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Partial Lunar Eclipse Centered Over Jerusalem Appears

A partial lunar eclipse that will cover virtually all of the inhabitable world except for North America is happening tonight.  In fact, maximum eclipse is just half an hour away.  The eclipse will reach maximum at 12:30 AM Israel Time.  It appears to be longitudinally centered over Jerusalem and Israel:

You can watch it live right here:

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  1. What's the spiritual significant's of this eclips? Any thoughts?

    1. Just one more sign in the heavens, imho. Centered over Jerusalem, reminiscent of a robe dipped in blood (Rev. 19:13), and also on a significant date in history... also coming three weeks after the peace plan's phase one reveal, and two months before Israeli elections at a time when tensions with Iran (Persia) are at their highest point in modern history.

    2. Now, there's a good question. Looking into the sandbox we find various toys laying about, as in, from over at RaptureReady.com, interestingly at the SAME TIME we see this last BMPE of the year, and over Jerusalem, hmmm: Israel bakes as temperature climbs to near-record 49.9°C at biblical Sodom

  2. Apollo 11: Partial lunar eclipse on 50th anniversary

    Here is the photo that goes with this cover story from BBC,

    [image width="100%" height="100%" src="https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/660/cpsprodpb/153B0/production/_107906968_andrewmatthewspawire.jpg"/]
    Quoting, BBC, "The partial eclipse was seen from Avon beach in Mudeford, Dorset."

    According to the time-line study model that I have been working on -- from the Jewish New Year's Eve (Rosh Hashana/Yom Teruah) 2017 (9/20/2017) to peak of this partial eclipse over Israel at 00:31 (IDT) is 666-days inclusive. That's new moon to new moon on an anniversary that is a jubilee of years commemorating the launch of Apollo 11.

    Remember that the NASA follow-on mission to the moon for Apollo is Artemis, named for the sister of Apollo and Greek goddess worshipped at Ephesus in the temple dedicated to her which is one of the original seven Wonders of the World. See (Acts 19) for more! Artemis is known by the Romans as "Diana" a name and likeness given to a comic hero of almost 80-years ago.

    Her name is Wonder Woman.


  3. Amazing picture, PR.

    If you skip around in the video feed from above you can see various shots where it appeared dark red.

  4. Forgive me all precious peeps on this wonderful site but 50th anniversary of what BBC???


    if i go to exactly (03:34 - 03:44) on the first video in the above link, with'Neil'/'Buzz' clearly in frame and Michael Collins in 'orbit', I'm forced to ask myself one rather simple question ... "WHO TOOK THAT SHOT"

    ...betcha Stanley Kubrick knows... ;( ;(

    1. It was the video camera on a tripod that Neil set up earlier that took the shot. They did that to record all their movements. This was because they only had two hours outside the module to do their tasks, and wanted to record all their movements w/o anyone having to hold a camera.

  5. Breaking news from the Babylon Bee!


    This is satire of course, but I half expect some major temple announcement any day now...

  6. International Health crises declared due to Ebola outbreak in the Congo, NWS warns of Massive Heat wave to scorch 2/3 of the United States, California Cities overrun by rodents poses health risk. Just a sampling of the headlines today. The alarm bells are ringing so loud we need earplugs! Don't be a Grape!

    1. Quake rattles Bay Area. How many more that I am missing??? Come Lord Jesus come!!

    2. Nothing to see here... move along (:

  7. Just in case you haven’t seen this one. Steve Forbes asks Zuckerberg on FB to call their new currency
    the Mark instead of Libra. Coming in 2020.


  8. I was praying for more understanding about the last lunar eclipse. What is the significance of the blood moon above Jerusalem on that particular day, 16th July. I think God just gave me the answer. It’s not so much about the 50th anniversary of moon landing but rather the launch. Three chosen men (who were obviously ready, prepared and longing for this) were launched or raptured by the Apollo 11, went to another world (so to speak) and returned according to schedule eight days later. That’s is a parable of the true rapture of the church were the chosen people of God will be raptured to the third heaven and return with Christ, according to Biblical schedule, 7 years later (Rev.19:14).

    1. Great thoughts. I think you nailed it (:

    2. Abel,

      I agree. It was not about the moon landing but the launch. As much as astronauts are often pilots (or naval aviators) they do not "push the button" as it were to launch. That is done by Mission Control. The crew is basically along for the ride.

      Taken as it were.

    3. I ran into a buddy of mine at the store last night who is a Youth Pastor for a nearby congregation; he shared with me how he used to have dreams about the number 42. This was over a decade ago but it just came back to him. On that the topic turned to my wife and how her name reminded him of the first Ms Universe Pageant winner from homeland Trinidad in 1977.


      I took a moment to look-up that pageant winner from 1977 -- after all it was the same year as the NYC black-out. Guess when the 1977 Ms Universe Pageant was held?

      July 16, 1977

      Eight (8) years to the day after the launch of Apollo 11 which was itself an eight (8) day mission to the moon (heavens) and back.

      Quoting, Wikipedia,

      "Miss Universe 1977, the 26th Miss Universe pageant, was held on 16 July 1977 at the National Theater in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Janelle Commissiong of Trinidad and Tobago was crowned by Rina Messinger of Israel at the end of the event."


      So the Israeli winner of the 1976 Ms Universe Pageant, maiden named "Messinger" crowned the Ms Universe 1977 winner. Messinger, that's an interesting name for a beauty queen!

      Quoting, Ancestory.com,

      "Messinger Name Meaning

      English: variant spelling of Messenger. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a brazier, from an agent derivative of Middle High German messinc ‘brass’, German Messing, from Greek mossynoikos (khalkos) ‘Mossynoecan bronze’, named after the people of northeastern Asia Minor who first produced the alloy. German: habitational name from Mössingen in Baden-Württemberg (Messingen in the local dialect), which is recorded as Masginga in 789, probably from the personal name Masco + ingen, suffix of relationship."

      NOTE: So Messinger is a variant of Messenger?

      Again, quoting Ancestory.com,

      "Messenger Name Meaning

      English: occupational name, from Middle English, Old French messag(i)er ‘carrier of messages’ (an agent derivative of message, Late Latin missaticum, from missus ‘sent’)."

      Ms Messinger of Israel, Ms Universe 1976, "Missus", "Messenger" "Carrier of messages" or "Sent Messenger?"

      Ms Universe 1976 (200th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in the United States) who's name "Messinger" or "messenger" points to the same thing as the Aramaic/Hebrew word "מלאך" meaning "angel". And this "angel" (messenger) crowned a gentile, the FIRST black Ms Universe in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (named for Saint Dominic) on the night of the launch of Apollo 11.

      Is it me or are their multiple references to major events, heavenly (double meaning here) bodies and destinations? Life and freedom? Crowning and return? Even the woman and the heavens?


      And while we're at it -- if you look up the history of Saint Dominic and you will find that he was canonized on July 13, 1234 by Pope Gregory IX. (Not the Pope Gregory XIII of calendar fame in 1582). That's 743-years before the NYC black-out of 1977, 785-years before the NYC black-out of 2019 to the day.

      An interesting coincidence of dates, events and names and perhaps rings of a Divine watermark?


      I enjoy jumping down rabbit holes because you never know what you may learn. You may be onto something there Abel regarding a modern parable of the Church being taken and returned in the mission of Apollo 11. This one began as a Divine appointment to meet a pastor buddy at the store.


    4. PS> 26th Miss Universe pageant is an interesting anniversary too. The number 26 is the number of the personal Name of the LORD "יהוה".

    5. Correction,

      Reference to the 1977 Ms Universe Pageant where I say, "on the night of the launch of Apollo 11" should read,

      "on the eighth anniversary night of the launch of Apollo 11."


      Black and White. Erev and Boqr, Hebrew for evening and morning (or "the morrow"). Night and day. God given names and representative of our days and the days of the week.


      The LORD just visited this to me,

      It is not the return of the Church and the establishment of the seventh day rest, Millennial Kingdom, but of the Eternal Kingdom of the eighth day. Morning and evening represent a full cycle. Launch and return represent a full cycle. As it was in the garden so shall it be again.

      When the seventh day ends and the eighth day begins we will be separated, circumcised, from the Earth and live forever in the Eternal Kingdom in the presence of the Almighty.

      It's not about the RR, it's about setting everything back as it was in the beginning.

      Very good.


    7. Pastor Rich, greetings. Let us not forget that the King of Rock and Roll passed away on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42.

    8. And his mom passed away at the same age.

    9. And my family is from Trinidad !

    10. Yeah!

      Today is just one of those days. All day long it's been TobyMac "Everything" rolling through my head!


  9. Dear pastor Rich, thank you for your research. But it is a so much speculation with numbers and meanings that I can’t see the full picture yet. Maybe there is something in it …. It looks like a deep rabbit hole to me but maybe it has a treasure.

  10. But the parable of the Apollo 11 launch and return, reminds me of Gary’s earlier findings, of a similar disappearance and return, where the Jewish elected assembly (The Knesset) dissolved itself for the first time in history and is scheduled to return three month later. That was also another interesting parable of the rapture of the church (assembly). Prior to that there was the parable of harvest in May that disappeared in May (Prime minister May resigned in May). So now we’ve got the same illustration three times within three month.

    1. Indeed. It is speculation and a rabbit hole. I wholeheartedly agree.

      That is part of a point I was making and I do think there is treasure in this one. There is such coincidence in it that one may ask, "Is there something to this?" Thus the rabbit hole. Only God gives such wisdom.

      In sharing all of this with my wife I found myself saying that Ms 1976 crowning Ms 1977 was analogous to, "the message carried by the children of Israel crowning the gentiles." The message that comes out of Judah is Jesus. Israel is the angel messenger (symbolically Ms 1976, Rina Messinger) that carried the message of the God of his fathers and we the Church are crowned with that message.

      That was one more part of the answer to my question and the answer I was given.

      I agree on your points about "disappearance and return". An excellent observation! But I would ask, "What was the original *disappearance* and when is the ultimate *return*?"

      Is not the original disappearance that of innocence from the garden? The fall of man? The curse of all creation which God had declared very good? If so, is then the ultimate "return" THE restoration of all things brand new as it was in the beginning?

      (Revelation 21)

      The eight days of Apollo and inter-connections with Artemis and coincidence of days, day-counts, dates, events and symbols are worth asking the questions. Dare I mention circumcision? The taking away, departure and separation? But in the end they must be taken with a grain of salt as I cannot prove any of this as being right.

      Perhaps more pin-points that point to the truth that we hang our hats on. I see the world through the lens of faith. Not all do so. If I find joy in such things, so much more is the JOY of those who once were perishing but now have found FAITH!

      Helping people see that joy is all about my job.

      Thus is my perspective.


  11. Sorry Pastor Rich, I did not see your last message about the days (as we may have “published” at the same time). That is also good thinking and is equally true. There is that cycle of 7 days which represent 7000 years after which we enter the new heaven and new earth. Thank you for all your input and there are certainly many good points in your research!

    I am happy that you help others find Joy who have found true Faith through your labor, as you wrote. So is also my work in Ghana cause I can make a lot more people happy here than in my native country.

    1. Ghana! I have friends from there. Our family supports missions and orphanages in Liberia and has completed one trip there. We hope to return soon.


    Chandrayaan-2: India announces new date for Moon mission

    Quoting, BBC,

    "India has announced a new date to launch its second lunar mission after the scheduled blast-off was halted on Monday due to a technical snag."

    [image width="100%" height="100%" src="https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/DEF2/production/_107847075_chandrayaan2_journey_to_moon_640-nc.png"/]

    So looking at this graphic I am struck by one thing. It took four days for Apollo crews to fly to the moon. Chandrayaan-2 is a 40-day journey to the moon by way of a gravity assist from the Earth. Around and around the three-part orbital and lander system will go. Around and around the Earth 40 times.

    Reminds me of the children of Israel in the wilderness travelling 40 years -- going around and around that mountain until they were ready to break free and head to their intended destination. A very abstract and artistic representation but representative I think.

    What was it that the men of Israel had to do when they arrived? Goes back to eight days and the separation. The beginning and the end of a journey. (Joshua 5:2-9 ESV)

    Blessed are those who arrive at the eighth day!

    7 "The one who conquers will have
    this heritage, and I will be his
    God and he will be my son."

    (Revelation 21:7 ESV)

  13. Correction, Strike, "Around and around the Earth 40 times."

  14. Indeed this is very interesting. A 40 day journey with 40 rotations really reminding us of Israel's struggles in de wilderness and Moses spoke of mountain Seir which they encircled for many days (Deut. 2:1-3). That is spiritually a symbol of the church on its way to a heavenly homeland, Note that the crossing at Jericho is the lowest point on earth (400 meters below see level) and symbol of dying before entering promised land. I suppose this is another sign of what God is preparing for the church and thanks to the rapture we don't have to die anymore. Christ died for us!

  15. It makes me think of a map of all the countries/areas most mentioned as being involved in the last days

  16. At https://www.raptureready.com/2019/07/14/dog-days-summer-randy-nettles/ "The Dog Days of Summer :: By Randy Nettles" a very interseting article about a Jewish feastday on the 9th of August 2019 and that many wars started during the Dog Days of Summer.

    In that article the following:

    "The next historical anniversary date for Israel, Tisha B’Av, occurs on the 9th day of Av. Av is the 5th month on the Jewish calendar. Tisha B’Av is not one of the appointed Feast days of the Lord, but is a fast and a day of mourning. The current Jewish calendar year is 5779. This year, the 9th day of Av is on August 9, 2019. Nine seems to be an unlucky number for Israel, for it is the number of judgment and/or finality. Here are a few examples other than Tisha B’Av:"

  17. On the road this morning and reading the news of the new day. Conflict over KADIZ incursions over disputed territory claimed by both Japan and South Korea. Shots fired at Chinese and Russian bombers and C3 aircraft.

    The Torries are hours from announcing the new PM in the UK. Boris Johnson has stated he will abandon PM May’s agreement with the EU for a stronger deal or crash out on 31 October.

    Mrs May is to tender her resignation to the Queen today prior to her departure. Her leaving Tory leadership is almost as entering a wilderness.

    Nationwide blacks outs hit Venezuela impacting at all levels of infrastructure for the third time in recent weeks.

    India is on its way to the moon’s southern pole in a global first for this newly self-declared space super-power. A 40-day journey.

    Over a cup of coffee, I ponder the symbolism of the headlines and those yet to come.

    Knowing all of this,

    God gave His only begotten Son that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    Share His love while there is still time.



    1. Will the Brexit together with a major war between Iran and the Western allies cause the EU to fall apart and that it will be replaced by the coalition of 10 nations with the antichrist?

      The next days Western-Europe is being hit by a severe heatwave with record breaking afternoon temperatures, see http://www.severe-weather.eu/mcd/intense-heat-with-near-record-breaking-temperatures-above-40-c-locally-possible-will-develop-across-benelux-w-germany-and-n-france-this-week-july-23-26th/.

    2. I believe the global falling apart will come by way of the smashing blow that will be the resurrection/rapture (RR). It may be prefaced by the immediate threat of war of the type provided by Pharaoh, his chariots and his army at the Red Sea crossing.

      This is, IMHO, the vacuum that the AC will fill and rise to global dominance and thus far I have no reason to believe we (the body of Christ) will be here to see it.


    Now that the mission is off with the successful launch on 7/22, the lander is scheduled to touchdown on 9/7 at 67°S or 70°S latitude. This is a SIGNIFICANT date on the Ecclesiastic calendar being Shabbat Shuba or "Sabbath of Return". Two years ago this special Sabbath fell during the R12S and was a MAJOR watch day.

    If the lander does touch down on 9/7 that would be 22-days before we ring in the Jewish Civil New Year as Rosh Hashana and Yom Teruah. (Remember, Yom Teruah is at the beginning of the month on the Spiritual calendar).

    Interesting day, numbers and timing for such a heavenly event...


      Using Sky Guide 8.0.2 (377) and setting my local time to Israel Daylight Time (IDT) and viewing location to the Temple Mount area in Jerusalem, Israel, I noted that by the end of August, 2019 Mars, Mercury, Venus and our Sun will be in proximity to Regulus in the constellation Leo.

      Concerning the R12S, Leo has nine (9) principal visible stars. By 8/31/19 we will once again see 12 stars (fixed and wandering aka "planets") in Leo once again making a crown of 12 stars over Virgo. Mercury and Venus will straddle the Sun with Mars in conjunction with the Sun. This is the stage set going into Yom Teruah on the Ecclesiastic calendar (not the Civil calendar).

      This alignment is reminiscent of (Nehemiah 8) with types and anti-types indicated in brackets below,

      1 And all the people gathered as
      one man [Mars] into the square
      before the Water Gate. And they
      told Ezra the scribe to bring
      the Book of the Law of Moses
      [Sun] that the LORD had commanded

      2 So Ezra the priest brought the
      Law [Sun] before the assembly,
      both men and women and all who
      could understand what they
      heard, on the first day of
      the seventh month,

      3 And he read from it facing
      the square before the Water
      Gate from early morning[*]
      until midday[**], in the
      presence of the men and the
      women and those who could
      understand. And the ears of
      all the people were attentive
      to the Book of the Law [Sun].

      ...pausing here to elaborate on two notes indicated above.

      [*] Sunrise will be at 6:14 am at 80° East on 9/1/2019. This corresponds to M7D1 of (Nehemiah 8:2 ESV) as quoted above.

      NOTE: Strong's (G614) is "ἀπόκρυφος" (apokruphos) "hidden", while Strong's (H614) is "אָסִיף" (asiph) "ingathering, harvest".

      NOTE: Two hours after sunrise is moonrise in the East which itself is offset by 7° from the Sun. (Was it not two-years after the birth (rise) of our Lord that the Maji arrived (rose) from the East? Perhaps a connection, perhaps not).

      [**] Midday will be at 12:39 pm at 180° South on 9/1/2019. This corresponds to M7D1 of (Nehemiah 8:2 ESV) as quoted above.

      NOTE: Strong's (G1239) is "διαδίδωμι" (diadidómi), "to hand over, distribute, to give throughout a crowd".

      NOTE: Strong's (H1239) is "בָּקַר" (baqar), "to inquire, seek, consider".

      Nehemiah continues,

      4 And Ezra the scribe stood on
      a wooden platform that they had
      made for the purpose. And beside
      him stood [Mercury] Mattithiah,
      Shema, Anaiah, Uriah, Hilkiah,
      and Maaseiah on his right hand,
      and [Venus] Pedaiah, Mishael,
      Malchijah, Hashum, Hasbaddanah,
      Zechariah, and Meshullam on his
      left hand.


      The picture provided by the planetary alignment of Yom Teruah, 2019 very much reminds me of Israel arrayed before the Book of the Law on Yom Teruah in the days after the wall was completed.

      Sundown on the Sabbath, Saturday, August 31, 2019 will be at 7:04 pm at 281° West with Astronomical Twilight at 8:29 pm. That will end the Sabbath and begin M7D1. At this same time the Moon will be Rosh Chodesh (Head of the month) or a New Moon in the head of Virgo. The New Moon will rise at 8:14 am 87° East on Tishrei 1 (Sunday, September 1, 2019), pass meridan at 2:34 pm and set at 8:47 pm at 270° West with an illumination estimated at 6.5%.

      On M7D1 of the Spiritual calendar this year we *may* have representation in the stars of (Nehemiah 8:1-12 ESV). This event happens one lunar cycle, the next New Moon, before Rosh Hahanah on the Civil calendar that begins on the evening of Sunday, September 29, 2019 (Tishrei 1, 5780). The Sabbath of 9/28 is a day of very special interest according to my time-line and as some of you have already observed, provides a potential match to the days and dates provided in Daniel and Revelation as to the beginning of the 2,550 days.


      Ezra stood upon the wooden platform with the Book of the Law. To his right was,

      1. Mattithiah
      2. Shema
      3. Anaiah
      4. Uriah
      5. Hilkiah
      6. Maaseiah

      ...and to his left was,

      1. Pedaiah
      2. Mishael
      3. Malchijah
      4. Hashum
      5. Hasbaddanah
      6. Zechariah
      7. Meshullam

      14 men total, six (6) to the right and seven (7) to the left. That's an interesting count, six and seven. I can see 42 in that.


      This is a point that has really been sticking-out to me. It requires further study and prayer for my part but it keeps, "bugging" me as a stand-out.

      More pin-points of data for your personal research and study. You will notice that I am not drawing conclusions from these observations...the reason being I share them for those seeking study points as we look toward the Day and to draw us deeper into scripture where we may encounter the LORD in new meaningful ways.

      All apologies as I have limited time to share today. These sightings are preliminary and pending my own prayerful consideration.

      Happy hunting!


      The Moon will be aligned in close proximity of Sagittarius A, the super-massive black hole at the heart of our galaxy, in the galactic plane (spiral arm of the Milky Way) AND the plane of the ecliptic, between Jupiter and Saturn at 66% illumination on the day of the landers arrival! (If for a 9/7/19 landing that is on Shabbat Shuba according to the Ecclesiastic calendar, sixth day of the Days of Awe).

      Hmmm, that's a lot of sixes.

      A VERY interesting time and place for the moon to be when India (mankind by proxy) ends their 40-day trip to this "land of promise" -- the southern polar region where water ice is thought to abound and where no nation has gone before.

      More data points for your study...

    4. A PIN-POINT: 27

      A quick note of observation. In my post above I made light of the 14 men who stood before the children of Israel in front of the Water Gate on Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) M7D1 when the wall was completed as recorded in Chatper 8 of Nehemiah. Not included in this count are the Levites,

      7 ...Jeshua, Bani, Sherebiah,
      Jamin, Akkub, Shabbethai, Hodiah,
      Maaseiah, Kelita, Azariah, Jozabad,
      Hanan, Pelaiah, the Levites, helped
      the people to understand the Law,
      while the people remained in their

      8 They read from the book, from
      the Law of God, clearly, and they
      gave the sense, so that the people
      understood the reading.

      (Nehemiah 8:7-8 ESV)

      This adds 13 names to the list of those who were teaching that day before the Water Gate. Add the 14 men of the first list to the 13 men of this second list and you have a total of 27 priestly men of Israel leading and teaching the people.

      That is an interesting number for at least two reasons,

      1. There 22-letters + 5-final forms = 27 forms of letters in the Hebrew alephbet
      2. There are 27 chapters in the New Testament

      ...and I'll bet if I dig on the design of the Temple Menorah I'll find a connection there too. (One of my next stops)

      Feel free too add to this if you have more data.



  19. Notice how we are beginning to add up the clues and piece together the puzzle. This is the launch off the true kennesset/ecclesia out to the heavenly spheres while simultaneously some dive off this board into the deep blue seas to plumb the depths of the Father's wisdom. Rain like fire descends from above igniting the tongues of resident believers who start the fire that kindles the earth. Frolicking like calves with the Son overhead, feeding on the emerald grass that encircles the throne. As above so below. Dark clouds speak as the light of Jesus flashes, first in the East but rising like the dawn and sun of the morning and righteousness in the west. A tree of life planted in Makanda, Illinoise where the X marks the treasure, a tree rising towards the north where the Branch of Yahushua rests, a scepter of iron to rule the world. The dead shall rise first at the Trump-ET blast. Aliens on the horizon. Eliot phones home, does anyone pickup? ET, Aleph-Tav, Father and Sun, Yahweh Yeshua, Yahushua. Eliyahu, Elijah, Eliot, Aleph, Lion, Jesus I am. Eliot Michael- access/axis Mundi. The elders determine the outcome as Jesus gives the orders as the witnesses and servants of the Lord cover the earth. The Lion begins to roar and the birds continue to soar and all the land begins to stir and the hills rejoice and trees clap their hands for the arrival of the King... regulus bows down.

  20. Pre-Trib? Excuse me, but tell that to the beheaded Christian whose soul lies below the altar crying for the Church to awake. Tell that to victims ravaged by disaster, famile, war, and pestilence, tell that to those who have seen the horror of extremist Islam. Chernobyl, Russian for Wormwood. Do we need a bigger disaster to sound the trumpet, this explosion was not loud enough? I'm sorry but some people are already in the tribulation and all you girls seem to have fallen asleep even while the Groom travels to collect His virgin bride. Mercury hits the Meridian and shines like fire.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The promise isn't to escape tribulation. The promise is to escape "the hour of trial that is coming on the whole earth." The promise is birth into Heaven before Israel's 70th week of judgment. Christians are not exempt from Church Age tribulation, but the Church IS exempt from the time of God's wrath, The Time of Jacob's Trouble, 70th week of Daniel, The Tribulation (capital 'T'), etc.

      All Christians are in tribulation now: physical persecution via violence, disease, castigation by unbelieving family members and coworkers, daily spiritual torment because of the depravity of this world, loss of loved ones, etc.

      You're not the judge of whose tribulation is "greater". And quite frankly, I'm convicted that there was little if any Christ in your post. "You girls?" I hope your faith is in Christ and what He endured, not in yourself and how "good" you think you are.

      Martyrdom doesn't make you any more right with God than you already were if you trust in Christ. Millions of unbelievers and believers alike have died violent deaths from war, persecution, and terror. Persecution has always been a reality. But not everyone will face it. God wills what He wills and some Christians will face death and others will not.

      "Then Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following, who also had leaned on His breast at the supper, and said, 'Lord, who is the one who betrays You?' Peter, seeing him, said to Jesus, 'But Lord, what about this man?'

      Jesus said to him, 'If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.' " - John 21:20-22

      "Then we ***who are alive and remain*** shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord." - 1 Thess. 4:17

    3. We, the body of Christ are, and have been, living in tribulation. I feel it, my wife feels it, our whole church family feels it each in their own way.

      We are at the gates of the days when,

      29 "...the sun will be darkened,
      and the moon will not give its light,
      and the stars will fall from heaven,
      and the powers of the heavens will
      be shaken."

      Have we not already seen,

      30 "...the sign of the Son of Man[?]"

      ...are we not waiting to,

      30 "...see the Son of Man coming on
      the clouds of heaven with power and
      great glory[?]"

      There is but one work of God,

      "...that you believe in him whom he has sent." RED LETTERS (John 6:29 ESV)

      All of those, our brothers and sisters to be, who come out of the Tribulation, those under the altar are already alive in Christ. They shall never die but be raised in their time.

      Each of us in our own time according to the days written for each of us by God Himself. In this I place my full and unwavering trust.

      37 "All that the Father gives me
      will come to me, and whoever comes
      to me I will never cast out."

      RED LETTERS (John 6:37 ESV)

  21. Thank you Gary and pastor Rich, that sounds like good biblical doctrine to me. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are passing through terrible tribulations in China and North Korea and I try to pray for them often. But the great tribulation will be worse than any tribulation has ever been and God has promised to save us from that one if we are fully trusting in Christ at this time.

  22. I have been away for a few days and I noticed that "Anonymous" posted a kind of poem yesterday (04:42 AM) but I don't understand much of it. It is nice if we could be plain and clear. If there is any revelation of wisdom or insight to be added, it must be easy to understand for us all.

  23. Gary,
    Jesus said to him, 'If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.' " - John 21:20-22

    Pastor Rich,

    We are at the gates of the days when,

    29 "...the sun will be darkened,
    and the moon will not give its light,
    and the stars will fall from heaven,
    and the powers of the heavens will
    be shaken."

    LOVE IT.



    There was a shooting at family-friendly festivals on two of America's coasts this weekend

    Forgive me for a pin-point which has fixed my sights. The following is in no way meant to diminish the loss of all of those impacted in the violence which befell this sunny July day, but to share my heart on one aspect of it -- a little boy named Stephen.

    To all the victims and your families, I pray God meets you in this time of grief and tragedy. In my soul I grieve with you and for you. In my heart I lift you in prayer. For what the enemy means as evil the LORD will bring by faith to good.

    My prayers this morning have been dominated by my heavy laden heart for the father and family of Stephen Romero, age six who lost his life Sunday after being shot at a summer family community event in Gilroy, California.

    I cannot help but see a message in this young boy, age 6, named Stephen, last name Romero, a Spanish/Italian surname name meaning, among other things, a person on a religious journey or pilgrimage from Rome possibly to Jerusalem.

    As a father of three boys here on earth, my heart breaks for Stephen's father and family. I pray the LORD meet you in your time of grief and exceed all of your needs in these days of great personal tribulation.

    The loss of such innocence reminds me of the martyrdom of another Stephen in Acts 7. The stoning of an innocent, the shooting of another. Momentary headlines on the International stage, wounds that will leave their mark in a family violently thrust into incomprehensible grief.

    I cannot help but see parallels and a message to us pointing to the Day in this. I pray little Stephen is at peace with the LORD for by faith I fully trust that is where he is right now. I pray Lord Jesus you minister to his family and every grieving heart that has been wrecked in this senseless act of violence.

    I stand with you as a father in honour of your loss in hope of the resurrection to come.

    Glory to God in the Highest. Grace and peace to you.

    Pastor Rich

  25. 14

    "How must the gentiles fulfill the commandment to establish laws and courts? They are obligated to set up judges and magistrates in every major city to render judgement concerning these six mitzvot and to admonish the people regarding their observance.

    A gentile who transgresses these seven commands shall be executed by decapitation. For this reason, all the inhabitants of Shechem were obligated to die. Shechem kidnapped. They observed and were aware of his deeds, but did not judge him.

    A gentile is executed on the basis of the testimony of one witness and the verdict of a single judge. No warning is required. Relatives may serve as witnesses. However, a woman may not serve as a witness or a judge for them."

    There is your future beheading described by John the disciple. This excerpt was taken from chabad.org.


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