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Paraguayan Embassy Becomes Third To Open In Jerusalem In Just 7 Days

In the space of just one week, three embassies have opened in Jerusalem in a diplomatic triumph for Israel.  Last Monday, on the Gregorian 70th anniversary of Israel, the U.S. embassy opened to much fanfare.  Two days later the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Guatemalan embassy was held.  Today, President Horacio Cartes of Paraguay officially opened his country's embassy with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in attendance.  Honduras, Czech Republic, and Romania may soon follow.

There is some disagreement about the meaning of "Paraguay," but the most common translation is "water born."  Horacio means "timekeeper."  The capital of Paraguay is Asunción, which means ascension or assumption (into Heaven).  God is the great timekeeper, Israel is the clock, and now that the Jews repossess the Holy Land and Jerusalem the times of the Gentiles have neared their end, and the water-born children of God will soon ascend into Heaven.

In other news, the wolf is speaking more poisonous words, further degrading what little remains of biblical truth in the church of Rome:

Speaking to Spanish newspaper El País, Cruz said: "He [the Pope] told me, 'Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter.  God made you like this and loves you like this and I don’t care.  The pope loves you like this.  You have to be happy with who you are.' "

As with all of satan's subtleties, there is a kernel of truth embedded in a sea of lies.  God does love Juan Carlos, but He doesn't want this man to stay in his sin, because He knows that his sin leads to death.  Sin is the reason Christ had to die.  If Carlos doesn't turn to Christ for the forgiveness of his sins (including the sin of homosexuality), there is no sacrifice for sins left.  Only judgment.  God loves him and wants him to be saved, but He won't force anyone to accept His love.

Lastly, it looks like the Trump Administration will be unveiling its Middle East peace plan next month and some of the details are shocking, including giving Israel sovereignty over the Old City and making the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Dis the capital of Palestine.

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  1. Great thanks Gary, Amen! Be blessed very much in your great work for the Lord! Praying for you and yours! Maranatha!

  2. Hello. My name is Matthew, I am 17 years old, and I have autism. Thank you, Mr. Gary, for the update on the Middle East. I’ve been looking at all of the news sites, and it seems like that the Palestinians are going to vehemently oppose this plan. I’ve been wondering whether Palestine’s just not going to agree to it, or if God is going to allow the Palestinians to accept it, so that He can advance His wonderful plan for the End Times. It just seems like this world is getting crazier and crazier every day, and I can’t wait to go safely into my Father’s arms when the Rapture does come. God bless you all, and keep on updating us! Maranatha!

    1. Hello Matthew. Welcome to Unsealed!

    2. Thank you Mr. Gary. Now, what I was wondering was if Palestine was going to outright reject the peace plan, or if God was going to allow them to accept it to advance His end-times plan. Also, I was wondering when if it was accepted, if President Trump was going to be the Antichrist since he made the covenant with Israel. I was just wondering. I can’t wait to go up in the Rapture, so that I can be with my Lord! Thanks again, and I look forward to meeting you there when it does happen!

    3. I agree with you 100% Matthew! Just when you think the world can't get any crazier it takes another giant leap. I also long for the Lord's return to take us home. I'm tired of this body of sin and this crazy planet.

    4. There are many others who are much closer matches to what we know of Antichrist. From his own lips last Easter, Trump declared 'Christ is risen, He is risen indeed.' This is a common saying among Presbyterians, which Trump identifies as.

      What seems more likely is the Rapture will happen before this deal/covenant is finalized, and the real Antichrist will take over the process... but only God truly understands the intent of His prophecies regarding these events... We see through the glass darkly, having an idea of what should happen... Even Jesus told His disciples that prophecy was given so that we can have stronger faith when it comes to pass.

      For instance, we know by a few prophecies that Demascus is going to become uninhabitable. We do not know the circumstances or the timing, just that it's going to happen eventually. We also don't know if this before or after the Rapture.

    5. Ok. Thanks for the clarification! I look forward to when events ramp up so that my brothers and sisters in Christ and I can go to Heaven with the Lord! I can’t wait for when I get my new Resurrection body, which won’t have my autism, my mild cerebral palsy, my juvenile arthritis, and my pacemaker! Exciting times are on the way for His Church.

    6. Dear brother Matthew, I can fully understand what you say. I surely cannot imagine any of us wanting to any longer 'enjoy' life on this rotten planet in a crazy ruthless world even if their health is yet OK (but mostly it isn't as we're being poisoned for decades already and hurting too)... We have strongly hoped that this Pentecost could be on Gods timetable for the rapture but it wasn't. So, we have to wait a little longer now yet...

      Regarding the 'covenant' of Daniel 9:27 I have never read there some 'peace' from the context, so this is highly speculative; it could be ANY kind of "Brit" (covenant) then IMO.

      As far as your question about "what men do" and "how God acts" is concerned, I think it all culminates in GODS ACTION anyway. People only think they act on their own but in fact it is always God who steers their hearts Proverbs 21:1

      For example, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is again hospitalized and it might be he doesn't recover this time (debka.com)? The consequences are all part of Gods plan, not of men. ALWAYS.

      Much love and blessings to you, looking forward to meeting you soon with Jesus! :)

    7. Hello. I don’t know that these predictions will be right, and there’s no way to tell that they will be, but I strongly believe that the Rapture will occur sometime before the peace plan is unveiled. When that happens, I think that Emmanuel Macron will take over the peace process and strengthen the covenant (I’m starting to think that President Trump and Vice President Pence will be taken with us). Macron’s an interesting figure, and I think that he might be the Antichrist because of what he said about him governing like Jupiter, the chief Roman god. I also think that Pope Francis will be the False Prophet because of his comments. I watched the Today Show this morning, and saw a report about Pope Francis’ recent comments about homosexuality. The reporter and the anchors were saying that his comments were “an act of mercy” rather than a false delusion. I’m not saying that I hate homosexuals, I just don’t like the sin itself. In fact, my church here in Richmond has some homosexuals. I just pray that they will read the Word and ask Jesus to help them out. Also, Annabel, do you think that perhaps if Abbas dies before the peace plan is unveiled, do you think that Palestine would get a special election together, and perhaps they would have a leader when the peace plan is unveiled, or do you think that Palestine won’t have a leader? I was just wondering. God bless you all, and I can’t wait to see some of you in Heaven! Maranatha!

  3. Abbas has been hospitalized 3 times in one week. I am wondering if he will be absent and whoever takes his place agrees to the peace plan.

    1. Interesting you say that in light of this key detail from the Trump plan:

      "In search of a measure of Palestinian assent, the White House, Egypt and Gulf nations agreed to headhunt Palestinian figures living outside the PA domain, who hold different views from the Ramallah elite, and would be willing to underwrite the plan. Five eminent Palestinians have been found as possible candidates, including Abbas’ arch-foe Muhammed Dahlan. Feelers are still ongoing."

    2. Also hearing that Abbas is a heavy smoker and may have pneumonia.

    3. I found it spiritually interesting to read that an "EAR infection" can affect the "HEART"/...

      Anyway, the analysis on ynetnews may tell the whole story better:

      "Abbas is a pain in everybodys neck, not only Israels" https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5252817,00.html

  4. You may not like what the Pope says but it is better than following the manifest lie that no one is ever born different and that gay is nothing but a “lifestyle” to be cured or renounced. Otherwise one puts oneself on the side (as the likes of Franklin Graham has done) with the bullies of cure and all manner of abuse and corruption. I paste from something of only a few hours ago.

    ...When I was 15, my family found out that I'm gay. In Chechnya, where I'm from, this can be like a death sentence. For three years, they tortured and abused me. They drugged me, beat me, and gave me electric shocks to try and "cure" me from being gay. I didn't think things could get any worse, but last year I became a part of Chechnya's "gay purge." My boyfriend worked for the government and told me I was on a list of targeted men. Shortly after, he disappeared and I never heard from him again. I was terrified and knew I had to get out of Chechnya, so I fled to Russia. It was my only option.Life in Russia still isn't safe. LGBT+ people are treated terribly, partly thanks to Russia's notorious "Gay Propaganda Law," which makes even talking about my identity a crime. I'm trying to get relocated to a safer country, but the asylum process can take years.

    1. You were born prone to gay sin. I was born prone to heterosexual sin, impatience, anger, and doubt. Join the broken club. I, like you, disagree with those who say you can be "cured". I agree, though, with God's Word that unmistakably declares homosexuality to be a sin.

      We were all born in iniquity and I can't deny my iniquity any more than you can deny yours. And because we have iniquity and sin we need a Savior—Jesus Christ.

      But Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection not only results in our justification (when we believe), it also provides the strength not to give into the power of sin. When we yield to God, His Holy Spirit lives Christ's life of faithfulness and sacrifice all over again in us and we can say "no" to sin.

      Rollan, my heart breaks for what was done to you. I wish that didn't happen. I'd point out that the Russian "Church" does not preach the Gospel of grace, but a mutilated works-based religion that tips the hat to Jesus, but not the heart. God will save all of those who trust in Christ and acknowledge their sin, no matter how sinful they are.

      I'm the foremost sinner, but by God's grace I've found salvation and increasing freedom from the power of sin.

      I've heard many different experiences from Christians who are either practicing homosexuality or who have yielded to God and by God's grace have been able to abstain. The testimony I most appreciate is Dennis Jernigan's because it was his testimony that God used to work redemption in my family.

      You can watch his story on YouTube or for free on Amazon Prime ("Sing Over Me"): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DmhcChVcYA


  5. Gary - Thanks for your interest but I’d rather you reserved the blessings and broken heart feelings for those suffering in the way my message pointed out, the problem and scandal of which you quite ignore.

    Nothing was ever done to me personally, no abuse or what have you, to fix any orientation. I believe I was born not to gay sin but gay understanding. It is a whole sensibility, almost worldview under which a good deal of culture and yes, religion, has been formed. There is such a thing as a gay spirituality and I have studied and written and been published on this. You might care to look at my occasionally used gaythoughtsblog. https://goo.gl/24udkJ It includes three overtly controversial gay theological poems but absorbing which could be a short cut to quite a few necessary thoughts and realizations.

    I do have answers, including why a small minority change or think they change orientation, but I can’t possibly hope to answer you adequately, there is just too much to say. Moreover I realize from long experience there is a kind of bibliolatry that aims to cut every conversation short and stops its ears in the name of scripture. I can only say that if the bible is equally inspired in all parts and equally well read and understood in all parts, then you should consider smashing babies against rocks to satisfy sentiments of Ps 137 or insisting women be silent in church, always wear hats and even keep having children to insure salvation (1 Tim 2:15) as St Paul embarrassingly proposed. I presume you don’t follow him there in these culture-bound views. I suggest you don’t believe him to the letter either on “homosexuality”, a word the bible doesn’t use and which was differently understood – almost more in terms of gender status and social hierarchies than anything else.

    However in terms of this site, let's say it's regrettable that poorly considered, unhelpful views from conservative Christians exclude almost all gays whether Christian or secular from even giving a single thought to issues of prophecy. At the very least everyone should be aware, but not even Christians are as they have demonized and abominated astrology along with gays, that we are living at the end of the same Piscean era that began around the time of Christ's birth.

    1. Rollan, if David here in the following testimony can be saved after 27 years then you can be too:


      "Jesus Christ saved me from 27 years of homosexuality" (I'll be honest channel)

      PS: You will only fully understand the bible and details of divers passages' meaning AFTER being sealed with the Holy Spirit, so it wouldn't make sense to debate over these with you NOW. We may come to this after you've been saved from your sin, like we were too. Blessings to you!

  6. Zeal-life It’s evident you have no real notion and don’t especially wish to have any notion, of what homosexuality is beyond the act of sodomy. You haven’t studied the subject beyond what you might derive from some queer extravaganza of pride parades, or the bible as you’d translate and understand it. I've said it before but the damage to many people, up to and including suicide and homelessness, from conservative Christian beliefs, policies, attitudes and threats is incalculable; the bullying it has turned a blind eye to is shameful, the damage now to the whole church is unnecessary and appalling. It is if anything such people who will be answering to God instead of gays, at least some of whom will be under the bracket of the outsiders who enter the kingdom before the presumed righteous (Matt 21:31).

    Not wishing to get into tit for tat or over-personal arguments, I will only go so far as to say this in my defence (though I could say more). In one of my books, (I won’t say which), I was specifically told in prayer by God to include one of my earlier mentioned three gay theological poems (again I won’t say which). But frankly, this was not what I wanted and intended because even for me the gay theme is sometimes a nuisance, a distraction from other things I would like to be heard for, an excuse for some people to be dismissive. However I fancy the point is that what I was declaring was seen as representing some truth and justice. Such things have to be said and done whether we like it or not. A lot of truth is just inconvenient. I won’t conclude with any warning to you, but I would suggest you need to open to a wider range of vision

    1. 1- Rollan – don't complicate this. One of the wonderful things about the Mosaic law, is that it clearly separated out those requirements of the law that made a person ‘unclean’ from those that were considered an abomination. Homosexuality (a man lying with a man) was clearly noted in Leviticus 18 as being ‘an abomination’ worthy of death (in Lev 20), but was particularly pointed out with all the other evils of Lev 18, as they were those detestable acts carried out by the nations the Israelites were expected to dispossess. So this is not one of your ‘forbidden to eat pork’ moments where one was simply made unclean, but one that God explicitly re-emphasised as being defilement, detestable, and one that would bring about a ‘vomiting’ out of the land of those who did such things.

      Is sex outside of Marriage immoral or moral in the eyes of God. We know that fornication/adultery is sin. Genesis 2:24 makes it quite clear who marriage was intended to be between, i.e. a man and a woman. This means that anything outside of this union is not marriage in the eyes of God, and therefore an abomination.

      Romans 1:26 - 26For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

      And vs 32 makes it quite clear that all these (and up to vs 31, including disobedient, slanderers etc) were all ‘worthy of death’.

      “men abandoned the natural function of the woman”. The interlinear (greek) clearly notes this verse as saying “likewise moreover also the males having left the natural use of the female, were inflamed in the desire of them toward one another – males with males – the shame working out and the recompense which was fitting of the error of them in themselves.”

      1 Timothy 1:8 - 10 for the law is not made for a righteous person, but for those who are lawless and rebellious…(greek interlinear)…for the sexually immoral homosexuals (arsenokoitais) enslavers liars perjurers and if anything other is opposed…according to the gospel…

      Arsenokoitais – a male engaging in same-gender sexual activity; a sodomite, pederast.

      I don't know how the bible can make it any clearer Rollan. The point is that we all have the potential to be adulterers, homosexuals, liers, murderers etc, but it is not what our sinful nature is desiring/tempting us to fulfill, it is what we actually do fulfill, ie practice that makes us a ‘lier, murderer, homosexual’ etc. It was also the same with Christ with the woman caught in the act of Adultery. He didn't ‘cast the first stone’, but he also certainly didn't miss his opportunity to tell the woman to ‘go and sin no more’. The act of homosexuality is not just a one off Rollan, it is ‘going and sinning some more’…

    2. 2 - So you have an opportunity to not follow through with your sinful desires. God promises that the devil will flee from us if we resist him. We know a number of individuals who have ‘resisted’ the temptation of homosexuality, and God has totally and utterly changed their lives and allowed them to have a deep loving relationship with someone of the opposite sex, and I believe I have mentioned Sy Rogers in this regard (syrogers.com).
      So while you may be laying out a warning to me/us, I want to clearly lay out the actual biblical warning from God back to you. Unless you turn from your acts of homosexuality (if you are indeed engaging in them, sodomy etc), you are in danger of the fires of hell.

      Finally - there is no 'bullying' from us towards homosexuals Rollan, and we don't turn a blind eye towards any bullying of homosexuals...ironically enough, we don't see much bullying in our country towards homosexuals, but there is plenty of condemnation towards Christians who point out biblical truths regarding it. And no, a lot of truth is not inconvenient. Jesus is the embodiment of truth, and there was nothing inconvenient about him, and 'inconvenient' will most definitely not be the word that is on unbelievers/sinners minds when they stand before him on Judgement day!

    3. AMEN and AMEN to this, Ryan! If GOD tells us so clearly about sin (and its divers variations of it) in His Holy and absolute word - well, who are we to discuss it further? I think it was one of the grand mockers of Christ the well known writer Marc Twain who is still quoted by having said about the bible that he wassn't really concerned about scripture he doesn't understand. He was much more concerned about scripture that was clear as day to him! (= Such as e.g. anything about homosexuality throughout the bible.) A "God" that tells a homosexual sinner to write a book to justify and excuse his sin from the bible is NOT the God of the bible according to scripture AT ALL. The same could be said about EVERY OTHER kind of sin btw - homosexuality not being sth really "special" among the list of sins (which all culminate in DISOBEDIENCE to the purpose of worship God made man for in His image). SIN IS SIN. PERIOD.

    4. amen Annabel - Sin is sin and all resulting from our stubborn pride towards God....

  7. God loves us all! Jesus suffered abd died for us all. And, if course, the holy spirit can dwell in us ALL. If we accept the savior and repent! Only one opinion really matters. Can we guess whose? God Bless you all and keep you!

  8. I believe now is the time to share my testimony, which I have never done before. I am a 31 year old man with the struggle of same sex attraction. It began at a very early age and continues to this day. I got saved a little over 2 years ago, and the difference between my life then and my life now is night and day. My struggle with same sex attraction is a fight every single day of my life... and to be honest, it's an exhausting struggle. But believe me when I tell you - the indwelling of the Holy Spirit has given me the power to control the temptations and fight the fight ever since I was saved. Have I almost given in? Yes. Have the temptations been so strong that I didn't know what I was going to do? Yes. But the Lord has held tightly onto me as I've walked. Is it easy? NO! But why do I do it? Because I know what God's Word says, and I know right from wrong according to what GOD says. AND, I fight the fight because I love my Lord and Savior... if he purchased me with His own blood, I fight the fight daily because I love Him for what He did for me. I know everyone is different and has their own story, but I thought I'd share mine. -J.

    1. Unknown, will be praying for you for strength. And thank U for sharing that, I'm sure that could not have been easy. I would hope that your testimony would help Rollan McCleary. and If U have been following this website and others like it ( Rev 12, etc) U know how we believe, hopefully we don't have much longer here and that lust of the flesh fight will soon be over, as will ALL the sins we daily struggle with here. G-D bless you.

    2. J, You are so loved!

      Loved beyond anything you can comprehend or imagine!

      Take heart, hold fast, abide in Christ. May you be strongest in your weakness that Christ be magnified in your life. After all, our greatest weakness gives way to become His greatest strength in us!

      Abide and abound in that strength!

      Christ in you!

      Pastor Rich

    3. Thank you all for the uplifting comments!

    4. Amen Unknown - 'and having done all, to stand firm' (Eph 6). There is hope my friend! Sy Rogers struggled for many years after being saved, however God took him through a transformative process during that time, where God pointed out the 'root cause' of his homosexuality - i.e. the abuse and neglect (among other things) that he experienced as a child/teenager, and God healed him and set him free of all of that, including the bitterness he held towards his dad. There is hope and we will definitely be praying for you!


    5. Praise God, J! Your willingness and determination to fight gives hope to the rest of us.

      "For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,
      who accuses them before our God day and night,
      has been hurled down.
      They triumphed over him
      by the blood of the Lamb

      - Revelation 12:10-11

  9. ...from the heart of Pastor Rich

    Pride is our enemy.

    Personal pride is our destroyer, an eternal, intimate and profound downfall.

    Pride is where this all started in the garden and it is still injecting its venom to this day into the veins of a blind generation. Self not selflessness is exalted. Haughtiness, not humility. Contemptuousness, not contriteness. How fervent the hatreds borne out of fear and rejection.

    Open your Bibles if you will and turn to (Isaiah 57:15 ESV) and what do you read? Now continue reading to the end of the chapter. What do you see? (Isaiah 57:15-21 ESV)

    We see who it is who came to earth and why He came.

    His coming is unconditional. His promise is to heal. His heart is for the humble. His desire is for the broken-hearted. His Spirit was poured out for such as these on Pentecost. His Spirit is still given to this day for the same.

    His Spirit is poured out for the humble. Peace is given to the contrite. The Day is coming when all of these things will pass away. The Day is coming when all of these things will shine and glory at the coming of the LORD.

    Our testimony is the Word of G-d. Our testimony is His love poured out that washes us clean. Our testimony is to that grace which has been manifest in our lives and our duty is to share that testimony with you.

    Our petty excuses are like chaff in the wind. Our reasoning is dross gone up in flame in the furnace of the holy fire. Truth is not an analogue concept. It is a digital concept, an unapproachable function by man save by the blood and redemption of G-D's only Son Jesus Christ.

    The death of ourselves is the redeeming life of us. Life holy and true and everlasting. This is our heritage. This is our song. This is that which we look to in the Day to come. This is the gift which is offered to all who will come, come to the table be satisfied by the bounty laid out just for you.

    All you must do is come. Come to the table and be welcomed by the out-stretched hands that made you. The hands of your Creator.

    His love is unconditional and made possible by the blood of the Lamb slain for you. His love is conditional upon your acceptance. It requires the death of your pride and the death of your sin. It requires a humble heart that lays bear the brokenness and contriteness within. Exposed and laid open to be healed at the touch of the One who placed it in Perfection within.

    Freewill and choice are our right. Life is a privilege, a privilege given by G-D through His Son Jesus Christ.

    To Him be the Glory forever and ever. Amen.

  10. We have to forgive our parents. They did the best they could.

    1. Indeed. I have learned that too.

    2. I have. Long time ago. I'm just saddened they hardened their hearts in hatred against Christ. Matthew 10:34-36

    3. I am sorry, Annabel. I can't describe how grateful I am to God to have the opportunity to pray with my mother and father for salvation before they each had major surgery. I cling to the Holy Words that whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.

  11. Through and Through, Annabel etc

    I did suspect I was wasting my time to take time off from caring for an elderly parent to post here at all. And apparently there is no point your replying to me anyway, though you do, since I wouldn’t even be able to understand, I am not sealed by the Spirit, etc etc. I am not a thinker or theologian but a special case of pride and goodness knows what desperately needing aid, including to become like some very rare person whether Christian or other claiming to have changed orientation.

    American Christians in and out of business (to which you seem to reduce everything, ultimately), what a picture you are! I’m glad I wasn’t born and haven’t had to live in the wasp’s nest (no pun) your society can be. As a politician’s wife once unforgettably remarked to me, “America is the country where everybody persecutes everybody else in the end” (Christians persecuting gays and now themselves being persecuted might be a case in point). Actually I am sealed by the Spirit but I shall put the seal of silence upon that subject here (I had perhaps even better do so lest someone start blaspheming the Spirit and say it's all the devil!) and bid you and your all-knowing convictions adieu.

  12. Hello, Rollan,

    I like to think and believe that you are here for a reason. A good one. I believe in your heart you are seeking. We all are. That which draws us here is fellowship and a desire to know that we're not alone in the things bouncing around in our head and our heart.

    I don't believe reaching out to another person is a waste of time. The act of doing so part of the Golden Rule. G-d reached out to us first with love that we may do the same to Him in kind. Our love of Him is hope of that outreach fulfilled. Our reaching out is like planting seeds. Sometimes it's hard to read why and what another has on their mind and on their heart. Hard to do in a place like this! Is it no wonder why He says that we are to bear with one another? So we should plant seeds and look for G-d to bring the increase.

    When you boil down all that has been said here, when you strip away all opinion and ideas and belief what do you have? If we are honest we have only one thing. We are all sinners. We all get it wrong. My sin is no greater than yours. I am deserving of the shunning of G-d and to be cast-out from His presence forever -- all because of what I have done. Me.

    That's a harsh truth when you consider the demands of pure perfection of holiness required by our Father. Nobody survives that on their own. Nobody, myself included.

    What I do know is this,

    "...but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God."

    So there you have it. We can say all we want and banter back and forth in our misunderstandings or complete agreements. In the end the ONLY thing that will matter is G-d. What He says and what He did, does and will do. What I think or feel on an issue is irrelevant. Truth is truth and truth is G-D.

    The ONLY difference between a convicted Christian and a non-believer is how G-D sees us. Justified, reconciled and sanctified by G-D in Christ.

    It's all about Him.

    The American church is by definition a congregation of sinners. Your quotation of it being a "wasp nest" is accurate. We all fall short of the Glory of G-D. Everyone. It could be that you and I walk hand-in-hand into the fires of hell. It could be we walk hand-in-hand into Glory. Either way it is by the righteous judgement of G-D Almighty and not what I think or what I have done.

    It will all boil down to this, the condition of my heart, be it repentant or prideful? Have I rendered my white flag of surrender to the LORD or am I still struggling against His will? Against His Love?

    How many more nails do we have to drive into the crucified Christ before we are satisfied of our salvation? How big of a price does He have to pay for us?

    Thankfully, the answer is found in three simple words. "It is finished".

    We are all fallen my friend. If you are in Christ then you are my brother. I lost my half-brother one-year ago last November to cancer. He was gay as well. His life ended in so much turmoil...no less than other family members who wrestle with their demons.

    I am just thankful that my demons have been set in such a position that in the Day to come they shall be no more. All of those things will pass away just as my sin will be cast into death and the grave never to rise again. Stripped away not a slate wiped clean but as a slate now bearing one name, the name of my redeeming Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    May His Name be written on yours in that Day to come.

    I pray you, like the rest of us here, seek and find peace through humbly dedicating your heart in faithful worship to the One living G-D. I pray that we are all blessed to find refuge from the storms that rage within. I pray that we all stop warring on ourselves and learn to forgive ourselves the unforgivable things we have done.

    G-D in Christ has forgiven us of these things and so should we.

    Grace and peace to you neighbour!

    Pastor Rich

  13. I think many of the Pulse nightclub victims ended up getting saved. Glory to God. Nothing can stop His Grace !



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