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End Time Themes Converging This Christmas Season

The world impasse continues on as coalition talks between Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz are once again faltering.  There is no clear path forward, whether by rotating the office of prime minister, holding a third election, or even holding direct elections for that office as some are proposing.  In the United States, Democrats are preparing articles of impeachment against President Trump.  And in the United Kingdom, the future of Brexit is still up in the air pending the December 12th elections.

However, we may see some major give in these things very soon:

1. Polls indicate that Prime Minister Boris Johnson may win the snap elections next week, which would result in Brexit occurring on January 31st.  Over three years of "Brexit limbo" may finally come to an end—and we can only guess what the domino effects will be.

2. Avigdor Lieberman has expressed slight interest in joining Netanyahu for a short-term right-wing government, and there is growing talk of pushing through an immunity bill in the Knesset that could insulate Netanyahu from indictments.

3. Rumors are growing that the Israeli government may very soon annex the Jordan Valley, which in and of itself would be of prophetic significance on par with the Six-Day War in 1967 or the Nation-State Law last year.

4. Public support for impeachment has essentially flipped since last month and several Democrats in the House have announced their intention to vote against their colleagues.  If 10 or so others, who reside in Trump-friendly districts, break with their party, then articles of impeachment will fail.

5. Simultaneously, the Global Spring continues to grow as the Hong Kong protests, which resulted in pro-democracy forces dominating citywide elections, have now spread to mainland China; and the protests in Iran may be spilling over into revolution.

Finally, #6 is the big "if".  Will Trump finally unveil the peace plan, recognizing that they can no longer wait for coalition talks to resolve in Israel (in light of the nearness of next Fall's elections)?  Or is it possible that this prophetic time-bomb is being misread?

Consider for a moment the possibility that Trump may actually have no intention of pushing a two-state solution.  What if all the peace plan talk has been a head fake to stall for time, allowing Israel to subsume more and more of its God-given territory?  After all, Trump recognized Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and cut aid to the Palestinian Authority.  It would certainly be in character for how Trump has conducted his other negotiations—ร  la immigration, China trade talks, etc.  Is it possible that he is God's man for the hour, to set the stage for the Tribulation?

We've been proposing a basic outline of current events as follows: first, a peace plan is unveiled that if agreed to will establish a Palestinian State, thus dividing the land; second, the rapture occurs prior to implementation, causing global chaos; third, the antichrist arrives on the world scene and confirms/strengthens the previously unveiled plan and the land is actually divided.

What if the prophetic plan is a bit different?  Perhaps Israel finally annexes the Jordan Valley and key settlement blocks in Judea and Samaria, while diplomatically shielded by the Trump Administration.  Israel would then largely be at the same extent as the united Kingdom under David—and there would still be no Palestinian State.  Then, once Israel reaches its maximum achievable territory (without actually exiling Palestinians from their enclaves), the Jewish people let out a collective gasp of "peace and security," and then—rapture.  From that point forward, things might proceed as we expect, with war launched against Israel by its surrounding neighbors and the antichrist confirming a covenant in the aftermath.  It should be noted that Israel isn't subdued until the midpoint of the Tribulation when the antichrist marches into Jerusalem in league with an army of nations.  It's at that point that the land is forcefully divided and the most cataclysmic period of the Day of the LORD begins.

- - -

It's no coincidence that we see themes of the end of the age fast approaching this Christmas season.  On November 8th, the aptly named "Last Christmas" was released in theaters:

And on December 20th, the final movie in the Star Wars saga will be released, which will be full of Balaamic messaging as I discussed this past April:

In terms of heavenly signs, on the day after Christmas an annular solar eclipse will begin in the Middle East and traverse across southern Asia, exactly 3 x 33 days before the historic Venus-Pleiades conjunction on April 3rd.  Remember, the Great American Eclipse occurred 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign.

Furthermore, Christmas Day 2019 will be exactly 726,000 days after the Triumphal Entry if Christ was crucified in 32 AD.  Alphabetized, the 726th Greek word in the New Testament is harpazo (a.k.a. "rapture").  This is by no means to say that the rapture occurs on Christmas this year, but only that we see yet another bit of evidence that we are getting closer than ever before.

- - -

Finally, today, December 7th, the German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke passed away into the arms of our LORD Jesus Christ.  While not as well known in American circles as Billy Graham, he was every bit as influential.  He founded Christ For All Nations in 1974 and through his nearly 50 years of ministry, led as many as 80 million people to faith, primarily in Africa.  He died just four months short of his 80th birthday.  Might this have been another subtle sign of "if by strength 80" in Psalm 90:10?  (And don't forget, as I mentioned in a previous article, the Prime Minister of Israel is currently 70 and the President is 80.  What are the chances this would coincide with 2019–2020, Psalm 90:10, and the Fig Tree Generation, right as all these signs converge?)

Remember also, Billy Graham passed away just last year.  Bonnke and Graham likely shared the gospel with more people directly than any other men in history.  To put that in perspective, the two men who evangelized the most in all of history just recently died, one last year and one this year, right on the cusp of 2020 and this incredible convergence of signs we are witnessing—and just since the Revelation 12 Sign.

Many other of the most influential watchmen and gospel preachers from the 20th and 21st centuries have also passed on this very decade: Grant Jeffrey (May 11, 2012), Chuck Smith (October 3, 2013), Dwight Pentecost (April 28, 2014), Chuck Missler (May 1, 2018), and others.

The time is at hand, dear friends.  Look up, for your redemption draws nigh.

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  2. For, "In just a little while, he who is coming will come and will not delay." Hebrews 10:37

    1. I'm on the edge of my seat. Can't wait for that day.

  3. Amen! I enjoy reading your posts. It's been awhile. I believe we are closer than ever to the Trumpet sounding and our harpazo!!!

    1. I agree, and thank you friend!

    2. Same here – really enjoy reading all the Unsealed posts. I think I refresh this site at least three times a day on my phone.

      In an interesting bit of coincidence, Andy Stanley tied in Billy Grahams’ funeral in his message today. But, there is no word for coincidence in the Hebrew language…

  4. Could someone define the word Balaamic?
    Im not familiar with that word.

    1. As pertaining to Balaam of the Old Testament, who although unrighteous, gave a very correct prophecy concerning the nation of Israel and the coming Ruler who would come forth from it. Numbers 24:16-18 King James Version (KJV)
      16 He hath said, which heard the words of God, and knew the knowledge of the most High, which saw the vision of the Almighty, falling into a trance, but having his eyes open:

      17 I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth.

      18 And Edom shall be a possession, Seir also shall be a possession for his enemies; and Israel shall do valiantly.

  5. The image in the sun on January 1st, 2019 looked like an ultrasound of a baby in the womb in the birthing position / ready to be born...see image www.itwasaplan.com / rapture signs

    Is that a possible sign that the birth will come in 2019? Isaiah 66:7

    Only God knows for sure...But we will keep watching...keep praying...keep sowing seeds...

    Jesus is Lord! Hallelujah!!! and He is Coming Soon - www.itwasaplan.com

    1. I forgot about that. A sign ***IN*** the sun!

  6. www.itwasaplan.com / rapture signs

    Rabbi Kaduri's note caused a big stir in Israel. In my opinion, it may not just be a sign that Rabbi Kaduri proclaimed Jesus as Messiah, but the note said...HE WILL LIFT HIS PEOPLE...and that sounds like a possible rapture prediction to me. If you have not heard about Rabbi Kaduri and his note, you can find out more at these youtubes:

    One: Israeli Elections, Kaduri & The Rapture

    Two: Kaduri's Messiah Note: Proven 100% Authentic

    Three: The Rabbi Who Found Messiah - The True Story of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri

    In addition to the note, it was reported that Rabbi Kaduri predicted years ago that the coming of Messiah would be at a time that Israel had elections but did not have a government- and that seems to reflect the reality of what is happening now in Israel.

    See article: Israel's Elections Foreshadowing Messiah

    The note and the prediction may mean that the rapture is near, and that will be a wake up call to repent and believe for those left behind. Only God knows the timing for sure.

  7. ***I added a section on today's passing of Reinhard Bonnke.

    1. Reinhard Bonnke was a friend of Pastor Willie George and spoke many times at his church in Tulsa years back. I remember his sense of humor more than the sermons - he could be quite droll at times.

  8. Gary,

    Remember too the day of the cross as suggested by Rick Larson, April 3rd (4/3/33). The annular eclipse Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the occultation of Jupiter by the Moon are very interesting events. Remember, the eclipse will span from Saudi Arabia to the US territory of Guam.

    If Rick Larson's research is correct, then the evening of 12/25-12/26 is the night that Joseph was told to take the child and his mother to Egypt. (Matthew 2:13-15 ESV) Their crossing into Egypt over the New Year rings of a potential parallel to Christ's conception at Yom Teruah M6D29 (9/11/3 BC) -- both recognized as modern New Year celebrations. Again assuming that Rick Larson is correct, which so far I think he is.

    The removal, snatching or taking away of Jupiter, the child of the R12S, from "sight" by the Moon on Boxing Day is very interesting as potential symbology -- none of which will be visible outside of astronomical software due to the proximity of the Moon and Jupiter to the Sun.

    Excellent observations Gary!


    1. Yes! All good points. Looks like Jupiter might still be visible? Not a full occultation? That said, on 12/27 the Sun completely covers Jupiter. I might have this wrong though.

      I'm still in favor of 4/3/33, but 31 and 32 each have some interesting things that line up.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I noticed a couple of interesting day counts. From the day of the Great American Eclipse August 21, 2017 until Christmas Eve, December 24, 2019 is 855. Strong's Greek for 855 is aphantos which means vanished/invisible. It's used in Luke 24:31 after Jesus' resurrection.

    31 And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.

    From September 23, 2017 to Christmas Day December 25, 2019 is 823 days. Strong's Greek for 823 is atomos which means moment. It is used on 1 Corinthians 15:52

    52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

    Of course there are no guarantees of anything, but it's just an observation.

    1. OK, now wait a minute, from TGW 9/23/17 to Christmas Day, shortly, is a TWINKLING?!! Are you SERIOUS?!! (Pastor Paul, How'd you get in here?" Maranatha!

    2. Midpoint of Tetrad of Pefect Symmetry (1/5/2015) #1815

      "exanastasis (ex-an-as'-tas-is) n.

      1. a rising from death

      [from G1817]

      KJV: resurrection

      Root(s): G1817 "

      *** This word is used in only one verse. ***

      Phi 3:11 If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.

      Giza Alignment (9/20/2017) #826

      "augazo (au-gad'-zo) v.

      1. to beam forth (figuratively)

      [from G827]

      KJV: shine

      Root(s): G827 "

      *** This word is used in only one verse. ***

      2Co 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

      Revelation 12 Sign (9/23/19) - #823

      "atomos (at'-om-os) adj.

      1. uncut

      2. (by implication) indivisible (an ""atom"" of time)

      [from G1 (as a negative particle) and the base of G5114]

      KJV: moment

      Root(s): G1, G5114 "

      *** This word is used in only one verse. ***

      1Co 15:52 – “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”

      Gregorian 70 Anniversary of Israel (5/14/18) - #590

      "apodemos (ap-od'-ay-mos) adj.

      1. absent from one's own people, i.e. a foreign traveller

      [from G575 and G1218]

      KJV: taking a far journey

      Root(s): G575, G1218 "

      *** This word is used in only one verse. ***

      Mar 13:34 For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.

  10. From September 23, 2017 to Christmas Day December 25, 2019 is 823 days. Strong's Greek for 823 is atomos which means moment. It is used on 1 Corinthians 15:52

    Good Find Bruce - I like that -

    youtube: wow rapture signs part one, part two, part three -

  11. Gary,

    Your section on the death of Reinhard made me think of Methuselah death right before Noah entered the ark. Since Methuselah stands for his death shall bring Judgement, I decided to Google the meaning of Reinhard, and get this. According to SheKnows, Reinhard stands for Strong Judgement. https://www.sheknows.com/baby-names/name/reinhard/


  12. Thank you for sharing your insights into the leading up of the end of the age. This is surely an exciting time to be alive and you and the rest of the writers on this site do a great job explaining all that's happening in light of the Bible.

    Not to be negative, but do you have any reasons why, despite the potential prophetic significance of much that is happening throughout the world (in the last decade, no less), maybe the end of the age won't happen between now and 2028/2033? Is it possible that maybe we'll all still be here 50 years from now? As much as I've learned about the end times, prophecy, and Revelations through here and other people who know way more than I do, and as much as it seems like the world really is being prepared for something "big" to happen, part of me thinks that the hope of being taken out of the world and being ready to go home could set us up for disappoint should we still be here in 2028/2033 and beyond.

    Don't get me wrong, it's gonna be SO exciting when we all finally go home to the greatest place ever (Heaven) and get to be with God forever, and Lord knows (pun kinda intended) how much we long to be gone and cross the heavenly finish line sooner than later. But I would like to hear what people think about possibly being here longer than 2028/2033 and what more needs to happen before the rapture and second coming happen.

    1. I'm not sure, but I want to live as if my LORD is coming for me this year. And not just behaviorally, but intellectually, too. That is to say, I really believe He's coming this year—maybe next year.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I know he was speaking to the Jewish people, and possibly alluding to one of the Jewish feasts , but "I will turn your feasts into mourning" could be pointing to the Christmas period. What a mourning it would be for all the innocent children to disappear, leaving behind unopened presents, then only to see the news headlines that millions of people also disappeared, seemingly all to be those who professed faith in Jesus as their SAVIOR.

      I try believe we've already seen our last Christmas, or this one might just scrape in then trumpets and blinks.

      Thanks for the article Gary, I always love and appreciate your work.

    5. Amen Jordan,

      I am so glad we profess faith in the SAVIOR of our souls, but to most of this world it is foolishness (in which they will be surprised/ shaken/ humbled/ terrified at their error in the coming days):

      Foolishness to the World:: By Dennis Huebshman @ RaptureReady (posted 12/8)


    6. Hi ;

      A generation is no more than 80 years, as per Psalm 90:10. We will be gone before 2028, either in December of this year or 2020 or 2021.

    7. Only time will tell if that verse really does connect with the birth of Israel as a nation. It could still just be talking about the average lifespan of a person and how our time on earth is brief.

      Wasn't there a book published prior to 1988 that claimed Jesus should have come back in 1988 since it was 40 years since Israel's rebirth and 40 years was supposed to be a generation, based on the generation of Israelites who wandered in the desert for rejecting God? I'm not saying Psalm 90:10 isn't pointing to Israel's rebirth as a nation and the time left on this earth, but I am quite skeptical that this will be another misunderstood reading into when the end of this age should happen.

      I believe that Jesus can come back anytime, and all of these signs and wonders are interesting to ponder in light of what's happening throughout the world. I'm just not fully convinced that all this speculation and "putting the pieces" together will do anything. The important thing is that we are all saved from eternal separation from God by believing in his son Jesus who paid our price for our sins. That alone should keep us hopeful, whether he does come back to rapture us in the next 2 years or much much later.

    8. Sir, the MAXIMUM span for a generation is 80 years, according to the writings. The Fig Tree IS the country of Israel. You can read Doug Hamp's articles for this.

      There is one other thing that convinces me for the time frame, too. I don't see the Iranian problem continuing until the end of this coming new decade (2029 and after). Either Israel or America has to strike them down once they have power to launch their 'bow'. They are next door with proxies, harassing and scheming. It has to be tied to Damascus, a city that cannot last 10 more years. Another decade of this nonsense before it kicks off? Surely no. Don't look at the stars, look at the nation of Israel.

  13. Forgive my lack of knowledge, but what are the couple of above references to 4/3/33? If it’s a date, I don’t remember that kind of timeframe being mentioned here during the past few months.

    1. 4/3/33 BC is a candidate Day of the Cross according to the work and research of Rick Larson, "The Star of Bethlehem" (2007). The actual date is a matter of debate which is okay, the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a pure and simple fact.

      No date required.

      Off to work!

  14. 2019+5780=7799
    luke 23:43 has only gematria of 7799.

    1. teddy, as I commented to Jolie, at this time, when Grace Suffers attack, that this should point, and ONLY point to THIS verse, which refutes ALL of them, amen, Maranatha!

  15. I AM TELLING YOU - AI will be used by the Antichrist, and AI is ripe together with Quantum Computers.


    The fact we see this technology happening and present now, means that we are near the time where Antichrist will come.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you Ryan. 100%.

  16. Facinating stuff! I had to go back and re-read the post talking about the parallels found in Star Wars (the imagery from the Avengers movie is particularly striking to me). I think the signs you shared are likely still warning signs rather than the main event, but we're getting closer and closer. The world seems like it's getting to the point where people will beg for a strong leader. The Ezekiel war still appears on the brink of happening. The fig tree generation is reaching the final years... So. Close.

    1. Sherrill777, have you read The Witness of the Stars
      by the Rev. Ethelbert William Bullinger?
      It's available through Project Gutenberg - just google it.
      The book is the first to discuss God's testament in the Heavens via the signs of the zodiac.
      He begins with Virgo and ends with Leo, looking at what the Bible says as well as the historical context as to what the people of the time understood (every ancient culture had an understanding of the Stars).
      “HE telleth the number of the stars;
      He giveth them all their names.” (Ps. cxlvii. 4. R.V.)
      The latter part discussing the Rapture of the Church is dated, of course
      - published 1893 - as they didn't have the same historical perspective obviously that we've been blessed with, especially with regard to Israel.

  17. On January 1, 2019, a child was seen as a sign in the sun in the womb, turned to give birth. A Biblical year is 360 days. How much is 360 days after January 1? Is there a parallel with the upcoming annular solar eclipse?

    1. 1/1/19 + 360-days = Friday, December 27, 2019. Jupiter will be occulted by our Sun then...and if you compare our Sun to a throne room, it is the centre of the room -- just like a throne.

      It happens every year...it's just that one year will be more "special" than others.


    2. Thanks. November 18 was a dragon in the to see the sun grabbing at a newly born baby with wings on its back flying up.

    3. Pastor Rich, Blessings. Memo: 12/21/19, the Solstice, the Sun 'Turns' from its having been at "The Head Of The Dragon" (Draco), astronomically, and(re)turns to the "Tail Of The Dragon" half of it's cycle. Approximately 9 days later, the close of the year 12/30-31/19, interstellar comet C/2019 Borisov reaches its closest point nearest Earth, and from our point of view, is positioned well within the Tail Of The Serpent: Hydra. Maranatha!

    4. Jimboni!

      Blessings to you as well! Wow, thank you for that great breakdown! I'll be sure to dig on those points more as my time allows. It is SO encouraging to see how each of you are digging and asking questions. Eyes, ears and hearts are opening all around us!

  18. 12/12 at 12:12 am will be a full moon.

  19. I have had some conflicting thoughts on the efforts being made by the folks on this site and also by myself to try to nail down the time of the Rapture- our blessed hope. It occurred to me that if any human could figure out when this happens certainly the devil can as well. If God wanted us to know I think he would just tell us, he has decided to keep his cards close to the vest.
    Jesus said in Matt 24:44 referring to the second coming after the tribulation that he would come at an hour that no one expects. Which tells me that the rapture will be much the same.
    I have said that its unlikely that the rapture will happen in the winter months because of the day count clearly spelled out in Daniel and the remaining feast days unfulfilled but im really not sure of anything anymore. This thing could happen any time and we will all be stunned as well as blessed.

    1. Anon, Blessings. Your logical approach is sound so I challenge you on that line, seeking Truth, not division. Your proposition is a common misunderstanding which mis-frames everything after that. "It occurred to me that if any human could figure out when this happens certainly the devil can as well." Quite logical and sound, esp in light of the superior intelligence and frame of reference which the Adversary has over "any human". However, Believers are not "any humans" and logic and intelligence are useless in this area, while they will add general details, not specifics. 1 COR 2:14. While the Adversary's logic and experience, Scripture Declares as INADEQUATE, we HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST, 1 COR 2:16, which the Enemy of our souls DOES NOT, Maranatha! So, when speaking of this discussion AMONG BELIEVERS, your critique collapses under its own weight, respectfully.

    2. Ok, Mr. Jimboni, when is the rapture? If you think for one second that your smarter than satan, think again. Not you or anyone else is going to guess the rapture date. God is keeping it to himself, all this speculation is a waste of time.

  20. I think we are awfully close, but still may have a few years left. I've always had this feeling that the Rev. 12 sign was a 7 year warning, that coupled with the second eclipse scheduled for seven years later. 2024 feels like a great candidate year for the rapture. I also feel that 5G will be instrumental for the mark of the beast tech and by 2024 5G should be in its prime. I hope I am wrong and we dont see 2020!!!

    1. I agree but, think how many more souls would be added to the role call in that time. I'm always torn between those two ideas.

    2. This surpasses the maximum generation of the year 2028, the latest he could return.

  21. At https://unravelations.weebly.com/home/neuralink-wil-mens-en-machine-verbinden-met-hersenchip "Neuralink wil mens en machine verbinden met hersenchip." (Neuralink wants to connect human and machine by a brainchip). Use Google Translate to translate this article into English.

    I think that we still have to wait a few years before the Rapture, maybe until 2024-2025? It could be that the Tribulation Period will start in 2026 and that our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ will come back in 2033. In 2024 there will be the next elections for the European Parliament, maybe the opportunity for the antichrist to be chosen as a world leader?

    1. I read about this technology, recently purchased by Elon Musk IIRC, which shows promise for restoring mobility to the disabled, but could easily be used for nefarious purposes if in the wrong hands.

      The technology that will become the *mark* will (IMHO) genetically alter the recipient and provide for a type of thought monitoring to maintain a social credit score -- not unlike the socio-political electronic monitoring system being developed in China.

      Bio-hacking is a fringe science but will become more mainstream in the coming decade. Human/AI interface would almost certainly follow.

      Will the LORD have to wait-out human election cycles? [insert PR shaking his head to the negative]


      The AC will rise from the ashes that remain once the restrainer, we the Church, are removed. We should not underestimate the overwhelming and devastating impact the RR will have on planet earth and human society.

      Remember, the crown, "ฯƒฯ„ฮญฯ†ฮฑฮฝฮฟฯ‚" (stephanos), given to the rider of the white horse of (Revelation 6:2 ESV) is like that of a winner of a sporting event. It is not a royal crown of regal authority but more a garland or an object signifying glory,

      Strong's Concordance (G4735)

      stephanos: that which surrounds, i.e. a crown
      Original Word: ฯƒฯ„ฮญฯ†ฮฑฮฝฮฟฯ‚, ฮฟฯ…, แฝ
      Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
      Transliteration: stephanos
      Phonetic Spelling: (stef'-an-os)
      Definition: that which surrounds, a crown
      Usage: a crown, garland, honor, glory.

      HELPS Word-studies
      4735 stรฉphanos – properly, a wreath (garland), awarded to a victor in the ancient athletic games (like the Greek Olympics); the crown of victory (versus 1238 /diรกdฤ“ma, "a royal crown").

      [4735 (stรฉphanos) is used of a plaited wreath ("crown"), like the one made of thorns placed on the head of Christ at His trial (Mt 27:29, Mk 15:17; Jn 19:2,5).]

      ...that crown is given to him. Who gives it to him? God allows that man (Adam, the Hebrew word for "man") gives power to the serpent. The RR is just the type of event from which the beast will rise from the ashes of chaos and calamity. He/it is a destroyer and creates nothing but takes advantage and makes claim(s) to things that are not his to take.

      Could the RR happen in 2024-25? If by God's will certainly! Do I think we will be waiting that long? The better question is, "How does this idea impact your personal time with the LORD and does it lead you to greater Bible study?" Prayerfully put your ideas to the test and see where the Spirit leads you!

      God waits for His own good timing. If we can understand,

      1. His love for us
      2. How we are called respond to His love
      3. The knowledge that His desire is that all should come to faith and that none should perish. (1 Timothy 2:3-4 ESV), (2 Peter 3:9 ESV)

      ...we may have a much better time patiently enduring while we wait...while we occupy.

      I am thankful for the day that we may impact one more person that they may not perish.



    2. PR,

      Thanks again for your excellent posts. Regarding the one above, you mention 2024/25 in reference to the RR. Is this in reference to more of your recent studies, or an arbitrary “for instance”? I didn’t notice anything else in the post indicating that timeframe. Of course, it certainly could be, but “high watch” timeframes of the past couple of years have leaned more imminent.


    3. It's funny we bring up elections... 'For the sake of the elect, those days will be shortened...'

    4. Hi DW, The reference to 2024/25 was related to Moin's post above and not related to my studies. It is my hope that the peaked interest in Biblical prophecy that we are seeing drives the saints to dive in and dig deep into Scripture and by the power of the Holy Spirit learn the truth for themselves. It's eyes on the prize whenever that may be and being prepared to share our hope with those who have yet to see it!

      Back to work for me!

  22. Thank you PR, I too long to see Our King, and love reading about, and anticipating Christ's return. But I need to be reminded about the heart of our dear, dear Jesus. What a blessed hope we have been given. To Him be all the glory and honor!

  23. Thanks to all who invest time and energy here to inform and encourage those of us who long for the Lord’s appearing. I admit that I’ve begun to grow weary in the waiting, as it’s emotionally hard to stay perched on the precipice for so long. Seems so many major things in this world are “on the brink”: the political situation in the U.S. (and the desire of many of us to see justice served); the political tensions in the UK, Israel, Hong Kong, and elsewhere; the constant threats by Iran (and their alignment with other Ezek. 38 nations) against Israel, to name a few. The Bible tells us that “hope deferred makes the heart sick,” and I keep thinking that surely God knows how heartsick we, His children, are becoming as we ache for His deliverance from this sin-sick world. I certainly also ache for the lost who will have to experience the horrors of the Tribulation, but God knows who is going to receive Him and will give each a chance to make that choice.
    I feel like I did when I was pregnant and two weeks late delivering my first son. The tension and discomfort was awful. I’m not one to delve into astronomy or Gematria word values, but I do know that although my circumstances are relatively easy and comfortable, the Lord seems to be cutting my emotional ties to this world, one by one. That’s not biblical or empirical proof of His soon return, just a witness to my spirit by His Spirit, I believe.
    Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus, because Your people ache for You.

    1. All these things on the brink... will probably fall like dominoes once the restrainer goes...

  24. Thank you for this word.
    My heart has grown heavy as late, as it seems that we are in a wait (the lull between contractions?).
    This is a timely reminder of all that has occurred of late, and how it is all coming to a head. We must keep on enduring in this race, and remind ourselves: Noah looked foolish building an ark when it had never rained. Let us keep on preaching, teaching, and sharing as we wait for our LORD Jesus to sound the trumpet and call us home.

    1. Your words are so insightful, "the lull between contractions". If that doesn't describe what we've been seeing nothing does. A brilliant if not natural observation!

  25. Gary or Pastor Rick where does the 2nd comet, Comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) play into all this?

    1. I started digging on Comet Borisov and found that on October 23, 2019 the following conjunction occurred at 22:26 (IDT)

      1. Conjunction w/Regulus in the Constellation Leo
      2. Conjunction w/the waning crescent moon (past 3/4 phase nearing new moon)
      3. Conjunction w/International Space Station
      4. Conjunction w/upper stage of Soviet-era Zenit 2 rocket of Okean-O1 satellite

      The time of this observation is 22:26 IDT from Jerusalem. That is 10:26 pm (IDT), 19:26 GMT or 7:26 pm GMT. Reference Greek and Hebrew Concordance for some interesting study!

      Here is a hint at one hit from the Hebrew Concordance from the times above,


      More study needed here? One Gentile time stamp should have obvious connections to Greek Concordance which I suspect most of you know by now.

      Item #4 has some interesting history as it is the first in the series of rockets launched by the Soviet Union to observe and measure changes in the Earth's oceans.

      Comet Borisov came from the direction of Perseus and crossed over the kid goat in Auriga's left-arm near Capella. Hmmm, it's interesting the kid goat is in the left arm of Aruiga. In Jewish thought the left side is a sign of severity and strict justice.

      The date of this conjunction is interesting in and of itself as it falls on the day AFTER Simchat Torah on the civil calendar, the first day after the end of the fall feasts.

      This barely scratches the surface for observations of Comet Borisov but has some interesting triggers for your study. More as soon as I can as duty calls!

      Happy hunting,


    2. A PIN-POINT: 10/23/19

      This is the first day after the fall feasts when work is allowed in the Jewish tradition. Wednesday, October 23, 2019 is the day that Russia and Turkey began joint armed military patrols of Northern Syria as the cease-fire ended between Kurdish and Turkish forces in Turkey's incursion into Syria.

      More dots anyone?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. A PIN-POINT: 10/7/19 (Correction)

      On Monday, October 7, 2019 Comet Borisov entered into the Constellation Leo. It is this day that Saturn was announced having 20 newly discovered moons making the sixth planet the largest system of moons with at least 82. This placed Saturn over Jupiter as the *greatest* planetary system in the solar system.

      On 10/7 the United States formally pulled its military forces out of Northern Syria paving the way for the Turkish invasion of Syria.

      On 10/7 Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 67th birthday. Hmmm, 6(7)=42. 10(7)=70.

      The evening of 10/7 in Israel was the *beginning* of the holiest day of the year -- Yom Kippur. Erev Yom Kippur, Eve of the Day of Atonement BEGINS the evening of 10/7 and is the lead-in to when the High Priest would arrive to prepare to enter the Holy of Holies in a ritual lasting all-night.

      This all fell on the eighth (8th) month and the eighth (8th) day of the ecclesiastic calendar or the 8th of Tishrei according to the Hebrew civil calendar.

      The rabbit hole deepens...

    5. Hey Pastor Rich,

      There is that 1 (one) and 7 (seven) again. I'll be damned.

      If you look at the signs in the sky including the Blood moon Tetrad you will find many patterns of the number 17. The Blood moons fell on Passover and then Sukkot two times. That is the first and seventh feast, or 17, 17. The Tetrad occurred over 17 months. The next significant sign was the Rev 12 sign in 2017. Then on 11/11/18 the Earth rang every 17 seconds for twenty minutes. The day you have shown to be a high watch date is exactly five years after the Blood moon on 4/4/15. The date you have zeroed in on is in the 1st and 7th month on their respective Jewish Calenders. Maybe that is what all of the 17's are pointing to, WHEN THE ONE (1) MORNING STAR WILL JOIN WITH THE SEVEN(7) stars of the Pleiades. In other words the (1) morning star stands for Christ and the seven stars in the Pleiades stands for the (7) churches. The rapture is when Jesus joins with His Body of believers, or the seven churches.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. A PIN-POINT: 4/3/20

      Not long ago Gary noted a phenomenon -- a countdown. 4-3-2. Tell me the date 4/3/20 doesn't ring of a countdown? (Sans the "0") This is the date that some claim special due to the conjunction of Venus to the Pleiades. I decided to take a look at this date in relation to Comet Borisov and see what popped-out.

      Here goes...

      Viewing the heavens from Jerusalem using Sky Guide 8.1.2 (401) with the date set to Friday, April 3, 2020 the following observations were made,

      [image width="100%" height="100%" src="http://www.firstflightmedia.com/unsealed/IMG_9033.jpg"/]
      (Fig 1) Venus in conjunction with the Pleiades.

      [image width="100%" height="100%" src="http://www.firstflightmedia.com/unsealed/IMG_9034.jpg"/]
      (Fig 2) Comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) entering the Constellation Musca.

      Here's an interesting fact about this shot. Musca ranks 77th of the 88 constellations with the name "Musca" being latin for "the fly" as in the common house fly. Musca marks one border of the 88th of the 88 constellations seen in this shot, Crux.

      The Southern Cross.

      Comet Borisov entered our part of space as noted above and MAKES A BEE-LINE STRAIGHT FOR CRUX! It is at the Southern Cross that it appears to turn, cross back through Crux, for a double-conjunction, on its way out of our solar system and back into interstellar space. As it leaves it traces a path through Musca on this day.

      If Rick Larson is correct in identifying the Day of the Cross as 4/3/33 AD -- then this day (4/3/2020) is exactly 1987 years later.

      [image width="100%" height="100%" src="http://www.firstflightmedia.com/unsealed/IMG_9036.jpg"/]
      (Fig 3) Mercury and Neptune in conjunction in Aquarius nearing Pisces.

      [image width="100%" height="100%" src="http://www.firstflightmedia.com/unsealed/IMG_9037.jpg"/]
      (Fig 4) The International Space Station (ISS) transits the Beehive Cluster with the moon in conjunction in Cancer.

      [image width="100%" height="100%" src="http://www.firstflightmedia.com/unsealed/IMG_9032.jpg"/]
      (Fig 5) Jupiter, Mars and Saturn grouping between Capricornus and Sagittarius.

      The only planet not in conjunction with another object is Uranus. The planet named bearing the Greek name meaning, "heaven" continues to stand watch alone in the Constellation Ares (the Ram).

      Having Venus *hold* the Pleiades in its *hand* is one thing but that so many conjunctions are happening at the same time is rather amazing. Rare to say the least and I haven't looked at all of the comets either! Just the one that is alien to our solar system and will NEVER return. It is a one-time sign to us...an angel, a messenger a star wandering the heavens ordained to be here in this exact time.

      All of these observations occur at the time of Venus' transit of the Seven Sisters. What does it all mean? I would not necessarily say this is the Day but it certainly has potential as birth pains. A contraction as it were.

      Musca stands out to me and brings to mind a plague, the fourth plague of Egypt. Flies.

      More data points for your consideration and study.

      Happy hunting,


    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Regarding 17, the ark came to rest on Ararat which means "the curse is reversed" on the 17th...

  26. MACRON Macaroni.

    I hope we can put to rest finally the silly idea of Macron being the AntiChrist. That pipsqueak can't manage his precious country. Look at the riots in Paris.

    Paul Dawson thinks the real one may turn up in the spring of 2020.

  27. Agreed, Macron is a joke. Its possible that Erdogan could be a candidate for AC but im inclined to think he will be someone more youthful, someone we've never heard of. In my opinion, to try to identify this person is also futile.
    The best we can do is to describe him to our unbelieving family and friends from the Word the best we can because they will be dealing with him.

  28. Many people still think it could be Obama. Those I did listen to in the last few years certainly had enough 'proof points' to make me believe it for awhile...

    I think our enemy has always had someone prepped and waiting in the wings, and only the restrainer keeps him from posessing that person...?

  29. Gary and Pastor Rich,
    Regarding: "parallel to Christ's conception at Yom Teruah M6D29 (9/11/3 BC)"
    Where did the conception take place? Luke 1 tells us it was the 6th month, so Elul. Mary asks Gabriel how this can be. Gabriel responds that she would be "overshadowed" by the power of the Highest.
    Just this Sunday as part of our Advent sermon series, I happened to notice that there are three other times that Greek word is used in the Gospels. All three are in reference to the transfiguration at Mt. Hermon.
    Dr. Mike Heiser, "Unseen Realm," and the second temple literature make numerous references to the Watchers coming down to Mt. Hermon. How fitting would it be if that was also the place of the conception?
    Is anyone aware of any corroboration of that thought?

    1. ATN, Yes, Luke tell us,

      26 In the sixth month the angel
      Gabriel was sent from God to a
      city of Galilee named Nazareth,

      27 to a virgin betrothed to a
      man whose name was Joseph, of
      the house of David. And the
      virgin's name was Mary.

      (Luke 1:26-27 ESV)

      "แผฯ€ฮนฯƒฮบฮนฮฌฯƒฮตฮน", ("episkiasei") or "will overshadow" as given in (G1982) is cited by Biblehub.com as having five (5) instances in the NT, with all but two (2) pertaining to the Transfiguration.

      Mt Hermon is well to the north of Nazareth and I have not heard the idea that it was also the place of the conception. I am interested though in Dr Heiser's discussion of Psalm 82 in a video I found here,

      [Pt.1] UNSEEN REALM SEMINAR w/ Dr. Michael S. Heiser: Supernatural Worldview of the O.T.

      Thanks for the tip!

    2. Yes, challenging material. I have been listening to his weekly podcast for over a year now. He sheds a great deal of light on the context surrounding the first century writers.

      Much of the material from the DSS is now online. Ken Johnson has a translation and commentary of 11Q13, the "Melchizedek" scroll. It reads like someone's contemporary sermon notes but its from at least 50 BC. The writer was clearly expecting the Messiah very soon (in 9th Jubilee) but also understood there would be a death and atonement. Here is a generic version from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11Q13

  30. December's full moon will occur on 12/12 at 12/12am.


      We are in lunation 1199 which has a lunar cycle of 29d 14h 08m when observed from New York, NY (US). The full moon will occur at 12:12 am (24:12) Eastern time. The next lunation cycle (#1200) begins with the New Moon on Boxing Day, December 26, 2019 at 12:13 am (24:13) Eastern time.

      Yeah, that is a lot of twelves!

      Keep in mind we have an annular solar eclipse, Moon/Jupiter conjunction and the occultation of Jupiter by the Sun in quick succession. Find data on the solar eclipse at, December 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse.

      Many points for personal study.

      Happy hunting!

    2. ...and for those wondering what Strong's Concordance has to say about the time of the full moon and new moon?

      Strong's Concordance (G1212)
      dรฉlos: clear, evident
      Original Word: ฮดแฟ†ฮปฮฟฯ‚, ฮท, ฮฟฮฝ
      Part of Speech: Adjective
      Transliteration: dรฉlos
      Phonetic Spelling: (day'-los)
      Definition: clear, evident
      Usage: clear, manifest, evident.

      HELPS Word-studies
      1212 dแธ—los (an adjective) – properly, what is fully clear ("manifest"); plainly evident because of "inner perception" (J. Thayer), i.e. grasping what is unmistakable (self-evident).

      Strong's Concordance (G1213)
      dรฉloรณ: to make plain, declare
      Original Word: ฮดฮทฮปฯŒฯ‰
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: dรฉloรณ
      Phonetic Spelling: (day-lo'-o)
      Definition: to make plain, declare
      Usage: I show, make clear, reveal.

      HELPS Word-studies
      Cognate: 1213 dฤ“lรณล (from 1212 /dแธ—los) – properly, make evident (clear), especially "the inner sense" (character) of something with its viable inferences (J. Thayer). See 1212 (dฤ“los).

  31. What if the prophecies are EXTREMELY different from what we expect?

    Like for instance, what if this Israel we say are "God's Chosen People" still follow the same "traditions of men" that Jesus scathingly rebuked as being children of the devil and the synogue of satan? (They still follow traditions of men in the written Talmud.) And What if these same Jews, that DENY that Jesus is
    Christ they crucified, and hate Him TO THIS DAY can possibly be (((His Chosen?))) What if this "Israel" has the same UNHOLY FAITH as when God JUDGED their RELIGION in 70ad when 1-2 million Jews perished, and many scattered? (Again, the Jews today follow the Talmud.) How can we (((possibly believe))) that according to the Holy Scriptures they belong to Him when many, many a verse tells the opposite?

    We are deeply misguided if we think this "Israel" belongs to The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And therefore misguided in the prophecies.

    Let's talk about it, if you dare.

    1. I don't think that's so hard to talk about.

      Quoting, Johnny Cash,

      "How well I have learned that there is no fence to sit on between heaven and hell. There is a deep, wide gulf, a chasm, and that chasm is no place for any man."

      An article shared in another thread on open prayers on the Temple Mount this week is interesting but only involved 10 people. Ten. I would hardly call that a revival...but the point being that we in the western Christian church seem to be more interested in Israel than Israel. Meaning, we tend to put more meaning and weight into these things than they.


      It may be that, and or the most part, Israelis are not interested in the temple or animal sacrifice or G-d in general. A recent post on UNSEALED by an apparent Palestinian supporter claimed that Christians in Gaza were being repressed by Israel. An article in the Israeli press is now reporting that the Jewish authorities will not grant travel for Christians in Gaza to visit Bethlehem this year.

      How many people does this represent?

      About 700 mostly Greek Orthodox Christians living in Gaza.

      How many climbed the Temple Mount to pray this week according to JPost?


      Compare this to the numbers who turn-out and fill the streets in Tel-Aviv in the name of *Pride*? In all honesty I think most people are following themselves and not G-d. Street evangelists working in Israel seem to support that idea.

      We know for a FACT that a remnant of "Israel" belongs to The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Scripture plainly says so -- a fact you know very well.

      Key to this concept is a REMNANT.

      "What if the prophecies are EXTREMELY different from what we expect?" I wouldn't be surprised at that at all. But I, personally, take Scripture at face value in its proper context. That is to say, even Satan quotes Scripture but does so out of context and to its own advantage.

      Our hypothesis is only as sound as a prayerful meditation and time with the LORD we invest. Scripture supports Scripture and stands up to scrutiny. The more pressure it bears the stronger it becomes.

      May we be ever so cognisant of this fact,

      (Matthew 7:12-27 ESV)

      Those are RED LETTERS and the words of Christ Himself. Who was He speaking to? The crowds He was teaching were astonished JEWS.

      I, for one, am thankful to the evangelists preaching and teaching the name of Yeshua, Jesus, in the streets, Mosques and Synagogues of Israel today. We have a great lesson to learn from them and encouragement to be gained in following their work.

      What else is on your mind, Anon?

    2. Here is the article on the Temple Mount prayer team,

      Jewish prayer has returned to the Temple Mount - exclusive

      Quoting, JPost,

      "The prayers were said in a deliberately unobtrusive manner without the genuflection that is usually performed in the Amidah prayer, and with Weber leaning against a stone step to avoid drawing attention."

      "[Rabbi Eliyahu] Weber said that he and his fellow worshipers deliberately conduct their prayers in a manner that is 'not extroverted' or to 'antagonize people,' and the police do not intervene when they do it in this way. If we would do this in the face of the Wakf officials, it would not be accepted, but that is not our goal.'"

      "The service – a truncated version of the full morning prayer service – was conducted in a very discreet manner, but the worshipers were nevertheless clearly participating in a discernible Jewish prayer service."

      "After the service was finished, the group continued with their tour, stopping again for 15 or 20 minutes to listen to a lesson by Weber on a page of Talmud."

      "[Rabbi] Weber and other worshipers pray the morning service every day, and the afternoon service is also recited."

  32. From one semi-anonymous to Anonymous,

    Your words sound rather disdainful of the Jews. Everything that they and Israel have done was foretold. Where? In prophecy.


  33. My words reflect what the Scriptures say do they not? Jesus was harsh and truthful.

    Jesus starts the Woes at Matthew 23:13. He culminates with "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?........That (((UPON YOU MAY COME ALL THE RIGHTEOUS BLOOD SHED UPON THE EARTH, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacarias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar."

    That phrase "ALL THE RIGHTEOUS BLOOD UPON THE EARTH" is a very powerful accusation. This suggests that these Jews are a part of the Babylonian system that God destroys in Revelation.

    They have slain the prophets and have not known God. Right?

    "If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham."

    The point is that God put them out of the land for their sinfulness. Now, because they are back in the land we say that God brought them back. If God put them (((out))) because of their sin, would he bring them back STILL IN SIN? The land is an (((inheritance))) of the righteous is it not? Are these Jews back in the land righteous?

    They were not given the land by God. They took it by force. Just because these people come into the land, call themselves Jews, names their land Israel, doesnt mean God has sanctioned them as His People and His endtime remnant Israel. If you are a child of Abraham, you possess FAITH. These Jews in Israel possess not faith.

    Then who are they?

    They are the synagogue of Satan come to set up satan's throne and kingdom in the last of days.

    1. When you say, "They were not given the land by God" do you mean as in the days of Joshua or as in the days of the establishment of the State of Israel?

      By saying, "They took it by force" do you mean the same? Classical Israel v modern Israel?

      If your point is that of the righteousness of modern Israel; I think we all know the answer to that question. But what does prophecy say about Israel? What is G-d's purpose in all of this?

      I was once an atheist, a full-blown sinner who remembers scoffing at the suggestion of dedicating my life to ministry. Today, the thought of life apart from the LORD is not only empty but repugnant. A lot has changed and changed according to God's plan for my life.

      God has a plan for Israel. Those whom He has called and will call in the Day to come will be the righteous remnant. Did not Abraham plead with the LORD that Sodom and Gomorrah be spared if for a few righteous men?

      In how many harsh ways does God refer to Israel? Still, He loves His children and sent His only begotten Son to die for us all while we were yet sinners.

      It is a concept that may be worth studying starting with (Genesis 18:16-33 ESV).

      God's Word will not return VOID no matter how much we don't understand it...and that's the point at which I point people BACK INTO GOD'S WORD and humbly seek Him in prayer and meditation.

      It's not about what we have done, are doing or will do...it's all about Jesus and what we will do with that knowledge.

      The final results are all up to G-D.

  34. Please help me understand why Anonymous is allowed to post such blatant heresy as this: "The point is that God put them out of the land for their sinfulness. Now, because they are back in the land we say that God brought them back. If God put them (((out))) because of their sin, would he bring them back STILL IN SIN? The land is an (((inheritance))) of the righteous is it not? Are these Jews back in the land righteous? They were not given the land by God. They took it by force. Just because these people come into the land, call themselves Jews, names their land Israel, doesnt mean God has sanctioned them as His People and His endtime remnant Israel. If you are a child of Abraham, you possess FAITH. These Jews in Israel possess not faith. Then who are they? They are the synagogue of Satan come to set up satan's throne and kingdom in the last of days."

    1. Mike, a question:

      When God was leading the Children of Abraham into the promised land, why were they made to wonder the wilderness for 40 years?

      (The anwser can be found in Hebrews 3:19)

  35. Pastor Rich,
    I am saying it was Satan's plan to establish this modern state of Israel, and saying the land belongs to them, the unbelieving Jews. He is establishing his New World Order with the state of Israel at the helm. This is why Jerusalem is referred to as Sodom and Egypt in the last of days and the two witnesses come to prophecy against the people there.

    God does have a plan for Israel, but understand who the TRUE Israel is. It isn't the state.

    Israel is God's true followers that are saved by grace and faith in Christ Jesus and are God's chosen.

    Confusing isn't it? Satan meant it that way.

    1. You say, "Israel is God's true followers that are saved by grace and faith in Christ Jesus and are God's chosen." That is pure replacement theology, a/k/a heresy.

    2. Exactly the thought I was thinking Mike.

      Israel is Israel and the Church is the Church, we did not replace Israel as the apple of Gods eye, They are still his nation, and he will return to dealing with them after the church has been taken out of the way, for the last 7 years before Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom with his throne located in JERUSALEM.

    3. Very well said and spot on, Jordan. Thanks for the post.

    4. Thanks for the clarification and no it's not confusing.

      I would not go so far to say that Satan established the State of Israel as I don't believe it create(s) or create(d) anything beyond being the father of lies. Satan steals, kills and destroys so I would agree that he leaves a trail of destruction by his walking up and down, to and fro the earth.

      I don't believe in replacement theology but I do recognize the difference between what is national Israel and those who are, or will be, in Christ. God is a paradox and so much of faith is a paradoxical.

      Israel is one of them.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Many people do not know that although most Palestinians practice Islam, they are not actually of Arab descendants but are of Jewish descent, that lived there long before the Zionists came.

    As for the Deal of the Century,the state of Israel is now planning the annexation of the Jordan Valley. When they do, there are hints that they will chase remaining Palestinians out of the area. Dont be suprised if there is a double fulfillment of when "those which be in Judea should flee to the mountains".

    1. Are not all peoples of the Earth of *Jewish* descent? (Descended from Noah?)

    2. Interesting! What's the answer? Thanks!

    3. Yes, we are all connected to Adam via Noah. But can we consider Noah as Jewish?

      20 Then Noah built an altar to
      the LORD and took some of every
      clean animal and some of every
      clean bird and offered burnt
      offerings on the altar.

      (Genesis 8:20 ESV)

      Noah made animal sacrifices to G-d after the flood with the animals he was commanded to take on-board by the LORD. Able made an animal sacrifice, a lamb of the first year, to G-d; perhaps in the same way G-d Himself made the first animal sacrifice after the fall of Adam (man).

      The shedding of blood for sin was established from the beginning and, for us, ends at the cross. In Christ it is finished. You may not think about it but the New Testament and the story of our redemption is more Jewish than most think!

      The concept of a Kinsman Redeemer? Totally Jewish. We see the Jewish pattern through-out Scripture.

      Forgive me if this is rather obvious -- it's just that some reading this may not have considered such a thing.

      We are all made in the image of G-d.

      All of us.

    4. More than just Noah and his wife stepped off of the ark. He had his three sons and their wives too. It sounds like the three sons went off fairly quickly, but Noah remained there.

    5. Given, but Noah was the patriarch of this family -- the common denominator leading to Adam.

  38. Yes, we have been taught Replacement Theology. Is is another (((effective))) deception by the enemy, teaching Jews and modern Israel as the wonderful focus and fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Think about it: God divorced, lead into captivity, and scattered ancient Israel for their unbelief and sin. He would NOT bring them back in he same condition.

    It is wonderful thing to discover who you are in Christ Jesus. Satan doesnt want you to know.

    1. Israel is Israel and the Church is the Church. There is "Jew" and there is "Greek"...two different things that become One in Christ,

      12 For there is no distinction
      between Jew and Greek; for the
      same Lord is Lord of all,
      bestowing his riches on all
      who call on him.

      (Romans 10:12 ESV)

      That Israel is as an unfaithful wife? That is a matter our Father has dealt with, is dealing with and will deal with, but I know He will keep His covenant even if Israel does not.

      "God divorced?" Hardly. Our Father reproves His children if not allows them to suffer the consequences for their action(s). God gives and takes away.

      Indeed, it is a wonderful thing to discover who you are in Christ Jesus. I thank Him for that nearly every day.

  39. I want to share a few more things please. It was recently reported that Israel started a new "anti-terrorism" program where they mess with your ability to buy and sell. They call it economic thwarting and can practice it anywhere in the world. So, anyone that doesnt agree with them can be targeted.


    Its also good to research anti-bds laws here in the US, and learn about the Jewish plan for the world called the Noahide Laws.

    Very interesting I think, especially knowing who controls global finance.

  40. Rich- "Are not all peoples of the Earth of *Jewish* descent? (Descended from Noah?)"

    Most definitely not.

    The term "Jews" should only apply to 1) of the tribe of Judah, or 2) of the southern kingdom of ancient Israel, called the House of Judah. It is not an all encompassing term to include all of Israel.

    The House of Israel, sometimes called the Lost Tribes of Israel, consist of the northern kingdom 10 tribes. They were judged, taken capitity by the Assyrrians about722bc and scattered. Almost 150 years later, God judged the House of Judah, and they were taken into capitity by Nebuchadnezzar about 581bc. 70 years later, a remnant returned to rebuild the temple and Jerusalem.

    So you see that "Jew" is not an not all encompassing and is often misapplied. The correct term is Israelites or Israel.

    Note: Jesus said He was sent to the "lost sheep of Israel" and implies He is seeking those of the House of Israel, the kinsman redeemer.

    1. Your points are well taken, but I am speaking from a different perspective. All human kind is descended from Noah with Noah being cited as handing down G-d given laws of conduct -- the Noahide Laws.

      Seven Laws of Noah

      Quoting, Wikipedia,

      "According to the Talmud, the Noahide Laws apply to all humanity. In Judaism, ื‘ื ื™ ื ื— B'nei Noah (Hebrew, 'Descendants of Noah', 'Children of Noah') refers to all of humankind. The Talmud also states: 'Righteous people of all nations have a share in the world to come'. Any non-Jew who lives according to these laws is regarded as one of 'the righteous among the gentiles'."

      Accordingly, given that Talmud ascribes authority of these mandates as given of G-d via Noah, then Noah would rightfully be considered a root source of Jewish law and tradition. All mankind rises from Noah (via his sons) so therefore, in a sense, all mankind is rooted in one form or another to a Jewish, or more accurately a *proto-Jewish* root.

      Not to argue your points Anon as I would say we are BOTH right -- just different perspectives. Just as light shines through the facets of a diamond revealing different colours and features of the gem -- so too perspective provides different insights to the Word.

      NOTE: In no way do I support, teach or condone Noahidism. Such observance requires one denies the new covenant we have in Christ Jesus our Lord. I wholly reject Noahidism as an ordained pastor and teacher of the Holy Bible.

    2. I just notice that the 'Noahide laws' only appear in the Talmud. Not once were they mentioned in our Bible, and the book of acts would have been the place they appeared. Instead, we find : https://biblehub.com/acts/15-29.htm . This would have been the most appropriate place to insert, 'and keep the laws of Noah.'

      Further, it was mentioned that until Moses, there was no law. The law entered in to be a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. https://biblehub.com/kjv/romans/5.htm

      The only conclusion I can come to is that the Noahide laws are entirely made up or copied from the ten commandments (Since they bear strong resemblence to them). The only hope of salvation is found in Jesus Christ and what He has done for us via the cross, burial, and resurrection (1st Corinthians 15:1-4).

    3. You are right about the Noahide Laws Kris which is my point. Talmud is where you will find them. They are not Biblical and could very well be bent into a faith system distorted and hijacked by the AC.

      I'm not saying it is right -- just pointing out that this system of belief(s) look to Noah as source and records it in texts used today.

  41. I hadn't noticed it before but on the "Last Christmas" movie poster I now see the 3 clocks. Wow!

    1. I only see 1 clock R Ray. Where are the other two in that pic?

  42. Sorry, I thought it was one big clock tower in the middle with smaller ones on each side, but I guess not.


    Today is the 116th anniversary of the Wright brothers first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. First flight eh?!

    1. Well, first powered flight... There was hot air balloons prior to that, right?

    2. Yes, there had been balloons for many years before the Wright Bros. As a matter of fact there is evidence that the Wright brothers were NOT the first to make sustained controlled, powered flight. Some claim that German-born Gustave Whitehead succeeded in the first controlled, powered flight before the Wrights in 1901.

      Conspiracy theorists would love this story as it involves a contractual agreement by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC that requires the US Government to support the claim that the Wrights made the first flight in 1903.

      An interesting story to dig on!


    3. Rich, "Israel is Israel and the Church is the Church."

      I must address this blanket statement as it is dangerous, especially in these last of days. You must know that all Israel (of the flesh) is NOT Israel. Romans 9:3-8 addresses this wonderfully. For brevity sake i will quote verse 8:


      So again, you see that just because these people came to the land promised to His children, and they named it Israel, doesnt make it so in the eyes of God. And it shouldn't with us as well. This is ANOTHER verse that proves that the state of Israel Jews are NOT Gods Chosen and therefore IS NOT entitled to the land.The land was DIVIDED when they came, and murdered, and chased out the Palestinians and continue to this day. Jesus said that you shall know them by THEIR FRUITS. They follow the Talmud that allows child sacrifice to molech, incest, sodomy, the rape of chilren and babies under the age of 9, murder, lying and other things considered an abomination to the Lord.

      To consider them as Gods Chosen and the Israel of the Bible is an insult to the Lord's holiness.

    4. Hmmm, "an insult to the Lord's holiness?"

      Apart from Christ, is there anything in me that is NOT an insult to the Lord's holiness?


      I do not have such a high opinion of myself, but Jesus, He loves me anyway.

      Yes, Paul, via the Holy Spirit, does put it perfectly,

      33 as it is written,
      "Behold, I am laying in
      Zion a stone of stumbling,
      and a rock of offense;
      and whoever believes in
      him will not be put to

      (Romans 9:33 ESV)

      Paul continues in Chapter 10,

      1 Brothers, my heart's desire
      and prayer to God for them is
      that they may be saved.

      2 For I bear them witness that
      they have a zeal for God, but
      not according to knowledge.

      3 For, being ignorant of the
      righteousness of God, and
      seeking to establish their
      own, they did not submit to
      God's righteousness.

      4 For Christ is the end of the
      law for righteousness to
      everyone who believes.

      (Romans 10:1-4 ESV)

      Scripture is clear that all who call on the name of the LORD will be saved,

      "Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame." (Romans 10:11 ESV)


      12 For there is no distinction
      between Jew and Greek; for the
      same Lord is Lord of all,
      bestowing his riches on all
      who call on him.

      (Romans 10:12 ESV)

      Paul's hope and desire was for the salvation of brothers,

      3 For I could wish that I
      myself were accursed and cut
      off from Christ for the sake
      of my brothers, my kinsmen
      according to the flesh.

      (Romans 9:3 ESV)

      ...but the burden of choice falls on the hearts and minds of those who are perishing. In this case Paul is talking about his brethren from his former life. Israelites in the flesh yet far removed from G-d despite their attempts at a faithful and pious adherence to the law.

      All who come to Christ will be saved. So in the case of the brothers and kinsmen of Paul,

      4 They are Israelites, and to
      them belong the adoption, the
      glory, the covenants, the giving
      of the law, the worship, and the

      5 To them belong the patriarchs,
      and from their race, according to
      the flesh, is the Christ, who is
      God [ฮ˜ฮตแฝธฯ‚] over all, blessed
      forever. Amen.

      (Romans 9:5 ESV)

      All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23 ESV) Perhaps one of the great illustrations of Israel v an Israelite can be seen in (John 9:24-34 ESV). Did not Jesus plead with the Pharisees? Did not Jesus COMPLETELY heal the man born blind?

      Yes He did.

      The same is true today. Nothing has changed. Some will be saved but the grim reality is that most will not. The LORD knows His own, His children. That is for Him and for Him to love, adore and reprove.

      Even if Israel is as an adulterous bride giving herself as a temple whore it is to Him to administer His love and grace through Christ Jesus our Lord. He is faithful, His mercy endures forever.

  44. Rich. I am glad for the abundant mercy of God. I hope the Jews of the (false) state of Israel does repent eventually and I' m sure some will. But for now, Satan will use them to bring in his kingdom. The Jews control world finance and will someday require people to worship their beast or die. And Bible prophecy will not be understood until it is clear to the Christian what exactly the Israeli State is. NOT of God's Israel.

    1. Remember that the Pharisees felt that the Messiah prophecies had to be fulfilled in a very precise manner, causing them to reject Jesus because He didn't fit their understanding... Keep an open heart and mind, because God may fulfill His prophecies in a way you don't expect. In fact, He may fulfill them completely contrary to our strongest expectation of how they will happen...

      Even if the state of Israel is only a tenth 'real Jews' from Jacob's own bloodline... 'A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.' God has always kept a remnant, as He told Elijah... 'I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal.' https://biblehub.com/romans/11-4.htm For all intents and purposes, the Fig tree has been replanted, though full of wild branches grafted on... Hmm, sounds like what the Apostles said...

      The stage is set for something major, let us wait and see what the actors do and let that inform us how these prophecies should be understood. I don't think He actually gave us the prophecies to predict the future, though they help in some ways. I think He gave them to us to fulfill His own words: 'And now I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it is come to pass, you might believe.' https://biblehub.com/john/14-29.htm

      I would love to commit to certain ways of understanding, but the verse about how we see through a glass darkly always reminds me to be humble. 'Lean not on your own understanding...' https://biblehub.com/proverbs/3-5.htm

    2. Sin is a heart issue for all mankind. Satan uses every tool in his kit to confuse, deceive, divide and mislead. That action of our enemy is not restricted to Israel but to every place humans set foot on this planet.

      May we walk in truth and love as we go out in His Name for this is the parting prayer of the Lord Himself,

      18 "As you sent me into the
      world, so I have sent them
      into the world.

      19 And for their sake I
      consecrate myself, that
      they also may be sanctified
      in truth.

      20 I do not ask for these
      only, but also for those who
      will believe in me through
      their word,

      21 that they may all be one,
      just as you, Father, are in me,
      and I in you, that they also
      may be in us, so that the world
      may believe that you have sent

      Jesus of Nazareth (John 17:18-21 ESV)

  45. Kris Garrison: Remember that the Pharisees felt that the Messiah prophecies had to be fulfilled in a very precise manner, causing them to reject Jesus because He didn't fit their understanding.

    Because of their understanding?? My Bible tells a much different story. When King Herod hears about a born king, he and ALL JERUSALEM are troubled. He kills the babes under 2 in Bethlehem. Matt. 2:3

    John 8:39-47 says that Jesus knew the Pharisees wanted to kill him. He said the reason was because they were "not of God", even though they were Abraham's seed.

    John 11:48 says that the chief priests were afraid of Jesus because they would lose their "place and nation".

    John 9:22 says that the blind man parents were afraid of the Jews.

    John 10:26 Jesus says that the Pharisees were not of His sheep.

    There was no misunderstanding. They did not want a prophet or King sent by God and neither did they want to hear from Him, leading to their destruction in 70ad.

    1. 3 For, being ignorant of the
      righteousness of God, and
      seeking to establish their
      own, they did not submit to
      God's righteousness.

      4 For Christ is the end of
      the law for righteousness to
      everyone who believes.

      (Romans 10:3-4 ESV)

      Smacks of the original sin doesn't it?


      34 And Jesus said, "Father, forgive
      them, for they know not what they do."
      And they cast lots to divide his

      (Luke 23:34 ESV)

      A selfish generation understands not selflessness.

      35 And the people stood by,
      watching, but the rulers
      scoffed at him, saying, "He
      saved others; let him save
      himself, if he is the Christ
      of God, his Chosen One!"

      (Luke 23:35 ESV)

      Is it not clear how blind they were? How blind are we today and for what?

    2. Is it not interesting that many people can read the same verses and come away with completely different understandings?

    3. It is.

      (Romans 9:5) is about the hardest verse to interpret. (From a scholarly view) It is clear to me in light of (Matthew 16:15-16) and the remainder of Scripture, but by itself it comes down to a matter of heart and faith.

      I am absolutely convinced beyond a shadow of the word that the LORD meant it to be that way.



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