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Supermoon On Sunday And Record-Breaking Earthquake In Delaware

The only supermoon of 2017 will occur this Sunday, December 3rd.  Sunday's full moon will appear significantly larger than typical full moons.  It will also be exactly 70 days after the Revelation 12 Sign, which began on September 23rd and ended on the 24th.  On the Hebrew calendar it's the 70th anniversary of the UN Partition Plan that established a Jewish state in the Middle East.

Even more interesting, it is exactly three weeks (7 + 7 + 7 days) before Christmas Eve 2017, which is the very last day I noticed in my original Revelation 12 Sign article that seemed to hold significance this year.

On the Hebrew day that goes from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, Jupiter, previously identified as the planet representing the male child, enters the constellation Libra after leaving Virgo.  In fact, the transition happens at right about midnight in Israel.  It is thought Libra represents the altar or throne of God - a perfect depiction of what happens in Revelation 12:5 - the male child is snatched up to God's throne.

In other news, yesterday, on the last day of November, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck Delaware and was felt as far away as Washington, D.C. and New York City.  It was the most powerful earthquake in the state in decades and the most powerful in the Mid-Atlantic region in a number of years.

The earthquake comes as rumors swirl that the Trump Administration may soon announce the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
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  1. even so come quickly Lord Jesus

  2. I just read an article that Trump may only recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. I also believe that there have been so many signs in 2017, and the past blood moon. Nov. 22nd meeting between Russia, Iran, and Turkey. I don't know when Christ will come
    Know one does, but it won't be long. Keep looking up, our redemption draws near.God bless and be Christ like this Christmas season, people need light and salt. Share the gospel.

    1. Timing for the capital move - in light of the UN resolution that passed on Thursday - is extremely interesting.


  3. Still waiting to read the list of celestial events that need to happen before the Rapture. Is it possible that some future celestial event must occur? Maybe an event not scheduled to occur for ten years? No need for anyone to respond immediately. I'll wait and check in next week...or maybe next month.

    1. BryanB, I do not see any other celestial events that need to occur before the rapture. Everything that needs to occur appears to have been fulfilled. So, if you are watching, keep looking up and live out your faith in Christ as He would have you to. This is my understanding of scripture. Some believe we will have to live through some or all of the tribulation period before the rapture. Most of us on this site do not believe that, from what I have gathered. What you believe about the timing of the rapture is not a salvation issue, but based on scripture, there are rewards for looking up and looking forward to seeing Him and not losing heart. This site has many excellent articles explaining the scriptures related to end times prophecy. If nobody else chimes in here, I will add some links to these articles.

    2. BryanB,

      celestial events are only one category of events that must take place. There are others.

      I know it's debated hotly about when a rapture will occur. But, please keep in mind God allows tribulation for those that need it. Therefore, we do all we can now to not need trials due to diligence, faith, the fact SELF has to die in THIS life, and the traits 2 Pt 1:5-8 says not only to do, but to abound more and more in them.

      The sad truth is many believers just aren't going to do that. Thus, the trials.

      It's harder to be godly when there are no trials, but that's when most get off the narrow path and, thus, need trials to get their attention. ;-)

    3. There are no signs or events that must happen before the Rapture takes place. It is imminent We just know that it is soon. We are seeing signs of second coming and rapture has not happened yet, like seeing signs of christmas and Thanksgiving has not come yet. We know its coming and seeing signs that point to events after it comes is saying we need to get ready if we aren't yet.

    4. JD Farag has some encouraging words on the rapture...enjoy


  4. Gary, thank you! Wondering where these would be tied together for us to post about. Earthquakes are seen as signs of judgement and to have one occurring near our national capitol NOW, well. The ones you mention are but a few of the items I am seeing and expecting just ahead and we can also expect social and political dynamics to continue to bubble vigorously. The timing of Jupiter's 'Slide into Home' is clearly noteworthy, good reveal. Funny, having gone past so many moments, like the one you show here as just ahead, over these past few months, even over the prior years, it seems the Body has lost its irrational exuberance at everything which comes along but you can be sure that we are ALL wide-eyed and hopeful through the end of this year. (Prov 25:2)! Maranatha!

  5. This Sunday is also 7 days before the annual feast of rededication. This week long Hanukkah celebration is referenced in John 10 and this year will end on December 17th - exactly 5,600 days before the 2,000th Gregorian calendar anniversary of the first Easter- April 17th, 2033.

    Reminded that as there are many even numbers looking backwards First Jewish Congress, Balfour, 1947, 1948, 1967, etc... perhaps the timing is also a reminder that except those days be shortened no flesh would be saved.

    1. I'm curious what the numerology connections are, e.g. don't you communicate with Matson?

      FTR, I don't think numerology is the ONLY factor, but it's certainly one worth keeping an eye on w/ all the other factors involved.

      Matson has this article I haven't read: http://watchfortheday.org/tevet12017.html.

      (I haven't read it yet because the 70th week of Daniel can be proven to have been fulfilled. The 'seven' in the Great Tribulation is simply God keeping His calender, which is in 'sevens'. Not to argue, just why I haven't read it yet. But, there is some interesting numbers between events Matson brings up).

  6. Greg, isn't Dec 17th also 120 days from the eclipse? I been watching from a distance for a while, I had to take a step back. I think a lot of folks did. These signs are like a system overload. Trying to manage and make sense of these signs has become overwhelming. They keep coming and it's awesome to view God's hands at work. What tapestry. Praise the Lord for his work on the tree and I praise those that contribute to seeking truth, like those found on this site. Thank you for the Mana!!!

    1. Brent, ain't it the truth? The entire community is catching its breath since 9/23, each of us in our own way and time as the Spirit leads. Good to hear from you as one who needed to dial down a bit but still keeping an eye on things. Maranatha!

    2. According to the calendars I checked (including the Hebrew one), Hanukkah ends on the 19th of this December (or on the 20th of December according to some of the secular ones).

    3. Yeah all the signs ,bibical, astronomical and numeroligical are pretty overwhelming.I guess our faith is being tested.Stay strong and know your brothers and sisters are experiencing the same thing

    4. Yeah all the signs ,bibical, astronomical and numeroligical are pretty overwhelming.I guess our faith is being tested.Stay strong and know your brothers and sisters are experiencing the same thing

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I’ve been pondering a lot on Matt 24:42 lately, “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” I’m aware that this passage is debated a lot whether it’s about the time of the Second Coming or about time of the end of the Church Age&Rapture. I’m more on the opinion that Jesus is talking about the time and conditions of His Second Coming in the Gospel passages most of the time. But, I think the Bible passage having the quoted verse above is unique and maybe (just maybe) a bit of “prophetic telescoping is happening there (maybe, again just maybe, Jesus is talking about both, about His Second Coming and about the end of the Church Age as well in some of these verses but it’s just my theory). But that’s not really what I wanted to point out and talk about but the single verse (Matt 24:42) I quoted. It made me think concerning dates as high-watch times. I mean by *high-watch time dates* the exact days of a high watch time period (not the season itself, which can be recognized, as I also believe that we’re in the season of the rapture.) If the Lord’s intention in that verse was an extra hint to the rapture, that means that within the whole season it will happen at a time when we don’t expect it despite being awake and watchful. At first sight it seems like a paradox but the Word of God is very complex and layered many times. The thing is, I simply don’t know. I’m still keeping in mind special possible *high-watch dates* for the rapture but I feel so that I also have to keep in mind that maybe the rapture will happen on an unexpected day.

    1. If a passage is found in Matthew 24 it is most likely in my opinion referring to the return of Christ. In my understanding of these end times events the second coming which has two parts is the main term the first part of the second coming is the rapture search the second part of the second coming of Christ is the return of Christ to Earth.

    2. Nora,

      there are a lot of scriptures that address The Second Coming. For starters, you can back all the way up to Lev 23 and the Holy Days. (These days were meant NOT to be changed by believers, see Dan 7:25. Though, not necessary for salvation - only the New Covenant offers salvation - they ARE essential for *information*).

      For example, the Day of Atonement IS the binding of satan in Revelation.

      Also, the temple ceremonies ARE a 'pattern of heavenly things'. The wave sheaf offering IS Christ. Which, is A firstfruit, but not ALL of them, see Rev 14:4.
      (I know many claim that's post-church evangelism - but nothing in scripture says that while it says MANY things as to what they ARE: firstfruits, with an OT full of just what that *pattern* is).

      Jesus was talking to His disciples: it wasn't for THEM to know. However, it is for believers to know when that day comes:

      - Daniel gives a 1335-day countdown TO THE DAY.
      - Paul said it would not take us by surprise

      and much more.

      The only thing believers can do to hasten the day is to make ourselves ***ready*** (Rev 19:7).

      Why hasn't Jesus Christ come back? The bride is not ready.

    3. Isaiah Mendel,

      Thanks for the reply!

      Ben Gillis,

      The Lord Himself made us rapture-ready when He paid in full for all our sins on the cross. He knows His timing. I think the Lord is waiting for the last sheep to come home and then He'll catch us away.

    4. Hi Nora,

      that's not supported in scripture. :-)

      Christ paid for our sins on the cross; that's not rapture-ready. And, there's plenty of scripture showing the bride is making herself ready at this time.


    5. I think Nora is right. We were made Rapture-ready the moment we believed the gospel in faith...and that *IS* supported in Scripture.

      If it were on us to get ourselves gussied up and "ready" on our own, the Rapture would never occur. I can just about guess the verses you're looking at, and they don't teach what you seem to think they do.

      (*sniff*...*sniff*...) I detect the distinct odor of salvation by works here somewhere.

      "Christ paid for our sins on the cross; that's not rapture-ready."

      Yes, it is. End of discussion.

    6. Greg L,

      there is no salvation by OUR works. Not a one of us chose God or would without Him intervening (Jn 6:44).

      The entire point of the Church Age (and post-Church age) is to prepare a people for The Lord.

      Paying for sins is NOT being prepared for The Lord.

      All that is necessary for salvation is to place your faith in Jesus Christ. Many (if not most) will be saved on that knowledge alone, without knowing a thing about prophecy.

      That fact also happens to be why a lot of Christian organizations toss prophecy out altogether: non-essential for salvation.

      That's one reason Protestantism largely knows little about prophecy (yet causes so much confusion chiming in on something that requires them stepping out of the "spectrum of faith" they were reared/taught in).

      Few Protestants will argue they are the only people saved. That's true. But, then they stop there rather than look into what the Holy Spirit did with other parts of The Body. There are all kinds of spiritual gifts distributed throughout The Body, no one part/denomination/organization having a comprehensive coverage of them all (and, for good reason).

    7. Ben Gillis,

      I agree with Greg L., and stand by what I’ve previously said. Salvation is by grace through faith alone in the finished work of the Jesus Christ on the cross, on our behalf. To me, that includes being qualified for and ready for the rapture. He washed away all our sins by His shed blood and He Himself sanctifies us. The Lord also imputed His own righteousness to us, our own doesn’t suffice. We’ll never meet His standards by our own performance, neither by our own efforts, our own works, or our own righteousness. Having a close and loving relationship with the Lord, submitting to Him that way and let His Holy Spirit lead us in everything and teach us, that’s what I prefer to focus on. Perhaps our understanding of these subjects is different. All I’d like to say is that I’m not going to debate my stance on this, therefore that’s my last addition concerning this discussion. Lord bless!

    8. Please re-read my post elsewhere; I stated salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ.

    9. The bride "making HERSELF ready" is this: 2 Corinthians 7:1 / 1 John 3:3 (and quite a few more)

      This is called SANCTIFICATION. Ever heard of? Peace. MARANATHA! :)

    10. Hi Annabel,

      that's two of many, many, many.

      Once we're granted salvation, most don't realize they're still largely in the flesh. that's revealed to us if we're following the Holy Spirit which points out our selfishness, pride, etc. that we all have.

      Standing before a pure God, those fleshly/sinful characteristics would be 'burned up' as scripture says.

      We are to make ourselves ready, We're saved from faith, but then there's works to be mature and, using the conception/birth analogy (as creation is meant to be knowing God by the things which are made) - able to live outside this womb of a physical existence and in the spiritual realm.

      My concern when posting that earlier was folks making sure they're working hard for maturity, not salvation. But, such topics inevitably get confused at times.

    11. Ben Gillis,

      My point is that being qualified for the rapture comes hand in hand with being saved, being a born again Christian. Growing, maturing in Christ is an important matter, I’d never down-play it but it isn’t a rapture issue in my understanding. As I’ve mentioned before, I believe so that the Lord is waiting for the last sheep to come home and the reason why we’re still here isn’t because the members of the Church are not mature enough for being raptured. The full number of Gentiles hasn’t come in yet. (I know that we hold different views.) The example of an unborn baby growing in the womb… Does the baby mature himself or does the Lord grow and mature him? Does he grow his own organs by himself or is it the Lord Who is involved in the whole creation process? It is the Lord Who makes both the baby and us ready to the “birth” and the life thereafter. ”Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ.” (2 Corinthians 1:21) Also, “For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” (Hebrews 10:14) (I’d like to stress it again that growing in the Lord is an important matter and a desired thing in a believer’s life, I’m just not tying them to the rapture the same way as you.) My aim was to make my stance a bit clearer, I think there’s nothing else I’d like to add. Lord bless!

  9. I recently watched a Youtube video of a Reading of (Acta Pilate: Pilate's Report to Caesar of the Crucifixion of Jesus) [ https://youtu.be/n2UdpqsN2tw ]

    Pontius Pilate, In the letter to Tiberius Caesar, described a conversation he had with Jesus. I believe the Letter is Authentic..? In it, Jesus reveals the day He was born as January 16th, 27 BC. (my conclusion based on the evidence) It's the 1st time in my life I've ever come across such a revelation. Pilate quotes Jesus as saying..

    " 'Prince of the earth,' replied Jesus, 'I come not to bring war into the world, but peace, love, and charity. ((I WAS BORN THE SAME DAY on which Augustus Caesar GAVE PEACE to the Roman world.))"

    So I searched Google for.. [The day Augustus Caesar gave peace to the Roman World] ..brought me to (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus) ..turns out, that day is [Reign = (January 16, 27 BC) to August 19 AD 14 (40 years)]

    So I learned 3 things from that Pontius Pilate Report to Tiberius Caesar.. [which was like reading yesterday's Trump Report in a Facebook Post! LOL!]

    1) Jesus had "Golden" Hair and Beard
    [Dark Blonde? Sandy Brown?..not too important, but fascinating!]

    2) Jesus' Birthday is, January 16th 27 BC
    [Astonishing Revelation! Straight from Jesus' own mouth! LOL!]

    3) Pilate only had 1 Centurion with 100 men under his Command
    [unable to put down an insurrection]

    Not sure how important this is, but it seemed significant to our present [High Watch Time] scenario, ..if ya know what I mean?! lol! Let me know if you come to the same conclusion and if it stirs anything in ya..or maybe? write a Post about it if inspired, would be a Fun read and I'd love your thoughts on it..Loveya!

    1. I will have to check that out UnJimmy. That sounds really cool.

    2. Right On Jordan! Ain't it cool what the Holy Spirit can lead us to in these times of Increased Knowledge?!

    3. “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn

      ‘a man against his father,
      a daughter against her mother,
      a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
      a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.”

      (Matthew 10:34-36) My very first thoughts were these verses.

      Also, Jesus in His human form on Earth was a Middle-Eastern man. I’m not saying that it’s entirely impossible for a Middle-Eastern person to have blond hair but I doubt that He had "golden blond" hair. The Bible talks about His physical appearance in human (earthly) form, saying that He didn’t look outstanding. Having such a blond hair described in that letter would have looked outstanding imo in the environment Jesus lived. Not only He looked “plain” but He wasn’t nice looking at all, according to that prophetic description of the Messiah in the Book of Isaiah (Is 53):

      “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him,
      nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.”

      I’m very cautious when it comes to extra-biblical stuff. Several things are feeling off to me concerning that “Letter of Pirate”. Sorry, I’m not saying these things personally against anybody though!

    4. Hi Nora :) .. My point was more about His birthday than anything else. His appearance was merely an interesting observation in the letter. The Matthew reference was more of a Spiritual analogy I think. Aimed at dividing Believers away from the Jewish Traditions and Dogmatic Religion (that denies Jesus' Messiahship) that would wrap itself around the Old Covenant, trying to prevent the New.

      When speaking to Pilate, Jesus was referring to War within the Roman Empire. Saying, I believe, in other words, He was not a Zealot, interested in insurrection. He was speaking figuratively to the State rather than Spiritually to the Temple Priesthood. See what I mean? I agree though, one must be careful when observing Extra-Biblical content.

    5. Nora -I really appreciate your response to UncJ because I couldn't have said it better.
      I found his comments rather disconcerting.

    6. You would need to burn bible and Josephus to hold that Jesus was born in 27 BC! it's nonsense! Jesus was born in mid September 7 BC, even the scholarly Pope Benedict approved as distinctly plausible that now widely held academic thesis. Benedict wondered what we could do with it....

      Well, really nail it down and prove if it's true. I would claim to have done this beyond all possible doubt and vividly so down to the last details of a birth chart which registers for Jesus issues to this day, a pattern which even impossibly turns up Jesus' ancestors' names (via the asteroids) in his "house" of family and origins, and a super conjunction of his names and titles and various details like asteroid James conjunct the Part of Brothers.

      But because as with the Magi all this really is astrology, not the often deceptive modern confusion called "Christian astronomy", it is not respected and heard despite my credentials including as a doctor of religious studies. However it is crucial people know the truth of Christ's birth at this time. It's the only way they will better appreciate what is going on in the world and the heavens - too many current Christian views are being based as on this site on unacceptable ideas such as Jupiter/Venus as the Bethlehem Star in 3 or 2 BC.

      For some introduction to the truth re Jesus' nativity see blog article "The Magi at Era's End" https://wp.me/p2v96G-ip (this includes a link to my book "Testament of the Magi") and see also a recent youtube "Signs,Rumours and Forecasts of Apocalypse" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBvx_XMAAyU This touches on various points including the problem for Christians of astrology itself.

    7. We know Jesus was born in the fall around the Feast of Tabernacles from scripture alone.

      And, that letter most certainly is not inspired by the Holy Spirit, contradicting The Word of God as pointed about above,

      John the Baptist father was of the Abijah. Therefore we know when he'd serve.

      John was born six months before Jesus.

      And, here's the real catcher: no where in scripture is celebrating Christ's birth commanded. Rather, HIS DEATH is what we are commanded to celebrate.

      Christmas is NOT a Christian holiday, nor does it have anything more than human tradition around why it's associated with Christ in the first place. See Dan 7:25, too. It and Easter are not only NOT ordained by God, but commanded WE DO NOT CHANGE THE TIMES GOD APPOINTED. (No one celebrating them is losing salvation, that's a New Covenant issue. BUT, they ARE losing information like your question).

      And, the point about celebrating Christ's death:

      "Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." Jn 12:24

      "What you sow does not come to life unless it dies." I Cor 15:36

      The whole point of celebrating Christ's death is to take believers' focus on what they should be doing: DYING (to self).

      Little wonder many aren't? Man shall live by EVERY WORD that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

    8. Cathi.. I just showed something I found, I wasn't trying (like you) to be rude. Just making loving conversation with the Brothers and Sisters, I'm not sure what you find so disconcerting, or if I even want to know. I get that it don't make sense, but there you have it, I didn't make it up, someone else did. It's either true or it isn't, it's not my work. I found it interesting and don't care if it offends anyone..least of all, rude people. Try a little polite conversation, you might like it. And you're certainly less likely to run off a potential believer that way..

    9. Rollan McCleary.. I'm no sophisticated Scholar, I'm just a simple Believer, trying to have fun with other Believers, with some friendly speculation. I didn't bring it here to debate it. I'm just as excited for the Lords Soon Return as any other Believer and thought it was interesting and lent itself to some fun conversation.

      The Theme here, and elsewhere, is, the birth of the Body. January 16th is right out in front of us, and we're all looking for any kind of hope we can find these days. It may or may not be true, it's not really important enough, this late in the game, to get uptight about. So many have forgotten how to just have fun with one another..

    10. Uncle Jimmy,

      Based on my discernment I think so that this letter isn’t matching with the Scriptures, therefore I stand by what I said in my previous comment. But again, I’m saying this peacefully (not with any intent of attack) and there’s nothing against you personally! As for the birthday of Jesus, we will probably know it for sure only after we met Him. :--) Perhaps the rapture won’t happen on His birthday, for now my bet is also on the fall season (concerning His birthday). I hope that we’ll meet Him soon!

    11. (p.s.: I discovered a typo in my very first comment, I wanted to write "Letter of Pilate" not Pirate LOL)

    12. Hi Ben,

      I thought I would chime in on your point about no Biblical legalistic basis for celebrating the birth of Christ.

      PART I

      Turn your Bibles to (Luke 2:13-14) where all of the angels of heaven turned out to celebrate the birth of the Christ! To the most humble of men (shepherds) was the birth of our Lord proclaimed. (Luke 2:8-12) And what did the shepherds do? Went to seek the newborn King. They went in haste! They hurried. They ran!

      When the shepherds found Mary and Joseph, they gave report of all they had seen sharing all the angels had told them! Later they returned to their flocks glorifying and praising G-D. In effect, they gave Mary and Joseph their gifts! Then they showered gifts of praise upon the LORD as they returned to the fields having marvelled at the wonder of the birth of Jesus!

      Even the Maji, kings from the east, understood the speech poured forth from the heavens and stars on the coming of the Messiah. They came brining gifts to honour the newborn King. These are a typology of that which was yet to come. The poorest of the poor gave their gifts from their riches just as the Maji from the east came bearing gifts from their riches.

      What were these riches?


      On what occasion were their gifts given? On the occasion of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We celebrate that day today and call it Christmas.

    13. Let's talk legalism for a moment...

      PART II

      If to trace the weightiest commands we will find Jesus' command to love one another in (John 13:34).

      These are red letters so we know they are very important. Are they not truly spoken from the mouth of the Almighty Himself and so beyond dispute?

      Further to this Christ gives us (John 13:35), and that we will be known as His disciples by how we love one another.

      Again, when pressed about legalistic commands, Jesus tells us that all the law and the prophets hangs on (Matthew 22:37-40). That means that everything G-D is telling us through scripture boils down to this. Well before this encounter, Christ teaches us (Matthew 7:12) where (again) He confirms that everything in the Kingdom and Word of G-D hinges on our relationship to others. Our relationship to G-d, our relationship to others and most importantly, our relationship to ourselves.

      We call this love.

      Get a Pastor started and I will preach a sermon in ASCII so I will step down off the soapbox and leave it at this...

      That if we truly love one another, do we not desire to go far above the requirements of the law to express and show our love? (I believe we call this grace!) If you celebrate Thanksgiving or the birth of a loved one; so much more should we celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of the One who has given us everything from the riches of His love.

      I would submit that this is why we celebrate Christmas and Easter. I would even prefer that we mark Pentecost and teach the appointed feasts and times given by G-d. These dates and times are part of our heritage and serve to remind us of the family into which we, as Gentiles, have been adopted.

      There are too many reasons to share as to why we should celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of our Saviour. The principle reason is summed up in one word upon which He has given us the greatest commandment of all.


      G-d pours out His love upon us because this is how He wants us to treat Him. He loved us first that we may love Him. His outpouring of grace is fulfilment of all the Law and the Prophets given us in (Matthew 7:12) that we may love Him in kind.

      I think that is reason enough for celebration!

      So when you say, "Christmas is NOT a Christian holiday, nor does it have anything more than human tradition around why it's associated with Christ in the first place" you are right if in the modern commercial sense of the word; but doesn't love go above and beyond requirement and law? Doesn't love invite a response? Look at the shepherds. Look at the Maji. They responded out of love and adoration. That response is a most human response and in the case of Christmas and should be centred around the reason for the season, Christ Himself.

      Yes, Christmas is a human tradition, but one begun all those years ago as the heavens declared his glorious birth. Christmas should well be celebrated as it has roots from when heaven opened and all the Heavenly Host turned-out to proclaim the birth of the Prince of Peace unto all creation! Kings came to honour our Lord at His birth. They brought gifts of love from the riches they had been given. Riches bestowed by the LORD and given out of the depths of love.

      Is it not true that G-D is Love? As it is so, so much more can we love ourselves and others when we love G-d as He wants to be loved!

      Go ahead and celebrate Christmas. It's a safe bet to say there is plenty of reasons to celebrate the season and all bear the name of Emmanuel!

      Grace and peace to you my brother in the name of Jesus Christ this day and everyday!

      Pastor Rich

    14. One more pin-point on the way to Christmas...

      What two days of the year are people most likely to come to church? (Even if they don't show up any other time?)

      Christmas and Easter.

      That makes these days very important if just from the stand-point of reaching those who are what I call, "SOMES". "SOMES" as in "some" feeling or measure of faith but not yet mature followers of Christ.

      It is a golden opportunity to share the gospel and invite them into a right relationship with G-D.

      Enough shop talk.

      Merry Christmas!


    15. Uncle Jimmy, I thought the info you shared was really very neat. When I picture Jesus, He is always shiny and golden in appearance, His countenance brilliant, even when I picture Him on earth. While before Pilate, He was undoubtedly shining like gold in Pilate's perception, especially since He had just admitted to being the King of the Jews. This statement hit Pilate like a ton of bricks because the man knew in his heart that he was looking upon someone very special. As far as His birthday is concerned, He was in heaven as God long before the earth was formed and therefore shares the same birthday as God Himself. His life on earth was a mere drop in the bucket compared to His eternal existence and so, His b-day on earth doesn't matter in the least. Although surely, He had one, His b-day should certainly pale by comparison to His death day. Your entire comment was appreciated by all but a few people who obviously take themselves entirely too seriously. I believe that Jesus, no matter when He was really born, loves the Christmas season and Christmas day if for no other reason than that it brings so much joy to so many and it's all done in His honor. Anyone who finds fault with what you said should take a step back and realize that the Lord and Savior of their souls wants,very much so, for us to LOVE one another and bring JOY to everyone that we can, including those we may disagree with. I personally loved the idea of what you said and I think the spirit of your purpose behind writing it was 'right on'. Jesus is the reason for the season, and by the end of each year, people NEED to be caught up in a spirit of giving and loving and spreading the joy that Jesus gave to the world by dying the way He did and for the purpose He did. Personally, I believe we should all slow ourselves down a bit and really examine just where we are in time. We are about to experience the absolute single most awesome and breath taking event to ever occur in human existence aside from Jesus' first coming, and we need to have our minds clear and set on the distance between here and there, not squabbling over anything as unimportant as what color was His beard. Praise God for being so merciful as to overlook the puny excuses we use for disputing. I'm so glad He can see passed all our outward flaws into our inner selves and hearts that hold our true intentions and ideas of who we each truly are deep within our souls. Otherwise, heaven would be quite empty after this upcoming rapture. Keep looking up and keep the JOY Jesus bought us out where everyone can see it. I love you all sisters and brothers, even those of you I disagree with. See you all in heaven real soon, Merry Christmas everybody.

    16. W Rit.. Well Thank You! lol! Your statement is received as warmly as you delivered it! And you captured the Spirit of my intentions well. A Very Merry Christmas to you and everyone else as well! Loveya! :)

    17. Hi Richard,

      thank you for reply.

      Christmas is not a commanded holiday. Rejoicing that The Lord is born is a completely different manner and certainly appropriate. But, that doesn't make it a commanded assembly.

      Secondly, God is explicit: do not change the set times: Dan 7:25. By doing so, seminaries galore have made a massive confusion about the timing of events God revealed through the set times. Ditto the temple rituals.

      Thirdly, satan has used Christmas and Easter to counterfeit what God not only reveals, but commanded us not to change. The Protestant Reformation was all about getting back to The Word, yet the failed to do so. No one needs to keep these days for salvation, they do need to at least realize what they are vs. the traditions satan used for counterfeits.

      Lastly, no one "goes to church". Using such excuses to get people to church is exactly what The Roman Catholic church did. They adopted pagan rituals and gave them "Christian branding". And, again, did so against the explicit Word of God to do so.

      The point of this article (and site) is about end times searching. Thus, the context is appropriate to week out tradition vs. explicit commands of God - for the purpose of getting to what is revealed about that very Second Coming.

      Saying all that, Merry Christmas. It's fine to rejoice in The Lord's birth. But, in context, it is what it is.

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    19. Richard,

      fwiw, the real story of the Magi isn't to celebrate Christ's birth.

      The real story was showing that the Pharisees et. al. who were the religious leaders of the day didn't know when Christ was coming nor recognized Him as such.

      Furthermore, God revealed it to to the Magi via the mazzaroth and Daniel's writings. The magi came from Gentile nations and were pagans prior to that.

      Jesus later chastised the Pharisees for that very point: they should have recognized the times and the Christ yet didn't.

      That's a lesson for the mainstream religious establishment today, not to celebrate Christ's birth.

    20. @Uncle Jimmy: Jesus couldn't be born in January (nor in December) because no shepherd would have left his sheep outside at this time (Luke 2). In Israel, sheep were kept in the stable from October on when it got cold. As well, winter time was not good for a Roman cesar to risk a civil uproar of Israelites when having to travel far to obey the decree. Blessings to you!

    21. @Richard Faulkner: We kicked Christmas and Easter as soon as we were saved because of the sin of Achan (Joshua 7). Do you really think a satanic Roman Saturnalia tradition pleases God if just redesignated? No thanks.

    22. @Richard Faulkner: The next one to have sinned the way Achan did was Saul 1 Samuel 15:15. Look what happened to him. MARANATHA!

    23. Richard, thank you for your post on this interesting discussion. Your view gave me more to consider when looking back on "discussions" our family had just about every Christmas. My Dad was very much against celebrating Christmas, since he considered it a false holiday because Christ was not born on December 25th. My Mom, deeply devoted to God, felt that even though Christmas was not Christ's birthday, it was a day dedicated to celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus and to take extra time to give thanks to God for the birth of His Son and appreciate our lives. Two different opinions between which I have always been torn. What I will say is my Mom to this day is a genuinely good person, deeply religious, and does everything from her heart. Full disclosure which I hope does not get me booted off this site :) I was raised Roman Catholic as I am Sicilian. Many years ago I decided that was not the path i wanted to travel and since then consider myself simply a Christian who seeks to understand and follow the Word of God. May God Bless and keep all of us through his Son Jesus Christ.

    24. W Rit just read your awesome post. Amen brother. Amen.

    25. Unfortunately I do not have the time to read thoroughly the above comments regarding the pros and cons of Christmas celebration for Christians. However, what comes to mind is covered quite well in 1 Corinthians 8-10. My take on those chapters is that Christians are free. One of the many beautiful and astounding things the cross does for us is that it allows us to be as religious or unreligious as we see fit. NO, religiousness will never save us and in fact can disillusion us, but it can also point us to Christ, help us connect with Christ, and teach us both directly and indirectly about Christ.
      I believe the chapters I mention teach us that we are free to celebrate Christmas or not celebrate Christmas. It can be an opportunity to reach the unsaved, to take time to reflect on the miracles and nature of Christs birth and to enjoy time with friends and family in His name. How we celebrate Christmas is key. On one extreme, glorifying santa claus and immersing oneself in all of the pagan traditions may not send a person to hell, but it is at the very least a potential waste of time and false sense of reality. On the other extreme, refusing anything to do with the holiday may be as much of a waste.
      In the chapters I mentioned, it is all about context. If celebrating xmas is a stumbling block to you or someone in their pursuit of Christ or in their understanding of your representation of Jesus, don't do it. If not celebrating xmas is then don't. Maturity as a christian is an interesting phenomenon not unlike becoming an adult. As we know more and more, we can slowly alienate ourselves from the very people we care about the purpose we seek. Or as we know more, we can grow in our relationships and help more people.
      I was pressed for time when writing this; I hope it makes sense. Let me know what you think. You are all wonderful. Much love. -Miguel

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  11. Anyone of you seen this?? AMAZING LINK HERE.

    As you read and watch that, click this one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR3jqN1HooE this is both scientific and prophetic fulfillment.

    NOW...in connection with MK Yehuda Glick statement and with clear reading from Ezekiel 37 :15-28, the unification is the topic.Come Dec 4, when Donald Trump declares to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem , it will be a major prophetic fulfillment because a nation will officially declare a unified Jerusalem attached to Israel.

    Wait and see.

  12. Ryan...Exactly. This has to happen and whether it happens in a few days, or later, we still will be around many many months. That I am sure of, but it would be nice to be raptured out beforehand.

  13. A quick check on the location of the quake that hit Delaware suggests the epicenter was in the Southern end of the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Preserve. This park is a salt-marsh and haven for avians featuring a 12-mile drive through the park.

    Interesting in light of recent news and events. Almost like "The voice of one crying in the wilderness" (John 1:23) as the quake was centred in the midst of the most economically and politically influential cities in America.

    Find official data on the event here: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us1000bjkn#executive

    The USGS reports,

    "This is the largest quake within a 150 km radius of this hypocenter at least since 1994 (M4.6 near Reading, PA) and it may be the largest earthquake in Delaware since an event on Oct 09, 1871 along the Delaware River near Wilmington. The 1871 quake has no magnitude estimate, but caused some damage at Wilmington and New Castle, Delaware and at Oxford, Pennsylvania."

    Interesting pin-points for your consideration.

    Pastor Rich

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  16. Ok so last time I'll repost due to typos!

    I was studying where the scriptures require that the daily sacrifices will cease. If you translate that in the original language it doesn't say daily specifically but better translated is perpetual/continual/ongoing. Jesus is our perpetual sacrifice per Hebrews 10 and a stop to the perpetual sacrifices I believe refers to the end of new salvations during the church age and end of the era of grace 5777 brought on by the rapture of the church - the Restrainer/church/Holy Spirit/grace is thus removed and the Everlasting Gospel (Revelation 14:6-10) that applies during the tribulation is enacted from then on - the world transitions from the age of grace and salvation through Jesus' sacrifice to the time of Jacob's trouble. If you read about the Everlasting Gospel mentioned in Revelation it is actually a different requirement for salvation then what we live in now. Paul eludes to this in Galatians 1:8 - another gospel that preached by an angel from Heaven that brings damnation to those who accept it and must be beheaded to be saved. God abhors the animal sacrifices as they are actually a insult to Jesus and His finished work on the cross. I can't see that God would mention in prophecy the sacrifice of animals without having any sense of anger or fury about it. The thought of replacing Jesus sacrifice with the sacrifice of animals daily in the temple infuriates me personally.

    Daniel/Ezekiel were not operating in an era of Jesus as the continual sacrifice which is why the Bible says "(let him who has wisdom understand)". Who is the wisdom of God? It is Jesus! God designed Hebrew language to be so perfect that the same word that applied in the Old Testament as "daily" applies to those of us in the New Testament as "continual".

    I have learned that the more I read the Old Testament the more I realize that everything points to Jesus...everything. It is about Jesus and Him alone. He is the only sacrifice that really matters and His atonement for those of us in the age of Grace is continual.

    PS Unsealed family we haven't met in person but I love y'all. Thank you for your ministry.

    1. Glad to get an "Amen!" instead of an "Oh Man!" Btw - you're bang on about love bro. They will know us by our love and we can judge a tree by its fruit.

    2. Knowledge puffs up but love builds up. If we are puffed up and do not build up, we are screwed up. Then we need to step up and tidy up. Let's only lift Him up!!! Ok I've said enough so now I will shut up.

  17. WOW!!

    Is it possible.... Hannukkah = a 2nd Tabernacles??

    Bible Reference: Haggi 2

    Article Source: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/nov2012/reneem119-1.htm
    See Also: Daniel Matson's Hannukkah Watch at Watchfortheday.org

    Hanukkah is a second Feast of Tabernacles. Just as the Jews who were ceremonially unclean were unable to celebrate Passover until a later date, so God instituted a second Feast of Tabernacles. Haggai 2 tells us that the Lord spoke to him that He would shake the earth and the desired of all nations would come to Him. He spoke this on the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles. But then the Lord again speaks to Haggai that from the 24th day of the 9th month (Hanukkah), “From this day on I will bless you.” He again speaks of shaking the heavens and the earth. Three times He mentions this date and tells us to give careful thought to it. He mentions the exact same thing that would disqualify someone from celebrating Passover on the correct date – touching a dead body and being defiled – and cause them to have to celebrate the Passover during the time allotted for the second Passover. What the Lord is saying here is that the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles was the correct time for Him to shake the heavens and the earth, but the time has been moved to the second Feast of Tabernacles, a.k.a. Hanukkah.

    Verse 19 says: “Give careful thought: Is the seed yet in the barn? Yes, as yet the vine, and the fig-tree, and the pomegranate, and the olive-tree, hath not brought forth.” The word used here from bringing forth is “nasa” and means, “to lift up, to be taken away, be carried off, be swept away.” The Lord is telling us that we have not yet been raptured on the 7th day of Tabernacles, but that we should give careful thought to the next verse: From this day on I will bless you. From which day? From the Feast of Hanukkah! The Lord is telling us that although He did not come on the 7th day of Tabernacles, He will come on the second Feast of Tabernacles, which is Hanukkah. Which day of Hanukkah will He come for us on? We can’t be totally certain, but most likely the 7th day of Hanukkah, just as He was to come on the 7th day of Tabernacles.

    What else may the Lord is telling us? “From this day on, from this twenty-fourth day of the ninth month, give careful thought to the day when the foundation of the Lord’s temple was laid.” His temple, or body, was conceived during this Feast, the Feast of Lights. He is the Light of the World. His temple (body) was laid (conceived) at this time, and He was born 9 months later on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, when He “tabernacled” among us. This word for “laid” is “suwm” and can also mean “to ordain, establish, MAKE, PLANT, FASHION, appoint, bring to pass, or TRANSFORM INTO.” His temple (body) was transformed into, made into, fashioned into, planted into FLESH. Jesus took on flesh during Hanukkah, the second Feast of Tabernacles, when He was conceived. He took on our likeness so that we can take on His likeness, during the same Feast.

  18. Did we just witness the entire Jesus story via the heavens mirroring His actual conception (Tabernacles in _BC) and His soon (brief) reappearance (2nd Tabernacles/ Hannukkah/ Feast of Dedication)?

    > The wonder of Rev 12 started at conception (via comet) late December 2016 [BTW, Hannukkah or the 2nd Tabernacles started on 12/24 last year];

    > Then the luminary Jupiter entered and swirled around Virgo's midsection for 42 weeks;

    > Then Virgo gave birth/ pushed Jupiter out in early September 2017;

    > There was something in the heavens on 10/6/17 or the 3rd day of Tabernacles 2017;

    > Now the luminary Jupiter is at the foot of Virgo heading toward Libra completing the Rev 12 story by 12/20/17 or the last day of Hannukkah.

    Also Note: Mark Biltz and Johnathan Cahn (and others) teach Hannukkah will be the timeframe for the AC's arrival/ unveiling. Article by Chuck Missler below.

    "Hanukkah Prophetically: The Final Week"

    1. It was the conjunction of Mars and Venus on October 5 which was the first day of Tabernacles which was also 40 days prior to the Jupiter/Venus conjunction on November 13th.

      *This was likely the day Jesus was born to follow Tabernacles and have his circumcision on the 8th day or Shemini Atzeret.

    2. Yes, I believe we have been witnessing the story unfolding before us.

      1 The heavens declare the glory of God,
      and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
      2 Day to day pours out speech, and night to night
      reveals knowledge.
      3 There is no speech, nor are there words,
      whose voice is not heard.
      4 Their voice goes out through all the earth
      and their words to the end of the world.

      Psalm 19:1-4 ESV


    One might think that Jesus would have ignored this festival since it wasn't ordained in the Old Testament. In fact, he appears to have taken part in it and had a very provocative response when questioned during the event.

    John 10:22-28: At that time the Feast of Hanukkah (Dedication) took place at Jerusalem; it was winter, and Jesus was walking in the temple in the portico of Solomon. The Jews therefore gathered around Him, and were saying to Him, "How long will You keep us in suspense? If You are the Messiah, tell us plainly." Jesus answered them, "I told you, and you do not believe; the works that I do in My Father's name, these bear witness of Me. But you do not believe, because you are not of My sheep. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they shall never perish; and no one shall snatch them out of My hand."

    This statement has an obvious meaning. However one might speculate that the "hear my voice" might also refer to the voice that brings the dead to life at the first resurrection and brings the living with them as they are "snatched up" to heaven just before the Great Tribulation begins. Interestingly, Christ refers to holding sheep in his hand and that they can't be snatched from his hand by anyone else.

    Could this be a veiled reference to the Rapture? In the English translation this seems like a stretch. But a closer look makes the possibility seem likely. In English translations, Jesus' reply to the Jewish leaders at the Festival of Hanukkah doesn't seem to hint at the Tribulation prophecies. But in the original Greek, a very important link appears, especially when this verse is compared to what Paul wrote about the Rapture.

    Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord." This is the reference to the rapture in the New Testament.

    The Greek word used for "caught up" in this passage is harpuzo, which means to catch up, pluck, snatch, pull, or take by force. (Translated into Latin, this word becomes raptiere; anglicized, the word "rapture" is born.) So the word that means "Rapture" is harpuzo.

    And here's the connection: When Christ said, "...no one shall snatch them out of My hand.", his statement employs the same Greek word: harpuzo. Arguably we should not make too much of this, yet it seems like another of the "amazing coincidences" that are actually part of God's plan. The use of harpuzo in both instances suggests a link.

    If so, was Christ saying that the Rapture will have taken place and that he will have already snatched his believers from the Earth, making it impossible to snatch them back again? This seems like a viable conclusion and fits very nicely with the links between the day before Hanukkah and the prophecies about it.

    From: http://www.duncanlong.com/science-fiction-fantasy-short-stories/gog.html

    1. Another interesting pin-point for HANUKKAH

      Hanukkah begins on a Tuesday this year. This is the third day of the week. Open your Bibles to (John 2:1) and we see the Cana wedding feast occurred on a Tuesday.

      The rapture is the very model of a Jewish wedding with the groom coming for his bride at a time of her non-suspecting. It was typically at night and in secret that he would carry her away. The Third Day was also favoured for weddings as it is double blessed in the days of creation. (Genesis 1:10) and (Genesis 1:12) both declare that "G-D saw that it was good." Twice the Third Day is blessed as "G-D saw that it as good." Thus the third day of the week was a preferred day for a Jewish wedding as it was considered double blessed!

      A PRAYER

      Brothers and sisters, I pray the LORD fills each of you as if water into dry cisterns. That you are filled to the fullest measure with pure living water. That as your water is poured out it becomes sweet wine, true first fruits of love and grace! For as Christ lives, His enduring light illuminates our hearts and lights our lives. Just as the service candle of the menorah lights the others, so too do you light illuminate our lives LORD!

      Let all who love Him say, Come! Let all who adore Him say, Come! Come, Lord Jesus come!


    2. This article is good and the point about the 24th day of the 9th month rings of something worth looking into further.

      However, the reference to Gog and Magog defeats its timing in the article:

      "When the thousand years are over...Gog and Magog—and to gather them for battle." Rev 12:7

      That war is *post* millennial.

      "to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended." Rev 20:3

      AFAIK per now, it is the King of the North that is the pre-millennial ruler destroyed, not Gog. And, that is the ten toes of Dan 2:42-44. And, that ruler is of the people who destroyed the temple previously which would make him of the fourth kingdom in Daniel: the Roman Empire.

      We're seeing the stage set for ten toes of clay and iron with the massive influx of muslims into Europe and those nations coalescing becoming more difficult.

      However, back to the article. Just an affirmation to my fine brethren posting on this. The Holy Spirit seems to be using this 24th day of the 9th month. The peace & safety points are spot-on. (I also think they are more widespread than just the Middle East, being a proponent the British Empire and USA are indeed the birthright nations and therefore contain most of the descendants of the House of Israel.

      ...which brings me to a point in the article: the gathering from all the nations is THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL.

      The UK and USA are about to go into such hard times most will be destroyed (review Ezekiel throughout and note one thing...

      Ezekiel was sent TO THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL.

      And, the House of Israel HAD BEEN IN CAPTIVITY FOR 120 YEARS when those prophesies were created.

      The entire book is really end times prophesies.

      This article makes a fundamental mistake, in part (but, actually corrects itself):


      End times HAS to take this into account. It is far too pervasive in tradition to lump ALL of Israel as JEWS, or JEWISH, when they are not.

      But, the article is still a confirmation to my prayers about the 24th day of the 9th month. And, I'm going to be looking into it further. I am so grateful. God bless you all.


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    4. Charlie, your ideas on John 10 and Hanukkah are really compelling. The claim of Jesus that "no one can snatch (us) out of His hand" in comparison to 1 Thess 4:17 can be understood that we literally will have to transit the territory of the 'prince of the air' Satan (Ephesians 2:2) and he might try to pluck us away in a very last and desperate effort. This is indeed a very good thought and worth pondering in connection to Hanukkah, thank you! Stay blessed! YSIC

  20. Awesome Biblical research on the Star of Bethlehem (and other astronomical events) at the time of Christ's birth.


    More theories beyond the Jupiter/ Venus conjunction.

  21. I live in Baltimore and definitely felt the tremor at 4:47PM from the 4.1 earthquake and noticed all the 4s associated with this earthquake. 4 is a tremendously meaningful number in both the Old and New Testaments. This is truly a sign from God and I thank Him so much and am so grateful to be alive at this particular time in history to witness these utterly amazing events orchestrated by God.

  22. Ever wondered why America is not as prominent or existent in the bible as we study the bible and the accounts of the End Times? Other bible scholars mentioned that America will go through tremendous economic and military losses. Be it the North Korea and other wars to come along. That is why in Ezekiel 38, Israel will be left alone, USA will not be there to help because USA needs all the help it will need in the future.

    I had this going on in my head for so many months. Maybe the reason why USA will not be be as capable and powerful in the next few years is because their highest elected officials are RAPTURED. Yes, I thought about that. That if we are waiting for the blessed hope any day now, then the 7 year tribulation begins what happens to all left behind? If USA will lose both of their leaders, who will be able to lead USA? Then this article came out today. Folks, this is the only time where two heads of USA are professing believers. No, never happened with BUSH-CHENEY and next to impossible with OBAMA-BIDEN.


    1. Hi Ryan I had the same thought. And I think it's a good one. If you look at tarshish and its young lions those are very good prophetic typologies for the uk and the us. Tarshish's symbol is the lion uk and they gave birth to the young lions which is the us. So that being said I don't disagree with you but I think that the timing could play an important part. Or perhaps the fact that tarshish and the young lions are only able to comment but not help also refers to the ineffectiveness of the us in assisting her ally Israel, in addition to all of the things that you said regarding the believers holding key decision-making positions in government being raptured out. Not only would the intent but also the competence of the us military and government be completely depleted. God bless thanks for sharing awesome.

    2. I know about that the Tarshish to UK to USA connection. after all, the UK dominated the western world in the 17th to 18th century ( hence 1776 independence) . But what tickled my mind is the great tandem of Trump and Pence and them being a Believer in Jesus. Just imagine the scenario...all of a sudden... both of them are gone in one rapture event. Oh By the way, I am a Filipino, who loves American history. I bet I can outwit most Americans in some quizzes regarding history. You know the Mark Dice and Watters World type scenario. Dont get me wrong when I said that, I just saw the decline of patriotism of the newer generation.

    3. Yah Ryan that's wild. So many times the Lord promotes believers to high positions. I believe that among the many reasons for this is that while they are saying peace and safety sudden destruction will come upon them. Planes falling out of the sky! Cars / trains / trucks / tanks / fighter jets / drones / air craft carriers / air force one...all smashing into other things all over the place. I don't think I can imagine the amount of madness this will bring.

      My mom says I come from Heaven...so does my Dad too haha. So I'm Heavenese. The guy I used to be who has now been out to death was asian :) but I love me some pancit and lechon...and pinakbet...and lecheflan...oh I better stop, I'm getting all emotional thinking about Filipino food!!!

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    5. Those that say the USA is not in prophesy tend to come from the Protestant interpretations of prophecy (which really isn't their gift, evangelism is).

      Error #1: all Israel are Jews. Only the House of Judah are Jews, or Judah's descendants. All the rest of Israel, the overwhelming majority of it are NOT Jews.

      Error #2: the birthright went with Joseph. Which, went with the House of Israel. God keeps His Word. Abraham had *unconditional* physical prosperity and world domination covenants from God. And, it went with Joseph, explicitly.

      Error #3: refusing to restore ALL the truth in the Protestant Reformation. Starting with Daniel 7:25. While they recognized grace, they did not restore the changed seasons and times, and thus we have a ton of confusion about a- post- pre-millinealism, what happens at death, and much more. Eventually, Protestantism is in the same boat as Catholicism by the Second Coming: apostate. There are islands of it holding to truth and the gift they do have is utterly trusting Jesus Christ even though they don't really know much else about scripture!

      There's more, but those three alone are pivot points from which much confusion has come including end times prophecies. Most Protestant churches stay out of it, too. For those in tune, the Holy Spirit is leading them to evangelize. Other parts of The Body are the ones with the gifts of prophecy.

      Saying all that, the USA is very prominent in end times prophecy. It's a birthright heir nation/people along with the UK being the other half. The ONLY empires/peoples in all world history even remotely fulfilling the birthright.

      They are the New World: the earth swallowed up the flood ... right after the 1798 incarceration of The Pope. And, the printing press had the scriptures in everyone's hands, a New World to escape to and vwalla: the entire world was evangelized largely from the USA more than any other people.

      There's more, but no space. Basically, they are Jacob along with the UK the House of Judah (the political state of Israel today).

      And, many a protestant in prophecy largely argues up and down to the contrary ... while *refusing* to restore the basic three points above. it's just not their gift, evangelism is, though.

  23. Thoughts regarding usa in prophecy:

    Recently I have been read to read the Minor Prophets. I've discovered that the Minor Prophets during history are now the Major Prophets for those of us in the last days because I feel they are so relevant and so accurate regarding our time. Some things that I believe are key to understanding prophecy are the following...

    I have been replacing "babylon" with "america" and if you read Minor Prophets in this way it is completely amazing.

    Gomer and beth togarmah are turkey

    Edom and manasseh are jordan

    Persia is iraq

    Sheba and dedan are saudi arabia

    Kings of the east refer to asia

    I believe that magog is russia because if we let the Bible interpret the Bible, magog was a son of japheth who was the father of the Caucasians. It's pretty caucasian in russia! Also you work at putin and how he operates and it is reminiscent to me of gog. I also believe that in the way that there are dual prophecy fulfillments such as in the Book of Daniel with alexander "the great" another gog will rise at the end of the millennium. But the hook in the jaw is and will always be oil. The black horse which in Zechariah was sent North.

    If you look into this please do you test it as we are to test all things. I am testing this all myself so if anybody has any insight I would greatly appreciate it as I am continuing to test all of these things myself. I'm not saying that there are other possible interpretations because God's ways are higher but I have found that in reading the Minor Prophets and even some of the major ones this way has been incredibly insightful.

    Unrelated I am seriously Blown Away by the amount of knowledge from people who really love Jesus and long for his coming that is in the comments section here. I'm learning and it is amazing how God reveals those things to us that were sealed up to those in Old Testament and New Testament times. Knowledge is increasing in the world but more importantly knowledge of the King of kings to those kings and priests who have been redeemed. Bless the Lord Jesus Almighty forever. I love you all.

    1. Oh how could I forget replace tarshish with the uk, the young lions with the us

      Replace tyre with new york city

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Per Eph 4:13, The Body of Christ will come to unity in the knowledge of God.

      That's a prophecy, too. :-)

      Per Jer 31:34,

      "No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, 'Know the LORD,' because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest," declares the LORD."

      And, Hab 2:14,

      "For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea."

      And, then,

      "knowledge, it will pass away." 1 Cor 13:8

      LOL :-D

      One reason God distributes prophecy amongst the entire Body, no one person having a complete picture: we would all get puffed up. Sad, but true. But, the good news, we will ALL know EVERYTHING at some point AND still be Christ-like!!!

      fwiw, Manasseh is a birthright heir along with his twin Ephraim. Jordan has never fulfilled any of the birthright covenant points. The only two empires/nations in world history that have are the British Empire and the USA. (And, they're basically the same people sans tribes filtered thru the Caucus mountains (where the House of Israel was held captive) to Europe into Western Europe and the New World.

      Which brings up the term Caucasian. We call all white peoples that, but the name comes from the Caucus mountains and those who originated there. But, the House of Israel went *north*, never back to their homeland. And, both, the prophecies of them as well as the revelation of who they are with the birthright give it away today. The seals are off per that. What's next is they go into captivity, again. :-(

  24. I always thought the Eagle represented America and the Bible does say the Woman is given the wings of an Eagle to fly to safety, so maybe there is a way America can still help Israel when things get really tough for her.

    1. I think you're right. They will provide safety for 3.5 years 1260 days only instead of the full 7 years.

  25. Dear Gary the "super moons" are surely interesting as there are even 3 of them incl. Super Blood Moon on 1/31/18 (see YT video https://youtu.be/lpqFLsBGMCE)

    But please consider Rev12:3-4 the arrival of the "red dragon" that alters the natural order of sun, moon and stars so that NASA tends to hide this with simulators: https://youtu.be/w-IZSipodfQ (Matt Rogers)

    VERY INTERESTING is chapter 80 of the book of Enoch, please compare the prophecy therein! Much blessings to you, MARANATHA :)

  26. Church family, please let me know if anyone has Revelation on this. I looked in Zachariah where the angel explains that a country is a horn. In the end one horn will arise and pluck three out by its roots to replace those three. Could it be that North America and Mexico are destroyed, and those are the three horns plucked out? The one little horn with eyes everywhere and a boastful mouth will then rise out of those ashes at the UN perhaps, maybe Obama? The three horns specifically being NAFTA which is comprised of Canada US and Mexico?

    1. @SteveOh,

      horns are mostly leaders of nations, by extension that nation, too is some contexts.

      In this context, the leaders/nations are those that scattered Israel, Judah and Jerusalem. (NOTE: the House of Israel and the House of Judah, both Ancient Israel, are two separate peoples by this point in time).

      That would not be NA, Mexico, etc.

      fwiw, most Westerners read prophecy in the context of their own nations when it's really always in the context of Ancient Israel. In particular, the House of Judah (the political state of Israel today) and the House of Israel (the "company of nations" in Gen 35:11, to which the birthright went with them. Thus, we know who they are today per the British Empire fulfilling the birthright (while no other peoples are empire even remotely comes close to fulfilling it). And, the USA. (The birthright was doubled, thus the fulfillment of it was, too. And, the USA is the only other empire in world history to fulfill the birthright covenant ... ironically, pretty much the same people as the British sans the other tribes that were filtered from the Caucus mountains into Europe then into North America).

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hi Steve,

    I'd have to get out the literature that started in the 19th century, probably 18th century and recommend titles.

    In the 20th century this was well known (outside Protestant circles, see posts above as to why). This also led to the common problem everyone and their brother starts chiming in about it and lots of non-truths, half-truths, confusion and contradiction ensue. This has led to some tossing the idea based on that (and, who do we know authors confusion to get that result? ;-)

    If I can go back through the best titles I 'll ping you via your Google Account.

    But, the starting point is to carefully go through the ever-expanding, more-detailed covenantS (plural) God made to Abraham. In them, God promised prosperity and dominion - unconditionally - and then scripture evolves that into the fact Joseph ended up with the birthright.

    The entire theme is an implicit arche-type to the fact there are two resurrections. And, the first is a "better resurrection" or birthright.

    But, in the meantime, God keeps His promises and He has fulfilled the birthright covenant through Joseph's descendants even though the House of Israel lost its identity, but God knows who they are and kept His covenant.



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