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Days, Damascus, & The Dow

Another day, another historic loss in the U.S. stock market (second largest in history after Monday's all-time record).  The stock market ended down 1,033 points today (and 666 points last Friday) not because an Illuminati cabal planned it that way, but because the King of Kings/Lord of Lords controls every atom, every speck of dust, and every moment in time (e.g. Deut. 32:8; Job 12:23; Ps. 74:17; Acts 17:26; Col. 1:17).

We are now just three months and one week out from the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel and three months and two weeks out from the first Pentecost after this anniversary of all anniversaries—the first Feast of Weeks since the Revelation 12 Sign.  May 14th is not only Israel's 70th anniversary, but it is also the day Christ ascended to Heaven if He was crucified in 33 AD.

And while they were gazing into heaven as he went, behold, two men stood by them in white robes, and said, 'Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven? This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.'
- Acts 1:10–11

Israel will actually be celebrating its 70th anniversary on May 17th and 18th and Pentecost comes just several days later (either May 20th on the Jewish calendar, or May 21–22 on the observed, biblical calendar).  Either way, May, and all of 2018 for that matter, is going to be the highest watch we've ever seen.

Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.
- Matthew 24:32–34

The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty; yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away.
- Psalm 90:10

Numerous, mind-boggling day counts and patterns point to this time like never before.  There is a great study on this over at WatchForTheDay that I would highly recommend you read and consider since we are now entering a time when complacency in the post-Revelation 12 Sign era is growing and many are settling back into a "life as usual" mindset.  It's the perfect set up for the rapture and Day of the LORD:

For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
- Matthew 24:38–39


While people are saying, 'Peace and safety,' destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
- 1 Thessalonians 5:3

Consider the past several astronomical signs in the heavens.  The media routinely mocked them all and dismissed them as purely coincidental and natural phenomena.  Yet they missed the fact that significant world events did coincide with these signs.

2014–2015 Blood Moon Tetrad: The invasion of Crimea and Ukraine, rise of the Islamic State's caliphate, unprecedented diplomatic assault on Israel and the U.S. begins to turn against the Jewish State, and ultimately—immediately after the Super Blood Moon on Tabernacles, which appeared over Jerusalem—Russia invaded Syria and to this day remains in the biblical boundaries of northern Israel (see Ezek. 39:1–2).

The "conception" of the male child/Jupiter in November/December 2016: The world voted to divide Israel and the U.S. abstained from voting on historic Resolution 2334, which allowed it to pass.  Historic wildfires tore through central and northern Israel.

The Revelation 12 Sign: There were simply too many major prophetic events that coincided with THE sign for me to even list here.  You'll have to read them for yourself: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  Oh, how quickly we forget that the prophetic tachometer is still revving up at breakneck speed.

Just consider the most recent sign in the heavens, which was the Super-Blue-Blood Moon on January 31st.  It could be seen in totality by up to two-thirds of the earth's population.  Most media outlets were expectedly dismissive of its significance.  Take Inverse Science for example:

Sorry for the inconvenience: the apocalypse won’t be caused by an asteroid next month and the Super Blue Blood Moon won’t be the harbinger of humanity’s annihilation either.

On Wednesday, people around the world will look up at the night sky and see a big ol’ crimson moon. While certain spiritual scripture might mention the blood moon as a signal of the end of days, we here at Inverse promise that this upcoming lunar occurrence will just be really cool and not deadly at all.

Well, just two days after the historic eclipse the DJIA crashed 666 points.  Three days after that, the DJIA crashed 1,175 points—the largest single-day loss in terms of both points and market value in U.S. history.  You can take that to the bank.  Or perhaps I should say, out of the bank.  Then yesterday, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture publicly called for the Third Temple to be built and Israel again blew a hole through Damascus, or what's left of the city, anyway:

Read Isaiah 17:1 to learn why this matters and why it pinpoints our current location in the timeline of biblical prophecy.  You can see how destruction is quickly approaching central Damascus as the United Nation's most recent damage assessment in the area directly adjacent shows:

(Click to enlarge)

Today, 6 days after the DJIA crashed 666 points, President Trump delivered a stirring speech at the 66th annual National Prayer Breakfast.  Remember that The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the U.S. government ran a $666 billion deficit in 2017.  You can't make this stuff up.

One way or another, the secular world is soon going to learn that God is still in control.

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  1. Damascus sure looks like a ruinous heap...Jesus is coming soon. Amen!

    1. Yes He is! Maybe even this week (:

    2. Actually Damascus itself is relatively unscaved as far as damage goes. The rest of syria is pretty well damaged but Damascus itself only has small amount of damage here and there. The Bible tells us that Damascus will be destroyed in one night. Isaiah 17 has not happened yet.

    3. Downtown Damascus is still relatively unscathed and awaiting the final fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1 for sure, but numerous suburbs are in utter ruin—simply evidence, imho, that Damascus' final destruction is encroaching.

    4. You can see a damage assessment of eastern Damascus and directly adjacent to the Old City here.

  2. Thanks, Gary! Stay awake everyone!

  3. The elliott waves are tracing out beautifully in the stock markets. I once again encourage you all to watch from this perspective. The stock market is a barometer of social mood and on a global level that mood has started to turn very dark indeed.

    1. "You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden." - Matt. 5:14

      Perhaps the light of the world is about to be taken away!

  4. Thank you for your postings.I appreciate your updates. I'm on watch too. The things you're seeing I'm seeing and sometimes I feel alone in my thoughts, then I read one of your updates and just smile.

  5. Amen, and that last statement concludes the entirety of the message. Every eye shall see, even those that pierced Him. God bless you all brethren.

  6. GREAT Article!..Now! What to do with it?! I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. I find incredible information like that available here and many other places, I present it, and..NOTHING! No Response from anyone. I don't get it! I Share it on Facebook and in every conversation I can and..NOTHING! You would think after 30 years of presenting evidence SOMEONE would care, but NOPE! NOTHING! And the evidence of just the last few years is astronomical in comparison to years ago. At this point, I don't know which is more astonishing, the evidence? or the disregard? Jesus?..I don't know how much more of this we can stand..Doncha think it's about time to Close Up Shop?!..LOL! ;)~

    1. Even stuff like this https://youtu.be/ElD1aq4CDsw ..merely get's a Hmmmf! from "believers", and a Pfffffft! from unbelievers. Let alone try to talk about the incredible wonders of the Lord Jesus Himself! I'm Ready to Go Home, I don't think I like it here anymore..in fact, I never did! lol!

    2. Uncle Jimmy my friend... Isn't your experience just FULFILLED PROPHECY again? What did our LORD Jesus say in Luke 18:8 b) - would He find FAITH when coming back? He KNEW the answer had to be a rhetoric "NO"! Blessings to you :)

    3. Uncle Jimmy, I've been thinking three things about this of late:

      1. Like Annabel says, that in and of itself is fulfilled prophecy. Remember that Noah was a preacher of righteousness and no one listened. At the end of the day it was just him and his family that boarded the ark.

      2. We are planting seeds for the Tribulation. When the light of the world leaves (the Body of Christ) and the world enters the darkness of the Trib, countless people will come to faith BECAUSE people like you shared your faith now. They might scoff and ignore NOW, but later they will remember the seeds you planted.

      3. I have seen some people return to their faith because of prophecy in a big way.

    4. Annabel and Gary.. You two are SO right! Please forgive my whining! LOL! ;)~ I'm SO grateful the Lord led me to the online community of Watchers in the recent 1.5 yrs. If it weren't for the constant discoveries presented everyday now by wonderful brothers and sisters in Jesus like you I'd be lost! The exhaustion comes in waves but Hope is coming in Tsunamis!!! LOL! Never Give Up! Love you ALL, very much!!!

    5. Monthly, I lecture on Christian eschatology for a group called Until He Returns. After my last lecture, a lady came up and introduced herself. She said that she attends a Nazarene church, and that there are several women in the church that are interested in learning more about the End Times. However, when she approached her pastor for more information, he rebuffed her, saying he couldn't help because he didn't know anything, and that she should take her request elsewhere.

      As we know from Jesus' letter to the church at Laodicea, the overall church is now completely apostate; it absolutely sickens our Lord, and is completely worthless in taking the TRUE gospel to the world. Instead, most pastors would prefer to teach a prosperity gospel, or a social gospel, or an entertainment gospel, than to preach an UNPOPULAR gospel that JESUS ALONE SAVES THROUGH FAITH ALONE.

      For years, I've been telling my listeners to circle May 14, 2018, a date that Jesus clearly spoke about in the Olivet Discourse, when He foretold a future "generation" (Psalm 90:10) that "will see it all". In Romans 11:25, Paul said that the Rapture would be a sign to the Jews that Jesus really is the Messiah. The Blood Moons were a sign, so was the Great Sign In the Sky. The Rapture will be the next sign. The Abomination of Desolation will be the final sign.

      I fear that many in the Church will be left behind. I also weep for my unsaved friends who scoff. But I also know that every word I've spoken, every lecture I've taught, every warning I've posted will not fall on deaf ears, as our Lord and Savior bestows His grace a second time, to save others after we're gone.

      No matter what the apostate church and the world believes...


      p.s. Please visit my teaching website at www.mycornerofeternity.com

    6. Uncle Jimmy, I am right there with ya, Brother, oh man. The introvert within me kicks off the dust and walks on but the heart within me cries out in frustration and amazement at the doltishness of the common man. "The exhaustion comes in waves but Hope is coming in Tsunamis!!!" That is a good one and one to hang on to right now. Pick the correct wave to surf and ride that baby home, brother, just hang on to your board! Maranatha!

    7. Oh My! Gary, Just reading your reply and stated "planting seeds for the tribulation". I have never thought of it like that. Honestly, i feel like a truck just hit me. We know that in Revelation 14 the angel will be preaching the gospel, but what about those who will say "remember him/her that said Jesus died for us?". Soon, the restrainer will be taken away from earth.. but until then let's all continue to be that beacon of light!.

    8. Hi Alan, I have left behind some letters and documents for anyone who will come to my house to investigate after I'm raptured. A good resource to print out is actually at the top of this site unsealed.org - click on "left behind" and there is a good letter. I've printed this out as well as a few other documents (e.g. from "rapture puzzle" youtube channel) plus a hand-written letter from myself about what to expect during the tribulation. I would encourage you and any other believers to do the same. Specifically I talk about what happened to me (rapture - I'm home in heaven with Jesus!), what did not happen to me (alien abduction), what to expect (antichrist) and how to be saved - the Everlasting Gospel that kicks in from Revelation 14 - and how to be saved:

      Revelation 14 mentions 3 things:

      1) worship Jesus as God the creator
      2) Babylon has fallen - this tells us WHEN the gospel of grace is over and when the Everlasting Gospel starts
      3) do not take the mark of the beast - so basically to be saved, they will have to starve to death or be beheaded for Jesus. How terrible.

      God bless you.

    9. People are complicated. Some are oblivious, some hard-headed, but many are hurt or disappointed or embarrassed or scared. Don’t be too discouraged. The intel is probably being tucked away for assimilation. For the skittish, it might help to allow a little space between the sign and its fulfillment so they can get comfortable watching without fear of failed expectations. I think I’m going to call observations ‘signs and I wonders.’

      I’ve anticipated (but not expected) His Return for over fifty years, so I’m loving the eagerness expressed here and the genuine expectation. That was a missing dimension for me.

    10. @STEVE OH: Thank you for pointing out the Left Behind link and letter.

    11. @ J S You are very welcome. Before he raptures us away let's leave no stone unturned while we find as many lost coins as we can with Jesus.

  7. Oh wow, I hadn't realised it was the 66th annual breakfast prayer (us ignorant non-USayers).
    Amazing...Jesus you are totally amazing!!! The mockers will mock but you will have your day of vengeance. Praise God!!!

    1. Amazing isn't is? 666 point drop --> 6 days later --> 66th NPB.

  8. Adam (Parable of the vineyard) has just released a video on your topic referring to this article: https://youtu.be/sjuVL6arufI

    1. Thank you for sharing, dear sister! Here it is:

      [youtube width="320" height="266" src="sjuVL6arufI"/]

  9. It’s almost over we are going home, be faithful children brave and strong , it’s almost over we are going home . The chorus from on old church song, I shared it once before - thought it was worth repeating . God bless you Gary and family.

  10. I thought this was interesting. See below article I came across this morning referring to AIG taking a 6.66 Billion dollar loss...a lot of that loss coming from CA wildfires...

    1. And the U.S. government ran a $666 billion deficit in fiscal 2017 according to the WSJ.

  11. Second US Government shut down of 2018 happened last night for one hour because Senator Rand Paul wanted to highlight the hypocrisy of this congress.

    Whether one agrees with the need of these “showman” episodes of shutting down the government or not; I am sure everyone can agree that borrowing more money will only lead to disaster.

    Basically, this latest spending bill ….The spending bill raises budget caps by $300 billion in the next two years. – says the US Government over spend by 300 billion dollars in the next two years. The current US Debt is 20,493,027,951,424. That is over 20 trillion folks.

    A lot of people just see this as a number, so let’s try to get a grasp about how huge this number is. A billion seconds in years comes out to 31.7 years (or roughly 32 years). A trillion seconds in years comes out to 31709.79 years (or roughly 32000 years). Multiply our 20 trillion in this seconds in years comes to a total of 634,180 years.

    I do not care how optimistic someone is; at some point the US Government is going to have face the fact this debt spending has to stop. Problem when they reach that point… it is going to be too late…..

    1. In other words, if the government paid back its debt $1 per second, it would take nearly 2/3rds of a million years to pay back. That's a lot of debt!!

    2. But if the dollars were created out of thin air, is it really a debt at all?

    3. So, who is more the fool? The debtor who slaves to repay a debt made of nothing or the creditor who accepts meaningless payment in return? SURELY all is folly, vanity, a chasing after the wind! Maranatha!

  12. Ok 2 things this is amazing article well done ! I was just reading it and picking up my food and my total for me and my coworker was $19.48 no joke ! 2ndly on Jan 31 as the blood moon thing mars moved across an imaginary line and now as of today all the planets in the solar system are all on one side of the sun leaving earth all alone !!!!

    1. Praise and Honor to our King! (Would you like fries with that helping of praise, sir?) "Mathematics is the language of G-d" - Albert Einstein. Maranatha!

    2. Jimboni, how true the Einstein quote is... So sad that he himself was atheist and a mocker of God.

  13. Here is a link to the video showing earth all alone on one side of the solar system and today the moon is inbetween earth and the sun and all the planets on the otger side were all alone and very unbalanced ! https://youtu.be/BVTibC4g4Wk

    1. I saw that video too Mr. Warrior. Interesting thing is early in March, first week I believe, Venus and Mercury cross the dividing line for a short time before retreating back to other side with the other planets and leaving Earth alone once again. Now we know what Venus represents, but if I recall correctly (*and someone please correct me if I am mistaken), isn’t Mercury a representation of “The messenger” angel.

      And wouldn’t the messenger angel we have read about in the Bible be the angel Gabriel. The angel of the Lord who delivered the messages throughout the Bible, like to Daniel, Zacharias (Father of John the Baptist), and Mary (Mother of Jesus). All of which is pretty important to the Church age and it’s future.

      Now Gabriel is only called an angel of the Lord in the Bible, but he is noted to be extremely important given his tasks throughout the Bible. Also he is mentioned in other historical writings &non canonical books (like the book of Enoch). And when mentioned in some of the other writings he is considered to be an Archangel.

      My point: Mercury with Venus come over to Earth, who is all alone and they then retreat back to the other side to be with all the other planets (including Pluto). This keeps making me think about 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

      Of course if Gabriel is only an angel and Mercury is not a representation of the messenger angel then my whole theory is bubkus. Lol. Oh well time will tell, right?

    2. I agree with you brother mercury is the messanger gabrial and what your saying makes total since sounds like we are going home very soon with all these amazing events going on in the heavens the bible and on earth and in the economy and political views everything is falimg right into place amen !!! Thank you for sharing that !!!

  14. One thing I noticed about Psalm 90 is that it reads like the history of the world. Also, the ending of Psalm 90:10 is 'we fly away.' Sounds like a Rapture clue to me. Even if we're off a little in our timing, if this is going to happen soon, it will be within the next 10 years... This verse seems to indicate sooner rather than later though. It all depends on 'strength.'

    1. Yes, I agree with you on that 100%. I really believe "we fly away" is a cryptic clue. We're gone between now and 2028 at the latest, imho, but don't get me wrong—I think 2018 is much more likely. Sooner rather than later (:

    2. Keep account the 7 years tribulation as we subtract 7 years for pre tribulation rapture thats what ive always felt and believed ..

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hi Gary. One question: wouldn't it need to be 2021 that we're gone by? In the Fig Tree prophecy Jesus says "this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled." So if we have "80 years by strength" then 1948 + 80 years= 2028 (when all would be fulfilled) minus 7 years for trib= 2021 (assuming pretrib view is correct). Anyone have any thoughts on this?

      Absolutely love this site. I haven't commented before but I'm here pretty often. Thanks all for your valuable study, insight and encouragement.

    5. I hate to be too dogmatic with dates, but I think you're exactly right!

  15. I think it will be sooner then later as God didnt appoint his chikdren to suffer wrath so we won't be here during the laat half of tribulation 10 years we will be long gone before 10 years ! Before 2024 this year 2018 or by 2020 at the latest ! Imho!!!

  16. I am just thankful to YHWH to have found you all. I found you all almost a year ago. It feels strange to feel such a bond with people I’ve never met. My feelings echo sentiments of those who have commented here. Many times feeling so alone in my day to day, and no one seems to see or care about what we do. But I’m so encouraged by you all and on fire like never before with you comfort and like minded encouragement.
    Also my church seems more contented to give feel good power point presentations and not focus on the Word and more urgent topics you cover here. Although I continue to go for now because I go think they have a great children’s program for my kids.
    But I’ve recently started bible studies around the kitchen table with my three kids ages 13, 11 and 6 and they are very eager to learn thanks to Elohim!!!
    Every day I check your site and am so bummed if nothing new, but SO EXCITED when there is a new article.
    Keep up the excellent work!!! For some of us, your all we have!! Be encouraged.
    Much love, and Maranatha!!! :)

    1. Gail thank you for sharing your feelings and I am very thankful for you my sister and for everyone here , we are all in this together time is very short stay in prayer my sister !

  17. You note, "Israel will actually be celebrating its 70th anniversary on May 17th and 18th and Pentecost comes just several days later (either May 20th on the Jewish calendar, or May 21–22 on the observed, biblical calendar)".

    I would like to comment on this point, wherein is the alternative possible 'biblical' date for Passover & therefore Pentecost.

    Assuming the barley is Aviv prior to the new moon of mid-March, Aviv (Nissan) Day 1 will begin in the evening of March 18, when the sliver of the new moon will be visible at 1.0% illumination (assuming no cloud cover).

    N.B. The Jewish calculated calendar has Aviv 1 on March 17, but in Jerusalem, the moon will only be at 0.1% & therefore impossible to view.

    Now if March 18/19 is Aviv 1, then Passover being the 14th day, will land on the first day of the week (Sat/Sun March 31/April 1).

    Therefore, seeing as Passover will come after the Sabbath, we will have to wait until after the following Sabbath before the barley wave offering & to starting the counting of the Omer, this being on Sat/Sun April 7/8 (Omer Day 1).

    This means that 50 days later, Pentecost will be on Sivan 11 (H3m11d), or Sat/Sun of May 26/27. This third month date is predicated on the sliver of the new moon being sighted in Jerusalem on the evening of May 16, when the new moon is at 1.4% (May 15 = 0.2% & not visible).

    All this is predicated on the interpretation that Matsah 1 (Unleavened Bread) is never called a Shabbat. Only the seventh week day is called a Shabbat, as is Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). Additionally, only Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot 1 & 7 are called Shabbatons. These terms are never used for the Spring feasts/moedim. Matsah 1 & 7 have been called Shabbats through Rabbinical halakah.

    Seeing how many current events are connected to key dates, intervals & durations, this commentary may be of use as matters continue to unfold.

    Moreover, it should also be noted the Jews are also recalling the original anniversary date of leaving Egypt & it being 50 days when they arrived at Mount Sinai, therefore Shavuot/Pentecost will always fall on the same Hebrew calendar date (Sivan 6/7). This I have found still has significance, but is not the end of the story, so to speak.

    If anyone has any thoughts - complimentary or counterpoints, I am more than happy to consider & reconsider:).

    1. My eyes have been on a Pentecost rapture for quite some time now. With all that happened last year I sincerely doubted *then* we would be here to see Pentecost 2018. I understand the error of my ways and eagerly anticipate the coming Easter Season, the anniversary of the Lord's ascension and the conception of His Church on Pentecost.

      Ash Wednesday is less than a week away!



    Syria war: Israeli fighter jet crashes under Syria fire

    "An Israeli fighter jet has crashed amid Syrian anti-aircraft fire after an offensive against Iranian targets in Syria, the Israeli military says.

    The two pilots ejected and parachuted to safety after the crash in northern Israel. They were taken to hospital.

    Israel said its aircraft, an F-16 jet, was carrying out strikes in response to the launch of an Iranian drone into Israel. The drone was intercepted."

    I remember a day when, for the life of me, I could not see how Russia and Israel could come into direct conflict. Those days are gone. Now I do.



    1. yes really interesting. 42 years (7x6) since the last fighter jet to be lost in the golan by Syria.

    2. Thank you for posting that my brother , I had juat seen Amir new update about the israeli f 16 jet shot down. That hasnt happened nefore i dont think they also shot down a Iranian drone that tried to.come into their border it seems things are heating up.fast ! Prayers for all and Jesus is.coming for his bride amen amen amen !

    3. Im curious to how the us is taken out and how we will react to russias involvmemt all the countries seem lined up for the war against israel ! Our stock market is set to crash as its dropping daily !

    4. hmm, my reply disappeared. Was saying that it was 42 years ago (6x7) since a fighter jet was taken down in Syria. Things heating up it seems.

    5. Indeed, it has been a great many years since the IDF lost an aircraft in combat operations. The crew of the F-16I "Sufa" ejected over Northern Israel and is safe. The drone was captured as well and is in Israeli hands.

      Most striking in this story is the direct strike on an Iranian military site in Syrian state territory. Israel has said that such presence would not be tolerated and this action underscores that. How long will it be before an American air strike on Syrian (or Syrian backed) forces -or- an Israeli air strike results in the death of Russian personnel?

      I am not condoning or berating such actions, just stating this as a matter of fact. Each perspective in this conflict is justified in their own viewpoint and each side seeks vindication in that belief to their own socio-economic and political ends.

      The defence of Israel is indisputable and direct conflict seems only a formality at this point. Just as in the days of the nativity, so it is today. That serpent the devil is working behind the scenes to orchestrate his evil desires to steal kill and destroy.

      Keep watching. Keep praying. Be steadfast in sharing the Gospel and the good news that "We Win!"



      F-16s are the backbone of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and the "I" model considerably boosts the IDF's long-arm reach, enabling it to fly a round trip of 1,040 miles (1,640 kilometres). This extended flight range enables the IDF to attack targets as far as well within Iran and Libya without having to refuel. The addition of removable Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT's) which it has for that purpose, do not affect the manoeuvrability.

    7. An update on the '6s':
      - worst aircraft hit since 2006 (12 years - 6x2)
      - Israels largest strike in Syria since the 1982 lebanese war (36 years - 6x6)
      - Last time a fighter jet was shot down in syria was 42 years ago (6x7)...might need to confirm elsewhere as I found this refd on another site.

  19. Time for a new post to discuss the ramping up of hostilities between Israel, Iran and Syria.

    News is breaking that Netanyahu will be indicted, step down and has agreed to a six-month house arrest.

    If that's true, his likely libtard replacement will agree to split Jerusalem and/or will advocate appeasement policies that will surely invite Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38&39, or something else just as significant.

    I love how bible prophecy is playing out so perfectly!

    By the way, just discovered this channel and it's phenomenal. This guy finds more bible patterns than even Pastor Sandy Armstrong who does a phenomenal job as well.

    1. HI Ecc - can you provide a post on the Netanyahu indictment...I know its been brewing for a while, but the latest would be awesome.

    2. Here you go


      There are youtube videos on it as well

    3. There are additional sources cited in links in the Israeli News Live video

    4. Israel's Netanyahu acknowledges that he is likely to be indicted soon

    5. Scanning articles on this story seems to suggest that the allegations are coming from work done by private investigators. It would be interesting to see who is behind pressing these investigations?

      Quoting LA Times,

      "According to the law, the only person qualified to determine whether there is evidence against the prime minister is the attorney general," Netanyahu said in the video, "and he discusses the matter with the state attorney…. The state of Israel is a state of law, and the law in Israel says that the person to determine whether there is alleged evidence against the prime minister is the attorney general, and he consults with the state attorney."

      Interesting that this is coming to a head at such a time of celebration and trouble? (Anniversary of Israel and trouble in the region) Something smells fishie about this whole affair does it not?

      Thanks be to our G-D and Father through His Son Jesus Christ that the truth is known and that He is in control.


    6. Bibi put up with that Blasphemous O for 8 miserable yrs and now has the Mighty Trump behind him, the LAST thing he's gonna do is Resign! LOL! And as far as the LA times saying "Netanyahu said he will be indicted soon"..Piittooo!!! Biggest Liars next to the NYT! ..Steven Ben-Nun! I'm surprised at you! LOL!

      And now it's G-D PR? Pfffffft! Now we have to be Religiously Correct? Lest someone be Offended? As if Politically Correct wasn't evil enough?! Haaaa! Good Grief! I don't call my Dad D-D. His Name is Jesus, The Lord God Almighty. He NEVER referred to Himself as G-D in His Book and neither will I.. Thank Jesus we've no greater Director of ones Search for Gods Truth than the Indwelling Spirit of Truth..the Holy Spirit! ..O the Sons of Men! ;)~

    7. Hi Jimmy!

      What you don't like G-D?

      Allow me to explain.

      That's not being religiously correct as much as it is a common rendering of His name in the Jewish community. It is in fact a sign of respect. I generally adhere to this especially when I'm posting online. (I may not use it 100% of the time, but then again, I never claimed to be perfect).

      I too am not a fan of political correctness, never have been and never will be. Having a respectful sensitivity to others is good but not so far that we land in "the ditch" if you know what I mean.

      But as to how we treat the name of our Father? I will humbly stand on the fact that there isn't the slightest thing wrong with showing reverent respect. This is one way that I show it.

      A Hebrew tradition is to not even try to pronounce the inexpressible name of G-d being, "יהוה" or "YHWH" if you will. Instead they simply say, "Adonai". Some render LORD as "L-rd" but I do not take it that far.

      As for the LA Times? I'm not a fan either. The quote was provided as a source propagating the story concerning Prime Minister Netanyahu. In no way am I indicating support for the LA Times in anyway. It's just a pin-point of data.

      Now that you know the rest of the story, you can consider yourself religiously corrected. Or informed. Or something. Move along citizens, there's nothing to see here...

      Pastor Rich

    8. I understand Rich, I've seen it before, and no, I don't like man made traditions. It's hard enough adhering to Gods Truth, let alone sorting out the Lies of men. Men define that as reverent respect, not God. But then, I don't have Credentials to protect, thank God, leaves me free. The Jews have been offended by the Truth before, won't be the last time. ["Move along citizens, there's nothing to see here..."] ..I LOVE that! Sheriff Faulkner! LOL! Loveya Brother! ;)~

    9. Thanks buddy! Yeppers, Sheriff Faulkner. That hat fits sometimes doesn't it?

      Stay awesome and always by the Shepherd. (It reduces the confusion)

  20. With tensions increasing and the anniversary coming up, it seems like a particularly bad time for a leader to be sidelined and/or discredited.

  21. For a greater understanding of some of the mysteries hidden in the Word of the Lord our God, I can't recommend enough, the occasional exploration of a deeper understanding of the advanced stages of Quantum Mechanics. Anthony Patch (a Christian) and Colleagues, reveal just how far ["THEY" {the Adversary}]'ve come, and how close "they" are to piercing the veil. Helps bring home how close we truly are to our eagerly anticipated departure.. https://youtu.be/S0zDAjj_XOw



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