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BREAKING: U.S. Government Declares Israeli Settlements "Legal"

Reversing a 41-year-old legal precedent, the United States government suddenly announced today that the U.S. would recognize the legality of Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).  The announcement came from U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the video of which can be seen below:

The European Union and nations pushing for the establishment of a "Palestinian State" were quick to condemn the move.  In reality, there is no real argument for illegality of Israeli settlements since Israel is not technically an occupying power.  There was never a Palestinian State to begin with, only the suggestion to create one by a series of resolutions approved by the United Nations.  Furthermore, the entirety of the land west of the Jordan River was allotted by God to the Jewish people.

This may be preparation for the release of the Trump-Kushner "Deal of the Century," or perhaps Trump is genuinely attempting to turn the tide in favor of Israel and against the establishment of "Palestine."  Time will tell, but the prophetic implications of this announcement are huge.

Since Donald Trump was inaugarated, the United States has now almost completely reversed its policies with Israel, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, moving the U.S. embassy, recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel, and now recognizing the Jewish settlements as legal.

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  1. WOW!!! All the puzzle pieces are coming together!

  2. I don't think you can say the US declares the settlements legal; we now say they are not illegal. We leave the final determination to the Israel courts, per Secretary Pompeo's statement.

    1. In his statement he cited situations where Israeli courts deemed certain settlements legal and others illegal, with the U.S. now giving deference to them. In essence, if Israel deems a settlement legal, the U.S. does, too.

    2. Yes, but if to take that one step further, I think this announcement may have a couple of consequences,

      1. It paves the way to a negotiated division of the land
      2. It will provoke Israel's enemies

      ...most of all it may further set the stage for the (Psalm 83) conflict; further drawing-out what many in the community call the "inner ring" of nations and groups -- intentionally triggering those that say,

      "Come, let us wipe them out
      as a nation; let the name of
      Israel be remembered no more!"

      (Psalm 83:4 ESV)

      This part of eschatological study can be challenging for which there are some good resources in the watchman community of serious authors and researchers. IMHO, Bill Salus is one of them for whom I might recommend this video from a recent conference on the topic,

      Bill Salus: The Next Prophecies - 2018 "Watchmen on the Wall" Conference

      Bill covers this topic well in an easy to follow and watch presentation. Highly recommended for those wanting to get a better grasp on this aspect of prophecy. Prophecy for Israel and her neighbours. Prophecy that is an indicator of the times and timing of things yet to come -- including our Blessed Hope.

      Draw near to the LORD, listen for what the Spirit has to teach.


  3. It is true, according to the scriptures - which were written long before the EU was formed.

    1. Amen! Judea and Samaria belong to Israel, as well as at least double the land mass that Israeli maps currently show belonging to Israel now.


    Brothers, sisters and visitors...it is a true blessing to share this space with you. All of you. That we are given a forum to gather together to share encouragement and fears, even anger at times, concerning the days and the coming Day.

    We are a very public facing community that has global reach. We are hidden from no one save those in countries where free access to the Internet is restricted. Considering the Good News for which we share and preach is it any wonder that the the enemy (Satan) seeks to hide the truth behind curtains of silence?

    We are in the age of the eternal gospel being available around the globe. Space-based high-speed Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices especially in emerging nations will further this trend. More eyes will come to see our message of hope, more hearts will hunger for the LORD God Almighty.

    At the same time well will see visitation by guests who bear much pain, many scars. We have, IMHO, seen this lately with comments that cry out for our prayerful response.

    9 The Lord is not slow to fulfill
    his promise as some count slowness,
    but is patient toward you, not wishing
    that any should perish, but that all
    should reach repentance.

    (2 Peter 3:9 ESV)

    What are we to make of this? For whom is God patient?


    All, as in all of us, everyone.

    That especially includes those who call themselves our enemies. Are they not also made in the image of the living God?

    Recent comments by guest(s) in another topic sit like a wedge between what history calls warring enemies. I see people torn apart by fear and pain turned to anger fed by a system of lies and deception by the thing that travels to and fro and up and down the earth. It is our enemy, Satan.

    An open invitation exists for all that all should come to repentance; that all should be saved. But this requires we live beyond historic hatred and prideful revenge. It requires that we humble ourselves and come back to the most basic understanding of our greatest need. The need for love.

    That love is the Love of the Father. That need is to truly internalise and understand our identity...our identity as children of God through Christ. The TRUTH that we may ALL abide in Christ regardless of our past for our past is forgiven in Christ Jesus our Lord. We are FREE to love one another beyond the petty hatred(s) conjured by the enemy designed to stir us to destruction. Our own wilful destruction.

    There is a choice to be made by every living soul on earth -- eternal communion with God or eternal separation from God. The choice is yours to make. Each day you are given the option to choose.

    Hear the calling of the LORD,

    14 "Now therefore fear the LORD
    and serve him in sincerity and in
    faithfulness. Put away the gods
    that your fathers served beyond the
    River and in Egypt, and serve
    the LORD.

    15 And if it is evil in your eyes
    to serve the LORD, choose this day
    who you will serve, whether the gods
    your fathers served in the region
    beyond the River, or the gods of
    the Amorites in whose land you dwell.
    But for me and my house, we will
    serve the LORD."

    (Joshua 24:14-15 ESV)

    Speaking for me, personally, I will not hate you. I pray for you and for your family. I pray that your heart turns to look beyond the malice burning in your sight and look over the horizon of fear that feeds your anger.

    Do not be afraid! Seek Truth by stepping back from your fear fed anger -- create a space of quiet and invite the Living God of our Fathers into your heart. For if He indeed does exist, then He will surely reveal Himself to you if you humble yourself and bravely ask the most basic of questions.

    Who are You LORD? Do you love me? Why am I here? Where is this all going?

    1. A MESSAGE TO THE NATIONS (Continued)

      These questions know no national borders. They transcend all barriers and best of all they are rend in secret to the One who listens in secret and answers in secret.

      5 "And when you pray, you must
      not be like the hypocrites. For
      they love to stand and pray in
      the synagogues and at the street
      corners, that they may be seen by
      others. Truly, I say to you,
      they have received their reward.

      6 but when you pray, go into your
      room and shut the door and pray
      to your Father who is in secret.
      And your Father who sees in secret
      will reward you.

      -- Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 6:5-6 ESV)

      Jesus continues,

      7 "And when you pray, do
      not heap empty phrases as
      the Gentiles do, for they
      think that they will be
      heard for their many words,

      8 Do not be like them, for
      your Father knows what you
      need before you ask him.

      9 Pray then like this:

      "Our Father in heaven,
      hallowed be your name.

      10 Your kingdom come,
      your will be done,
      on earth as it is in

      11 Give us this day
      our daily bread,

      12 and forgive us our debts,
      as we also have forgiven our

      13 And lead us not into
      temptation, but deliver us from

      14 For if you forgive others
      their trespasses, your heavenly
      Father will also forgive you,

      15 but if you do not forgive
      others their trespasses, neither
      will your Father forgive your

      --Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 6:7-15 ESV)

      This is the LORD's prayer. It is the most basic prayer guide for all who know the LORD.

      But if you do not yet know the LORD, how are you to pray? Are there *holy* words to memorize by which we are saved?


      The words that save come from your heart. The words that save come out of humility and a contrite spirit with a hunger for God.

      If your heart is hungry and your soul thirsts for truth that endures forever beyond the fear and lies of this world -- SET YOUR HEART ON THIS SIMPLE WORK IN YOUR OWN WORDS FROM THE HEART,

      9 because, if you confess with
      your mouth that Jesus is Lord
      and believe in your heart that
      God raised him from the dead,
      you will be saved.

      10 For with the heart one
      believes and is justified, and
      with the mouth one confesses
      and is saved.

      11 For the Scripture says,

      "Everyone who believes in him
      will not be put of shame."

      12 For there is no distinction
      between Jew and Greek; for the
      same Lord is Lord of all,
      bestowing his riches on all who
      call on him.

      (Romans 10:9-12 ESV)

      Brethren, though through fear you consider yourself my enemy. I count you prayerfully as my brother and hold on high the hope of your salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

      Lay bear your anger and fear before the LORD and allow your sin to be washed white by the blood of the Lamb.

      Strike the match, burn the ships. Don't look back.

      Grace and Peace to you,

      Pastor Rich

  5. At https://eschatologytoday.blogspot.com/2019/11/global-sitrep-d7-19-missing-pieces.html "Global SITREP D7-19: Missing Pieces (Jordan)".

  6. IDF says 'dozens' of targets in Syria struck in overnight operation

    Quoting, i24news.tv

    "The Israeli military said that it had successfully struck over a 'dozen' targets in Syria overnight Wednesday in retaliation for Iranian proxy fire a day earlier."

    Reports indicate that Moscow was advised of the attack before-hand and was asked to advise Damascus to withhold AAA fire. The Syrian AAA batteries fired upon the Israeli attack and were destroyed as a consequence.

  7. Iran has gone quiet as of late. When they were attacking oil tankers a few months ago I thought it was on but nothing since.

    1. Remember the Phoney War that preceded open hostilities in Europe during WWII? We all know what is coming so therefore know what is brewing.

      Lord Jesus, may more hearts be turned toward you.

    2. Amen, even those who we might consider as 'enemies', as the warfare is not with flesh and blood but is spiritual.

  8. Pastor Rich,

    With respect, I am not so sure that the controversial Psalm 83 war is actually a war. Supposedly it's just a prayer or petition, not a future battle.

    I am more convinced that the 'land of unwalled villages' is North America (even 'kanata' is the Iroquois word for village!) because of Doug Woodward's research. The 'people who are at rest' cannot be the Israelis, even after a so-called war with an inner ring, because you have Iran still there. These quoted terms from that chapter all DEPEND on the theory of Psalm 83 being a war.

    It's perfectly reasonable that Gog (Russia), who already has operations in the arctic, would have to neutralize America first or while they launch their attack on Israel. They could invade from the north and come right down from Canada, perhaps with an EMP first. Either way, both of America and Russia have a nuclear exchange probably because the same chapter informs us that a 'fire' is sent not only on Russia, but the 'isles and coasts' and those who dwell 'carelessly' (us).

    1. In other words, Russia (Gog) the leader, attacks two countries. With an expanded border bordering Iran, how could Israel really rest in peace?

      Russia 'goes up' (over the Arctic) and down to America.
      This matches Jeremiah 50, the daughter of Bablyon, being invaded from the north.

      "I will go UP to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls". "upon the people that are gathered out of the nations". Evidently, the North American tribes had villages without walls. Maybe Ezekiel saw them in his vision?

      This, according to Woodward's research of the Hebrew words, cannot be Israel. America is one people, out of many nations.

      I wouldn't be surprised if they attack the UK as well, given our close rapport. This explains why there is no more Anglo American power after the invasion, only Europe, China and Israel, on the path to Armageddon.

    2. No worries!

      Asaph was more than a song writer, he was very much a prophet himself. I agree that it is a prayer but believe it may be more than that. From verse nine to the end speak in a language which is indicative of war thus why I see it in light of prophecy.

      Sorry I cannot chat more now. An excellent topic but duty calls!

    3. Hmmm, interesting. Digging on S Doug Woodward. Thanks for the tip!

    4. Now this is going down my rabbit hole I havent yet found the bottom of! Mr. Woodward has opened my eyes the last couple of years.

    5. Hey Stan!

      Good to see you!!

      Yeah, Mr Woodward does have some interesting hypotheses to explore! I'm not sure about some of his facts discussed in one particular interview on Prophecy in the News (PITN) but anything that triggers you to open your Bible and prayerfully dive into the Word is good in my book.

      His view of certain prophetic events do raise some good questions. In at lease one interview on PITN I see he, at least at that time, considered (Psalm 83) as a future war and not just a prayer. If that were the case, I would tend to agree with him at this point.

      History shows the IDF taking territory in response to attacks upon Israel. That they would do it again on a larger scale doesn't seem out of the realm of possibilities. (Their latest war games in the North send a message IMHO). Especially considering the scale of the latest coordinated attacks on Iran proxy sites in Syria this week.

      One thing we all know, these false labour pains will cease and we'll see a BIG BIRTHDAY!

    6. I believe Psalm 83 is a war. The Moslem nations surrounding Israel are not mentioned in the GOG-Magog war of Ezekiel. That is because they are defeated 1st.

  9. Obviously I dont understand Gods immense ability but at some point he is going to know by reading the hearts and minds of every individual on earth and know when its time to pull the trigger and call us all home. Our God is awesome.

  10. Pastor Rick...I personally am expecting major labor pains ahead......but it would be nice to escape...or.....be protected from them! I am convinced soon some major pains are about to start. If we hear yelling....we know we are in their till the 2nd coming.😊

    1. Eternity has already begun and you're living it today my friend! Live it large and to the full!!


    PITN: Dan Goodwin - Prophecy Unsealed Part 2

    Here's an interview with Dan Goodwin on Prophecy In The News (PITN) where he discusses the Jubilee and how it interconnects with Revelation and the redemption of planet earth. Dan enthusiastically shares his studies in an easy to follow manner that help give structure to the Revelation of Jesus Christ and ties together the Kinsman Redeemer all the way to the Two Witnesses.

    Recommended viewing. Have your Bible(s) handy.


  12. Pastor Rich,

    "Eternity has already begun and you are living it today my friend. Live it large and to the full"

    What an awesome time to say this as so many of us are weary from the daily spiritual battles waiting and watching for our rescue. For me, these words of wisdom not only lifted up my spirit but gave me a whole new perspective. Thank you so much for sharing. I pray your day (as well as all who read this) will be full of Blessings!

    1. I'm glad you gained perspective OP! We all need that. Live in that truth and never look back.

  13. Eternity has begun [from the moment they first believed] in a sense for those for are SAVED.
    Those who are not, will never see eternity.
    * * * *
    We're all waiting, not knowing exactly when - just knowing that the Rapture of the Church WILL happen. Likely soon.
    Imagine what it's going to be like for those who come to salvation during the Tribulation.
    They're going to be very much aware of the countdown to events, especially to Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ. They may not know hours or moments, but they'll know days!
    Somehow, I think that for Believers trying to SURVIVE, it'll make both the reliability of God and His Word even more so, and the times more bearable in the knowing.

  14. Its going to be an awful time. About one third of the population wont survive for one reason or another. I fear for some of my friends and family.

    1. When I was blind, little did I know that the key to my prison was in my own "pocket". I am so thankful that the LORD opened my eyes to see. His tender mercies are beyond expression. Words fail me save one...


      Thank you.

  15. Hello to you all, brothers and sisters in Jesus! I share a link I just found on the site rev12dailyblogspot.com and it's fabulous! God loves music so much and stars sing for the Lord. Just like whales, birds ... It's almost 17 minutes but it's blessing. Stars do not really look like you think you know them. Pastor Rich, you might appreciate because you like to observe the sky. I did not really know where to write this link so I thought to put it in this place. God preserve you and MARANATHA! Carole

    1. Awesome, but can you post the link again? I checked at rev12daily.blogspot.com but didn't find it.

    2. I think Charlie in DC posted it in the comments section, its towards the bottom of the comments.

  16. Hi again, I'm sorry because it was late last night when I sent you a message. So I forgot to give the link that I give you just now. Good listening! Carole

    1. Thank you, Carole!

      That was Louie Giglio from Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA (US) teaching on the songs of creation mixed with worship music from Chris Tomlin. Brilliant!

      How great is our God.

  17. At https://www.euractiv.com/section/energy-environment/interview/pascal-canfin-mep-time-to-declare-climate-emergency-in-europe/ "Pascal Canfin MEP: Time to declare climate emergency in Europe". Will this lead to the formation of a federation of 10 European nations from which the antichrist will emerge?

  18. At https://www.janes.com/article/92834/europe-must-defend-itself-but-not-at-the-expense-of-nato "Europe must defend itself, but not at the expense of NATO".

  19. Did anyone notice that the Knesset mandate to form a new government runs out just as the UK goes to the polls? How about that the annular solar eclipse next month will fall on Hanukkah IV/V, Christmas Day or Boxing Day depending on where you are on the planet?

    Did anyone notice that Reuters is running a story that Tehran was behind the attack on Aramco in Saudi Arabia last September?

    Iranian sources say attack on Saudi oil plants planned in Tehran: Reuters

    Did anyone notice that the coming annular solar eclipse will divide Iran and Saudi Arabia beginning rather near Riyadh, traverse southern Asia then crossover and end just past the United States territory of Guam?

    Oh, then the moon will occult Jupiter immediately after it eclipses the sun! (Depending on your viewing location). All three will be in conjunction this Christmas.

    And how about that Venus/Jupiter conjunction we've been treated to this season? I wish I had a camera that took good night-time photos.

    There's just not enough time in the day to pray and study. Especially when the LORD keeps showing you new things. The rabbit hole grows deeper...


  21. TLTF Statement of Un-Beliefs

    1. We do not believe the “Postmodern” lie that there is no such thing as absolute truth (which, in itself, is an absolutism).

    2. We do not believe in the so-called “Trinity,”...

    3. We do not believe that Jesus is “God the Son” or “the God-man,” but instead, as he repeatedly stated, the “Son of God.”

    4. We do not believe that “the Holy Spirit” is the “Third Person of the Trinity.”

    5. We do not believe that “God is Sovereign”...

    6. We do not believe that if (yes, “if,” because God’s Word says that not all believers will die—1 Cor. 15:51ff) one dies he is still alive in some form and goes directly to either “heaven” or “hell” or “Purgatory”. The Bible never speaks of one’s “soul” or “spirit” as an incorporeal entity that lives on without a body. In any language, “death” means “the end of life.”

    7. We do not believe that the everlasting dwelling place for Christians is in “heaven,” because that is never how that word is used in Scripture.

    8. We do not believe that wicked people—or those who don’t agree with us—will be tormented in fire forever. No rational person could possibly think that is fair. Far more justly, those who took pleasure in doing evil will be annihilated in the Lake of Fire.

    9. We do not believe that “faith” is a force generated by the human mind that automatically brings either good or bad into one’s life.

    10. We do not believe that anything in the Hebrew Scriptures (Genesis—Malachi, commonly called “the Old Testament”), the Four Gospels, or the Book of Revelation is written either directly to or about Christians...

    11. We do not believe that a Christian can “lose his salvation” after he is “born again of incorruptible seed” (1 Pet. 1:23), because then it wouldn’t be salvation, nor would the seed be incorruptible. Furthermore, that egregious lie is a slap in the face to Jesus Christ, who gave his life to guarantee the everlasting life of each person who believes in him.

    12. We do not believe that Christians will go through any part of the Tribulation.

    13. We do not believe that the “manifestations” of the spirit (1 Corinthians 12:7), which are almost always miscalled “gifts” by Christians today, ended with the original apostles’ deaths. They exist today for all believers to utilize.

    14. We do not believe that Christians are part of the “New Covenant.”

    15. We do not believe that the Christian “Church” (better translated “assembly’) is the Bride of Christ, as that is a metaphor used of Israel. The Christian church is metaphorically the “Body of Christ.”

    16. We do not believe that Christians are required to: observe a weekly Sabbath, be baptized in water, tithe, wear special robes, hats, or head coverings, or to address others by titles such as “Bishop,” “Reverend,” “Pastor,” or “Sanctuary Sweeper.” Neither does any Christian have any inherent spiritual authority over any other Christian.

    1. So, you’re atheists.

    2. Or satanists. You’re either for Jesus or against Him. And that’s Him with a capital H.

  22. The devil, Satan, often puts just enough truth and half-truths into his lies to make them believable.
    * * * *
    It takes REAL commitment to dig into what you believe and why.
    A very real yearning to actually KNOW God and His Word,
    to try and understand who He is and His character - after all,
    our salvation, our eternal destinies, depend on it.
    Most of us don't just marry some guy (or girl) off the street - we get to know them first.
    (And afterwards, boy, do we REALLY get to know them! :o))
    It takes time and study to learn and grow and examine what we may have been told or taught
    rather than to just continue to accept things, especially religious traditions.
    God Himself tells us to examine these things.
    In Colossians 2:8 Paul admonishes us to:
    “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends
    on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.”
    READ THE BOOK - it's all there.
    For a really good, Biblically sound (backs everything up chapter and verse), easy to understand site, try Grace Through Faith.

    1. The Word of God rightly divided- WWW.TLTF.ORG.

    2. Hogwash. Just another fine example of the father of lies dressed up as an angel of Light. I don't see how any of that magnifies our Lord Jesus Christ as they claim on their site. TLLF may be more fitting.

  23. Reports: Little hope for unity gov't after Likud-Blue and White talks

    Quoting, i24news,

    "Little hope is left for a unity government as Israel is all but set for a third election in a year, Hebrew media reported Sunday after a meeting between Likud and Blue and White parties brokered by Parliament Speaker Yuli Edelstein produced little results.

    The Jerusalem Post cited a member of the Likud team as saying that at this point, there was no hope for forming a unity government as gaps remained between the two factions.

    He said, however, that the two teams agreed to meet again soon for a new round of talks."

  24. The main problem there as I see it is that they are allowing muslims to vote. Who really believes that they are going to vote for Netanyahu? I cant find a proper analogy for the U.S. but just imagine us allowing a large faction of people that thinks that we are occupying thier land to vote.

    1. From reading their news, the main problem is between secular and religious Jews not Muslims that is at the heart of this division. Waivers for compulsory military service for orthodox Jews has been one sticking point. The Muslim voter turn-out was very low in the next to last election and markedly higher in the last. Still that landed them in a minority position.

      A major shuffling of the deck for MP's may be required before a solution is found -- but I am no expert when it comes to Israeli politics.

  25. Thats interesting, im assuming that the religious jews are voting for Netanyahu and want to build the third temple.


  26. Livescience.com: Astronomers See Stars Slinging Comets at Earth for the First Time.

    Revelation 12:4
    Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and FLUNG THEM TO THE EARTH. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.

    1. And this:

      From A ‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse To A Bright Christmas ‘Star’ Here’s Why You Should Look Up In December


    14 Therefore the Lord himself
    will give you a sign. Behold,
    the virgin shall conceive and
    bear a son, and shall call
    his name Immanuel.

    (Isaiah 7:14 ESV)

    2 But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah,
    who are too little to be among
    the clans of Judah, from you
    shall come forth for me one
    who is to be ruler in Israel,
    whose coming forth is from
    of old, from ancient days.

    (Micah 5:2 ESV)

    20 But as he considered these
    things, behold, an angel of
    the Lord appeared to him in
    a dream, saying,

    "Joseph, son of David, do
    not fear to take Mary as your
    wife, for that which is
    conceived in her is from
    the Holy Spirit.

    21 She will bear a son, and
    you shall call his name Jesus,
    for he will save his people
    from their sins."

    22 All this took place to fulfill
    what the Lord had spoken by the

    23 "Behold, the virgin shall
    conceive and bear a son, and
    they shall call his name
    Immanuel" (which means,
    God with us).

    (Matthew 1:20-23 ESV)

    Jesus, Immanuel. God with us.


    14 And the Word became flesh
    and dwelt among us, and we
    have seen his glory, glory
    as of the only Son from the
    Father, full of grace and

    (John 1:14 ESV)

  28. Eliot M Wasmund12/05/2019 9:35 PM

    Let us all pray that Donald Trump would do the right thing and even though he has indicated that he is in favor of a two state solution, that he would not divide the land of Israel and in doing reflect the light of Gods grace on the people of Israel, physical and Spiritual, a light to the gentiles. Let these precedents draw forth Gods grace and enlighten Trump how he is to bless the people of Israel even more in the future. May Trump resign as an everlasting King in the Eternal Kingdom of God. May we honor him for these just decisions and thank God for giving our president that rules with justice for the underdog and the people of God. May we also pray that Trump learns to humble himself so that he does not stumble and fall in the way of pride. May we pray that the darkness that covered seven salem's be to signify the darkness over the Salems of this world and the salems of darkness and not over the Salem of Gods true peace and glory. May all of Gods believers continue in the peace and love of God within this nation. May we stand together to put the serpent that has lifted itself in this tree of a nation to be cast down beneath our collective feet buried forever at the bottom of the abyss which is at the back of virgo the virgin the bride of Christ, Israel the wife of Jesus the Son and Lamb of God, the Male son caught up to heaven.

  29. ^*reign

    Gary, I recommend you add a forum to this site.

    1. Hello Eliot, we actually do. Check it out (click "Discussion" at the top or click here: Forum)

  30. Eliot M Wasmund12/05/2019 11:02 PM

    Jesus said, I saw Satan fall as Baraq O Bamah. Obama. Obomanation. Satan or Obama erected a temple of Zeus, ie Temple of Satan for his DNC acceptance speech in Colorado a mile above the country in the city of Denver. On October 9th of 2009, he was selected for the Nobel Peace Prize which was his "covenant with many." Exactly 1,260 days later, he broke his agreement with Israel, signified by the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel which was him standing in the "sanctuary fortress" with PA president Abass whose military men had desecrated the sanctuary 11 years prior. During his visit, the daily sacrafices that were reinstituted in 2008 were ceased. Another 3.5 years later, he would be indirectly responsible for the "legal" UN grounds for the breakup of Israel and the giving away of Israeli, Jewish land to the Muslims, all this time supported by the False prophet Pope BerGOGlio as was testified by his visit to the United states Congress in 2015 during the presidency of the homosexual, this evening, murderous, liar antichrist Spirit of Obama. At day 2595 or 1335 from the midpoint was November 16 or one day before Jupiter entered the womb of virgo. The remnant church or the Male child that will conquer Obama and Satan was now conceived. Blessed are us for we have already reached the 1335 days unlike many of our brothers and sisters who have been put to death, a round 100,000 per year now. How much longer they cry out? Not much longer... Let us not forget about the alignment of Alnitak or "the wounded one" with the meridian of the great pyramid of Giza on the 21st of September 2017, one day before Jupiter was born from the Heart of the Earth in alignment with the Christ angle of the descending passageway of the pyramid (representing the Church and Israel), this being the birth of the Child with the Revelation 12 Sign as it is typically called representing the catching away of the child into heaven, the end of this sequence of 2595 ending on October 31st, 2024 just months after the Sign of the Cross by the second Great American Eclipse (with the gematria for the duration between the first eclipse and the second equaling the word "assembly"). Or in other words the Catching away of the Remnant church to rule with Jesus on October 31st 2024, 507 years after Martin Luther posted the 95 thesis (think 2595) on the door of the Castle Church of Wittenburg. Glory to God in the highest!

  31. Eliot M Wasmund12/05/2019 11:37 PM

    The midpoint of the "Perfect Sign," a series of 18 eclipses (666 or Life in Gematria) was on 1/5/2015, a number which contains the dimensions of Moses's tabernacle, Signifying that we have passed through the desert or the darkest moments of our lives and have now since the Revelation 12 Sign moved into the Promised Land and are now deafeating the giants. The women clothed with the Sun is true Israel, neither Jew nor gentile but a new man in Christ, clothed with the Father or Jesus Christ with the dust of self or the old self or the lower consciousness of the moon at her feet. She has a crown of 12 stars over her head like royalty. These are not only represented by the 9 of lio but and three planets but also the Garland of the Mazzaroth crowning the virgin Israel that walks upon this earth. The face of this crown being the woman and the lion. The August 21st eclipse near the heart of lio may have darkened the Sun but we were reminded that the bright star of Regulus was ever so bright, later becoming the tip of the crown or spear of the Revelation 12 Sign reminding us that those who have been downtrodden will reign as princes of this world with the spear being the sword that the rider on the white horse wields against the Serpent(s) and Scorpion(s), underneath the foot of Ophucius. April 4th 2020, Jesus or the bright morning star will stand before the seven churches, the pleiades signifying that he has come to judge the Church and is surely walking among them and is about to carry out the unfolding of His final revelation. All glory to God!

    1. Eliot, you are WAY out of line. I think you’ve had too much punch.

  32. Ive been thinking a lot about the Ezekiel 38 attack on Israel which im convinced is coming soon. I found out that one of the countries that will be involved is Ethiopia however that country is not the same today, it is actually modern day Sudan. I just have a question about Libya. With the inner turmoil within that state since Khadafy was taken out I cant see them organizing any sort of reasonable offensive against Israel or anyone else. This is the only reason why this war may take a little longer to happen but on the other hand the various factions fighting each other in Libya hate Israel more than each other so they could quickly unify against thier common enemy.

    1. Forgive the off the cuff answer w/o supporting data but one of the major counter-government factions, if not THE major counter-government faction, is Russian supported.

  33. Thanks to an above tip from a poster, I’m enjoying an overview of some of the work by S Douglas Woodward. I’m reading ‘The Next Great War in the Middle East’, which is really good. Also, he co-wrote ‘The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist’, which offers some intriguing opinions and observations about where we stand as a nation regarding End Times prophecy.


    1. Here's a tip: The US isn't THE Babylon, but it sure makes for an excellent posterboy. Most ALL governments are controlled by Babylon, but the US was formed for a special purpose. Research reveals a Freemasonry foundation, not a Christian one. The purpose of the US is to help bring in the NWo thru military and economic conquest and chao, while giving those actually in charge anonymity. Like a proxy. We are the main power of the NWO Army.

      Hard to digest,i know.

      Look at maps of Washington DC, showing hidden Freemasonry symbolism. It suggests that our presidency is subordinate to it. Also, there is a clear link to Judaism.

  34. According to news reports this morning, Turkey is considering military intervention in Libya.



    Report: 'New Palestine' state in draft of Trump Middle East peace plan

    Hold onto your hats folks!

    Quoting, i24news.tv,

    "The so-called 'Deal of the Century' would see a trilateral agreement signed between Israel, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas, with the establishment of a Palestinian state branded “New Palestine” on the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

    "The state would not include existing Israeli settlements, as well as isolated settlements, to remain under Israeli sovereignty."

    "In regards to Jerusalem, the draft states that it will not be divided and that it will be 'shared between Israel and New Palestine,' having the Israeli-Arab population living mostly in East Jerusalem become residents of the Palestinian state."


    General election 2019: MPs' vote on Brexit bill planned for Friday

    Quoting, BBC,

    "The PM's spokesman said the government planned to start the process in Parliament before Christmas in the 'proper constitutional way.'"

    "The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is the legislation that will enable Brexit to happen - the UK is due to leave the EU on 31 January."

    "It comes as the PM prepares to address his new MPs in Westminster."

    "Many of the 109 new Conservative MPs won in areas traditionally held by Labour in Thursday's election, which saw the party gain an 80-seat majority."

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