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BREAKING NEWS: Anthony Kennedy Announces Retirement

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has just announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, effective on July 31st.  This may very well be the most monumental Supreme Court retirement in U.S. history.  Consider for a moment that Justice Kennedy was the deciding vote (joining the liberal justices) on these major decisions:

  • Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) - upheld Roe v. Wade
  • Kennedy v. Louisiana (2008) - restricted capital punishment to murder-related crimes only
  • United States v. Windsor (2013) - declared the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional
  • Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) - legalized gay marriage nationwide

On social issues he has generally voted with non-originalist, leftist ideals.  He has also worked to place international laws on par with U.S. federal law.

Pray that President Trump makes a wise and godly choice.  From various reports, we believe he will be selecting someone from the following list of potential candidates:

1. Amy Coney Barrett of Indiana, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

2. Keith Blackwell of Georgia, Supreme Court of Georgia

3. Charles Canady of Florida, Supreme Court of Florida

4. Steven Colloton of Iowa, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

5. Allison Eid of Colorado, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit

6. Britt Grant of Georgia, Supreme Court of Georgia

7. Raymond Gruender of Missouri, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

8. Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

9. Brett Kavanaugh of Maryland, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

10. Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

11. Joan Larsen of Michigan, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

12. Mike Lee of Utah, U.S. senator

13. Thomas Lee of Utah, Supreme Court of Utah

14. Edward Mansfield of Iowa, Supreme Court of Iowa

15. Federico Moreno of Florida, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida

16. Kevin Newsom of Alabama, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

17. William Pryor of Alabama, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

18. Margaret Ryan of Virginia, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces

19. David Stras of Minnesota, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

20. Diane Sykes of Wisconsin, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

21. Amul Thapar of Kentucky, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

22. Timothy Tymkovich of Colorado, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit

23. Robert Young of Michigan, Supreme Court of Michigan (Ret.)

24. Don Willett of Texas, Supreme Court of Texas

25. Patrick Wyrick of Oklahoma, Supreme Court of Oklahoma

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  1. Seeing your post shook up our office. We are all Bible believing, God fearing individuals, who see what scriptures says and are waiting patiently, and sharing the Gospel. This news is so astounding.

    1. It's huge news for sure. Many Christians have been praying for this day for a long time.

  2. Announcement taking place at the same time 'pride' month closes out. We will be praying for someone who is a total lover of Jesus!

  3. If we are as close to the end as most people coming to this site think, then there isn't a lot of time for a new SCOTUS justice to come along and correct the jurisprudence of the USA. That takes time, and I don't think we have a lot left. Instead, I see this as likely to further agitate the US population given how high the stakes are. Sacred cows of the left like abortion on demand and gay marriage are sure to rile up the radicals and possibly lead to violence as nominees are put forth and confirmation hearings occur. This could potentially be like pouring gasoline on the already intense vitriolic political landscape we have today. So I see this, in the short term (which is likely all we have left) as further destabilizing the nation, and therefore keeping the USA further distracted from prophetic events building elsewhere.

    1. I think you're right. This may be what triggers near-civil war in the country when you realize what's at stake for the left and key globalist stakeholders.

    2. Bruce I agree with you. If we are as close to the end as we think/believe we are, there will not be time to appoint a new SCOTUS justice. But I think the upheaval that is taking place in the world, period, is to lay the groundwork for the Anti-Christ. The world is in chaos, and it is only going to get worse, then when all believers suddenly disappear, we know what scripture says will happen. I believe the creating vacancies now in governments is so that lists can be created, can be vetted for beliefs (faith or world system), and when we believers are gone, evil will already know who they want to step up. I believe that none of this is by chance, and all of it is ordained.

    3. I agree with you as well Bruce.

      We would be wise to keep in mind that evil is working both sides of the aisle. Sin, conflict, discord, distortion and division is sewn through to such an extent that no matter what happens, that until the full and final victorious Day of the LORD comes, it is the ruler of this world what will win.

      Christ is ultimately the only correction that we may accept and He will be had on that Day to administer justice in its truest and purest righteous form.

      Until then it is all laying groundwork for the AC.

    4. I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo. Just keep looking, just keep looking. Hot times, praying for everything and everyone.

  4. While we tend to see things such as this in an isolated fashion, it is inaccurate to do so now. Consider what is happening violently behind the scenes now. Remember the many, many 'accidents' involving military craft, the thousands of 'sealed indictments' pending and also put this into context of the WAVE of top-level resignations in all sectors over these past many months.

    NOW, look again. In light of this Justice' anti-Biblical positions on key issues along the way, and the impact of that on the decline at hand and the move of our times towards the AC style, looked at within the larger context, and it is very, very possible that this resignation has NOTHING to do with the Justice' personal choice other than to get out of the firing line before the triggers are pulled. Maranatha!

  5. 888 Bestgate shooting. Whose ever’s eyes are still closed, should start waking up.
    Seems to be a demonically motivated attack on Jesus name or those that love him.
    Prayers and love to those hurt and their families.
    Much love family!

    1. Shocking, I hadn't noticed that: 888 Bestgate. Jesus Name = 888 and He is the door/gate (and the best one at that!). Satanic mockery for sure.

  6. I feel we should keep pushing for any good changes in the supreme court....and any other positive influence we can all do for Christ. Just because some think the time is short, we just toss in the towel and write rapture notes to leave behind?..That is EXACTLY according to Satan's play book.I personally am not letting up one bit,and we will see several years at least.

    1. I don't know any pre-tribbers arguing that "we just toss in the towel." I, for one, want to fight for righteousness as long as time permits. The Church was always intended to live in imminent anticipation for the Day of Christ, but do justice while we wait.

      As for rapture notes and satan's playbook - I'm pretty sure Scripture says not one thing about rapture letters. There WILL be a rapture (1 Thess. 4:16-17, et al) and if it is pre-trib many will come to faith because someone took the time to leave a letter.


    2. Gary, I agree with you about DOING righteousness while we wait which is = Revelation 22:11 exact but we don't FIGHT for it in this world yet (John 18:36) i.e. we are no public "protesters" or alike.

      Regarding the "rapture letters", did you watch the recent Robert Breaker teaching about the difference between Pauls gospel and the one being preached during tribulation? I didn't watch it yet but will, am curious how he explains it. Look here: https://youtu.be/A4ZmstKqDJg

      Blessings to you!

    3. To be clear - by "fight" I don't mean take up arms, but fight the spiritual battle we are called to fight - "we wrestle not against flesh and blood." We are called to liberate the spiritual captives.

      I haven't seen that one yet. I'm curious his take as a I'm not hyper-dispensational on that issue. In other words, I don't think when the Church goes that Israel returns to the law for salvation. To the contrary, they only obtain salvation when they finally acknowledge who Jesus is.

    4. "Good changes" or "bad changes". They are all a matter of perspective in the eyes of man. King Solomon called these things a chasing after the wind. G-D is G-D. All fall short of His Glory. Hold Him in fearful reverence. Love Him first neglecting not His commandment of Love.

      We have been given a lease on this vineyard to care for and tend it. The choices are unto us; good or bad and for these choices we shall be held accountable. By faith we have been given to fear and revere the Owner of the vineyard, to love one another as we love ourselves. This calls for humility and wisdom. Others may not live in such a way. We may plead with them by way of reason, we may pray for them by way of faith, but in the end there are two paths to walk. Each must choose their own for the LORD G-D Almighty has ordained it so.

      As much as we may say we want this to be, or for that to be...the truth is that we all must live together and a great melding ensues. Mediation of the outliers that exist in constant tension pulling the median to the left and to the right.

      Pro life? Only if it is cradle to grave.

      Gay marriage? Distractors from the real issues that go ignored.

      Repentance! Turn from our sins and return to a life of reason unto G-D.

      Our first century brothers and sisters understood this concept well. They held everything in common knowing all things are given to us by the LORD. We would be good to demonstrate that fact and lead accordingly regardless of who is in the seat of national leadership and who constitutes the court system.

      ...thus consider the words of Joshua when he said,

      "Now therefore fear the LORD
      and serve him in sincerity and in
      faithfulness. Put away the gods
      that your fathers served beyond
      the River in Egypt, and serve
      the LORD.

      And if it is evil in your eyes to
      serve the LORD, choose this day
      whom you will serve, whether
      the gods your fathers served in
      the region beyond the River, or
      the gods of the Amorites in
      whose land you dwell. But as for
      me and my house, we will serve
      the LORD." (Joshua 24:14-15 ESV)

      Let each one decide for themselves and do not make them stumble. For in the LORD's good time He will bring all things to pass. It is unto us to be faithful and live obediently to the Law we have been given. The letter of that Law is G-D and His Law is Love.


      Why do you pass judgment on
      your brother? Or you, why do
      you despise your brother? For
      we will all stand before the
      judgment seat of God;
      for it is written,

      "As I live, says the Lord, every
      knee shall bow to me,
      and every tongue shall confess
      to God."

      So then each of us will give an
      accounting of himself to God.

      (Romans 14:10-12 ESV)

  7. Right. I want Roe vs Wade overturned and prayer back in school, for starters.

    1. I'm looking for the rapture, but Roe overturned in the meantime would be quite the miracle. I've praying for that for a long time.

      I also think this resurgence in Christian conservatism across the U.S. and Europe (and enclaves like Guatemala, Honduras, and Brazil) doesn't fit well with current post-trib theories and their unique take on 2 Thessalonians.

      Peter and Paul spoke about a general lawlessness in the end times, but they never spoke of a very specific event called "THE falling away." The last fifty years has seen a general increase in apostasy and false teaching, yet the numbers of evangelical Christians has actually grown enormously - a major harvest before the rapture.

    2. @Archangel we could Arrangeur something about the "school prayer" in about 7+ years when the millennium with Christ starts. It's on my list! ;-)


    3. Annabel, I can't wait !

  8. I saw the 888 Bestgate immediately yesterday and knew it was another "sign". No, we do not know when the next sign or the event will occur, but we do know we are to occupy until He returns. There is no coincidence in Kennedy retiring now. Jimboni may be exactly right and there may be a nefarious reason, nonetheless, we push for the person who will follow the constitution, which is based on God's Law and we will be doing what the Father intends. He has this all in control. It doesn't always feel like it, but nothing that's occurring is a surprise to Him. Our Part? Stay Faithful, keep watching, don't sow division in the body & Lead people to the truth - Christ Jesus and His death, burial & resurrection. Everything else is a psyop to waste our time and cause strife! Blessings - Sherry

  9. Thank God for the amazing one minute response time of the Anne Arundel Police or even more people would have been murdered. Glad they didn't sit this one out like the Parkland Police.

    1. It was a tragic loss of life, but a miracle the police could respond in under 1 minute. Many more would have died.



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