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President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has won reelection—just barely crossing the absolute majority threshold of 50%—and is now set to obtain sweeping new powers to rule by decree in key policy areas.  His newfound dictatorial powers were enabled by a referendum last year.  The referendum's passage in conjunction with yesterday's vote, now give Erdogan what he has long sought.  The vote effectively transitions Turkey from a parliamentary system to an executive presidency, but even more, it allows Erdogan to overrule Turkey's parliament and courts on major issues.

The Russian-Iranian-Turkish alliance is now lead by a dictatorial triumvirate: Putin, Khomeini, and Erdogan.  We will follow these developments closely.

In other news:

It looks like the Trump-Kushner Middle East peace plan may be unveiled in the next week or two.  Kushner has been barnstorming through key Middle Eastern countries, touting the peace agreement to influential Arab leaders and it looks like he has takers.  What remains is to sway Abbas, or, at the very least, to make preparations to force the agreement through.  Details are emerging that the plan would in fact give the Old City and most of Eastern Jerusalem to Israel, preserving a few neighborhoods—such as Abu Dis—for a Palestinian capital.

A flurry of major Supreme Court decisions are expected as the Supreme Court finishes out its term.  We will keep you posted on these.  So far today:

  • The Court has agreed to a Washington florist's appeal regarding her refusal to make flower arrangements for a gay wedding.  SCOTUS vacated a lower court ruling against her and asked the court to decide the case again with the recent Masterpiece Cakeshop decision in mind.
  • SCOTUS has upheld most of a Texas redistricting plan.
  • Sent a North Carolina redistricting plan back to a lower court.

June 26th SCOTUS update:

  • Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban.
  • Pro-life pregnancy centers win in California.

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  1. The thing I am continually astonished by is the lack of awareness in the general population certainly and in the "Laodicean Church" particularly. We, the Watchers, find it very difficult to imagine it can get worse, yet daily it does so. In the past, I had considered the Matthew 24:38, Luke 17:27 passages as "everyone" would go on and it would come as somewhat a surprise. Over the past 5 years I've radically changed my viewpoint to understand the Watchers will see it and know it is coming, yet the "sleeping" go on "eating, drinking, marrying & giving in marriage". One thing I can't seem to shake from my mind is the discussion of those marrying & giving in marriage. If you go back in the original passage of Genesis 6 prior to the flood and see what was occurring & the only marriages mentioned in the passage were those of the Fallen Angels taking wives & seemingly with the agreement of their families. The "taking" at first blush causes us to rush to the conclusion this was done forcefully without consent, but a reading in the original Hebrew implies it was agreed to by the women and their families. We know there was an exchange of "forbidden knowledge" in order to induce this exchange. This is when we see metallurgy & the ability for war making implements introduced. Thus, in my reasoning, if it is "as in the days of Noah" will we see the fallen again or since their judgement was so severe (Tartarus) will they make another approach through Trans-humanism? Either is awful & I expect one of the two based on the passage. Thoughts? Blessings and Prayers to All as we wait for the "Event" or the "Next Sign" - It can be either and we don't know which and I'm okay with that. I don't need a date certain. I know He is faithful to perform His Word and He will do it . . . In the Twinkling of an Eye! Blessings - Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry. In my humble opinion we will certainly see trans-humanism "unions" via AI. There's an AI "church" already and a particularly disturbing group of people already building AI/robot "partners" which they bring to conventions for those of like mind. Kind of like the old movie Westworld is becoming reality. I'm not sure about the fallen. Perhaps I am overly cynical, but I see pure evil in the faces of many people in power today. As such, I have to wonder if they've transformed into who they are, or were a product of the fallen in our times. Reminds me o pray Ephesians 6:11–20 daily. God Bless.

    2. There are definitely some mind-blowing things afoot and satan is up to no good. I think the coming Tribulation will be far more "sci-fi" than many traditional commentators realize.

    3. Hi Sherry,

      Quoting you, "Thus, in my reasoning, if it is 'as in the days of Noah' will we see the fallen again or since their judgement was so severe (Tartarus) will they make another approach through Trans-humanism? Either is awful & I expect one of the two based on the passage. Thoughts?"

      43 "And as you saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mix themselves with the seek of men; but they shall not cleave on to another, just as iron does not mix with clay." (Daniel 2:43)

      I think LA Marzulli has done great deal of research into this topic. What some people consider alien abduction and experimentation may very well be demonic entities working to splice human and demon; or at least biologic implants which we otherwise know as the mark of the beast.

      Miry clay. That brings to mind a gray and pasty clay. Like the Greys of UFO abduction "fame". I seem to remember hearing more than once that abductees ended these "encounters" by calling the Name of the LORD. I would not be surprised....

      The statement, "they shall mix themselves with the seed of men" suggests work on a genetic level. That is no less than what they were doing in Genesis 6.

      And if women were no more then than they are today (in many parts of the world), the females of Genesis 6 were likely treated as property and sold/traded to the fallen ones as property. (But that's my opinion at this point -- another point to study if time permits!)

      Thoughts? Thoughts!!

    4. Pastor Rich, someone posted a well done short video months back about the same stuff as U mentioned above ( Daniel 2:43 ) and the mixing of robots-AI with humans. It was not LA Marzulli though it was someone else. If anyone can find that and repost it is well worth watching again.

    5. Wow Pastor Rich that is a great tie between prophesy and alien (demonic) abductions. It makes total sense the way you've laid it out. I was talking to my my 16 year old son about the sheer genius behind all the intricate connections orchestrated by satan's minions that it's far beyond my comprehension. We have no hope as mere mortals to combat this evil other than faith and prayer; only through Jesus Christ will victory be secured. God Bless.

    6. Pastor Rich I think you are spot on. With the CRISPR technology for DNA splicing, I can certainly see that as the answer to "not being sent to Tartarus", but accomplishing the same goals theoretically. All the "alien" abduction stories I've read discuss efforts related to sexual experimentation as in "reproductive" tests. We know these are not aliens, but fallen divine beings making their next attempt at the destruction of mankind. Back to Michael's point of "seeing the evil in the faces of these people" - yes, could they already be mixed DNA certainly - we don't know. The other side of the coin is Satan is working every angle and many have already been turned over to a Reprobate Mind. So some may simply be overtaken by evil spiritually, while others may have already had their DNA spliced, mixed. If we are now becoming aware of it and they are willing to speak openly about their progress, you can bet they're at least 50 years ahead of what they're admitting to. God will not be mocked. He is the Creator and this is yet another area where mankind in conjunction with Satan is attempting to step into the Creator's shoes and that will not be tolerated. Judgement was very severe before, we call it The Flood and it will be even more severe this final time during the Trib. Blessings to All - Stay Armored Up and Walk in the Spirit and in the Word - Blessings - Sherry

  2. Revelationchapter12dotcom has a very interesting video on the peace plan. Kind of blew my mind. It really went well with JD's prophecy update which was also very insightful and encouraging.

    1. Yes, they both go absolutely together, very good and highly informative updates indeed - JD Farags biblical references to Jeremiah and Psalm 73 being highly encouraging!

      Please don't overlook Pauls video (Revelationchapter12) about "Abu Dis" which is in fact only a suburb / districts of Jerusalem but not a city of its own.


      Blessings to you, Micah!

    2. I will check it out. I have a hunch that the plan for this agreement is to force it through because they will have Israel's backing, rather than try to negotiate with Palestine. This could be a game changer and a deal that actually happens.

    3. I've been following Revelationchapter12 closely as well. Good to see him back! Powerful stuff!!


      My personal study is focused on (Revelation 12:3-4) as I search for the sign of the great dragon. At this point I am looking at the Draco meteor shower that is coming up on the new moon of Tuesday, October 9th. There's a lot of VERY interesting data out there on Draco and this coming shower. It may be one for the record books.

      My timeline model starts on 10/9/2018 and runs through 10/1/2025 ending on the eve of Yom Kippur. I AM NOT saying, "This is it!" It is merely a model by which I can study dates, feasts and festivals.

      The number "21" keeps cropping up in my model in interesting places. It may even suggest timing for (Revelation 8:15) but I am NOT making claims to it being "THE" timeline. It is simply a part of my study and gives pin-points to prayer about certain aspects of the Biblical narrative.

      Them's be what I'm up to in my studies!

      Keep looking up!

      LORD willing we will see...

    4. The thing that is most interesting about this Draconid Meteor Shower is its placement in relation to planetary bodies. When it has been in similar positions before they have been far more than a "shower", but a STORM IS ANTICIPATED and it is anticipated this will be the final one visible to earth. Very, very telling & certainly a point we should keep on our radar. We are Watchmen. We stand on the wall and shout "look out" something is coming. We don't know what it is, but we know it is significant and we should be advised. Is it another Sign or The Event? We don't know and we are not called to decide - just scream out at the top of our lungs. That's what we do! Blessings All! Sherry

    5. Here is a brain dump of some of what I have so far on the Draco and the Draconid Meteor Shower,

      The Draconid meteors are caused when Earth collides with bits of debris shed by periodic comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner (and that’s why this shower used to be called the Giacobinids). The comet has a 6½-year-long orbit that periodically carries it near Jupiter. Ordinarily, celestial dynamicists would expect the planet’s powerful gravity to scatter anything in its vicinity into varying and unpredictable orbits. But they believe that a stream of particles, ejected in 1900, is still largely intact. The meteors appear to travel (shoot) from a point near the head of Draco the Dragon, a constellation visible all year for most people with a view of the northern sky.

      On rare occasions, this shower has been known to rain down hundreds or even thousands of meteors in an hour. And in fact it’s the history of this shower that makes it so interesting. This year the earth will be in a similar position as it was for 1933 when there were thousands per hour!


      Draco is circumpolar (that is, never setting), and can be seen all year from northern latitudes. Draco used to hold the polar star! (Polaris has NOT always been the Northern Star)

      Thuban (ฮฑ Draconis) was the northern pole star from 3942 BC, when it moved farther north than Theta Boรถtis, until 1793 BC. The Egyptian Pyramids were designed to have one side facing north, with an entrance passage geometrically aligned so that Thuban would be visible at night. Due to the effects of precession, it will again be the pole star around the year AD 21000.

      There are three stars under magnitude 3 in Draco. The brighter of the three, and the brightest star in Draco, is Gamma Draconis, traditionally called Etamin or Eltanin. It is an orange giant star of magnitude 2.2, 148 light-years from Earth. The aberration of starlight was discovered in 1728 when James Bradley observed Gamma Draconis. Nearby Beta Draconis, traditionally called Rastaban, is a yellow giant star of magnitude 2.8, 362 light-years from Earth. Its name shares a meaning with Thuban, "head of the serpent".

      THIS IS AWESOME ----> R Draconis is a RED Mira-type variable star with a period of about 8 months. Its average minimum magnitude is approximately 12.4, and its average maximum magnitude is approximately 7.6. It was discovered to be a variable star by Hans Geelmuyden in 1876.

      The constellation contains the star recently named Kepler-10, which has been confirmed to be orbited by Kepler-10b, the smallest rocky Earth-sized planet yet detected outside of the Solar System.

      Draco can be seen as having a head made of seven (7) stars - or having seven (7) heads (corners if for the classical Greek meaning).

      So let's see, a sign in the stars that IS A SERPENT, ONCE CONTAINED THE NORTH STAR, ENCIRCLES POLARIS (THE NORTH STAR) and is ALWAYS VISIBLE (WITH US) in the northern hemisphers. It contains a VARIABLE RED STAR and appears to rain meteors (shooting stars) from its mouth.

      This years event will take place from Sunday, October 7th through the New Moon of Tuesday, October 9th! Best viewing is said to peak on October 9th!

      See http://torahcalendar.com/Calendar.asp?YM=Y2018M7 for the Torah calendar for the event! It falls SEVEN-DAYS after SIMCHAT TORAH!!!

      That places it in the year 5779 HC / 2018 AD.

      Anyone think that this could be the sign of the fiery red dragon?

      These notes are not complete. Pray, read, research and do some research for yourself.

      Pastor Rich

  3. I'm going to watch the "Abu dis" video this evening. Thanks for the suggestion! Blessings to you to Annabel

  4. The interesting thing is all of this, is that we were expecting something of significance to take place 23/24 June.

    Perhaps it was the visits regarding the peace plan.

    Perhaps it was the first horn of the shaggy goat finally securing power over all of Turkey, and moving one step closer to re-establishing his Ottoman empire ambitions.

    Are they related...very likely??

    While expectations were high for the birth of the Church, have we seen the 'birth' of the pre-curser to the AC?? Just speaking out loudly here, but we shouldn't ignore the possible significance of all of this.

    1. Hi Ryan, there's no doubt that the pieces are falling into place for what will shape the tribulation and rise to power of the AC. Significance of the Turkish vote? Absolutely. (They just took delivery of their FIRST Lockheed F-35 and are slated to buy the Russian S-400 anti-air system).

      What I'm looking for is the great sign of the fiery red dragon. Are we not missing that last piece before "we fly?"

    2. absolutely - did you see the video on the draco sign taking place in Oct/Nov?? I have linked the rev12daily blog from Brad, the video in question, and all our musings etc:)


      I also didn't realise they were getting F-35s??? I thought congress were restricting the purchase???

    3. Richard, for the "red dragon" please check out the latest webcam footage of 'Real Planet X Nibiru' and 'EXPITALY' channels - it is undeniably close to earth now.

      The very SLOW approach and change of skies have dumbed down most people to believe these color, light and shadow effects are "just normal" sunrise and -sets. In fact these celestial bodies have been invading our solar system for about 150 years; I found our this was exact around the time of the first Zionist Aliyah into Palestine so here again you have the "dragon STANDING before the WOMAN (Israel)" in space you know. Fits perfectly. And now is the time for Showdown...

    4. @Ryan, Turkey is a partner in the F-35 programme and is not being blocked. Some in Congress tried to block the sale but in the end they are getting them. Israel one of the first users of the F-35 and FIRST to use them in combat.

      @Annabel, I will check-out the additional resources you quote. Thank you

    5. @Through and Through, I think you are exactly right and that's a point I want to emphasize. Not every heavenly or earthly sign has to mean "THE RAPTURE". When these signs occur something of significance usually DOES happen that further sets the stage for the bigger events down the line.

  5. Keeping my eye on the indictment of Sarah Netanyahu and what it might portend for Bibi. Also, I believe the 17th of Tammuz begins this weekend and marks 40 weeks since the Great Sign of Revelation 12.

  6. What is the 17th of Tammuz?

    1. Micah, it's the start of a three week period of mourning for the Jewish people for the destruction of Jerusalem and their two Temples. Historically, other sad events have taken place during this time, including Moses breaking the tablets of stone containing the Ten Commandments when he saw the children of Israel worshipping the golden calf. No other country in history has ever had so many tragic events occur on the very same day. Then again, there has never been a country as unique as Israel.

    2. http://www.torahcalendar.com <--- Hebrew Torah calendars

      http://www.hebcal.com <--- Modern civil calendars

      Check these out Micah as they are indispensable in study...

  7. https://raptureandendtimes.com/2018/06/02/rapture-2018-the-rise-of-the-dragon/

    God bless you all!
    Thank you Gary!

    1. Very interesting article! The signs are screaming at us from everywhere. The Time is NOW!

    2. hmmm, I wonder if God ensured that the cluster of grapes was included on the coat of arms (bottom), with the crown immediately above it to remind us all of what our King is ultimately going to do...revelation 14:17


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @Sherry,the signs are everywhere,but many are blind to see.


    5. Butterfly you are so right. However, if you take Jaco's viewpoint (GodsRoadmapToTheEnd) of the harvests there are actually 3 segments - The Firstfruits (Jesus & the OT Saints), the Main Harvest (the Church) & the Gleanings (The Trib Saints) all comprise the first resurrection. My Spirit really rallies to this viewpoint. This coincides directly with the actual harvest model of the ME. Blessings - Sherry

  8. Very good article, Butterfly, thank you! MARANATHA Jesus bless you :)

    1. Thank you , Annabel !
      Jesus bless you!
      Maranatha !

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind responses. Very helpful. I do have a mother question. I am guessing that the 12th of Tammuz is a different time then the 9th of Ov. Sorry, not sure about the spelling on that. Anyways I know that date has not been kind to Isreal as well.

    1. Micah - you are absolutely right to be on the lookout for the 9th of Av. Both temples were destroyed on this date along with many, many other significant happenings. I became aware of this several years ago in a video by Jonathan Cahn. If I can find the video I'll add a link - it is stunning. This year it falls on July 22nd - which (Pastor Richard) would begin on July 21st. I always have the 9th of Av high on my watch-list. Paul mentions it in his video linked about at RevelationChapterTwelvedotcom. Jews were expelled from Spain on the 9th of Av and proceeded to America - on and on it goes. Could the Church (the Temple) be "destroyed" in the minds of the Jews because it has been taken away into Heaven on the same date as the previous 2 Temples were taken away? If our departure is a sign to the Jews, nothing could be more telling. The things which occur on this date are always devastating to Israel and the removal of the Church will remove their only human protection on earth. Just as is planned by Father God. Blessings All - Food for Thought - Sherry

    2. Here is the YouTube version (short version) of the 9th of Av Mystery from Jonathan Cahn. He did this 4 years ago and I've never forgotten it. The dates are stunning.

  10. Some interesting information on debkafile about the conditions in the Israeli army IDF:



  11. As we all know, irregardless of the size or quality of Israel's armed forces, their (our) Great Strength is in the One true G-d Elohim, creator of heaven and earth. All other boasting is as sinking sand.

    Indeed, Annabel. Hmmm...

    1. I think Israel's misplaced faith in their IDF rather than YHWH will be a major theme in the first couple of years of the Tribulation. God is their true defender.

  12. Not to forget what Garys commentary was about (TURKEY election) - I found some notable article about the educational background of the people this man Erdogan is ruling over... Oh yes, we got a lot of them in my country too who voted for him now and they're really not just the sharpest knives in the cupboard:


    1. Excuse me I think it goes "drawer" instead of cupboard, my bad. In German you compare them with a dark light on a candelaber...

  13. This is off subject but.....can anyone tell me about Mark Taylor? Is he credible? I just don't know much about him.

    1. Do you mean this person Mark Taylor "prophesying" about Donald Trump?


      Compare Gods word in Jeremiah 23 about the self-anointed prophets and 'dreamers'. Blessings to you!

      PS: By reading through the above article again, there's yet one interesting term used "A MAN OF HIS WORD" which is the subtitle to the Pope Francis movie...

    2. Thank you Annabel... I did not get a good feeling about him but wanted to know what others thought.

  14. A PIN-POINT:


    Jordan, Saudi Arabia, PA warn Israel of Erdogan's Jerusalem agenda: report

    Quoting article,

    "Israel has been warned the past year by Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority over Turkey’s growing influence in Jerusalem, particularly President Erdogan’s attempt to “claim ownership over the Jerusalem issue,” Haaretz reported on Thursday."

    "'They’re (Turkey) trying to buy real estate and strengthen their political standing. It’s also a source of concern for the PA, which doesn’t want to have another country claiming responsibility for East Jerusalem,' a source in the Israel Police told Haaretz."



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