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2020 Is Off To A Shocking Start

Lightning bolts shoot out from the massive ash plume over Taal Volcano

In my November article 20/20 Vision I wrote about how things appear to be coming to a head in 2020.  I could never have foreseen how quickly that would be proven true.  We're just over two weeks into the new year and it has been explosive from the very beginning.

Let's review:

(12/31–1/1) On New Year's Eve through New Year's Day, militiamen and proxy forces loyal to the Iranian government stormed the U.S. embassy in Baghdad setting off what would be the most tense standoff between the U.S. and Iran since 1979.  Also on New Year's Eve, the massive Leviathan gas field off the coast of Israel begins commercial production—it is what some speculate may be the "hook in the jaw" for the Ezekiel 38 coalition of nations that come against Israel.

(1/3) Two days later the U.S. military killed Iranian general Qassim Soleimani in response—the top military leader of all of Iran's international terrorist efforts.

(1/5) Another two days later and the Islamist terrorist group al Shabaab attacks a joint U.S.-Kenyan base, resulting in the deaths of three Americans.

(1/7) News first drops that U.S. officials may be planning to release the long-awaited Middle East peace plan (aka the "Deal of the Century") before Israel's third round of elections on March 2nd.  In the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, the most powerful earthquake in over 100 years strikes, resulting in over $3 billion in damages.  The quake was part of a swarm that began just days before the new year.  All in all, Puerto Rico has been hit by over 1,200 earthquakes during this ongoing swarm.

(1/8) Iran openly retaliates for the killing of Soleimani by launching dozens of ballistic missiles at U.S. bases in Iraq.  In the midst of the attack, Iran downs a civilian aircraft, killing all 176 aboard.  Though on the verge of open war, President Trump deescalated the following day.

(1/9) Popocatรฉpetl Volcano near Mexico City has a large eruption sending ash two miles into the air.  Mexico City has the 11th most populous metro area in the world.  That same day Israel reaches the most rainfall in the northern half of the country in 51 years.  In the southern half, a 76-year record was broken.  Historic floods inundate the country.  In the midst of the weeks of flooding, ancient mikvah baths in Jerusalem have filled to the brim and waters are flowing from Jerusalem into the Dead Sea, foreshadowing what will soon happen when Christ returns (see Zech. 14:8).

(1/11) Massive protests erupt in Iran calling for the ousting of the Shia dictator Ali Khamenei in response to the downing of a Ukrainian aircraft.

(1/12) Taal Volcano near Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has a massive eruption—its first eruption since 1977.  Ash reached over nine miles into the sky.  Metro Manila is the 7th most populous metro area in the world.  Within 60 miles of the Popocatรฉpetl and Taal volcanoes, there are some 50 million people.

(1/14) The Australian government revises figures on the country's historic wildfires, revealing that over 72,000 square miles have burned (the size of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland combined).  The fire has become perhaps the largest ever recorded in the eastern, populous part of the country (source), and the fifth-largest wildfire ever recorded in the world (source).

(1/15) The entire Russian government under Vladimir Putin resigns paving the way for Putin to make sweeping constitutional changes.  Also, Israel begins exporting natural gas to Egypt from the Leviathan gas field.

(1/16) Articles of impeachment are formally sent to the U.S. Senate, initiating the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.  The same day, the last hurdle to the USMCA agreement was passed.  The agreement now goes to President Trump for his signature.  The agreement replaces the proto-supranational NAFTA agreement that has been the primary treaty between the United States, Canada, and Mexico since 1994.  The Dow hits an all-time high of 29,297.  In Russia, Mikhail Mishustin is appointed as the new prime minister.  In a report just released, it is expected that 40% of the world's countries will experience significant social unrest in 2020, demonstrating that the prophetic Global Spring is only growing.


(1/31) The United Kingdom will finally secede from the European Union, becoming the first nation to do so.  The geopolitical and economic impact on the globe could be profound.

(2/3) The Iowa caucuses will be held and the winner will be the top contender to win the Democratic nomination for U.S. president.

(3/2) Israel will have its third redo election in less than a year.  Understand how historic this is: since its founding in 1948 Israel had never had a redo election, and now it's about to have its third since last April.  The present impasse is unprecedented.  2017 was the Revelation 12 Sign.  2018 was the Nation-State Law.  2019–20 is the political signal that Israel is at an impasse, awaiting the Time of Jacob's Trouble to get underway.

(4/3) A historic conjunction of Venus and Pleiades that may be a sign of the impending rapture of the Church.  Also happens to be the yearly anniversary of the Crucifixion if Christ died in 33 AD.

(4/12) Easter/First Fruits.

(4/26) Israel's 73rd anniversary using prophetic 360-day years.  If by strength eighty, anyone?  This would also be the anniversary of Christ's Crucifixion if He died in 31 AD.

(4/29) Israel's 72nd anniversary on the Jewish civil calendar.

(5/14) Israel's 72nd anniversary on the Gregorian calendar.  Also the yearly anniversary of the Ascension if Christ died in 33 AD.

(5/21) Ascension Day.

(5/31) Pentecost/Feast of Weeks.

(9/19) Rosh Hashanah/Feast of Trumpets.

(10/3) Feast of Tabernacles begins.

(10/10) Shemini Atzeret.

(11/3) Federal elections for President and Congress will be held in the United States.

Is there anything else noteworthy you can think of?

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  1. Brexit on Jan 31 and maybe Poland leaving too.

  2. Revelation 22:12

    Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to each one according to what he has done.

    "quickly" G5035 - tachu/tachy (der. tachios - revved up)

    - does not mean "immediately" or necessarily "in a very short time",
    but rather "without any delay.

    ๐Ÿšซ ๐Ÿ‡

    1. Revelation 3:11

      I am coming soon. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.

      "soon" G5035 - tachu/tachy (der. tachios - revved up)

      - does not mean "immediately" or necessarily "in a very short time",
      but rather "without any delay.

      ๐Ÿšซ ๐Ÿ‡

    2. ๐Ÿšซ ๐Ÿ‡

      I've heard J.D. Farag touch on that a few times. The idea isn't so much that Jesus would return shortly after John received the prophecy, but that Jesus would return at the preordained time right as the signs begin to quickly rev up.


  3. US stock market hits all time high.

  4. There's more going on than the MSM is reporting



  5. Gary,
    Some of your readers may be following Martin Armstrong and his decades long coverage of the ECM, Economic Confidence Model. He just posted this reminder regarding the turn in that cycle for this weekend:

    He periodically talks about the major reset projected for late 2032.

  6. Israel's huge oil fields are producing and sending oil to Europe and Egypt.

    1. Yup. Commercial production began on New Year's Eve and they started exporting to Egypt on Wednesday.

  7. India, Anti Citizenship protests being forced on people to prove they are citizens is a prelude to the AC plan of get marked or get marked off! Imagine when a country says your passport, Aaadhar, voter ID, mark sheets, ration cards and what else are not valid documents to prove citizenship yet the onus is on you to prove you are a citizen

  8. 2020 - https://biblehub.com/hebrew/2020.htm

    relief and deliverance will arise (Esther 4:14)

    strongs 2020 Hebrew word - hatstsalah: deliverance

    1. Amazing. 2020 = Deliverance.

    2. Strongs 2020 Hebrew word is used only one time in the entire Bible.



    3. Not the, uh, movie, right, Gary ? Because I just couldn’t take that.

  9. "Is there anything else noteworthy you can think of?"

    Indeed, there is. Remember that retaliatory strike that Iran carried out on U.S. bases that the President, military and media said resulted in no American casualties? Well, the horrible truth has been uncovered. There were many casualties and the proof of such a statement has been uncovered in the form of an official document.


    Not good. Could it have something to do with this?

    Magrav Technology Levels The Global Playing Field: The Millennium Report
    February 24, 2016

    As one commenter has said, Obama screwed us all."

    But then again, there is the prophecy of Elam wherein Iran will see it's day.

    1. Oops, forgot to put the link on that second article.


    2. Interesting tid bits inside related to why Iran was so successful in its missile strike on the US forces:

      From Israeli News Live
      30min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9onw1Pllrzc&t=619s

      Q: Did The US or Israel Hack Iran Air Defenses Taking Down Flight 752?

      Q: What really happened to Flight 752 over Iran?

      Q: Who is the mysterious man that just so happen to be up 6a filming commercial airliners in the dark?

      Q: Oh did we forget the US gov made it legal to lie to the sheeple americans (ala 2013 change)?

    3. Cough Cough...more msm propoganda (from aljazeera). I'll go with the prior posting where we are being LIED to as the us gov is legally allowed to do so.

      'Several' US troops were wounded in Iran missile attack in Iraq

      The US says '11' troops treated for concussion symptoms after January 8 attack, despite first saying no one was harmed.


    4. Also, I'm intrigued by what may happen in Virginia on Monday.

    5. I am curious as to see if the feds cut-off highway access and roads etc... as a test bed for larger operations to come... FF alert!!


      The msm/ us gov propoganda has begun its assault, we've seen this story before and it plays out like a script:

      FBI arrests suspected white supremacists ahead of rally
      CBS msm fake news gov proganda
      2min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5d7nYznPfs


      Re: 1-20 in richmond va

      The Virginia Gun Rights Conflict: Best And Worst Case Scenarios

      "Virginia may be a test bed, a trial run for a nationwide conflagration, and if it does hit a point where state officials compel a violent response from the citizenry, then it is important that liberty advocates remain vigilant and steer clear of incompetent or controlled leaders. It is also important that they remember there is a much larger agenda at play here; the demon rats may be useful idiots fueling that agenda, but most of them are oblivious to their role. Our fight is not with the demon rats, our fight is with the globalists that influence them; the same globalists that are trying to influence us."


  10. Mars entered Scorpius on the night of the Iranian missile attack. Mars and Antares were approaching conjunction. Mars, the Roman god of war (also known as Ares). Antares, a bright red supergiant star that is commonly mistaken for Mars who's name means "like Ares". Both were over Persia during the attack on US bases in Iraq when viewed from Jerusalem at 4:44 am.

    1. 4:44 am, the hour of the downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 (PS752) bound for Kiev. Many potential numeric symbols in this event.

    2. 444 seems to be tied to a lot!

    3. ManyFish has an eerie vid (which ones aren’t ?). 444 days from when American hostages taken in Iran to Reagan’s election.

    4. Interesting. Thanks, Archangel!

    5. Blessings, Pastor Rich. You are very welcome. I turn 52 this year. Is that helpful ?

    6. Pastor Rich, blessings. That’s wonderful. So grateful to God that He graciously allowed us to live at this point in history to see Biblical prophecies being fulfilled in front of our eyes and to be alive when the Rapture happens!

  11. The general teaching among those who believe in the rapture (which I do) is that it could have happened at any time during the past 2000 years. The challenge is that those who hold that belief also say that each letter in Revelation 2-3 gives a prophetic overview of a different part of the church age, starting at the earliest church and ending today. I agree with that interpretation of Revelation - but that means if the rapture happened 1000 years ago, half of the letters wouldn't have been fulfilled. Therefore, the rapture had to wait until every letter came to pass. The letters tell us how close we are to the time in history when the rapture can happen. It's clear we're in the age of Laodicea (the last letter), so we're at the right time.

    Rev 12 has two signs that take place before the child (which I agree is the church) is caught up to Heaven. One is the Sign of the Woman, which was fulfilled on 9/23/17. That sign told us the time is very near indeed. There's one more sign that happens before the child is caught up, and that's the sign of the dragon (Rev 12:3-4). What we're waiting on next is for the dragon (the devil - Rev 12:9) to appear in this world in some highly visible way, and with a large force, with the purpose of attacking us the moment after we're "born". What is our birth? It's the moment we're raised from the dead and made immortal. Rev 12 seems to be saying the devil attacks us at that moment (out of desparation?), and that's why Jesus snatches us out of this world and up to Heaven.

    I think the dragon will arrive shortly before the birth, so he's in place for the birth itself (Rev 12:4). How will he know the time is near? Because he can see Heaven's troops, and he will know when the Restrainer is about to leave. Once the dragon appears it will be time.

    Herod killed the children 2 years old and younger. The 3rd anniversay isn't until this September. The rapture could be close. Once the dragon appears (which I suspect will be impossible to miss - the world may think it's a UFO invasion), it will be time. I don't know if this is the year, but we know what to be watching for.

    1. I'm with you.

      I continue to be greatly confused by how some interpret imminency. Some of the teachings on the subject are patently unbiblical, even to the point of mangling the nature of God (e.g., that Jesus isn't omniscient).

      The rapture was only ever imminent from the Church's perspective, because:

      1. When any Christian dies they are with the LORD immediately.

      2. The present age is relatively short (only 1/3rd of history so far - or even less based on the Septuagint's Genesis chronology).

      3. The Church won't know the exact day or hour, or, if we do discover it, it will be shortly before the event.

    2. Hi Jon ;

      I disagree that the rapture could have happened anytime in the last 2000 years. The rapture will occur before or at the start of the Tribulation. The Tribulation could not end until 70 or 80 years after 1948,rebirth of Israel. I agree with everything else.

    3. At first the Gospel needed to be spread to the whole world. This condition may well be completed currently (only God knows the exact situation) but clearly hadn't been for much of history. On the other hand I don't see any reason to assume that the seven churches represent distinct successive temporal eras. Is the current church in China Laodicean? Plain reading of the text has all the seven churches exist simultaneously in the First Century. In later times churches may have similar issues, but reading in eras is too far.

    4. Also in Revelation 11, It says in vs 9, "Then those from the peoples,tribes,tongues and nations will see their dead bodies for 3 1/2 days." This pretty much means the people of the world will witness this. vs 10 goes on to confirm vs 9. It would be hard for the worlds population to see this event without the internet or television. Meaning the Harpazo could not happen until recent technology was in place

    5. I've had issue with imminency in that nothing mattered prophetically until Israel became a nation. But that is hind sight for us.

      The early church, Paul, the other apostles, etc could have been expecting it since all that was laid out in Revelation didn't come until ~95 AD with John on Patmos. Most of them were gone by then if not all of them.

      Paul even seems to realize at his end that he would not see the Rapture as a living being, like he seems to have before that point in his life.

      Luke 21:25-36 is for our time, not theirs back then. It speaks of redemption and escape. And right smack in the middle of it is the Fig Tree (Israel) reference, for when it's leaves sprout. That's a timing marker.


  12. String of earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

  13. I tried the link for the Hal Turner report on casualties and it comes up not found. HMMM.

    1. Doesn't surprise me. Looks like either he or someone else took it down. The Pentagon started to deny the document that was shown in that article, saying it was Iran propaganda. According to the article, approximately 270 or so American soldiers were killed. Iran's missiles seem to be more accurate, deadly and advanced than most dare think. It may explain why the military generals behind Trump that day when he made the public announcement were so stone faced. Israel and/or America may have hacked flight 752. Speculation is that there were Iranian scientists on board and that they (Israel and/or America) got rid of them to remove them from the picture because a major operation against Iran will soon commence. But that is just speculation I suppose.

    2. Whatever SRBM or IRBM system was employed by Iran for this strike, at least one of them landed intact in a field. I think it safe to say it was taken up and is being examined from an engineering and technology stand-point to the fullest extent. There could be shared tech from the North Koreans or tech that was shared with the North Koreans. I think it will be of interest to everyone concerned, especially the IDF.

      Either way there didn't seem to be any allied ABM air defences in play. If so, that would be a deliberate act/decision to either not fire on incoming missiles or not have deployed defensive assets. Both potentials seem odd and raise questions.

      I would not put much stock in wild claims concerning battle damage in Iraq. Media teams have been combing the wreckage and interviewing personnel on the ground there. As it is now it seems to be a game of who blinks first?

      But the picture is much larger than Iran.

      The whistle ain't blown yet! We're still on the clock. Quittin' time has yet to arrive. We still have a job to do.

  14. Upcoming:
    March 2nd Israeli elections for a 3rd time in less than a year. Perhaps a precursor to AC. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/137666/multiple-jewish-sources-point-to-israels-election-impasse-as-the-gateway-to-messiah/

  15. The day Iran retaliated, Putin took some interesting trips. First, he went to Damascus to talk to Assad. Then he went to see Erdogan. Later, it seems as though he was trying to broker some kind of peace in Libya.

    Seems like these could be preparations for Ezekiel 38 to me...

  16. Wow. So much happening. It is hard to keep up with it all. I would be very surprised if we see 2021... Saying that I would be very surprised if we see June 2020!!

  17. Second Timothy 3 could literally be right off of teleprompter on the Nightly News.

  18. Many earthquakes in Puerto Rico. God bless

  19. 02/13/20 = The last Day of the 70th Year anniversary of the founding of Israel's Knesset... plus just a few days prior on February 10th = Tu B'Shevat or Israel's "New Year for Trees" Is this timeframe the end of the "fig tree generation"???

    Matthew 24:32-34 English Standard Version (ESV)
    The Lesson of the Fig Tree

    32 “From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you know that summer is near. 33 So also, when you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates. 34 Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.

  20. https://www.foxnews.com/health/china-second. Unknown virus kills 2 in China, Norovirus in Yosemite park sickens 177. Get on the ark!

  21. ID2020 Alliance the Bill Gates project to vaccinate and biometrically track all humans with a chip as written about in Revelation, and by Terry James at RaptureReady.com seems pretty important fulfilment of the Beast prophecy also. We are "on track" now for so much it seems impossible to keep up anymore.

    1. Ah, there it is! Queen R~I was scrolling down to see if anyone mentioned the ID2020. Posted this update to my https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2020/01/rapture-tapestry-reveals-april-2020.html article:
      MARK OF THE BEAST 2020! Beginning at the 4:40-minute mark, Tom Hughes in his recent" 6 Signs of Perilous Times" video tells of the MANDATORY vaccine coming THIS YEAR which will implant a microchip as part of a “digital identity program”. We are seeing prophecy related to Jacob's Trouble/The Tribulation forming rapidly which, of course, means the Resurrection/Rapture of the Church must occur FIRST! 2020 is looking more and more likely, Family!!!

  22. Ain’t that the truth !?

  23. 2 Corinthians 2: 11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
    Jan 20 MLK day and 3 year anniversary of Trump being Inaugurated. btw, his 1260th day in office will be July the 4th, 2020.
    May 14 In Jerusalem, Pope to announce his call for "The Global Education Alliance". (This is clearly laying a big cornerstone for the coming one world religion)
    Unrelated side note: Washington DC was built on top of Rome, Mary-land bordering Virgin-ia and the majority of the land was donated by Francis Pope.
    Feb 11 7 year anniversary of Pope Benedict resigning
    March 13 7 year anniversary of Pope Francis ascending to the Papacy
    April 6 500 yr anniv. of death of Raphael. The original Raphael will be the one blowing the trumpet at the rapture (Raphael mentioned on 2020 Economist Magazine cover)
    April 8 Bond - "No Time To Die" release date
    May 9-16 The "Sol" Invictus Games in The Netherlands. AKA the "I AM" games which celebrates the idea that man is the master of his own fate and in not so many words, 'man does not need God'. Interesting that the timing of these games is at the same time as Israel's 72 Anniv and Pope Francis' "Global Education Alliance".
    June 20-21 Summer Solstice followed by a Total Solar Eclipse
    Thank you Gary and
    Hallelujah! Christ our Blessed Hope and Redeemer comes for us soon.

    1. Jessisaiah, I am so sorry for what you have been through. I know how terribly hard it is to lose a loved one, especially your child. I have also experienced this and I also felt covered by His peace and love-to such a degree as never before in my life. I am glad to hear that you are born again. It is a hard journey, grief, but He will never leave nor forsake you! Soon, we will be reunited with all our precious loved ones. He has been caring for our children. We will always be together, with the LORD! That is such a precious promise. I pray that you will be blessed and comforted every day, until we see the LORD.

      With love,


    2. Jessisaiah,

      My heart echoes that of Lori. Although words fail me at your loss, I am so thankful that you know the overwhelming loving peace and joy that comes from the LORD. The only thing lost in us, those in Christ, is sin which rises not from the grave. In beauty and splendour we shall forever be His.



  24. Also: Regarding the Venus conjunction with the Pleiades.
    Does it matter that this is 923 days after 9/23/17 (The Revelation 12:1 sign)?

  25. At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEePUe-ZoNQ "MUST WATCH: Red Heifer starts the 3 year COUNTDOWN - Third Temple Revelations".

    In September 2018 a red heifer was born in Israel. As of 2020 is this heifer still red and blemish free? If that's true, we will witness the rebuild of the Temple and the antichrist confirming a phoney covenant with Israel very soon. Maybe in September 2021.

  26. May 14 ocalls for Global act for a New Humanism.
    Not sure when the Abrahamic Family house will open in U.A.E..
    One World religion.

  27. Watchman35 checking in. Keep an eye on Monday, 1/20. There is suppose to be a large gathering of law-abiding, gun carrying citizens in Richmond, Virginia to protest the laws that state is trying to enact, essentially obliterating our 2nd amendment by confiscating guns from it citizens. Here are some of the things I have read about this: 1) most of the counties in VA have already declared themselves sanctuary counties, meaning they are on record as refusing to comply with these gun confiscation laws, 2) Jerry Falwell Jr, who leads Liberty University, is reportedly on the verge of calling for civil disobedience, 3) a friend of mine has sources telling him the left is hiring actors to dress up as Trump supporters so Trump gets blamed for any violence that happens on that day, 4) there are reports that GPS functionality may not be working in the SE during that same time frame for some sort of military test, 5) There are rumors of an anticipated major false flag event tied to the 1/20 event in Richmond. Hard to know for sure what is truth and what is not, but there seems to be a lot of reports following a similar theme. We are talking about 2 days from now, on the eve of impeachment, so time will tell very quickly about whether these concerns will materialize or not. One thing we know for sure. Something major is going to have to happen to make the US either unable and/or unwilling to support Israel before the Ezekiel 38 coalition is going to attack Israel from the north. In addition, the US will have to be emasculated in order for the final major impediment to a one-world, socialistic, anti-christ government (that would be us) to be removed so the final one-world government can be implemented. Hope to be watching from a balcony seat. Just sayin'. Maranatha!!!

    1. The Empire of the antichrist, in other words: The Revived Roman Empire, won't be socialistic at all, but utterly capitalistic/neoliberal without any care for those who are weak and vulnerable. Read Revelations 17 and 18 about commercial Babylon.

    2. That fool governor of VA has a PO Box.

    3. Who is that fool governor of VA, and what does VA mean?

    4. I live in Va. And everything is life as normal. This is a media driven false flag! Please understand most people are only discussing this with concern...most people are rationally making plans quietly with no intention of storming the capital. the media makes it out that the whole state is burning down. It is not! FALSE FLAG! Do not go into that mess! I have warned my daughter to leave richmond this weekend.

    5. Moin, blessings. The fool is Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia who signed into law that a baby can be murdered after he or she is born. And this dude was a pediatrician to add insult to injury.


    6. Thanks, Watchman35! Many of the brethren (especially at Rev12daily.blogspot.com) are praying and will be committed to praying for God's hedge of protection around this event!

  28. In the book of Enoch it describes an overlay of four days making the year with 364 days for a year. Could that make a difference in the timing.

  29. Sept 23 Anniversary of Rev 12 Sign...Feast of Trumpets is around that time sometime.

  30. Did any of you see that Trump was added as a candidate to the Knesset ballot? He'll likely be disqualified, but interesting needless to say! https://m.jpost.com/Israel-News/Party-fields-Trump-as-Knesset-candidate-614356

  31. Remember, Jonah paints a picture of the Messiah, and when we examine the scenes that develop His landscape, we come to the scene that corresponds to the feast of First Fruits.
    the feast of First Fruits is God’s set time to celebrate promise of the full harvest yet to come.
    These set times of the Jews were cast as shadows of things to come for the Church, and that the substance casting the shadow is Jesus.
    That the set time of First Fruits lasted fifty days and ended on Pentecost. The events concerning Jesus the Messiah that occur during that set time of fifty days are the shadows that are cast into the future of the Church.
    The offering in the Temple on First Fruits began with an omer of barley flour, taken from an uncultivated field, and offered as a promise of the full harvest yet to come, and ended on
    Pentecost with an offering of the completed product of their labor, a loaf of bread.
    Jesus rose on that day, fulfilling the set time for His resurrection, and became the promise of the full harvest yet to come.
    Also, on that same day, graves were opened and many saints came out of them after Jesus, and were seen by many in Jerusalem.
    Resurrected saints, many of them, seen by many in Jerusalem!
    This scene of risen saints is part of the set time of First Fruits, so its shadow is cast into the Churches future along with everything else in the Jonah landscape.
    Jesus fulfills the set time for His resurrection, becoming the first fruit of resurrection and after Him, comes the many saints, resurrected to their glory by His sacrifice. Captives of the original sin, set free from their bondage by the blood shed of an innocent, who was God, and taken as captives to Himself when He returned to His throne on that Ascension day.
    That event had a set time. The time was set at 40 days in the Landscape of Jonah, and fulfilled by the Messiah, so is part of His landscape. The Messiah landscape includes everything depicted in Jonah. Jonah warned to repent or suffer impending destruction by God in 40 days.
    So, this 40-day period, was then and will again be a period of warning.

  32. I have one to add that I've been pondering for a while, which the Holy Spirit has compelled me to share here having dropped in from Barry Scarbrough's channel on You Tube:

    Tu BiShvat. The Knesset was first convened on Tu BiShvat in 1949 (14 February) -- when Israel's branches were yet tender and it put forth leaves (as many of you will know Tu BiShvat marks "a new year for trees"). 70 years later (on Tu BiShvat, 2019) there was a super blood moon eclipse (Father marked it out for us). By this reckoning , we soon conclude the 70th year since the Knesset first convened, and what a year -- with the Knesset thrown into disarray. Could it be that on God's clock, Israel turns 71 this Tu BiShvat, 9-10 February 2020? Perhaps Israel (in 1948) was only proto-Israel by God's reckoning, until its government assembled for the first time?

    We were all expecting it to be 70 years, perhaps it still is.

    Peace and blessings to all...

  33. This is Rumpelstilskin, wake me up when Jesus comes back. All this is giving me a headache.

    1. Heheheheeh!! Thats funny, it can get over whelming.
      I will give yea nudge when He shows up!

    2. There are days I want to stop spending hours pouring over the news sites... the theorycrafting on youtube... and stop interacting with people in general... but then I remember that He said that He will come on a day when no one expects Him. While I hope for a few days warning, or at least a few hours... I continue to do this on a daily basis to remind myself that He is coming, that the dominoes are mostly in place, and to help me be ready to let go of everything when the trumpet sounds...

  34. Whether or not were watching or not isnt going to matter as far as our parking spot in heaven. If any of us who are truly born again just totally tuned out he is still coming not one second early or late.
    Our task is to try to convince the people in our lives to take another look at the gospel during the time we have left.

  35. Trying to explain the Glorious Gospel of Christ to my Aunt who is a JW. The watchtower runs their lives by the use of intimidation and fear. They are forbidden to read, hear or talk to anyone who is a Christian or even be in possession of Christian tracts so they can continue to be deceived and go to hell which they don’t believe in. I returned a call to her and started to tell her about the Trinity (which they deny) and how Jesus saved me and she abruptly ended the conversation like she has been brainwashed into doing. What they believe is utter blasphemy and heresy and I have to admit, it infuriates me.

    Pastor Billy Crone is a consummate teacher and researcher. The depth of his studies is remarkable. He has explained things I have wondered about for decades. His teaching on the JWs utterly exposes their history, hypocrisy and heresy. God bless him. His videos are on YT and he has his own app Billy Crone. He used to be in a cult so he has a good perspective of how they operate and enslave people.

    Ironically, it was when Pastor JD Farag was ill and Pastor Crone preached for him and gave such astonishing sermons that I started watching his videos. Yes, I still love Pastor JD and thank God for healing him.

    I have to let go of my frustration. It just angers me no end when people don’t acknowledge and appreciate that Jesus Christ took the death penalty that we all deserve and even worse deny Him. They, quite insanely, think He is the Archangel Michael ! There have been studies that the JWs are so pressured in every aspect of their lives that they are 4x more likely to develop schizophrenia and paranoid schizophrenia. So, does that cult attract the mentally ill and exacerbate their symptoms or make them mentally ill ? It’s tragic either way.

    God help them and all followers of man made religions. I just can’t get it through my head that people would choose to follow a religion made up by sinners who needed Jesus’ Forgiveness like we all do. I will keep praying for her. Only God can change the hearts of people.

  36. Hey Archangel, you need to calm down and chill as the young people say. Im quite sure your blog is addressed to me. I am not a 'JW' but they do have a few things right. 1. Jesus Christ is NOT God, he is the only begotton SON of God. 2. Dead people are NOT alive, they are dead and awaiting thier appropriate resurrection whether believer or unbeliever. WWW.TLTF.ORG

    1. Nope sorry, they and you have those ones wrong too.

  37. https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/trump-said-to-soon-decide-whether-to-release-peace-plan-before-israeli-election/

  38. Annon.

    Jesus is 100% God.

    John 1:1-5
    "In the begining was the word, and the word was with God. And the word was God"

    This verse clearly tells us, Jesus is the word of God and he also is God.

  39. Interesting aside regarding the United States: 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact (1620). We all know the significance of the Mayflower Compact, the establishment of religious freedoms, and the U.S. Jewish population, having discussed it previously. And, 400, of course, has a biblical significance, especially regarding the Jews having spent 400 years in exile in Egypt. "The number 400, which is arrived at by multiplying 8 by 50, derives its meaning by being a divinely perfect period." (biblestudy.org)

    1. The number 400 in Hebrew is represented by the letter Tav "ืช" ."ืช" is the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alephbet and was rendered as a "x" or cross in ancient times. The first place I think of seeing the Tav in scripture is in (Ezekiel 9:4),

      4 And the LORD said to him,

      "Pass through the city through
      Jerusalem, and put a mark on the
      foreheads of the men who sigh and
      groan over all the abominations
      that are committed in it."

      More watermarks.

      Keep looking up!


  40. Gary~Thank you for your Comprehensive Chronology! An addition with NO MONTH/NO DAY just scheduled for THIS YEAR 2020--(From my Comment above):
    Posted this update to my https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2020/01/rapture-tapestry-reveals-april-2020.html article:
    MARK OF THE BEAST 2020! Beginning at the 4:40-minute mark, Tom Hughes in his recent" 6 Signs of Perilous Times" video tells of the MANDATORY vaccine coming THIS YEAR which will implant a microchip as part of a “digital identity program”. We are seeing prophecy related to Jacob's Trouble/The Tribulation forming rapidly which, of course, means the Resurrection/Rapture of the Church must occur FIRST! 2020 is looking more and more likely, Family!!!

  41. Do you really think 270 some odd soldiers were killed in the Iranian missile attack and the government is hiding it? Wouldn’t at least one family member in the US go to the MSM? Or do you think government is keeping all of them in the dark too?

    1. Blessings, Gail. Every time I do a search on this subject, every headline about 270 American soldiers being killed is coming out of Tehran. So, I don’t believe it but if it were true, President Trump would have annihilated them by now.

    2. President Trump is not like President Reagan who did nothing when our Marines were blown up in Beirut. Nothing. He did do one thing though; he left them like sitting ducks.

    3. Thank you Archangel, I agree :)

    4. Very welcome, Gail B.

  42. Calling a Watch Of The Lord, tonight. From 10 p.m. Sunday night through dawn, Monday, calling fellow Christians to battle, fast from sleep, spend an hour, or more, in prayer, praise and reading the Word, aloud. Many in the Watching Community on board already. Maranatha! For addl info see my recent post at REV12. Blessings.

  43. No Jordan, that does not say Jesus is God. If I held a Bible up and asked you 'Is this God'? You would probably answer honestly and say no. Its the same with Jesus. He can also be the Word without being God. Calling Jesus God is an insult to him and his amazing accomplishment. He was a man like any of us men, he could have disobedied like Adam did but he chose to do his FATHERS will. What is so impressive about God coming down and dying on the cross? Nothing. Jesus was a man like any man except for his sinless blood.
    He could have folded to the devils temptations in Matt. 4 but he didnt. He remained obedient to his FATHER to the cross.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. John 1 King James Version (KJV)
      1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

      2 The same was in the beginning with God.

      3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

      4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

      5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

      6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

      7 The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.

      8 He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

      9 That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

      10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

      11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

      12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

      13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

      14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

      Jordan is absolutely correct. Praise the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus Chris / Jeshua Ha Mashiach!


    3. Christ, not Chris, smh

    4. 58 Jesus said to them,

      "Truly, truly, I say to you,
      before Abraham was, I am."

      (John 8:58 ESV)

    5. ...and that was John 1:1-14.

  44. I'm still confused as to why Anonymous' heresy is allowed to be posted in this amazing forum.

    1. Does get old, doesn’t it? He’s extraordinarily persistent, and never has the decency to at least put his initials at the bottom to identify himself, though the information seems to stand out rather clearly. He’s persistent enough to label as a troll. Evidently he’s rather enjoying himself.


    2. He’s a bored atheist because if you don’t believe in God the Son then you don’t believe in God the Father Who sent Him.

  45. Let me add one more thing folks if your heads have'nt already exploded. If your worshipping Jesus equal with God then you are committing the ultimate sin of Idolatry. 'Thou shalt not worship any other Gods'. If you worship Jesus equal with God. That is IDOLATRY.

    1. (Romans 9:5) is a verse that as far as I know can be interpreted in a couple ways. It either demonstrates the deity of Christ or it doesn't. I believe it is a matter of faith in how one interprets that passage.

      Scripture interprets scripture. For that reason I look at it in it's totality and I for one believe in the deity of Christ. Jesus asked the question, "But who do you say that I am?"

      That question stands for each of us. Who do you say Jesus is?

      I can point to multiple passages in scripture to answer that question but rather point others to Jesus Himself. Ask Him.

      That's what I teach.

      Call it what you will, but to paraphrase the song, I think you're cutting down people with a sword that's not yours to swing.

      Jesus Friend of Sinners - Casting Crowns

      Grace and peace to you Anonymous.

  46. 1 thessalonians 1:9,10

  47. Nony, you weren’t even a blip on my spiritual radar when I made my comment. You are of your father the devil and there is no light in you. You have condemned yourself. That’s your choice. I think you are only here to insult the Glorious Gospel of Christ and, believe me, I am not the One you need to worry about. You WILL meet Jesus one day. And He will be your Judge if you don’t repent and accept The Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, otherwise you will die in your sins and burn in hell for eternity.

  48. Blessings, Mike Gibson. I humbly thank you but I learned it all from God’s Holy Word so He gets all the credit for any good thing, true thing, I write. Time is short. If we want to give the unsaved a fighting chance, we have to tell them the Truth, so when they are Judged by Jesus Christ they will be without excuse because we tried to warn them.

  49. Watching NFL football, Kansas City is going to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50-years. The San Francisco 49er's are on their way to their seventh Super Bowl appearance. A pattern of a jubilee?

    As TobyMac says, "I see You in everything". An occupational hazard I guess!


    1. Okay, some interesting stats...

      The last time the San Francisco 49er's played for the NFL Championship it was 1995 when they defeated the San Diego Chargers 49-26 in Super Bowl XXIX in Miami, Florida.

      Now San Francisco will play for the championship 25 years later in Super Bowl LIV. Super Bowl XXIX was played on Sunday, January 29, 1995 (1/29/95) -- Super Bowl LIV will be played on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 (2/2/20). Day count of these dates is 25-years 4-days (Gregorian) or 9,135-days.

      The Kansas City Chiefs last championship was in Super Bowl IV on Sunday, January 11, 1970 (1/11/70) where they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 26-7. This will be the Chief's first Super Bowl in 50-years.

      Not that I'm a sports geek, because I'm not, but there are some interesting numbers associated with these teams. A pattern or perhaps a watermark?


    2. I have seen some 'Christian Numerology' channels on YouTube that go so far as saying all the games are rigged and are being used to spread messages between secret society members... The kind of control needed to control all that though...

    3. Don't get me wrong as there are limits -- points at which we are played by our own imaginations. Then there are times when you feel prompted to look at something. This was just a stand-out to me.

    4. 49ers played in the Superbowl 7 years ago and lost to the a Ravens. Those numbers aren't right. But I do belt hat there is some fudging going on with all of sports. Just think it's more about money then anything else.

    5. I ment to type "I do believe"
      Sorry about that.

    6. Yes, the 49er's lost to the Ravens seven (7) years ago in Super Bowl XLVII on 2/3/13. That's EXACTLY seven (7) years or 2556-days since their last championship. That was their last appearance in the championship -- not their last win. San Francisco has five (5) Super Bowl wins with one loss for six (6) appearances thus far. Super Bowl LIV will be their seventh (7) appearance.

      Their last win was at Super Bowl XXIX 25-years ago.

      The Kansas City Chiefs first played Green Bay in Super Bowl I and lost that match in the 1966 season. Three (3) years later they were back in the Super Bowl and won the championship against the Minnesota Vikings. They have been 50-years since their last Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl IV on 1/11/70.

      You may have noted the NFL100 logo on team jerseys this year. This is to commemorate the 100th season of NFL football.

      Just for 'fun' I looked up Strong's 2556 for the seven years since the 49er's last Super Bowl appearance,

      Strong's Concordance (H2556)
      kakos: bad, evil
      Original Word: ฮบฮฑฮบฯŒฯ‚, ฮฎ, ฯŒฮฝ
      Part of Speech: Adjective
      Transliteration: kakos
      Phonetic Spelling: (kak-os')
      Definition: bad, evil
      Usage: bad, evil, in the widest sense.

      Strong's Concordance (G2556)
      chamets: leavened
      Original Word: ื—ָืžֵืฅ
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: chamets
      Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-mates')
      Definition: to be sour or leavened

      Wow, that was unexpected.

      The day-count between first and last Super Bowl appearance for Kansas City is 1,092-days,

      Strong's Concordance (H1092)
      Bilhan: the name of an Edomite, also of an Israelite
      Original Word: ื‘ִּืœְื”ָืŸ
      Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
      Transliteration: Bilhan
      Phonetic Spelling: (bil-hawn')
      Definition: the name of an Edomite, also of an Israelite

      Strong's Concordance (G1092)
      geรณrgos: a husbandman, vinedresser
      Original Word: ฮณฮตฯ‰ฯฮณฯŒฯ‚, ฮฟแฟฆ, แฝ
      Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
      Transliteration: geรณrgos
      Phonetic Spelling: (gheh-ore-gos')
      Definition: a husbandman, vinedresser
      Usage: a worker of the soil, husbandman, farmer, farm-laborer, vine-dresser.

      Again, unexpected.

      Just for 'fun' (again) I took a look at Psalm 109:2 as that is somewhat similar in numeric structure to the 1,092 days of KC,

      2 For wicked and deceitful
      mouths are opened against me,
      speaking against me with lying

      (Psalm 109:2 ESV)


      I am not saying that the 49er's are evil or wicked. Not at all. Signs are symbolic and we Watchmen are looking for signs and symbols of the times. It's all data points right now, observations.

      One last concordance check,

      Strong's Concordance (G100)
      hadrotรฉs: thickness, abundance
      Original Word: แผฮดฯฯŒฯ„ฮทฯ‚, ฯ„ฮทฯ„ฮฟฯ‚, แผก
      Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
      Transliteration: hadrotรฉs
      Phonetic Spelling: (had-rot'-ace)
      Definition: thickness, abundance
      Usage: lavishness, lavish generosity, abundance, bounty.

      Hmm, that seems to fit for 'NFL100'.

      As for fixing games? My wife and I had to wonder about that too. It was heartbreaking to see the look in the faces of Green Bay -- sadness and no hope.

      I have to hand it to Green Bay, they played a good game of rugby there in the opening of the second half!

    7. Digging on the name 'Bilhan' (H1092) is a good trip back into the OT. We find Bilhan in (1 Chronicles 7:10) as the son of Jediael,

      10 The son of Jediael: Bilhan.
      And the sons of Bilhan: Jeush,
      Benjamin, Ehud, Chenaanah,
      Zethan, Tarshish, and Ahishahar.

      11 All these were the sons of
      Jediael according to the heads
      of their fathers' houses,
      mighty warriors 17,200, able
      to go to war.

      These are among the descendants of Benjamin, father of three (3) with his third son Jediael being father of Bilhan who is father of seven (7) sons noted above. Mighty warriors.

      The name Bilhan comes from the verb ื‘ืœื” (bala), and generally means 'to wear out'.

      Bilhan is also a name related to Esau. In this case Bilhan was the first of the three sons of Ezer. (Genesis 36) records Dishon, Ezer (father of Bilhan) and Dishan as the chiefs of the Horites in the land of Seir.

      Just pointing that out in case anyone wants to dig on OT genealogies of Esau. There is an interesting parallel here of the term 'Chiefs' if not the concept of 'warriors'.

      Again, it can be interesting but has to be taken in good measure. I enjoy the journeys back into the Word where I am introduced to details I might not otherwise dig on. You never know what you'll find.

      These are like pixels and not the picture. Data points that may or may not mean a thing save for a journey into corners of the Bible you may not otherwise seek.

    8. (G1092) may be a cue to look-up Scripture fixed around vinedresser(s). Here are a few...

      Jesus gives us the parable of the tenants in the gospels via (Matthew 21:33-46 ESV), (Mark 12:1-12 ESV) and (Luke 20:9-18 ESV).

      (John 15) begins,

      1 "I am the true vine, and
      my Father is the vinedresser.

      2 Every branch in me that
      does not bear fruit he takes
      away, and every branch that
      does bear fruit he prunes,
      that it may bear more fruit."

      Another parallel? 'Bilhan' (bala) chiefs, descendants of Esau; mighty 'Bilhan' (bala) warriors of Israel able to go to war and the abiding workers in the vineyard of a master who is yet to return?


      Don't be a grape. There's a winepress awaiting those who are.

      4 "Abide in me, and I in you.
      As the branch cannot bear fruit
      by itself, unless it abides in
      the vine, neither can you,
      unless you abide in me."

      (John 15:4-17 ESV)

      Grace and peace to you this day and everyday!


    9. PR, thanks for the info on the superbowl. It difficult to know what is real and what is not when it comes to numbers. I remember a quote not sure by who but it says if you torture the numbers enough, you can get them to say anything you want. Not saying that is the situation with what you have shared, Just something that is always in the back of my mind when it comes to any of these kind of things. On the other side of the coin, the verse 1 John 5:19 always comes to mind "the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one". We just never know what is true except for what is in Scripture. Like what you shared about not knowing exactly what it all means except that we know that they signs and symbols of the times...I know we are close to the Lords return. I look forward to meeting you and all the other wonderful brothers and sisters that continue to encourage me and so many others. We will know soon enough just what it all means!

      P.S. it is a little hard to hear some of the info on the Chiefs and the NFL, as I really do enjoy football and am a big Chiefs fan. Oh well at least I know sports won't matter in eternity ๐Ÿ˜Š

    10. Please forgive my typos (above). I still wish there was a means by which we could edit posts rather than remove and replace.


      I hear ya when it comes to numbers. This was a case where it *stuck* in me such that I had to look at it closer. It makes more sense to me know seeing 1,092 / 3 = 364 for the number of days divided by three years equalling the number of days in our calendar. This lines up perfectly to the a time line that begins with the fall festivals for the Spiritual calendar.

      As for football, go ahead and enjoy the sport for what it is. We have many brothers and sisters in professional sports and they do what they do to the glory of God. So go ahead and enjoy!

      My comments and observations have nothing to do with the teams or the players -- just possible symbols and/or watermarks to the world of the coming King.

      Nothing against SF fans but it seems time for the championship trophy to return to KC on the dawn of their Jubilee game. May the best team win!

  50. The Washington Redskins were never the same after Snyder bought the team. Sure wish it had remained in the Cooke family and they still played at RFK.

  51. Amen Archangel. DO NOT BE DECEIVED - Salvation by grace is evidenced by holy conduct: unless our lives are characterized by "good works" we have no warrant to regard ourselves as being the children of God. A W Pink

    1. Blessings, Fred. I think some of the saved may not have a lot or even a little good works when they appear before the Bema Seat of Christ. They are literally saved by being pulled just out of the fire. Pastor Hagee once said there will be a lot of smokey Christians in Heaven.

      1 Corinthians 3:15 King James Version (KJV)

      15 If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

    2. And some who we expect to see there, but won’t.

  52. I may have missed it (and I admit this is a late comment), but how about the significance of 1/5/2020 - Erdogan announces the first Turkish troops are heading to Lybia.... There's a couple common names in prophecy.

  53. https://mol.im/a/7906235
    Take a look at this link from the Daily mail. it's regarding a virus that's spreading across China and has killed and effected hundreds and so far has never been seen before and appears out of control.

    1. China confirms that it is transmitting human-to-human but the WHO is not sounding global alarms at this point.

  54. For Anonymous

    All Scripture is inspired by God, and useful for teaching, to convince, to correct, to instruct in righteousness, 17 so that the man of God may be fulfilled and fit for all good work.2 Timothรฉe 3:16,17

    What more does it take to be convinced of the divinity of Jesus with the next 2 verses, and there are many more!

    They said aloud: The Lamb who has been immolated, is worthy of receiving power, and wealth, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and praise. 13 I also heard all the creatures who are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth, and in the sea, and all the things that are there, which said: To the one who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb be praise, and honor , and glory, and strength to centuries. 14 And the four animals said: Amen. And the twenty-four Ancients prostrated themselves and worshipped the one who lives for centuries. Apocalypse 5:12-14

    1 - After having once, repeatedly and in many ways, spoken to our fathers by the prophets, (1-2) God, 2 in recent times, spoke to us by the Son, whom he established heir to all things, by which he also created the world , 3 and who, being a reflection of his glory and the imprint of his person, and supporting all things by his powerful word, made the purification of sins and sat to the right of divine majesty in the very high places, Hรฉbreux 1:1-3

  55. The 2016 Super Bowl was played in the 49ers' Levi's Stadium in Hebrew year 5776. San Francisco was named after Saint Francis, who predicted a final Destroyer pope. Pope Francis is the current pope. He was elected at age 76 and was tied to the torture of priests in Argentina in 1976. KISS released their album 'Destroyer' in 1976 and they wore silver (Argent-ina) face paint. The moon looks silver and it is an average of approx. 239,000 miles away. 23/9....15 was 49 (7x7) prophetic years since June 7, 1967. That is all.

    1. Nice! And the 2016 Championship at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara was Super Bowl L! (50)

      Quoting, Wikipedia,

      "Santa Clara (/หŒsรฆntษ™หˆklรฆrษ™/) is a city in Santa Clara County, California. The city's population was 116,468 as of the 2010 United States Census, making it the ninth-most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located on the southern coast of San Francisco Bay immediately west of San Jose and 45 miles (72 km) southeast of San Francisco, the city was founded in 1777 with the establishment of Mission Santa Clara de Asรญs, the eighth of 21 California missions. The city was later incorporated in 1852. The mission, the city, and the county are all named for Saint Clare of Assisi.[9]

      Santa Clara is located in the center of Silicon Valley and is home to the headquarters of several high-tech companies such as Intel. It is also home to Santa Clara University, the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of California, which was built around Mission Santa Clara de Asรญs.[10] Levi's Stadium, the home of the National Football League's San Francisco 49ers, is located in the city. Santa Clara is bordered by San Jose on all sides, except for Sunnyvale to the west, and Cupertino to the west."

      SUPER BOWL L (50)

      The number '50' in Hebrew is represented by the letter Nun "ื  or ืŸ". The letter itself means, "seed, continue, heir or son". Nun is the 14th of 22 letters (27 letters if to count the final forms) of the alephbet.


    2. One more for fun...

      54, as in 'Super Bowl LIV' may be rendered as "ื ื“" which, unless I am mistaken, is the Hebrew adjective meaning, 'wandering' or 'moving'. The mechanical translation of the two characters are,

      "ื " - Seed, continue, heir, son
      "ื“" - Move, hang, entrance, door

      This is what you would call the number of the name as each Hebrew letter has a corresponding numeric value.

  56. Gary, I'm sure you are aware just how close we are getting to the revealing of the Peace Plan now. As we all know ISRAEL/JACOB'S TROUBLE is the KEY to when WE LEAVE and the Trump Peace Deal is at the CRUX of the DOMINOES FALLING! Tim Henderson, hearing from his insiders and from the Spirit of the Lord AGREES--Looks like Deal of the Century to be announced within days:

    Breaking!! Peace Plan Update. Deals are being confirmed. We will know SOON! Shalom!!

  57. Hey 'Archangel and Mr. Rich, You and everyone who think Jesus is God are not dumb but you are deceived by nearly 2000 yrs. of catholic dogma.
    Please take the time to read the passage in John 10:30-36 and read it carefully. In verse 33 the pharisees accused Jesus of making himself God, that was thier accusation. Jesus didnt say that! Look at verse 36. Jesus said' Say you of him, whom the Father has sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said IM THE THE SON OF GOD!
    If there was ever a time for Jesus to say 'yeah IM GOD' this would have been the time. Think it over, I got nothing against my trinitarian brothers but you are the ones deceived not me. And no Archangel, im not going to hell because I dont agree with you.

    1. Nony, I believe my KJV ok ? If you don’t believe Jesus is God then you don’t believe in God the Father Who sent Him. What Bible are you reading ? And the Catholic “Bible” is what the JWs based their book on among other things. I am not Catholic. If you get God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit wrong, then everything is thrown off. Again, I think you’re here to insult the Glorious Gospel of Christ and since you deny Christ is God that makes you worse than devils who believe. They don’t obey but they know Who He is.

    2. Hi Anonymous,

      First and in the friendliest of tones -- I agree this is a critical set of verses to study on the topic of Christ Jesus' divinity. Without exceeding the text limit of this space I long ago came to the conclusion these verses indicate Jesus' divinity. This is based upon a greater context of earlier events as recorded by John as well as Matthew and Luke.

      This is the reason why I quoted Jesus earlier and His question, "Who do you say I am?"

      My walk with the Lord began in original languages and has kept focus on that. I compare multiple modern translations, consider historical and social context, dig into mechanical meanings in my studies and share that here as often as I can.

      In the Jewish tradition what Jesus told them is that He is God. They totally got that and is why they were making moves to stone Him, again. That's another reason why I see these passages confirm His divinity.

      See, for me it doesn't matter what I "think" or what I "feel" is "right" or "fair". It only matters what does God say about this? What does the Spirit teach?

      Is this a salvation issue? I would defer to the requirements given us by the Holy Spirit via Paul,

      9 because, if you confess with
      your mouth that Jesus is Lord
      and believe in your heart that
      God raised him from the dead,
      you will be saved.

      (Romans 10:9 ESV)

      If you want to pick on any one verse in Scripture this is the one to hit IMHO. Are we told that we have to believe Jesus is God? No. We have to surrender ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus. We have to honestly, heartfully and believe that Christ was raised by God from the dead.

      The rest of the details?

      I submit that is left for you to personally explore and dig on through your personal relationship with the Lord. This is a work of God via the Holy Spirit. This is why I say it is a matter of faith and part and parcel of one's walk in faith. It is part of our ongoing sanctification.

      I am not Catholic and was invited to not become Catholic early in my walk by a Nun no less! I am a non-denominational church planting pastor currently serving in a Restoration Movement church. For a time I served in the Church of Christ (Cleveland, TN) but now am wholly non-denominational for a reason.

      I am convinced that Jesus DIDN'T want to say who He is. That is clearly evident to me in the greater context. The time before this incident He was nearly stoned. They really wanted to kill Him after saying what He did in (John 8:58 ESV). Why would He worry about convincing anyone of who He is when they needed to BELIEVE in who He is?

      That's believe as in (Romans 10:9) belief -- and that's what I believe.

      We are clearly told to abide in Christ. By doing so He will teach us all things.

      As far as (John 10:36 ESV), Jesus is the Son of God. He is also the Son of Man (Acts 7:56), (Hebrews 2:6-9), (Luke 5:24), (Luke 9:22), (Luke 22:69), (Matthew 9:6), (Matthew 26:64), (Mark 2:10-11), (Mark 8:31) and (Mark 14:62) to name a few references.

      In Hebrew thought, the Son is equal to the Father as a full heir to all inheritance. This is one reason why v36 sits so badly with the crowd.

      For me, understanding the difference between "ืืœื”ื™ื" and "ื™ื”ื•ื”" made all the difference in the world.

      Second, would you be so kind to start using your name? If only first name? If you really believe what you're saying then you should be willing to put your name to what you believe in. Nothing that violates your privacy but...

      Just saying.

    3. Hi PR,

      generally agree with your thoughts above (and appreciate the spirit in which you responded) but on whether we need to believe that Jesus is God, what would you say about John 8:24? Is this a claim to deity using the 'I Am'? If so, note that the 'He' is not in the Greek so Jesus is saying we will die in our sins if we don't believe that He is the 'I AM' - ie God. Interested in your thoughts here as this would turn the importance of believing that Jesus is God up several notches. Thanks.

      "Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am [He], you will die in your sins." (Joh 8:24)

    4. Hi Elgordo,

      Jesus made multiple allusions of Himself as "I am" and this is one of them. Yes, in this instance the Greek does not include [He] it simply states,


      (John 8:24b GNT)

      This is not the only time that Jesus spoke in a harsh manner. (John 6:53-55) is another example. By our belief and faith we know what Jesus means but those in unbelief do not. It's the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. By what do we listen? Do we listen with our head or with our heart?

      The keyword in (John 8:24) is "believe" ("ฯ€ฮนฯƒฯ„ฮตฯฯƒฮทฯ„ฮต") which basically means to have faith in, to credit and entrust. John and Paul write from different perspectives concerning belief. Our faith grows by various degrees of faith, from its first beginnings and stirring within the soul, up to the fullest assurance and confidence by way of a faith which does not neccessarily yet recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Our faith is to be preserved, strengthened, increased, raised to the level which it ought to reach.

      This is what we call Christian maturity and is part of our ongoing walk and sanctification.

      Without the smallest amount of faith to believe one cannot grow in Christian faith or maturity. I believe this is why Jesus was saying that they would die in their sins. He knew their hearts then as He did earlier at the Passover by the end of (John 2). They would die in their sin because they had no room in their heart for Jesus. They listened with their head and not their heart.

      I am convinced that understanding the Deity of Christ is the natural conclusion of our walk. Are we taught that? Not necessarily. The Spirit taught me this over the course of my walk with the Lord. But at the inception of faith, the genuineness of our belief and the state of our heart are key. God knows our heart and what we are capable of (and what we will accomplish) even though we don't. He will bring forth the bounty that has yet to come of a heart that is wholly, freely and completely given to Him.

      Sin is that which resists Him.

      The keyword to all of this is "believe". If you cannot even begin there you will die in your sins. (The parable of the sower comes to mind) Coming to know in your heart the Deity of Christ is a process and has specific and set-apart rewards of its own. This is borne out and witnessed by how we love and the loving works (love response) we do in His Name. Again, all part of our personal and intimate walk with Christ on the road to Christian maturity...a road we are all on to varying degrees.

      Will we die in sin if we do not accept Christ I AM? That is a legalistic question. I don't think that was Jesus' point. Their hardened hearts and disbelief are His point. They would never see Christ for who He is because of their hardened hearts. Irregardless of their belief, Christ abolished the consequences of the Law by perfectly fulfilling it that we do not have to. We can't. Christ instead gives us a new commandment.


      The scope of that love is given us in (1 Corinthians 13) -- it is a picture of God in Christ Himself. Given that defining picture of Love I submit the answer to your question is that Love reveals who Christ is. If we believe by faith walking with Him and worship Him in truth and spirit FIRST -- He will complete in us which was lacking.


      (1 Corinthians 13:13 GNT)

      I say Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I can see no other answer...but it is an answer that took a long time to honestly and wholly arrive at. Did I know I would arrive at that destination? No, but God did!

      That is part of my journey and I hope this helps.


    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Elgordo/All,

      May I offer one more piece to my earlier post as I think it is important.

      (Matthew 7) is a POWERFUL chapter and CRITICAL to each of us. In it Jesus establishes fundamentally critical teaching regarding our hearts and how we walk with God and one another.

      Verses 21 through 23 are terrifying,

      21 "Not everyone who says to
      me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter
      the kingdom of heaven, but the
      one who does the will of my
      Father who is in heaven.

      22 On that day many will say
      to me, 'Lord, Lord, did we
      not prophesy in your name,
      and cast out demons in your
      name, and do many mighty
      works in your name?'

      23 And then will I declare
      to them, 'I never knew you;
      depart from me, you workers
      of lawlessness.'"

      (Matthew 7:21-23 ESV)

      Jesus gives us a new commandment, to LOVE. In loving we are putting into action by practice the Greatest Commandment. In loving we testify to the Golden Rule as in all of these we put God first. In loving we go forth as servant-leaders in our Great Commission.

      Jesus calls these, All the Law and the Prophets.

      "I never knew you" is a sobering statement. Think on that, meditate on it and pray about it! What does it mean at its core?

      Sin. Personal, prideful sin.

      It means that the hearer of those words lived not in the name of Jesus or to the glory of the Father who sent Him; they did what they did for their own purpose -- their own gain according to their own thinking and their own pride.

      What does that say about the relationship between the hearer and Christ? If they walked not with Him but walked their own way claiming and perhaps even believing they walked with Him yet did not? They would not have known Him at all.

      The prophet Isaiah tells us,

      15 For thus says the One who
      is high and lifted up, who
      inhabits eternity, whose name
      is Holy:

      "I dwell in the high and holy
      place, and also with him who
      is of a contrite and lowly
      spirit, to revive the spirit
      of the lowly, and to revive
      the heart of the contrite."

      (Isaiah 57:15 ESV)

      A direct quote from GOD. And who is this that is of a contrite and lowly spirit?


      If I do not believe God and Christ for all that they say they are then I am calling God a liar. It's a harsh thing to say but it is true. I MUST set aside all dogma and teachings that appeal to our sense of fairness, justice and that which is right in my own eyes and submit to the justice and wisdom of God in Christ and His perfect love and righteousness.

      If I do not do so, if I do not humbly walk with Him in complete surrender with a childlike faith in absolute belief in all that Christ says He is; I risk hearing those words on that Day.

      Sin is that which puffs us up. Recognize it for what it is. Death. We must consign all that puffs up to the cross. Nail it there that it may die. The soften heart follows; the hardened heart is fixed in disbelief.

      If I cast out demons in His Name yet He knows me not what does that tell me? It says I missed the most important thing. I put my pride first and withheld my full trust in belief and faith. I withheld my fullest measure of love. It means I missed the mark. It means I will have sinned and short of my repentance before the Day I will die in that sin.


      Because I would have never known Him.


      (Matthew 16.15 GNT)

  58. hi Anonymous,

    Let me share the following verses with you. These are only a tiny part of the Holy Scriptures that confirms the tri-Unity revealed by Jesus himself, of our Great God whom we love and worship!

    Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know. Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way? Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him. Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father? Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works. Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it. If ye love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.
    John 14:1‭-‬18 KJV

    Bless you! Happy late night!

  59. Yes P. Rich I do in fact believe in what im saying. I will therefore from now on use my area code so you will know its me-207.
    I cant comment on everything you wrote except that you think Jesus didnt want to admit that he was God out of fear? I dont think so, Jesus knew who he was and what he was to do from studying the Torah from a young age.
    If Jesus were truly part of a triune God head I dont think he would have been scared, regardless I dont think he was even being the Son of God which is who he identified himself to be.

    1. 207 IT IS!!!

      A pleasure to meet you...

      Fear? Weird you would think or say that. Why would we say the One who teaches to not be afraid was afraid? I'm with you on that one; I don't think Jesus was scared either.

      No, it's about, "Who do you say I am?"

      I am glad that you are firm in your faith -- even if we do not agree. If that fact gives rise to people digging in their faith and seeking the Holy Spirit and dedicating consistent time with the LORD then all the better.

      So there is a point we agree on. If Jesus is part of a triune Godhead He would not be scared. After-all, did he not know the hearts of men?

      Yes He did and yes He does.

      Since we agree on that point, do you think Jesus said these things for their benefit? For our benefit? Both? Does He challenge us to ask questions and to question ourselves?

  60. So I still see date setting in 2020? And as far as the KC Chiefs and the Superbowl having some kind of prophetic word is a bit of a reach. Every year I have watched this site since the "great sign" as everyone on here calls it state for sure this is it this is the year and the year would come and go and yet we're still here. While I do believe we are the generation I believe we still have more to come before his return. So in the meantime folks let's just do what we're called to do love God and love people, win souls so we can take more people with us to heaven when it's time!

    1. 207, is that you?

      Yes, it sounds nuts doesn't it? The Spirit literally dropped it in my lap. I didn't go looking for it and didn't bake numbers until it made non-sense. It was just there.

      Frankly, I'm not looking for the date of the RR. I am visually modelling Scripture in a linear temporal mapping that tracks the Biblical narrative on three calendar systems in parallel.

      If a date comes and goes? May I refer you to the Book of Jonah.

      Otherwise I have come to know them as "contractions".

      These data points are shared for those who desire it for personal study and exploration. Debunk it please but via study with specific data and Bible in your hand. A spreadsheet program works well too. (I use Calc). This is why my outline was provided so that anyone wanting to look at it can.

      Win souls? ABSOLUTELY! That's my job description and daily vocational activity. We have always encouraged one another to do that.



    A bit of a reach. What is a bit of a reach?

    A talking snake entices a woman surgically created from a man made from dirt by an invisible God to eat from a tree that will cause the curse of all creation and the subsequent downfall and spiritual death of all mankind? Not to mention her increase in birth pains or man's toil to work the ground for food? Then to fix all of this mess God comes in human form via a virgin birth to a girl who is descended from the royal line of a shepherd boy who killed a giant with a stone from his sling? That this saviour is both man and God in the flesh and willingly is put to death and rises to life three days later to pay the price for mankind's sin against the invisible God? Then to top that off he goes home to heaven in the sight of witnesses and promises to come back but not before taking all of his people both living and dead back to heaven before all hell breaks loose on earth?


    There was a day when I considered that total nonsense and nothing more than mythology!

    A bit of a reach?

    How many times do we see "a bit of a reach" in Scripture?

    How about (Matthew 17:27 ESV) as but one example? How many times do we see a bit of a reach in the Bible?


    Yet we declare it from the depths of our heart and soul as truth. Literal truth.

    May we back up that truth with the Word of our testimony and evidence(s) that glorify God by pointing others to Christ in love and humility asking for and receiving forgiveness from God and one another as we go because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God.

    No reach there. Just common sense.



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