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Edge of the End

More often than not my posts receive a comment that I am warmongering or using scare tactics, instead of loving people to Christ.  Fair enough.  I understand.  This is not a gentle dinner bell on a cruise ship or a gentle nudge.  THIS IS A RED ALERT.

I never thought we would be so seemingly close and so few would understand and share with clarity and urgency.

The hour is very late.

Ezekiel 38-39 and a host of other ancient prophecies are now in clear view.  I want to simply say - stop and smell the coffee. Understand that boys and their nuclear toys will not be stalled forever.

The tension is very palpable.

Same song with me:  Zionist congress is over, British mandate is over, U.N. vote of 1947 done deal, 70 years since Israel returned in 1948,  50 years since Jerusalem restored in 1967.  Warnings and disasters have continued year after year (9/11 2001, 2004 Thailand, 2005 Katrina, 2006 China floods, 2008 Bangladesh, 2010 Haiti, 2011 Japan, 2017 Mexico), Blood Moons, Super Moons, Revelation 12, U.N. votes against Israel and on and on.


A few headlines, from just one hour of gathering links:

  1. Trump dissolves Iranian nuke deal - NBC 
  2. Israel attacks Damascus - Chicago Tribune 
  3. JPost - Iran Planning Missile Barrage
  4. Trump to request that Israel give up four neighborhoods for peace - JPost
  5. Pressure on Abbas to step down (this stuff has a shelf life) - JPost
  6. Israel prepares for attack from Iran and Syria - Haaretz
  7. Netanyahu - Iran deal full of lies - Haaretz
  8. Mossad discovers Iran nuclear documents - Haaretz
  9. Putin and Netanyahu to meet over Syria conflict - Haaretz
  10. Macron warns of war - JPost
  11. Israel warns Iran - NY Post
  12. Iran warns of higher enrichment capabilities - Times of Israel
  13. U.S. Warns China - NBC
  14. U.S. Warns Russia - CBS
  15. Ukraine receives U.S. Missiles despite Russian warning - Irish Times
  16. Iran warns U.S."historic remorse" - CNN
  17. Iran to attack after Lebanese elections - Jerusalem Online (they're over by the way)
  18. Iran our hands are on the trigger - Debka
  19. Russia warns any U.S. missiles at Syria will be shot down - Thai Visa
  20. Iran - Israel a shadow war no longer - JPost
  21. Syria, Russia and Iran preparing for war - Business Insider
  22. Israel warns attack coming soon - Newsmax
  23. Mattis warns war very likely - JPost
  24. Israel closes air space - YNet
  25. Russia sends tanks to Syria - Reuters
  26. Trump warns Russia, missiles coming to Syria - L.A. Times
  27. Israel attacks Syria - Bloomberg
  28. Abbas warns of Embassy move consequences - Washington Post
  29. Macron assembles 10 nation confederacy - Politico
  30. Iranian naval commander threatens U.S. - Zero Hedge
  31. Iran threatens vigorous additional nucear development (must need a lot of additonal medical radiology) - SCMP
  32. Knessett moves forward on national bill - The Times of Israel
  33. China warns U.S. - CNBC
  34. China stops buying - Columbus Dispatch
  35. DOD stops selling Chinese phones - Defense Systems
  36. Iranian oil at 42 month high ahead of nuclear deal deadline - WSJ 
  37. U.S. Embassy signs go up in Jerusalem - Yahoo News
  38. Fears Rise - The Guardian
  39. Shi'ite militia groups in Syria to do the dirty work for Syria - JPost
  40. Honduras, Guatemala, Romania, Czech Republic, Paraguay, USA moving embassies - Missions Box
  41. Netanyahu steps up push to end Iranian nuclear deal - CBN
  42. Israel threatens to liquidate Abbas - RT
It's extremely late.

We are in May 2018, for crying-out-loud.

Be Ready.  Help someone else get ready.

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  1. Amir Tasrfati said the stories about President Trump asking Israel to withdraw from 4 Arab towns in East Jersualem are false. He said the press in Israel is no longer reporting this fiction.

  2. Whew... Amen, brother. It's all happening so fast now it makes my head spin.

    I feel like I'm in the passenger seat, while the car is doing 153 mph, and the picket fence outside the window has become a vague, white blur.

    I fully understand Pastor JD's explanation now about the "tachometer" verse spoken by Jesus.

  3. 2017 I felt I was cramming for a test. Reminds me of the Tesla song "Signs." "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign." Okay I'm not into putting my heart on a date, but the week of May 14th - 20th is going to be big. I haven't had time to study this fully but it brings me straight back to Acts 1:11; keeping in mind Matthew 24:36–44 . Now I'm going to copy and past from "Last Call To Calvary" YouTube Channel. Published on Feb 6, 2018

    Genesis 7:11 it says “11 In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”

    So we know the Rain from the flood began on the 17th day, of the 2nd month.

    We also know the flood lasted for exactly One year, and 10 days – ending on the 27th day, of the 2nd month the following year, as we read in Genesis 8:14 “By the 27th day of the 2nd month, the earth was completely dry. 15 God came to Noah with a message. It’s time. Leave the ark now, you and your wife, your sons, and your sons’ wives.”
    So we are looking for a timeline to begin on the 17th day, of the 2nd month – ending on the 27th day of the 2nd month the following year – on the Torah Calendar.

    THIS is what caught my attention immediately – if we look at MAY 14th, 2017 – it lands on the 17th day of the 2ndmonth, but then what shocked me was seeing this. due to the fact that the Torah calendar is a lunar calendar it is about 10 days short of our solar calendar - MAY 14th of 2018 (THE 70 year anniversary Israel became a nation) – Guess what… it LANDS ON THE 27th day of the 2nd month!!!! Exactly 1 year 10 days appear – on the Torah Calendar just as in the days of NOAH!!

    Another thing – If we look at the comparisons from when Yahshua ascending into heaven, to this timeline –we see it match up to this year perfectly.

    We know Yahshua died on Passover (which starts on April 1st) – Rose 3 days later (April 4th) – We know he spent 40 days on earth before ascending to the Father…. 40 days after April 4th, lands on May 14th 2018.

    So MAY 14th of 2018 has REAL significance this year as far as being a HIGH watch date – 1.) it’s obviously the 70 year generation Marker from when Israel became a nation, 2.) it lines up perfectly with the days of Noah & the flood both starting and ending on the correct days (17th day 2nd month, 27th day 2nd month) & 3.) May 14th landing on the exact day that Yahshua ascending to Abba Father prior to pentecost. https://youtu.be/YLoFoGBsZIQ Just wanted to share this info and see what others think.

    1. Brent, amazing!! 👆🙏

    2. Astonishing and the number parallels Dan Matson shows with this date of May 14th also are astounding. The parallels continue all the way to Pentecost - so agreed - HIGH WATCH TIME! Thank you Brent - Blessings - Sherry

    3. Brent, your post was very clear and on point, thank you. The points you raise are simply awesome and so encouraging, Maranatha!

    4. Brent, I cannot click on the video link on my phone but: IS THIS CRISTOPHER MASKEY from "Last Call to Calvary" YT channel entitled MAY 14th AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH? https://youtu.be/YLoFoGBsZIQ (February 2018)? Because he had just the same idea...

      Dear Brent, now I got another nugget for you: please just crosscheck the chapter 6 of the BOOK OF JASHER according to your observation and tell me what you read there: http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/apo/jasher/6.htm

      It MIGHT get your mind blow away what you find, if you find out the same as I did... Check it out!

      Blessings to all of you! MARANATHA! :))

    5. Stunning. It's all surreal and straight out of the play book.

    6. Annabel, yes I viewed Christopher Maskey's video about three or four days ago. I just copied and pasted the video description. I take no credit for what he found, I just needed to share his info, cause I know it's important. As for Jasher Ch 6 I read it while at work, so I'll need to read it again a little slower. I got stuck on the year that they waited in the Ark before exiting. So I need more time in study.

    7. Yes Brent, this ONE YEAR EXACT was what caught my eye (and the Spirit)! Furthermore it was the situation Noah + family + animals were in being tossed around in the ark and somewhat frightened (like we are on earth now, compare Romans 8:22-23) just as he also felt imprisoned inside which does exactly meet my own feelings on this corrupt planet. Take your time to study, I think very much there is an important pattern to be found. Much blessings again! :)

    8. Brent, I believe the Genesis calendar is based on the fall cycle. It was changed to Nissan, spring time, at the time of the exodus. That said, others have pointed to Genesis 8:4, "And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month...." That would be Nissan 17, resurrection Sunday, assuming the crucifixion was Nissan 14! I don't think that is a coincidence.

      We are close. "Even so, come quickly."

  4. Is it me or every year is getting more and more intense and it happens always in Spring?

  5. It is heartbreaking, the number of people that want to remain blind to the urgency of the moment. But the Bible says they will be blind. Brent..thank you for your post. Things are really lining up now. Looking forward to meeting everyone in what seems like it will be only a few more days.

  6. Our faithful brother Kieland has a new article here:


    1. Miguel - what a great link you provided. I absolutely concur with his findings on all points save one. I'm not yet sure America is the final Babylon (I believe that will be a literal Babylon rebuilt in the ME) but, if you take the same premise and presume the US is a shadow of that final Babylon to be destroyed which occurs in the 2nd half of the Trib then everything fits beautifully.

      It is very hard for those who have grown up with Futurist only teaching to "see" the Seals having been opened at Pentecost after Jesus' ascension and then proceeding and AMPLIFYING in the Tribulation. However, if they could just pry their minds open to see it paints the Father in a much more true light by his ACTIVE PARTICIPATION via the Seals during the Church Age and the Rapture is still Pre-Tribulation. A truly honest and frank study cannot show the seals to be Judgement only. Yes, they contain elements of judgement, but also elements of choice & "prepping the battlefield", "Raising kings up and taking them down". God is active and has always been active in preparing for this time - not just through the Holy Spirit embodied Church. Beautiful - Beautiful - Thank you for the share. Blessings - Sherry

    2. Miguel , agree with Sherry that link from word press was absolutely great. If anyone else has time please take a look and read.

  7. Greg, Wonderful work! Don't let comments bother you, some people can't handle reality. They should know not every ones job is the same, we are the hands and mouth of God on earth. I'm amazed at how everything has accelerated and how people have become even more hostile everywhere. I can't read or watch anything where people are civil, they're all so hostile. It doesn't matter what the subject is either! I enjoy the information from Unsealed, and we need to know, it's exciting to see the truth of God's word happening all around us. How can they not see! I was reading some comments on a weather channel post, many where saying they feel something big is going to happen, they feel something, what is going on, etc. they started to joke around about the end of the world, then all the replies about God and His word and how they don't believe in Him or His word, and some who defended the Lord but don't really know anything. Then of course they all started to judge each other with rude hateful remarks. I felt so sad for them, they are going to see the wrath of God. I pray for them but the word says there are many people who will be destroyed during tribulation. I know how Noah must've felt. You're warnings are vital for us and the lost who may read or hear them, it's up to the individual to heed to them or ignore them, it may be a witness aginst them, no one will have any excuses.

  8. "SEVENTY! SEVENTY!" Check this out (CEPHER Moments) https://youtu.be/eH24aawHVTI


    Many Fish YT channel on "1948 / 70 years Trump / Titus" MINDBLOWING!!

    Blessings to all of you!

    1. [youtube style="margin:auto;" width="320" height="266" src="eH24aawHVTI"/]

    2. [youtube style="margin:auto;" width="320" height="266" src="2xLaExQ-cdo"/]

    3. Interesting. I think the first guy might be slightly mistaken. The Hebrew words used for "seventy" and "weeks" in Dan. 9:24-25 are not the same word. Maybe I missed part of his argument. Shabuwa means "seven" - specifically a period of seven days (a week).

    4. Second video, though, BAM! He's exactly right! It's mind-blowing.

    5. Gary, thank you for the links to the videos! Just FYI (and everybody can do his own further research on that) perhaps it might help to check out this explanation to the first Daniel 9:24 video to better understand why Stephen Pidgeon translates both the same "SEVENTY":


      I found it interesting to find another interpretation. Perhaps we have all been trapped in "traditional" teachings of men? Anyway, I find it at least worth pondering as I am not a Hebrew scholar nor from Jewish background. Perhaps someone else can yet contribute to it? Blessings to you, hope to see you in the air with Christ soon! :D MARANATHA!!

    6. There is a Part 2 to the above link regarding the "70th week":


  9. Brent's observations seem highly possible! The only thing tripping me up is that we don't know the day or the hour. With it seeming that it could indeed be this day how does that go along with the scriptures that tell us we don't know the day or the hour? I'm not scoffing, I long for the Lord Jesus to come get us.

  10. What’s tripping me up is that Israel is supposed to be living “without walls”, unsuspecting and living peacefully when this attack happens. That is certainly not the case. I can’t make that part fit, and the entire scripture has to be true.

    1. Ashley, maybe a deal will be struck and Israel will be living "without walls" soon. I don't think Israel has to be living without walls at the time of the taking of the church?

    2. I don’t think so either, Judy. But I do think for Ezekial 38 to be fulfilled they have to be. And with a new threat against them hourly almost, the idea of them being “unsuspecting” seems really far off.

    3. Ashley & Judy I couldn't agree more with you. Eze38 was never on my whiteboard because of exactly these verses 8; 11 and 12. I think Satan will keep this constellation in mind to get it done after millennium (as this is the only situation possible to fit into this description). There will be the same nations involved as they will still exist from the 'sheep' of Matthew 25. Blessings to you! :)

  11. Turning some of these comment links into functioning links:



    Miguel P

  12. Greg, Fearmongering is a natural conclusion for many and I admit that fear flows easily in these times. I have been tempering my words around the family so as not to flip them out. Especially the kids. (Learning from last Fall) Not an easy job to do.

    Thank you for the fine job you're doing!

    My wife was commenting about how everyone she met while shopping today was on edge, in a horrible mood and agitated. She's been scared too. I reminder her about our Father's promises and that we must stay sharp, be focused and expect shocking news at any time. One point that I turned her attention to was (Revelation 20:7-10 ESV)

    We know that Victory is in His hands and our LORD never fails! So when you feel the camp being surrounded by the enemy, remember to look for the consuming fire that will come down from heaven!


    Off to a church meeting regarding outreach! We're not done yet!!

    Pastor Rich

  13. @ everyone here

    I am a lean 120kg (264 lbs), big and strong as bear, God-Jesus-Holy Spirit-Bible believing Christian but believe me when I tell you, I am scared. I see guys like Greg, Jeff, Pastor Rich, and everone else...good, faithful, Jesus loving people. You write with so much wisdom and insight, giving hope to the saved and the lost all at the same time.

    Like you, I too have received the eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to understand that Jesus is coming soon to collect us in the Rapture. But I don't write great, inspiring articles, prophecy to lost or even do work for the church. In fact, I stopped going to church a looong time ago. I remember making an appointment with our pastor back in the day (about 6 years ago) to talk to him about the end times and I remember especially talking to him about homosexuals and churches around the world starting to accept this sinful nature. He got angry with me and defended homosexuality, telling me God made them who they are and that we shouldn't judge them. I told him Jesus instructed us to judge with love and in righteousness but things just went south from there

    Obviously, he has been deceived and it's right there where I stopped going to church. I've tried talking to family and friends but most think I'm crazy lol.

    Anyway, my point is this, I know I'm saved. Me and most of those I love and care for. I love Jesus Christ. I know he died on that cross for us and I know I just have to believe in Him and confess with my mouth that I do. I DO. But I definitely feel the devil in my head, making me doubt. You see I ain't perfect....very, very, very far from it. I sin daily. Ask for forgiveness. Sin again. Repent again an so on and so forth. How God forgives me is beyond me

    I just want to be raptured away so that I can stop being a disappointment to God. If I miss out on that awesome event, so be it. Really don't want to see what happens in the Trib but I aint afraid of dying. I will gladly die for Jesus

    This line of thinking made me realize that there might be a lot of people who are struggling with the same thing. Especially now with things escalating exponentially.

    May I humbly request a prayer from you guys? Sure would appreciate it and rest assured, I'll be praying for all of you too

    Kindest regards, God bless Israel and your days.

    Hoping to see you all soon...forgive me if I want to see Jesus just n little bit more ;)

    1. Badger7777777, it hurts my heart to read that you gave up on being a part of a church fellowship because of your bad conversation with one obviously deceived pastor. There are good churches out there - I attend one and don’t know how I could walk strongly in the Lord in these trying times without the teaching, encouragement and opportunities to serve that my church gives me. No, we don’t talk about end times events in our church gatherings, but we do worship God and receive fantastic teaching on other essential Biblical subjects relevant to living out our faith. I might recommend to you trying a Calvary Chapel or Harvest Bible Fellowship, if you have either of those in your area, and there are many other good Bible-believing churches, too.
      Paul admonished us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, but to keep encouraging each other as we see “the day drawing near (Hebrews 10:25).” The encouragement we receive from others in the Body of Christ isn’t limited to the local church, but I believe Jesus did ordain that we gather with other believers because He knew we need that. And we need that more now than ever.
      I do a good bit of speaking to women’s groups at all kinds of churches in my part of South Carolina and even among churches that have a reputation for being pretty “dead,” I always find at least a few true believers who honestly believe the Gospel and feel called to be light and salt where they are (in those “dead” churches).
      Don’t give up, brother. There are likeminded brothers and sisters out there. You need them and they need the gifts you have. That’s how God designed His body to function.

    2. Badger7777777 - Please don't go to church or listen to any pastor on these posts. Why? They follow a false gospel and the church of Jesus Christ is not the one you see today. They all promote a false watered down version of the gospel. Yes, there are many nice people, pastors, etc., in this world who are sincere, but they are sincerely wrong. Focus on Jesus Christ and not on these websites, people opinions of the scriptures, etc. and just let Jesus Christ the King of King, the teacher or all teachers guide you. I also searched and seeked out a good church, but Jesus Christ has always showed me how they have some things right, but a kinds of false wrong messages that contradict the scriptures. Sin and Satan is too strong and it has crushed the churches and fooled the pastors and Satan owns them all. That is exactly why you are in a much better spot than them....however, Satan is making you feel guilty so just don't seek out any church or pastor...seek out only Jesus Christ.

    3. AMEN and AMEN, Unknown! :))

  14. Badger7777777, You will be in my prayers buddy.

    We are each gifted by G-d and made to live in community. We all have something to bring to the table. Church is a part of that as are community groups, missional groups, small groups, prayer groups, etc...I HIGHLY recommend fasting and praying (even if for one meal a day if you can) that the Holy Spirit lead you in connecting with a local church.

    Our Father could not love you more if He tried. He loves each of us wholly and perfectly. I could say you should read your Bible daily, but so much more effective it is to gather in community (especially in small groups or one-on-one) where iron can sharpen iron.

    It's a game changer!

    Seek the best that the LORD has to offer in this regard. You are worth it!



    (Psalm 16)

  15. Badger77777 dear brother in Christ, I hear you and can relate to it also from across the Atlantic. My/our church situation is/was the same since Jesus saved us 13 years ago. I often missed personal fellowship but have accepted endtimes conditions as the will of God to shape and strenghten our growth in faith. I know that my real and perfect fellowship will be in eternity soon so I can wait for it now a little longer. But I would NEVER have accepted joining a "church" as you described, too - so you've well done to 'come out of her, my people' (Revelation 18:4).

    Regarding your spiritual attacks let me assume you that they're just normal for a true child of God but you can overcome them. Perhaps by reading some nice chapters in "THE PILGRIMS PROGRESS" by John Bunyan? Do you know this? It's a puritan classic read by thousands ND thousands of brethren all over the globe since he wrote this in prison for the faith in Christ Jesus a couple of years ago. You can easily find it online as free PDF or even on YouTube as a free audiobook https://youtu.be/dMtmnv84GxY May your heart be strenthened and your mood cheer up again as the devil will flee from you! Much love brother... MARANATHA, we're soon there (and meet John Bunyan too!)

  16. @Annabel, Richard & Mary Ann

    Thank you so much for the replies and prayers. I feel it working already

    Hit the gym this morning and I was full of determination to talk to my buddy (ain't been saved, YET) about Jesus. Then I approached a fellow Christian who suspects we are definitely living in the end times but he doesn't have his facts straight. I set up a meeting with him next week where I will show him my presentation (I made a pdf presentation on the end time signs and the convergence thereof about a year ago)

    I definitely feel pumped-up and ready to fight the good fight

    Love you guys! May God bless, protect and carry you and your families in these days


    1. Badger, thank you for your frank and clear comments. I sense a kindred spirit. If you can find and be directed by Holy Spirit to a local assembly it is a wonderful thing. But, let no man deceive you, you have just "gathered together with the Body". We all have different appointments ordained by God in His perfect will and way. Many can flourish only within a local body, many cannot flourish in that setting. It's ok. He made us all and He can care for us all in whatever situation you find yourself. You are drawing near to him as is evidenced by your testimony. Stay close to Him and be responsive to Holy Spirit's direction. I agree wholeheartedly with Pastor Richard - He is absolutely delighted with each of us and could not love us more. It is a love we cannot imagine. Does He wish we would make better choices at times? Certainly, like all parents, He does, but He doesn't love us less. He uses those opportunities to turn them to good - what was meant for evil He turns to good. Cling to the hem of His garment as you've been doing and He will decide and set things aright. He may have already done so and you may be exactly where He wants you to be. No one can answer that question for you except Holy Spirit. Blessings - Sherry

    2. Badger,

      Praying for your peace.

      This best remedy for those times when you understand just how impossibly separated our sinful flesh is from the perfect holy standard, is to simply share your faith with someone else.

      Where there is light, darkness flees.

      Thank you for your authenticity. You are not alone.


  17. Patience. Many people often relate to the chaos occurring in Israel as the sign of the End Days and the soon imminence of the rapture or tribulation. Could what is taking place in Israel today indicate that the end is near? Yes. Does it necessarily mean the end is like now? Absolutely not.

    Jesus Himself said it best, "Watch out that no one deceives you. . . . You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come" (Matthew 24:4-6).

    The war surrounding Israel will undoubtedly happen. When you have two sides unwilling to reach a compromise nor talk, that's simply an recipe for disaster. But, who knows? There's a very high chance that there are simply more birth pains to come. I truly believe that God will reveal much more of the hidden tapestry in the coming few years.

    1. Drew, it's hard not to get excited about being called home; but you are correct. So is the above post from Judy. I try not to look at dates to hard and set myself up for disappointment when the divine appointment isn't yet. I think we all are on the edge of are seats just waiting. I'm not sure if I'll be taken in the rapture tomorrow or die of cancer in the next twenty years, only our Creator knows. I do know I will be at work Monday the 14th running that mill, I will continue to develop my relationship with our King and I will return to this very website for updates and extraordinary fellowship with strong believers in the faith of Jesus Christ. I've only been a Christian for eight years now and it's been hard for me to steady my pace in the race, I've be sprinting to much. Thank you for your comments, I'll work on patience. Much love, MARANATHA!



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