists, Air Force officers, mining company executives, and everyone else that might have an idea of what's going on and no one can explain the eerie, ear-splitting sounds.  Something significant is happening and no one can explain why.  Jewish sources teach that this is what was always to be expected shortly before the Messiah's arrival as WND reports.

Earthquakes In Various Places

Over the last decade or so we've witnessed a string of devastating earthquakes around the globe.  From the 2004 Indonesian earthquake and tsunami that left a quarter-million dead to the 2010 and 2011 Haitian and Japanese earthquakes that left 160,000 and 18,000 dead, respectively.  Major earthquakes have only continued since then and in 2017 there were record-breaking earthquakes in North America, southeast Europe, and the Middle East.

Now experts are suggesting that due to a cyclical, slight decrease in the earth's rotational speed, 2018 is set to begin a several year period of more frequent and powerful seismic activity.

This is exactly what we would expect to happen considering how the Bible connects the end of the age with the occurrence of earthquakes (Mt. 24:7; Mk. 13:8; Lk. 21:11; Rev. 11:13; 16:18).

The Terminal Moment

Surely prophecy is reaching a climactic moment.  In 1948 the nation of Israel was reborn.  In 1967 the Jews recaptured Jerusalem.  This year, in 2017, the Great Sign of Revelation 12:1-2 appeared to many observers all over the earth.  Everything is coming together perfectly and it would seem to those with eyes to see that these things have a shelf-life.  The prophetic scenario will not necessarily stay this perfect for much longer.

In my estimation, the events in 1948 and 1967 pertaining to Israel served as signs that the last generation had begun and that God was slowly returning His focus to the Jewish people.  They also served as undeniable evidence that God will keep His promises to national Israel.

2017, with all of its extraordinary numbers and signs, was, in my humble opinion, the signal that we are not only living in the last generation, but we are now living in the last moments of the last generation.  The Great Sign of Revelation 12 was perhaps the final wake up call and signal to those who are willing to trust what the Bible plainly says and who are looking and longing for Jesus.

How much time do we have left before the rapture of Christ's Church and the beginning of Daniel's 70th Week?  I don't know nor have I ever known, but I do know that time is exceedingly short.  We are now less than six months away from the 70th anniversary of Israel's rebirth - a perfect prophetic length of time that not only fits with the biblically-defined length of a generation given in Psalm 90:10, but also a parallel of Israel's Babylonian captivity.  Time is almost up.

The picture is becoming clearer and clearer.  Even prophetic things we had not focused on at all, such as Revelation 13's "image of the beast," are finding present fulfillment as news breaks that ex-Google engineer Anthony Levandowski has officially established the "First Church of AI" and is setting out to create an AI godhead.

These are things that find their final fulfillment towards the middle of the 70th Week, so how much closer might we be to the beginning of it?

Jesus. Is. At. The. Door.

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  1. May our Lord Yeshua call us home soon.
    Thank you for such a wonderful site. I love this place.


    Dear brother Gary, no doubt about it!! You have mentioned the 'sonic booms' possibly caused by slower earth rotation. For more information on the 'strange trumpet sounds' please have a look here: https://www.sott.net/article/240863-Strange-Sounds-in-Sky-Explained-by-Scientists

    You'll find out that COSMIC DISTURBANCES are the most probable reasons for that phenomenon. And what might be the reason for these "cosmic events"? Hmmmm... Revelation 12:3-4 the "fiery red dragon" being caught on tape and examined by many on YouTube (e.g. Jeff P, Planer X Physicist, EXPITALY and others).

    When the Israel birth pangs are getting worse (see YTC Rapture Watchers / Barry Scarbrough yesterday "Ezechiel 38 fulfilled"!) and the "dragon" is HERE standing in front of us then verses 2-4 of Revelation 12 are fulfilled! What comes next? YEAH!! VERSE 5 RAPTURE! MARANATHA!! :)

    PS: Israels true 70 "birthday" is November 29th. 2017. Watch!

    1. Great thoughts, Annabel.

      For me, the fact these things can't be fully explained is evidence that they are not natural phenomena. There is a spiritual battle underway and it's bleeding over into our world.

    2. Gary did you check out the sott.net article on INFRASOUND I gave you the link to? That's the natural explanation behind. But the battle is a spiritual one for sure, currently going on in Heaven Rev12:7! Much love & Blessings!

    3. haarp reason for some cosmic noises:

      (I've personally heard this noise)

  3. Snoke from Star Wars brings us a pre-programmed image/ possibility of it could be...I like your chosen pic/ graphic here too.

    Let us all ensure our spiritual houses (i.e., hearts) are in order as these days tick away.

    1. Snoke reminds me a bit of what an long dead ancient king, like Nimrod, might look like after being resurrected...

  4. May our Lord & King 👑 protect us from harm. May Jesus touch more hearts before time runs out.

  5. Also what is happening near Tadine, New Caledonia in the western Pacific. Many, many earthquakes happening for about 2 weeks now.

    1. And in the San Andreas area of Cali, 134 tremors in just one week.

    2. I live in Baltimore and felt the 4.4 quake that happened at 4:47PM in Delaware ! Then I looked up the relevance of these numbers. "Four" (cardinal number) was a sacred and complete number with the Hebrews, as well as with several other peoples. It occurs very frequently in the Old Testament and the New Testament.. I am so excited about everything God is doing and I thank Him that I am alive to witness these absolutely stunning end of the Age events that He is orchestrating. And I love this website that I truly believe is anointed by God. Love ya !

  6. What is MSM? "Apparently the sounds have reached such a crescendo in 2017 that the MSM has been forced to cover the story."

    1. MSM stand for the "Mainstream Media".

    2. MSM = main stream media, or Meritorious Service Medal if used in a military context.

  7. What some Jews think it is. As for me- another reason to keep looking up!

  8. The Blood Moon Tetrad and Israel turning 70 is enough evidence for me that we're there. The rest is Icing On The Cake! Been eagerly Watching since 1987.. Yes! We're! There! lol! Wwwaaahhhooo!!!

  9. This is such exciting stuff. Can I ask the question weighing heavily on my mind? With all these things going on, how could anyone be amillenial or postmillenial? It is my understanding that they think that the church is gaining momentum. Serious question - is that what they really think? Steer me to the best resources you have to help me understand where these viewpoints come from.

    1. Dear brother as far as I know an amillenial or postmillenial view ALWAYS neglects Gods mercy on Israel and turning onto them again as Paul teaches in Romans 11. This view is straight away "antisemite" and false, probably originated from replacement theology and dominionism "Kingdom now" deception in church. Literal Israel has been "replaced" by some spiritual church. Google key words "dominionism" and "replacement theology" to find out more. Blessings to you, Dear!

    2. I will google that. Thank you dear sister, Annabel.

  10. Thank you for the heads-up, Gary, it’s always refreshing!

    I’ve seen somebody mention (in a facebook comment on Daniel Matson’s page) that allegedly, the Lord counts “time-frames”, certain periods of time from the dates of decrees. It was mentioned regarding the UN decree of the birth of the modern state of Israel in 1947 on the 29th of November. I don’t know if this notion -of that facebook comment- is actually valid, I need to look it up but I thought I share it.

    Also, I noticed that some brethren are thinking of the 70-80 years of a generation as the length of time which has its starting point at the birth of the modern state of Israel and its ending point at the rapture of the Church while -I believe so- that its ending point is the Second Coming of Christ. (I’m not saying this concerning the parallel of Israel’s 70 years long Babylonian captivity which is an awesome parallel!)

    1. p.s. The above mentioned notion about decrees… not that it’s true to every possible time-frame in the Lord’s plan. It’s only an idea in cases when a *decree* is involved.

    2. Nora dear sister you're certainly not alone with this idea of the 70 years captivity that the prophet Daniel remembered. :) I have thought of this for years already but then put it away again when thinking "oh well, this is prophecy already fulfilled so it doesn't apply to the current time anyway". But after all you get a good sort of PATTERN here if not the literal prophecy itself. Therefore I always had the impression that IF sth important is about to happen it MUST happen around 2017-18 because of the rebirth of the state of Israel in 1947/48. It seemed not to get important for a long time and I neglected to think about it in depth, but after the Rev12-sign was timed onto 2017 I came back to re-think Daniel 9:2 (mirrored in 2 Chronicles 36:21 !) as some prophetic PATTERN which might be of some importance though. Much blessings to you!

    3. Hi Annabel,

      It’s nice to see that many brethren noticed that parallel with the 70 years long Babylonian captivity of Israel! :-) We’re living in interesting times!

  11. Gary, a wonderful article to help us all Frame our Moment and catch our breath. It reminds me of that brief pause you have, at the top of the 1st 'drop' on a roller coaster, before slipping over that crest and the ride begins, wheeeee!!!

    I had some thoughts while praying over the last Rev12 Daily article along a similar note of developing the patience of the farmer and the Lord seemed to unpack something I posted in response. Our paradigm has been, understandably and correctly I believe, to so tightly correlate significant celestial moments with the Move of His Hand that we have effectively set our Lord up as a Divine Marionette with the creation pulling the strings, perish the thought! Without going down a BT about separating the Sign from the Signaler, and with a hat tip to Little Shaul on reasons to finally settle in on Imminence, a new paradigm is clearly needed and your article and that last at Rev12 are helping us get there.

    Stop. Think. It only makes sense for the celestial drama/story to unfold in the Shamayim BEFORE it actually happens here. All of our work to unpack these details in the Mazaroth will be what is LEFT BEHIND for His People to chew upon after He takes us. Oh, what a privilege! If the Harpazo had occurred on 9/23 then the rich library of deep searching we've seen since then, and all the wonderful jewels of His Revelation would have been MISSED! by those who need to see it the MOST and never would have looked, not having the desperation we jilted seekers bring to the quest! Again, perish the thought! The Jews seek A SIGN and Oh! what a cornucopia of SIGNS we have unpacked, your article a good picture of that, when they come looking for those whom THEIR MESSIAH has taken BEFORE THEM (Rom 9:15-16).

    Have you noticed? It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter but NOT the glory of kings to FIND IT? Oh, no. It is the glory of kings to do what we are doing, here, to SEARCH THINGS OUT (Prov 25:2). Our Abba is one who REVEALS (1 Cor 2:14). HE is the Active One. Our role is the SEEKING (Matt 7:7). So, thank you, Gary, for nourishing our souls with some comforting and encouraging perspective and let's be about occupying, Watching, praying continuously and nourishing our glee at His IMMINENT Return! Maranatha!

    1. Amen Jimboni, your words always perfectly frame what I have been thinking as well but couldn't wrap it into English language so elaborately like you! Thank you brother, stay blessed! :)

    2. Annabel your affirmation assures me that it is His Voice I am relaying, thank you. I was pleased by your response, above, also and you were in my thoughts as I worked out the one here. While we might be leaving behind a good study for others, He is certainly serving up a lot for us to chew on now, is He not?! Maranatha!

  12. In addition to all these signs you mentioned, we can add the nearness of the Ezekiel 38 war and the destruction of Damascus. Last week Russia, Turkey, and Iran met in Syria and presumably formed an alliance. These are the primary nations that wage war against Israel in that war, which leads me to believe it's getting very close. I tend to think our departure is going to coincide with a major fallout like this, or perhaps a catastrophic natural disaster of some sort. These are exciting times to be sure.

    1. Perhaps the rapture will happen simultaneously with a major outbreak of war. But thinking about it, the rapture itself will be also a global cataclysmic event causing enormous disasters (for example drivers disappearing from cars and other vehicles, airplane pilots suddenly disappearing, etc.) accelerated by the panic in their wake. Maybe a global “mega-earthquake” will also happen because of the resurrection of the dead.


    Quoting CNN,

    "Los Angeles (CNN) Every day firefighters in Los Angeles receive a brush burning index report that indicates the fire danger. If it's 165 or higher, that's extreme.

    The number for Thursday is 296, the highest it has ever been, according to Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas."

    Please join in prayer for the people of Los Angeles, the First Responders and all who are running in when everyone else is running out to protect life and property.


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.


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