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U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem, Massive Clashes On Gaza Border

It's official.  The new U.S. embassy has just opened in Jerusalem, marking a major turning point in Jewish-Israeli history.  The Jews are back in their land, have retaken their city, and now key world powers are beginning to submit to this biblical reality.

On the Gregorian calendar today marks the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of Israel, but on the Jewish calendar it's the day immediately after Jerusalem Day, the 50th anniversary of the conquest of Jerusalem.

Israel's enemies are not happy about Israel's sudden string of diplomatic victories and Hamas and Iran are trying to stir up trouble.  Tens of thousands of Palestinians are attempting to storm the Gaza border with Israel and current reports indicate over 60 rioters have been killed and nearly 2,000 wounded.

You can watch the opening ceremony for the U.S. embassy live here:

9:15 AM CST: Pastor John Hagee from Cornerstone Baptist Church in San Antonio, an evangelical Christian and pre-trib proponent, delivers the closing benediction:

Our most gracious Heavenly Father, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God who calls the stars by name, and measures space by the span of His hand, the God who is the King of the universe, we gather here today to thank you for the joy of living and seeing this glorious and historic day.  We thank you for the State of Israel, the lone torch of freedom in the Middle East who lives and prospers because of Your everlasting love for the Jewish people.  It was You oh LORD who gathered the exiles from the nations and brought them home again.  It was You who made statehood possible.  It was You who gave a miraculous victory in 1967 when Jerusalem was reopened to worshipers of all faiths.  Jerusalem is the city of God.  Jerusalem is the heartbeat of Israel.  Jerusalem is the place where Abraham placed his son on the altar of the Temple Mount and became the father of many nations.  Jerusalem is where Isaiah and Jeremiah penned principles of righteousness that became the moral foundations of western civilization.  Jerusalem is where Messiah will come and establish a kingdom that will never end.  We thank you oh LORD for President Donald Trump's courage in acknowledging to the world a truth established 3,000 years ago that Jerusalem is and always shall be the eternal capital of the Jewish people.  And because of that courage of our President, we gather here today to consecrate the ground upon which the United States embassy will stand, reminding the dictators of the world that America and Israel are forever united.  We thank you for our ambassador, David Friedman, and pray your anointing upon him as he opens the doors of the U.S. embassy to receive the nations of the world.  Let the word go forth from Jerusalem today that Israel lives.  Shout it from the housetops that Israel lives.  Let every Islamic terrorist hear this message: 'Israel lives.'  Let it be heard in the halls of the United Nations: 'Israel lives.'  Let it echo down the halls of the presidential palace in Iran: 'Israel lives.'  Let it be known to all men that Israel lives because He that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.  As King David prayed 3,000 years ago: 'We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all its inhabitants.  Let the Name of the LORD be glorified today, for the defender of Israel today, tomorrow, and forever is here.'  Can we all shout, 'Hallelujah!'  Amen!

9:10 AM CST: Netanyahu quotes the Prophet Zechariah:

The Prophet Zechariah declared over 2,500 years ago: So said the LORD, 'I will return to Zion and I will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem and Jerusalem shall be called the city of truth.'

9:05 AM CST: Prime Minister Netanyahu unknowingly speaks some very powerful, prophetic words, which are a testament to God's sovereign hand and unwavering promises:

In Jerusalem Abram passed the greatest test of faith and the right to be the father of our nation.  In Jerusalem King David established our capital here 3,000 years ago.  In Jerusalem King Solomon built our Temple which stood for many centuries.  In Jerusalem Jewish exiles from Babylon rebuilt the Temple, which stood for many more centuries.  In Jerusalem the Maccabees rededicated that Temple and restored Jewish sovereignty in this land.  And it was here in Jerusalem some 2,000 years later that the soldiers of Israel spoke three immortal words: 'Har HaBayit BeYadeinu'—the Temple Mount is in our hands.  Words that lifted the spirit of the entire nation.  We are in Jerusalem and we are here to stay.

See Isaiah 66:8, Isaiah 11:10-12, Ezekiel 36:22-28, Ezekiel 37:12, Ezekiel 38:8, Jeremiah 30:3-4, Amos 9:11, Zechariah 8:7-8, and Zechariah 10:10.

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  1. Hopefully jesus comes soon


    1. Amen.

      Taking a look at the transcript of Rev Hagee's speech (above) here are some statistics,

      Word Count 420
      Characters (w/spaces) 2374
      Characters (w/o spaces) 1937
      Israel 11
      America 1
      United States 1
      Middle East 1
      Islam 1
      United Nations 1
      Donald Trump 1
      King David 1
      Heavenly Father 1
      Jewish people 2
      President 3
      LORD 3
      God 4
      Jerusalem 9

      Jesus -0-

    2. A footnote, if it is not immediately clear that is the character and word count from the speech above. The number of times each word was used is listed after the word. The word "Jerusalem" was used nine times while "Israel" was used 11-times.

      The Name of our Lord was not used in his closing benediction.

    3. Yes, I was quite disappointed that he didn't mention Jesus. Reminds me of the controversy a few years back (which he subsequently backed off of) where Hagee said that Jesus did not originally come to be the atoning sacrifice, but only did that as "plan b".

    4. I noted the exact same thing and it was very disappointing to me. However, this brings to mind the stance Hagee has taken in the past and apparently stands by - The Jews have a different covenant and a different method of entry. I suppose if you twist yourself into a pretzel that could have elements of truth. Sadly, what it implies is Pastor Hagee is fine with allowing every Israelite in the world to bypass the opportunity of the Gospel of Grace (Jesus + Nothing) currently available to all nationalities, including Israelites, who will come today and enter by way of the Gospel of the Kingdom (Jesus + follow the commandments & do not take the mark of the beast or worship him) which will be preached during The Tribulation. Politically, I can see this is a position he has elected to take because it does not offend the Orthodox - he tells them they have a different deal and he is revered in Israel. Spiritually, he harms them and is not being a friend to them by failing to tell them Yeshua is Messiah, come now and avoid the Tribulation. Sad, indeed. Blessings - Sherry

      Yet still they (the Remnant) will one day cry out - Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai - Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord. They will weep and mourn for, once again, they will have missed their visitation & will be forced to enter through horrific trial.

  2. ISUSrael now complete and in the open...not long for Jeremiah's prophecies to come true now

    1. “Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Just so shall I break this people and this city, even as one breaks a potter’s vessel, which cannot again be repaired; and they will bury in Topheth because there is no other place for burial."

      which cannot again be repaired
      which cannot again be repaired
      which cannot again be repaired...

  3. I wish I could hear Pastor Hagee’s prayer.

    1. Pastor Hagees Prayer

      Start at 1 hour 12 seconds to hear Hagee introduced and then give prayer.

  4. Here is another worth-while article to read. Our redemption does indeed draw near!


  5. https://youtu.be/rWYZI5SJMLw
    A.drea, see if this will work for you. I copied and pasted it.

  6. Andrea,I meant. I could only find this one minute video.

  7. Netanyahu explicitly called the "capital of Jerusalem ETERNAL and UNDIVIDED" - well... Let's see how long this will last. The peace deal is already to be delivered but not yet presented right now to avoid more conflict as they already have these days with Gaza.

  8. 1,960 gaza strip protesters injured. Wonder in the actual number is more like 1,967.

  9. Hagee is a profit mongering Zionist sellout, who won’t offend AIPAC and all the special interest groups he grovels to with the mention of the Name of Jesus at the end of his prayer. No surprise there. Jeffress on the other hand, BOLDLY proclaims the Name above all Names like a Berean BOSS. Good job Robbie Rob.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. How about you John Metcalf? What have you done to support Israel and spread Christianity? Other than slander people what do you use your voice for? Perhaps you've done as much and supported Israel as much as John Hagee has over the past 37 years. Or done as much to spread Christianity as Pastor Hagee. Or opened an organization to help orphans. Doubtful. Because he is respectful of the Jewish people you call him a sell out. You're a coward.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Rapture is coming....soon... But meanwhile I will pray while we are still here for you and others to find the truth so you and others will be with us. Satan is trying to "poke" and "prod" us through words like these but we will stand strong in the faith! God has already defeated satan!

  12. What a glorious day to be alive ! Pastor Hagee knocked it out of the ballpark. Prayers for Melania. Sweet First Lady.

  13. The Daily Crow just posted about a ray of light which crossed USA seal on the podium as ceremonies begin and its eerily similar swath to a certain Great Eclipse which also swept across USA recently, hmmmm, Maranatha!

  14. Yes, you are either on God's side or you're not.


    EPIC Weather around the Globe

    Volcanoes. Geysers. Earthquakes. Mother Earth sure seems angry right now

    Drone drops tear gas on protesters

    Gaza violence: Israel defends actions as 55 Palestinians killed

    Oh! And don't forget a dose of genetic modification thanks to the marvel of modern science,

    'Memory transplant' achieved in snails

    Drug target for curing the common cold

    That last one is interesting as it involves manipulating a human protein to prevent viral reproduction.

    More horrific news on family violence,

    Spanish father accused of 'evil spirits' rape

    I have a feeling I have barely scratched the surface of the news...

    Turn your prayer time up to HIGH folks! Share the love of Christ everywhere you go in every way you can.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus. Come!


    1. Regarding the upheavals in natural disasters and weather, read this article. It speaks to me and makes a lot of sense. http://faithfully-watching.blogspot.com.au/ One more human tragedy that I would add to your list is "Family of seven killed in suspected murder suicide" (including 4 children) is worst mass shooting in Australia in 22 years.

    2. These stories shatter my heart. I can't even begin to imagine how Jesus or our Father feels. I have to remind myself,

      20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope

      21 that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

      22 For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.

      23 And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.

      (Romans 8:20-23 ESV)

  16. Hi fam. Dutchsinse posted a 14 min YT vid and in first couple mins reported on some 4M range EQs near Yellowstone today one struck at 8:44 and one at 11:11.

  17. All of the 3,000's in that article remind me if the Mount Sinai / Pentecost connection of 3,000 killed verses 3,000 saved. Also, Peter only quoted part of Joel on Pentecost... so the rest must be for a future fulfillment, right?

  18. May 15, 2018 is 3,000 days from the Concepcรญon Earthquake of Feb 27, 2010 of 8.8.

  19. The proof is in the pudding. I don’t care what Hagee has done. He is a false prophet- see blood moons, et al. Mother Theresa fed the poor and all that and unless she had a deathbed conversion, we know where she is. You have the quintessential platform to lift up the MESSIAH in the heart of the Jewish natio , but no, he refuses. That ending of his prayer with the inciting the corporate Hallelujah was to deflect away from him having to end it abruptly and awkwardly without saying in Jesus’ Name. Jeffress on the other hand was bold as a lion and spoke the Name above all names with vigor in the face of an audience that was about 85% synagogue of Satan.

    1. Thank you John Metcalf for your courage in naming a wolf in our midst despite personal attacks on you as a result; I stand with you. This is indicative of what is the worst possible offence in Christianity these days; standing for the Truth. We are to believe that so long as the wolf does some good and speaks some truth (among the lies) that we must not, under any circumstances, "judge" others. If we dare to do so, we are aggressively attacked and shamed. 2 Tim 3:12 and Matt 5:11

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. For most of my life, I breezed through ‘in Jesus Name we pray…” but here in my 70th year I’m nearly undone by the gravity of those words. It’s about betrothal, love, protection, acceptance. It’s The Way. The only way.



    I have already heard saying that there is not (!) much of awareness inside even the US nation / community - I'd be interested how my US brethren are judging this event from their daily "average" contacts to neighbours, coworkers etc. How did your personal environment deal with this prophetic date and event? Did they grasp the historical importance of this date or did they rather not seem to know what you were talking about when you mentioned it? (US brethren only, please) Thank you! :)

    1. Annabel, I won't even bring it up lest they be toppled over into a coma and then I have to CPR 'em back out of it, Maranatha!

    2. Annabel, sadly I must concur with Jimboni. Those who are aware, see it as totally unrelated to Biblical prophecy, despite the number of times I myself have attempted to explain. Others are focusing only on the riots and the "peaceful protestors" who, bless their hearts, brought bombs & were killed. Talk about tone deaf! Blessings - Sherry

    3. Annabel my circle of "Christians" sadly were clueless to the significance of this. The church is sadly very much asleep!

      John C.

    4. Mein Schwester Annabel, forgive me if my Deutsch is rusty. I have nobody to practice with here and it's many years since I studied it im Hochschule...aber Ich spreche gerne Deutsch.

      For the most part the churches are ignoring the signs. Young pastors are unaware of even so much as The Great Sign. It is business as usual in many respects. Although I have seen an up-tick in solid foundational teaching toward discipleship and prayer.

      The pastors I meet with all talk about these times and events and are aware of their "surroundings". They even share openly that time does indeed seem to be very short for the Church Age in their sermons. These churches are well aware that our time here is short.

      Young believers seem to have a difficult time digesting all of this. The hype around 9/23/17 didn't help. (I am guilty of propagating said hype as well) These people may have heard about prophecy but don't have the toolkit to understand it. (And I am the FARTHEST from being a know-it-all!) They do have a lot of questions and some are asking. I (personally) try to answer these questions with sensitivity and in a way that is meaningful in their experience. Ultimately I lead them back to prayerful reading of their Bible and invitation to connect with a mature small group. I am always happy to answer questions and do as much as I can but do so with the knowledge that The Day is not yet known and that we should continue to be diligent in the affairs of our Master while working in His vineyard.

      Other mature brothers and sisters are watchers like us who share their thoughts and feelings in private like a starving man. There are few out there to talk openly to. It is hard to talk about such things when you don't know the heart of the one you are speaking to.

      It's just my personal opinion, but the coming and going of the fall feasts of last year muzzled much of the talk on the street. I for one have dedicated myself to helping to replant a local church to kick-start the local outreach. We're not standing on street corners with signs stating, "The End Is Nigh!" but with every Sunday we are inviting our neighbours to "come and see".

      Pastor Rich

    5. TY @all very much for your kind replies! This is indeed interesting to me because of the tight connections of the US and Israel regarding recent prophetic events. If in my rather atheist country noone noticed this I'm not astounded; but if this ignorance is the common attitude in the US (where almost everyone still claims to be a Christian and friend of Israel) then it makes me thinking... Much love, MARANATHA! :)

  23. Dear @all, have you already noticed the term "TRUMP TOWN" to be given to the embassy quarter in Jerusalem no-mans-land where the US embassy is located right now? Isn't that intriguing??



    https://youtu.be/srYKDth0ukw Brother James Key / Israel is naming new districts in Jerusalem 'Trump town'

    Interesting, huh? I mean, at least the real estate business is sth that Donald Trump has been and is really good at... Prices per sqm are yet quite low there.


    1. Trump Town Gematria: J1560:E1510
      H1560 gelal – a rolling: stones of rolling, too heavy for carrying. Ezra 5:8
      G1560 ekdotos - given out or over, i.e. surrendered (1) only Acts 2:23
      Jerusalem a ‘burdensome stone’ for all the nations, too heavy for carrying and all this entangled with Abba’s Plans in Christ while others believe they are in charge.
      G1510 eimi – I exist, I am (2,479 occ.) Matt 3:11 “…who’s shoes I AM not worthy…”; John 14:6 “I AM The Way, …”
      H1510 gezerah - a decree (2) Dan 4:17 & Dan 4:24
      A new ‘state of being’ for Jerusalem (“I am Trump Town now”), as orchestrated and Decreed by our Abba and His Prophets.

  24. When I visit with people, they talk about the Palestinian upheaval. Nobody is watching, but a handful. Going on as bussibus as usual. I pray for the lost souls of this world. Lord open the eyes of the blind.

  25. I'm not sure if anyone else has picked on this yet, but I have found that Trump's birth date of June 14, 1946 is being Sivan 15 (H15d3m), is also the same as the birth & death date of Judah.

    Judah, the fourth son of Jacob and Leah (born in Haran 1566 & died 1447), was apparently born on Sivan 15 (H15d3m).

    Judah is important as he was given the blessing of kingship, and indeed, King David, King Solomon, and our Messiah all come from the tribe of Judah.

    Moreover, it was Judah who came up with the idea to sell Joseph, but it was also Judah who was penitent & before Joseph, advocated for Benjamin on behalf of their father Jacob.

    It is perhaps a poignant alignment between Trump & the tribe of Judah (the Jews), not only in his policies towards Israel, but also with his Jewish family connections (via in-laws).

    Make of this what you will, if anything.

  26. Dear @all I wholeheartedly recommend the latest AMIR TSARFATI update from May 16th, 2018 it is really good background information on the Palestinians (and other nations involved).

    Please also note that there is some current death speculation about Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman. If so, the power balance might again have been shaken.


    I finally had some free time tonight and found a nugget you can try for yourself...

    I was led back to (Genesis 1:1) with emphasis on the word "heaven" or "heavens". My JPS TNK (Tanakh) or Hebrew Old Testament if you will, renders this in parallel as,

    "When God began to create heaven and earth" while it is rendered as "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1 HCSB)

    Of course we all know this opening verse of G-D's Holy Word, but the Hebrew text renders the Hebrew masculine plural noun "ื”ืฉืžื™ื" or transliterated as (haลก·ลกฤ·ma·yim) or "heaven" (singular) in English. (See Strong's 8064 "http://biblehub.com/hebrew/8064.htm") That is interesting as the "ื™ื" suffix usually creates the word a masculine plural in Hebrew. ESV, HCSB, NKJV as well as most other translations render this word as "heavens" in English.

    A good student of Hebrew should note that in casual conversation some Jews, even when not speaking Hebrew, will call G-d HaShem "ื”ืฉื", which is Hebrew for "the Name".

    Given that, take a look at the Hebrew word for heaven "ื”ืฉืžื™ื". Note that "ื”ืฉื" is the root of "ื”ืฉืžื™ื". The Name (G-d) is root to the word for "heaven" or "heavens". There is an enormous rabbit hole to jump down for this but am going to limit my post to one aspect.

    Greek Mythology and an 18th English century astronomer named Bill. (No relation to Bill S Preston of Bill and Ted fame!)

    William Herschel is credited with the discovery of the 7th planet from our sun. Uranus. Uranus is the only planet whose name is derived directly from a figure from Greek mythology, from the Latinised version of the Greek god of the sky Ouranos. Rendered in Greek we get the word "ฮŸแฝฯฮฑฮฝฯŒฯ‚".

    Now open your Greek New Testament to (Revelation 3:12) and note the following fragment,

    "ฮบฮฑฯ„ฮฑฮฒฮฑฮฏฮฝฮฟฯ…ฯƒฮฑ แผฮบ ฯ„ฮฟแฟฆ ฮฟแฝฯฮฑฮฝฮฟแฟฆ" or "COMING DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN" in parallel English. Did you catch it? "COMING DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN [ Ouranos / ฮฟแฝฯฮฑฮฝฮฟแฟฆ / Uranus ] I kid you not!

    Now, go back to your digital device and astronomical software of choice and set your location for Jerusalem. (I'm using 31-degrees 46' 32" N by 35-degrees 14' 12" E near the City of David) The next part depends on your time zone...set your date to Sunday, May 13th or Monday, May 14th and find the moon. (Here's a screen shot that I made)



    What BIG things have we been talking about that happened on 5/14 per the Gregorian calendar?

    How do you see the moon? It's a new moon. What does the moon signify? Israel (lunar calendar). Where is Uranus? In a TRIPLE CONJUNCTION with the Moon and Mercury between Aries and Cetus (perhaps closer to Cetus the "Whale"). Where is the sun? Right there on the other side of Aries (the "Ram").

    Try changing your vantage point to your actual location to see what it looked like locally for you. Eastern US/Canada time zone had the conjunction just over the horizon before sunset on May 13th. (Not visible to the naked eye due to the sun)

    For fun, take a look at where Venus is? (Another rabbit hole) But back to the triple conjunction...

    Does (Matthew 12:38-42) come to mind? The Sign of Jonah? Another potential rabbit hole for you to jump down! But having this triple conjunction of the Mercury, New Moon and Uranus (Heaven) at Cetus (the "Whale") on the 70th Anniversary of the Nation of Israel and the 1985th Anniversary of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ to the right-hand of our Father in heaven begs further study.

    One more PIN-POINT. While comparing the Hebrew to the Greek, I used the first instance of the word "ฮฟแฝฯฮฑฮฝฮฟแฟฆ" heaven from the last book of the Bible. The "alpha" being first use in (Genesis 1:1) and "omega" being first use in the last book being (Revelation 3:12). They are the same word and translate as "Uranus".

    What is it that Revelation chapter three addresses? It is the letter to the Church of Philadelphia. Skip two verses up and you find this direct translation (EMPHASIS ADDED),


    Now, armed with all of this information, prayerfully read the letter to the Church in Philadelphia. Consider the signs and seasons in the stars (Genesis 1:14 ESV) and the speech they pour forth. (Psalm 19:1-5)

    If you care to dive deeper down the Rabbit Hole, here's a link to an interesting that may give you a start,


    Happy hunting!


    Pastor Rich

    1. Footnote: Please forgive my misplaced words and any typos. This platform is not easy to compose on at length.

      Proofreaders untie!

  29. UN Terrorists Rights Council vote against Israel. Told you that would happen:


    Have you watched AMIR TSARFATI ME update on 5/16? He explains the real conditions... SMH!



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